Friday, June 02, 2017

Evergreen College Fakeover + SM Review-Preview 92

The farce that is the student takeover of Evergreen College is pathetic but getting mainstream attention. There is no rebellion here. There is nothing edgy and cool. The college administrators at any point can call in security and have the students removed. At any point they can call in local police and have the students removed. This is all a show. It is encouraged and wanted by the administration. It is a show, a performance and a travesty.

Not quite. This will hopefully help usher the demise of universities. The last thing universities have to hold it all together is that they are the gatekeeper to good jobs and the nice life. That link is really close to being dissolved, or maybe that gate is rusty and looking like it will fall apart. Once that is gone, what reason is there to go to college?

It is no longer up, but HVAC AC Bro once wrote a series for Theden titled "Confessions of an Overeducated HVAC" or some funny title along those lines. In the series, he wrote how he fell into the trap of going to college and getting the Boomer job going, but that it was going nowhere and was empty. He then found freedom in an HVAC life. It is a status thing and people get sucked into the constant media messaging that college educated is superior to not college educated.

We know this to be a lie. We know that four years in Marxist indoctrination camp is a net negative. We live in the age of the autodidact so you will continuously educate yourself if you choose once you leave university. The other thing is that a college degree is not guaranteeing you a great job anyway. How many of your peers have non-dischargeable debt that will not be paid off until 2030? Okay, now how many non-college graduates have that?

The other bit is that the path up to executive VP or the C suite is a limited path. You will not make it. Hitting six figures is going to be tough as well. Is the 100K in debt worth a college degree if it means just $10K in additional annual salary? My advice to many young high school students is to go only if someone else can pay for it.


Last week I wrote about the old, obsolete systems that have caused problems for the F35 program, not the plane itself. The plane will crush anything in its path. The plane should have been delivered quickly and honestly, the program should have been scaled back. Weimerica Weekly was on progs trying to redraw the family by using odd exceptions to reshape our rules.

This week I will write about how the things that point to greater centralization actually point to the possibility of greater decentralization. The tailwinds are there for a decentralization trend. It's going to take some coordination but also more mismanagement from the progs that run cities.


Portlander said...

"Fakeover" Love it. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

She expects to be paying off her loan debt until she’s 96.

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When are you going to do another one of those phone calls from Nixon? Those are the best.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I try to space them out. It's been a while. Something will make him call.