Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two New Sites

Two new sites have come to my attention, and I would recommend them. Fresh content and theory. Despite an election with a change of power, there needs to be thinking, theorizing and crafting of how does one organize society or inspire. One of the powerful things with Trump's ascension is that this system is pretty resilient due to all the different nodes of power. It may be wrong. It may lie through its teeth, but dammit man, it is firmly entrenched and will not be removed.

The first site I recommend has an ambitious opener, The Fifth Political Theory. This one seems to have a focus on a probable future for how to organize what is worth saving and what wants to be saved. That is something we all wrestle with whenever you see, read, hear or say 'when will these people wake up'. The horror is that the scale and mechanization of mass immigration and population replacement is unlike anything we have ever seen before due to the technology and centralization of power and control. The Sahara acted as a huge natural barrier between black Africa and the European and Near Eastern worlds. Technology has erased that.

This new writer is focused on preserving the West and considering the West a diaspora to preserve and nurture. It is a darker view of the future. It is one that relies more on no Leftist or Islam singularity but also continued stagnation. A thing to keep in mind though is as Land calls it the democratization of destructive capabilities (paraphrasing). Imagine a truly revolutionary military or security tech (drones or CRISPR focused viruses) being in the hands of not someone like Weev but someone close enough to Weev's thinking. The sheer numbers of third worlders would drop and drop quickly.

The second site is one called Jacobite. No, not Jacobin which might be the best of the Brahmin Left websites, but Jacobite. It is 2017, which means the world of right wing punditry was proven to be wrong at every level except for a handful of writers. I have been told this site is headed up by J. Arthur Bloom and Rob Mariani, and in week one there are pieces by Nick Land, Andrea Castillo and even a quirky pseudo or two. These writers have a keen eye on the coming future in different regards, so this should be a weekly read. New sites like this should be popping up, and this group online mag should offer something for your liking.

A few years ago, I wrote how we were the iconoclasts. The development since then has been that the spiritual emptiness of the modern West is something that frustrates more and more people. We may be iconoclasts, but we are not so alone now. Other nations worry about Westernization or Western toxicity. They have good reason, but they also have their customs and traditions to fall back on. While ours are under direct attack, it would be wise to figure what works and use it to fight.

Read, support and take it all in, but remember to engage with your real life community. The true tests of the crisis will be in forming strong local bonds to help those you love and harden your towns. The great thing about reading these sites though is to know that you are not alone. There are many other people out there that are worried as well and share your concerns.

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Laguna Beach Fogey said...

More theory? Not sure it's required. Need more websites to teach young warlords how to organize and lead, raise funds. Practical skills, etc.