Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Democrats Won't Be Primaryed

It has been floating around the sphere and even wider Internet. What exactly? That the Democrats face the possibility of being primaryed or will collapse. Julian Assange had an interesting wall of text tweet that mentioned the Democrats' chances for collapse, and several others have discussed the base frustration, the base's split and the chance for primarying. It will not happen.

One need not look far back for the last time this was floated out. Hey, rememeber Occupy Wall Street kids? I wrote in 2012 why OWS failed while the Tea Party was a success. Michael Lewis was so ignorant of the game that he thought OWS would be the bet for long term success and how fast did OWS die? Within three, maybe five months? I will count the spending slowdown and sequestration when only holding one portion of Congress as success.

The Tea Party rallies eventually sucked in big money donors that could use candidates to jump ahead of well developed paths and get their pet issues and cronyism some attention. The major thing though was culturally the right had a core of middle and upper middle class angry voters that could pool money for fundraising, use the internet and shrink GOPe vs. Insurgent money gaps from 10-1 to 3-1. Enthusiasm made up for the rest.

There is no separate pool of money to fund insurgents versus the Left's current system. Bernie voters are young and broke. Look at the Left's coalition. The Jews, gays and older whites are all Clintonistas, and the Obama crowd, which is pure puppetry. They won't rebel. Blacks and Mexicans do not have money to fund insurgent candidates. Asians are a smaller voting bloc, have some money but their desires and needs would clash with the voting muscle in D districts.

If there is a possibility, it lies with an outsider. Here is where Zuckerberg comes in. Zuck was just in Iowa, visiting the world's largest truck stop. If you've been there, you're probably laughing at the idea of Zuck walking around with his security detail just out of camera range. Maybe he does not run, but if he wants to run in 2020 or 2024, then here is a path and means that involves primarying the incumbent Ds.

1. Dems having infighting. Zuck can see trends online to gauge how much and who to mobilize.
2. Zuckerberg is thinking 2020 or 2024.
3. Zuck sees chance with angry base.
4. Zuck becomes the deep pockets and sets up a SuperPAC that is Occupy Wall St themed or economic populist themed to primary a shit ton of old timer Dems.
5. The deeper the blue district or state, the easier this is. Look at how Cantor lost. He lost because his district was so safely red that there was a mass of angry red voters to toss him out, and on the cheap!
5a. The Daley machine is dying, which is a problem for Rahm in the here and now, so imagine what Zuck could do in some districts with the proper puppets.
6. He ends up being the name everyone on his side discusses in the 2018 election cycle a la Nixon in '66.
7. Some of his candidates win, not all, but some. With his control of Facebook and not being an official candidate, he can shift Facebook feeds to his favored candidates.
8. He now has a SuperPAC that is outside normal channels and has the Facebook media org tied to promote people with an election cycle under his belt. It becomes a practice election.
9. 2020 Zuck runs and if he won would walk in with democrats grateful to him dependent on his power island.

Dems cant be primaryed because their money donors are all enjoying the slower move to the left a la GoldmanSachs with a rainbow flag style. No one can primary them? What source of funds is there to fund these candidates? NONE. Zuck solves that on his own. Zuck would not start a party, doing what Macron just did. Too much effort.

Zuckerberg may not be positioning for a run at all but something else. In all honesty, he has more power now as leader of the Facebook maw than being the occupant of the Oval Office. Maybe Zuck wants to be tech czar in a future Democrat administration, where he can do to tech policy what GE did with industrial policy under Obama.

He has trend data. Zuck can also see the writing on the wall. He has access to trend data no one else does that is all tied to real people. Zuck could just be positioning himself for mercy if the plebians get the torches and pitchforks out.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weimerica Weekly Episode 76 - Lena Dunham

New Weimerica Weekly is up. I spend a dozen minutes or so discussing Pax Dickinson's Counterfund. It is important as a development for dissidents and then how it can be used by other groups. After that introduction, I spend time discussing how Lena Dunham is the perfect symbol for Weimerican females.

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Over For Guitar Center

Guitar Center received the big warning from Moody's, letting the media know that the party is over for the big retailer. Change is coming. It is only a matter of time and the form of change. It seems odd to focus on one suffering firm, but this is emblematic of the problem with our FIRE economy and where things are moving in the future.

Guitar Center (GC) was in a really strong position a decade ago. Don't take my word for it, read this Fortune blurb from late 2006. Revenue was soaring, they were expanding online and they were going to expand in meatspace up to 420 stores. The stock was $43/share then, so when Bain organized an LBO at $63/share it was rich, but hey the debt was available and investor pool willing.

The excitement ended. Nothing good happened. Expansion? It did not happen. They went from 170 stores to 270, and have been cutting employee count for years now. They've let roughly half their employees go in the last three years out of what was 16,000 full time employees. They are down to 6000. Their employee turnover is high, they switched to having a bunch of ees slide under the 30 hours per week line and it's a rough atmosphere even if you like music. Now lenders are getting antsy.

The company has half of its debt coming up in the next two years and needs to refinance. Its junk status hurts the terms they can get, but this should be doable in the yield chasing atmosphere of today. The timing of the LBO by Bain is the problem. They loaded up on debt to overpay for a retailer as the e-shopping revolution was ongoing, which no one in the entire decision chain thought would be an issue. They thought if they went online they could fix it.

Problem is these retailers do not get that no one cares where they get it from just that they get what they ordered and that they got the best deal. Manufacturers are even figuring this out and looking for direct sales and alternative marketing ideas. GC's buyers thought the name would mean something for purchasing music equipment, especially expensive equipment, but they failed to understand online shopping. They also failed to anticipate the secondary market forming online that would cut into their sales to casual consumers.

This firm will refinance and then cut back their brick and mortar footprint or worse, lenders will see more value in letting them fail and scavenging the wreckage. Does the brand have cache? Does it matter? At this point with low interest rates, GC will most likely get that refinancing with a promise of a new management team (would be 4th CEO in as many years) that will cut back even more employees to keep those debt coupon payments flowing to the creditors.

This is just delaying the inevitable though. Maybe the eventual retail fight is Amazon vs. Walmart with no one left. Wholesalers and retailers alike will get squeezed to nothing, shedding even more jobs in our economy, so where does it end? Do we get the fully automated luxury communism with a UBI? They'll make it universal basic consumption though so you have to spend the money they hand you to keep their game going.

Maybe the future is a bit more like The Diamond Age and you'll see the 3D printing, automated products of the future but the hand crafted, artisanal products will be luxury items. Services would follow a similar path, but maybe indentured servitude will make a comeback for the promise of a safe life in a big home. Whatever the future, it is hard to see big, but niche retailers like Guitar Center existing in it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Social Matter - America’s No-Fly Zone Doctrine To Protect Rebel Groups Is Starting To Shake

New essay up at Social Matter. We know the routine USG likes to use for regime change in the 21st century. It's nothing new. It is actually old and dates back to the Nixon administration. It is a perversion of a Nixon idea that was meant to protect our imperial vassals. I even point to how one can interpret Lend-Lease with the Soviets as a proto-regime change routine that resembles what we do now.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ossoff's Loss + SM Review-Preview 95

The Democrats ginned their side up for a special election in a congressional seat they thought they could flip and lost. They didn't just lose but they lost monumentally when you consider the money they spent. Margin-wise this was a roughly 4 point win. Emotionally, this was a huge letdown for the Left. Big Picture: it means nothing. Nothing changes.

For the GOP, if anything, it means the GOP needs to give in and become the populist party that Trump campaigned on, which should open doors in states that they will want to control after the 2018 elections. It also means they should throw some kibble their base's way.

For Nate Silver, it means he needs to confess that he is a fraud. The man only made his name with political predictions because Team Obama fed him their internal data. They wanted him pushing the hype. They used him to manipulate the polling in '08 and '12 just like a basketball coach works the referees. Silver should retire now with his bags of Disney money.

For the Left, it shows how idiotic they are. Frank Luntz explained in a tweet that Ossoff spent $40 million and received fewer votes than the Democrat who ran in November received who spent $1,000. As I tweeted, it shows a problem for the Left and why they are really desperate for the Beige Bernie. How many Obamas are out there is a problem. Ossoff couldn't even vote in the district he was running in, so this was a carpetbagger. It raises questions, and these are serious as they point to problems in central control.

Where was the eloquent black male to send down to be an equal carpetbagger?
Did the Left really think a SoyBoy would win in Georgia?
Are there really no blacks to parachute down and drum up an extra percent or two in black turnout?
Do the whites on the Left have a clue how quickly they will be pushed out?
Is the Left serious in thinking they've played nice, been centrist and taken the high road? (Yes)
Again, is the cupboard really that empty for non-Asian minorities that can run for office?

The votes will be there. The Left is a headless horseman, so all they need is to find a candidate, preferably a non-Asian minority, heterosexual male candidate, to sing the Bernie line and it's clear sailings. Then because there is no elasticity in voters anymore because it is all racial, friction and conflict will come.

Still, this is a lesson in the thirst the Left has to always win non-stop despite winning culturally left and right. There has been a consistent poly push now for a while, with the NY Times really pushing it hard, and no pushback from outlets. Despite seeing the culture erode, and the borders remain open in the West despite now near daily attacks in Europe, they need even silly little congressional special election wins. Ossoff collected 7,000 donations from donors in California compared to only 800 in Georgia. He spent $40 million, $23 million which was spent by his campaign directly.

This is all wasted energy. This is wasted money. This is wasted time. The Left's policies are broken, their false opposition is broken, their claptrap is broken (science continues to break it in new spots), and the world just is not agreeing with them. Yet, they are entrenched in institutions. Build new ones, burn the old ones and starve them to death in  masturbatory solitude in coffin apartments with their cats in those cities that they love to love.


Last week I wrote about the need to take the cartels on, and that we need to end the imperial wars of choice and face the real battle on our border and in the failed state south of us. Weimerica Weekly covered the magic mix that makes a mass shooting a media event and I opened with some talk about Reviewbrah.

This week's essay will cover something I've been churning in my head for a bit, and Weimerica Weekly will tackle the most Weimerican of women in the land: Lena Dunham.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

WW1 - Trench Barber

Not dated but identified as a French trench barber. Official title? No, just a brother in the trench helping another out. Small moments of humanity to break up the weekly grind that is remembering the Great War.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Whatever Happened To The University of Phoenix?

We see phenomena pop up, burn brightly and then disappear. People like to point to this in business and laugh over and the like, but those groups are memorable because of the lunacy involved. It is common to see giant phenoms explode in size, overreach, and then be sliced back in scale to a long term natural size. Capital demands it, so capital can skew institutions but also reveal their flaws.

Look at the fate of the University of Phoenix (UP). After taking the for-profit university model to a nationwide network that became an SNL punchline, UP's parent company saw the stock zoom to nearly triple digits. It now has gone private at a staggeringly low price of $10/share. Revenue is still a concern due to cratering student enrollment. The problem going forward is enrollment, but this did not purely go private due to a reorganization push.

When UP's parent firm went public, it was all fun and games as money poured in to catch that sweet secular boom in college enrollment. UP used a great valiant pitch to normies to justify its existence, "Using da Internetz to make college accessible for all" while behaving like a boiler room for real estate or penny stock sales. Their boiler room tactics were applied to potential students.

They compensated their enrollers on how many people they sucked into UP. Once enrolled, they would say how much a student qualified for loans without matching it up to what they actually needed for that semester or their course load. This was all just using the students as a conduit for UP to suck off the government teat. Walmart and McDonald's use the EBT underclass as nationwide conduit for a transfer of wealth. UP was doing the very same but with nondischargeable debt. It is far more devious than Walmart of MickeyDs because of this.

UP's trajectory actually revealed the con of all of education as it stands today. Criticism of UP was they were not totally honest with students about courses, about the education process, about debt and about their potential job prospects. These criticisms can be leveled at traditional universities but no one did so because the media-academia complex is a satanic union. One criticism of UP was that they did not care about graduation or completion rates. Check the graduation rates of community colleges, HBCUs and even second tier state schools. It's similar.

The problem for UP was that they threatened the traditional system, which right now outside of STEM is nothing but certificates to get white collar jobs. The good life as the Last Psych would put it was all college was resting its hat on, and that my friends is a slender reed. Whether UP was being devious or not, it was only a matter of time before the media would attack for-profit universities, for regulatory regimes to start pressing them and for universities to offer the same online experience, albeit at a much more expensive price tag.

This privatization is more to avoid the rules and regulations that come with being a publicly traded firm. It will also take the firm out of the media spotlight as well. As far as a turnaround, UP has already laid off half of its staff. Cost cutting has been going into effect already, so now it is adjusting the firm to a lower enrollment that is not reliant on getting the absolute fringe marginal student. UP will exist and continue but in a smaller form with less visibility. They need to retrench and forget that marginal student that is just the next body in the door.

They will leave that student to the government protected university cartel with its media salesmen. C'mon, don't be a loser, go to university. Don't you want the good life?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Maximizing Mass Shooting Exposure

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one is a little over 40 minutes. I spend the first 12 or so discussing Reviewbrah. he is like a Mr. Rogers for the 21st century. After that, I discuss what makes a mass shooting a media event versus just page 8 news. After the Dylan Roof mass shooting, the mass shootings in America have been mostly swept under the rug, most famously the Orlando Gay Slaughter*. Shooters don't fit the media narrative, and the victims are not all perfect for manipulating normies.

*The Orlando shooting is odd but I've heard a good explanation for why there was little to no follow up. As an ISIS inspired terrorist and son of an immigrant, this had to be suppressed for the election. There had to be no follow up because of a wild rumor I read elsewhere. The Afghani shooter spent hours on the phone as the cops waited and waited outside. He didn't shoot anyone yet. Then, in the last minute, he killed 50 gays. That's the story. Better story is the SWAT team finally went in and 50 gays died in the firefight between the shooter and SWAT. No one would want to report that in a tough situation, America saw innocent gays during PRIDE killed in the crossfire.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Amazon-Whole Foods Future

Amazon agreed to buy Whole Foods. I recently wrote how Whole Foods was getting beaten up by Trader Joe's. The problem was the casual or marginal organic consumer. Trader Joe's can beat Whole Foods up in that market by being a bit cheaper. Whole Foods (WF) itself is rolling out stores that are more stripped down and have a smaller footprint so that they can pluck the younger, poorer organic leaning consumer. Amazon's purchase of WF shows you how WF can become very competitive but also the dark, poorer future the progs predict will come.

Amazon has been testing no lines, no check out, pick up grocery stores for a while. This sounds futuristic and exotic but it's not. Kroger does something similar called "Clicklist". Shop online, pay online, the staff at the store attempts to fill the order (not perfect) and then you the consumer pick up your groceries at the store. This is an adaptation of the old failed online groceries idea, but the twist is you pick it up so the grocery chain does not have to have a delivery fleet. It is also anchored in their existing distribution network, so it is not all of the corporations' business.

Amazon now has a corporation with an existing store footprint, a brand name that people consider high status and an existing market strategy that makes money. It has problems, but that's where Amazon comes in. Amazon starts applying its online buy + pick up formula to WF, and now WF can move to smaller stores. WF can also pop up in odder locations that have warehousing space and move with the flow of their consumer base (keep white flight in mind).  WF has an Internet savvy consumer base so this type of shopping will work.

Suddenly the fixed costs of a store get cut, the staffing costs get cut and WF is leaner as a firm. WF then can compete better on price with Trader Joe's and their quality organic goods will not be so much more expensive than the organic labeled items in Kroger, Wegmans, Target, etc. It helps WF bottom line with costs and potentially expands their top line sales growth. It will make each location more efficient.

Why stop there though? This is about the future. Amazon and WF both see a poorer consumer here and now and that trend will continue. They must become cheaper. This idea helps but also points to the future for city living. I talk and write of the Clinton Archipelago. I also mention how these cities are massively feudal in their design. New towers of condos and apartments do not get made with mid-level pricing. They are for more wealthy folks to concentrate their living in NYC, San Fran, Miami, etc.

Amazon is also testing another program: drone deliveries. Extrapolate the ideas with these specific consumer brands. Amazon can use its online shopping for more warehouse style 'stores' that deliver by drone. Cities will start seeing drone copters deliver food to the towers so that the tower residents, the lords and ladies of the Clinton Archipelago, never have to risk traveling on the city streets among the riff-raff that are their political allies.

The Rio or Sao Paulo dystopia living will be exemplified by these towers that can use technology to avoid the consequences of bad progressive governance. Why stop there? These progressive elites, and even just wealthy soft right elites, will remove themselves from the public sphere. These Whites, Asians, Jews and occasional non-Asian minority will harden their feudal enclaves. Eventually they will leave their surroundings a wasteland filled with a violent and dumb underclass. They won't apply VR towers for those folks to clean up the streets or sequester problem populations.

Take this out further. Extend the technologically enhanced segregation. Enhance the decay and degradation of the masses. They'll create Elysium.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Social Matter - Destroy The Cartels

New essay at Social Matter. Let's bring the troops home from the Middle East and Afghanistant. Let's deploy them to a theater and a contest that truly affects all of America. Let's destroy the cartels. This will also make Mexico a safer place so that Mexicans in America, many of which are just refugees of the cartel wars, can return to and build lives there again. This war will come some day, and we can choose to engage now or wait until the situation is much worse for us.

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Social Media Wrinkle In Divorce + SM Review-Preview 94

People in our sphere have noted the comedy of the fake Facebook life. Some of us call it Fakebook for that reason. I've discussed the need buried in some people to construct a digital self that is an idealized version of a person for mass approval that slides further and further from reality. This really allows for fun with divorce.

Television rarely portrays family life as good, and Facebook is like counterprogramming to that. It is not entirely healthy, but pro-family messaging is great to see hitting people's eyeballs. The comedy is when the reality of a family situation splits entirely from the faux depiction. Women compete on all things social for status, and the idea of being married to a great guy is one many value.

Seeing the representations of your pals or family members as perfect husbands is nice to see them finally given some good PR, but it is a problem when even you know it's not hype but outright falsehoods. Not just falsehoods in his behavior but in how the wife really feels. It then creates a strain not just for the individual doing it but everyone in the know.

This becomes a major issue when the divorce hits. How many of those posts were lies? How long was the lying going? Ultimately, there is the old idea that it's not just the lie but what else can people doubt? Maybe women are just late to the game that the Internet is forever. Maybe not young women, but your older aunt that forgot every husband post from 2014-April 2017.


Last week all I had to offer was a Weimerica Weekly on real estate bubbles and the buying market right now. There were other great articles on Social Matter in my absence. Michael Perilloux had one on how to catch a wife.

This week I will outline the way we can bring the boys home and attack foreign organizations that truly threaten our national interests and security as well as already operate within our borders. Weimerica Weekly will return a little more current than before, as you may have guessed I recorded the last two in advance. Might touch on mass shootings as what makes one a media event (hint: SanFran's UPS shooting doesn't due to Mr. Lam). I dislike recording in advance but had to due to life events.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

WW1 - The Steampunk War

Pictured is a British heavy daimler tractor on the Amiens-Albert road in 1916. An odd piece of military machinery but it served a purpose.

I've posted before how the Great War had a foot in both worlds. The creations used, the equipment and other items are all more steampunk than anything the fools that engage in steampunk today can think up. "Shuck I know, let's add more gears to something!" Sometimes simple tractors and horses or oddball gasmasks capture that idea of between time better than a 21st century imagination can dream up with its contemporary limitations.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

No One Dare Speak Zuckerberg's Vision

Because the Democrats' bench is so weak, there are odd things afoot. Hillary Clinton keeps popping up because hey kids, why not try to run her again when she is four years older and spends four more years an unemployed millionaire. The progressives do not have ready for primetime players. Governor Cuomo is probably too white to win the nomination. This allows weird things like Mark Zuckerberg to go through motions of an odd play on ye olde Listening Tour. No one quite touches on Zuck's vision because to follow it through is too dark.

Zuckerberg's commencement speech at Harvard mentioned a universal basic income. He mentioend opioid addicts and manufacturing. He recently said he is no longer an atheist. Jesus Christ, this is more transparent than his $100 million donation to Newark Public Schools when the film on him came out painting him less than stellar. He is checking the nation as if he is a billionaire that cares. It is just good PR for a run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton did this in upstate New York prior to her run for the Senate seat vacated by Moynihan.

A writer at Zero Hedge mentioned the lunacy of a UBI, and how if Zuck is so concerned he could start grants now with his money or Facebook's if he chose. This does not quite touch on the endgame of what a UBI as presented by Zuck means. Strip away the purpose for all claptrap, and Zuck is pushing a new government benefit to pacify the Left's imported primitives with peasant desires. Take this to its logical conclusion, and let's not assume it is just a 'universal consumption credit', which is not UBI and would force you to spend it on approved goods to keep the elite's system going.

A universal basic income + this picture...

Dystopia Comes In All Forms
Means the Virtual Option from Moldbug's deep archive of ideas and pontifications can become real. You, not you the reader but theoretical you out there, will be approved for a UBI just as long as ou move to these nice condos sequestered from humanity with these fancy goggles that allow you to be king, queen or God for a day.

The beauty of it is that Zuck's corporation would get one of the contracts if not the VR contract so that even if he does not win the presidency and implement the idea, some other friendly progressive, non-Asian minority puppet can do it. Make no mistake it would be a revenue generator for Facebook and ROI for Zuck's VR Oculus investment. Google has Chromebook grants that go to underprivileged areas. Visit a classroom. They may not have desks, the teacher may have to get supplies herself and the kids may not be able to read at age 7, but by gum, they have a stack of Chromebooks in the corner just waiting for distribution.

Start looking at the low government benefit recipients not quite as pure parasites but as parasites that are conduits for the bigger parasites: corporations that market goods and services to the low to use their government credits on daily. Ask McDonald's. Ask Walmart. The low becomes a puppet not just for the demand of government services and those do-gooder social workers but for entire corporations to base their business strategy on (Angelo Mozilo and minority lending).

Mena was right with his tweet and Zuck may make it become reality but in a self-sustaining loop of dollar transmission. The UBI will come with goggles and make Zuck's investment whole. Maybe Zuck's vision is for a UBI and everyone to have purpose and to find a place. The purpose and self-actualization might be the underclass being segregated but made to feel a God when they put the goggles on, sipping their soylent in between sessions. Moldbug might have been wrong in thinking the Virtual Option would have to be a government project. A corporation just may lobby it into existence and let the marketplace sort it out.

Mena the Prophet

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Real Estate Bubbles + Buying

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one starts off with a discussion of the terror cycle in the wake of the Manchester Attack. There's plenty there for its own episode, but I use it as a lead off. I did discuss how Arianna Grande is weirdly transformed from a white kid to a mystery meat sex symbol. The core of the episode is on real estate, bubbles, how bubbles form and then buying in general. I talk about tools to use to look for a decent area in a city or the ideal town/small city to move to and realtor advice.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Childless EU Leader Trend

A curious phenomenon has been noticed by those of us on the dissident right. It is the childless EU leader trend. It is actually amazing to see it listed out but should come as no surprise. This is the physical symbol of the elite of the EU and for that matter the American Left. When mapped out the battle lines would require a figurehead leader that resembles the form of the two sides. This also visually hints at why the EU elite will not stop the boats or remove the Muslims.

Each terror attack, each article on spikes in crime and each report that Sweden becomes more and more a Frozen Arabia comes with more frustration at the elite doing nothing. This is not the case. This inaction combined with enabling the replacement of natives is what they want. This is what the current regime wants. They want a mass of peoples who will have peasant values, enjoy the higher material standards of living compared to their third world homelands, and never become a rising elite to challenge these current elites.

Breaking it down further, the battle is truly the childless, leftwing Europeans and Jews with their non-European allies fighting the rightwing Europeans (or European-Americans) to control the economics, land masses and areas. As these left wing whites are not procreating, they are really fighting off their genetic cousins to kill them off and hand over control to alien cultures. That is it. Childless whites allying with non-whites to kill off procreating whites so that the non-whites control America and Europe.

It makes perfect sense that all of these EU leaders would be childless. It is the perfect symbol. Beyond that this is also the system selecting for the most dedicated to the system's goals. What greater dedication can one make to destroying native European and American cultures than to not have children in one's personal life.

These EU leaders are not making the decision to go childless now. They made the decision decades ago, when it still was a bit different. Maybe not in Germany where the TFR has been below Japan's since the mid '80s. This is a differentiator for the individuals sliding up the greased pole of politics when roughly any polished speaker can do their job. What type of marker does one need? "I'm dedicated, look how many times I worked for the party, hell I even sacrificed a family to fight for the party!"

It is not just about the system but a reflection of the culture themselves. Let us all be honest about the Clintons. Left to their own devices without the need to have a kid to run for office, they'd have both been single and childless forever. Obama might have been gay or found a white or mixed woman to marry. They felt the need to marry correctly and have kids because the electorate expected it from them. There is a natural revulsion or suspicion by many to childless men or women seeking power in America, so we still require our politicians to do so. European politicians no longer suffer that same burden. Their population now has enough of a critical mass that will not procreate or carry on, therefore politicians need not worry.

This hints at the lack of concern. These leaders have no shared concern for what may come from importing the third world. Why should they worry? They'll be dead in twenty to thirty years and leave behind no one to suffer in case the grand replacement project yields an apocalyptic warzone in their homelands. The decadence and hedonism of today is the focus. The individual has priority and individually they will be cut down.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Lost A Friend + SM Review-Preview 93

Sorry for a personal post. A childhood friend died. He had called our baseball crew the Originals. That was because tragedy struck us and killed a teammate when we were 13. As we made our way through high school sports, this friend would say it when someone didn't make a team, quit or injuries ended their career, "We lost an Original". I didn't expect one to die and truly lose an Original before middle age.

He was the coolest of the cool. He'd walk into a conversation and roll with whoever and even get the shy girls talking. He once wore his moms 80s necklace for an away game road trip and I busted him for it but didn't tell anyone else. He and I laughed how all the other players thought his chain looked cool, and it was a woman's 80s necklace. From a bad, bad extended family but was a legit good kid. There was always this fear that his family would get to him, but he always remained the wisecracking funny kid.

He married a pretty girl from our school and had some kids. I last saw him a few years ago in a grocery store back home where he gave me the Wassup Cuz and quick catch up on life. Ended with a handshake into a bro hug. I knew he was sick and contacted his wife when I heard there was no hope. I rearranged a business trip and set it up so I could drive up to home for 48 hours. See fam and see him. He was already too weak and barely awake. I knew it'd be close. I missed him by a week. Now I have to see his wife, see his kids and tell them how in school their dad was the coolest at our school.

Last week I wrote about the potential for a reversal of urbanization. This would involve using tech and reorienting goals. A little coordination would help. Weimerica Weekly covered the career of Chuck Palahniuk, who seemed to see our social malaise and dystopia coming but faded away.

This week I may not have anything for an essay as I have to travel as cited above. Weimerica Weekly will be up though. I'll talk about Real Estate and bubbles.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

WW1 - An Internment Camp

Amazing to consider just how cozy this looks compared to what prisoner of war camps would be remembered as in the follow world war. This is taken in a Danish internment camp. This is light years away from the horrors that would await POWs both during and after the second world war.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Housing Market Manipulation

Seems pretty obvious that the media meme for a hot housing market is out there. Get out there and buy folks, because now is the time. This is true to a certain extent. This is not the whole truth though. As I wrote on Monday about using construction as an indicator of immigration effects, there are data points that explain this hot housing market and how it is not all that it seems. The system has rigged a market to make it appear healthier than it is.

This is simple supply and demand. America has 25 million more people in it compared to a decade ago so the transactions of buying and selling should increase in absolute numbers. Add to this the secular decline in family size and you have fewer people per home. Readers undoubtedly have single friends that buy homes with no romantic prospect in sight or children. I've connected with single childless friends who have bought 1800 square foot homes and looked slightly confused why they needed a 4 bedroom home at that time. Add to this retirees that stay in their homes because multigenerational living is so lame and terrible, and the demand is there.

Supply is a problem. The banks had a lot of foreclosed homes on their books and slowly parceled them out so they would not have to write the loss on them. They even foreclosed slowly on larger homes in California because the loss would have been too big for their books. Irvine Housing Blog would spotlight homes that had not made a mortgage payment in three or four years with the homeowner still residing in them. The banks had a ton of REO inventory to sell.

Years ago I wrote how big investors were taking their ZIRP money from the FED and big banks and scarfing up properties to rent. This was a hunt for yield in a 0% world. Everyone is chasing yield. Rents had appetizing cap-ex rates, so creating a rental portfolio was seductive to big capital. This has created rent backed securities for private equity, which now has some government guarantees. These homes are off the market and rented, therefore leaving supply a problem.

This of course allows the holders of those rental properties to charge more rent. They are doing so at a high rate beyond the rise of not just inflation but many other goods and services. How are you going to save up for that down payment if your rent eats at your salary at higher and higher rates? Shucks, you can't exit that market though because construction just is not happening to supply you with affordable housing to move into. It is a racket for the oligarchs. Conslidation of banking had a point and goal, and make no mistake, it was never about you.

This all works to save the banks ass though just like eliminating mark to market did. Loans to big biz to rent out homes takes home off the market, which boosts the book value of those REO homes. Banks then can act in another way to help themselves: they can deny lending for developments and new construction. Buried in this article on new home construction, a developer mentions how loans have not been out there for new construction. Hmmm, no loans for new construction but the loans were out there for private equity and hedge funds to buy existing homes to rent, hmmm.

In Monday's post, I shared an image on home construction. The actual new unit construction has slowly risen from the catastrophic lows of 2009. This made some sense as the inflated construction of over 2 million units of the mid-'00s would have hangover inventory that needed to be worked off. Still construction is not at historical averages or levels that one would expect in a hot housing market if you look at longer dated charts that track booms and busts. Little talked about item is that all the regional construction firms of the mid-'00s got cleaned out wit the housing bust. Now just the big boys dominate. The big boys also bought land at firesale prices from bankrupt regionals. They are building higher end to lock in diamond quality buyers.

This is centralization and the elite helping themselves and never taking a loss. This is why a local small town councilman mentions developers wanting to put in $400K housing units when his or her city needs $200K starter homes. They don't care if the land was cheap or bought at a firesale price from the last crash. They are locking in a set buyer with a particular income level. There are corn field where the farmland gets turned into 100 homes at $400K a pop with no reasoning besides the buyer profile.

There is not a hot market in the mode of prior booms. There are just many buyers looking for homes in a suppressed supply. This is not about affordable family formation. There will be no consequences for the high end. They will continue to extract from you the monthly nugget that they feel entitled to, and will have a system completely designed to maximize their gains.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - The Forgotten Author of Weimerica

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one covers an author that seemed to have a finger on the pulse of our culture but somehow faded away. We laud Houellebecq but this guy is forgotten.

Monday, June 05, 2017

The Construction Immigration Indicator

The data sent by governments is questionable. People from all over the globe can take turns making fun of each other's governments attempts at spinning a positive story. Writers question not just the veracity of the data but the weaponization of data to game markets, game deflators in other measures or simply bamboozle with a headline. People have to look for other indicators and look for numbers and information that does not lie.

Immigration has a little indicator that points to either deportations working or people self-deporting: construction labor. Look around the web and you will see news bits on the rising costs to new home construction. Maybe it will be framed as labor costs surging or a labor shortage. Even Forbes cannot deny it nor the tie to immigration. Self-deporting is at play. The day laborers don't use a fake SSN since it is a cash pay job. Illegals with fake SSNs can work retail, in factories etc, so theya re a bit more hardened unless they are feeling heat for already breaking the law (using fake or stolen SSns is a crime). The articles linked are from all over America so it is not purely one area seeing the drop.

Everyone knows that an illegal immigrant is not going to stick around unless an employer is going to break the law and pay them (or they qualify for government benefits somehow). Housing starts are nowhere near the mid-'00s peak, but construction has recovered. Rising labor costs mean all those subcontractors cannot run to Home Depot and load up a truck worth of day laborers. If those individuals are leaving or being removed at all, then the firms must hire reliably legal workers.

This will hurt builders on their margins, but in reality in is more likely to place a restrictor on how fast they can move units (a good thing to prevent fast forming bubbles). America has subsidized housing for so long that no one even sees the small things we do to encourage the transactions. This will help everyone else. Construction workers who are natives can earn better wages with some power to their wage demands. This then also forces other industries that bid on that same labor pool to have to move their wages north a bit to recruit. Go figure, the working men of America might see a little of the action instead of the developers.

Keep tabs on this indicator and news item if the construction industry does tick up. The new housing starts have been slow to recover but that is a post for Wednesday. If the media will not report directly on something, one must go to indirect sources. While we all want to deport them all, a far smarter move is if illegals deport themselves before we have to physically remove them.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Social matter - The First Reversal Of Urbanization

New essay up at Social Matter. There is a way for Urbanization to be stopped and even reversed. This one covers all of the tailwinds that are present and will continue for decentralization. Most importantly, it will take coordination and decisions made by individuals to come together with their shared interests and goals. The Bug Man city of today loses is lustre as it continues to eat its newcomers.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Evergreen College Fakeover + SM Review-Preview 92

The farce that is the student takeover of Evergreen College is pathetic but getting mainstream attention. There is no rebellion here. There is nothing edgy and cool. The college administrators at any point can call in security and have the students removed. At any point they can call in local police and have the students removed. This is all a show. It is encouraged and wanted by the administration. It is a show, a performance and a travesty.

Not quite. This will hopefully help usher the demise of universities. The last thing universities have to hold it all together is that they are the gatekeeper to good jobs and the nice life. That link is really close to being dissolved, or maybe that gate is rusty and looking like it will fall apart. Once that is gone, what reason is there to go to college?

It is no longer up, but HVAC AC Bro once wrote a series for Theden titled "Confessions of an Overeducated HVAC" or some funny title along those lines. In the series, he wrote how he fell into the trap of going to college and getting the Boomer job going, but that it was going nowhere and was empty. He then found freedom in an HVAC life. It is a status thing and people get sucked into the constant media messaging that college educated is superior to not college educated.

We know this to be a lie. We know that four years in Marxist indoctrination camp is a net negative. We live in the age of the autodidact so you will continuously educate yourself if you choose once you leave university. The other thing is that a college degree is not guaranteeing you a great job anyway. How many of your peers have non-dischargeable debt that will not be paid off until 2030? Okay, now how many non-college graduates have that?

The other bit is that the path up to executive VP or the C suite is a limited path. You will not make it. Hitting six figures is going to be tough as well. Is the 100K in debt worth a college degree if it means just $10K in additional annual salary? My advice to many young high school students is to go only if someone else can pay for it.


Last week I wrote about the old, obsolete systems that have caused problems for the F35 program, not the plane itself. The plane will crush anything in its path. The plane should have been delivered quickly and honestly, the program should have been scaled back. Weimerica Weekly was on progs trying to redraw the family by using odd exceptions to reshape our rules.

This week I will write about how the things that point to greater centralization actually point to the possibility of greater decentralization. The tailwinds are there for a decentralization trend. It's going to take some coordination but also more mismanagement from the progs that run cities.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

WW1 - Paintings Help Transmit The Horror

William Orpen painted "Dead Germans In A Trench" and was largely forgotten by the art world until the 1980s. One thing that art and paintings have as an advantage to photography is that while one can understand the death and destruction of fighting, painting can help soften that hit of seeing dead bodies. I've shared enough photos of the Great War to get that stress and pain through, so one can see the contrast of war photograghpy and art.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two New Sites

Two new sites have come to my attention, and I would recommend them. Fresh content and theory. Despite an election with a change of power, there needs to be thinking, theorizing and crafting of how does one organize society or inspire. One of the powerful things with Trump's ascension is that this system is pretty resilient due to all the different nodes of power. It may be wrong. It may lie through its teeth, but dammit man, it is firmly entrenched and will not be removed.

The first site I recommend has an ambitious opener, The Fifth Political Theory. This one seems to have a focus on a probable future for how to organize what is worth saving and what wants to be saved. That is something we all wrestle with whenever you see, read, hear or say 'when will these people wake up'. The horror is that the scale and mechanization of mass immigration and population replacement is unlike anything we have ever seen before due to the technology and centralization of power and control. The Sahara acted as a huge natural barrier between black Africa and the European and Near Eastern worlds. Technology has erased that.

This new writer is focused on preserving the West and considering the West a diaspora to preserve and nurture. It is a darker view of the future. It is one that relies more on no Leftist or Islam singularity but also continued stagnation. A thing to keep in mind though is as Land calls it the democratization of destructive capabilities (paraphrasing). Imagine a truly revolutionary military or security tech (drones or CRISPR focused viruses) being in the hands of not someone like Weev but someone close enough to Weev's thinking. The sheer numbers of third worlders would drop and drop quickly.

The second site is one called Jacobite. No, not Jacobin which might be the best of the Brahmin Left websites, but Jacobite. It is 2017, which means the world of right wing punditry was proven to be wrong at every level except for a handful of writers. I have been told this site is headed up by J. Arthur Bloom and Rob Mariani, and in week one there are pieces by Nick Land, Andrea Castillo and even a quirky pseudo or two. These writers have a keen eye on the coming future in different regards, so this should be a weekly read. New sites like this should be popping up, and this group online mag should offer something for your liking.

A few years ago, I wrote how we were the iconoclasts. The development since then has been that the spiritual emptiness of the modern West is something that frustrates more and more people. We may be iconoclasts, but we are not so alone now. Other nations worry about Westernization or Western toxicity. They have good reason, but they also have their customs and traditions to fall back on. While ours are under direct attack, it would be wise to figure what works and use it to fight.

Read, support and take it all in, but remember to engage with your real life community. The true tests of the crisis will be in forming strong local bonds to help those you love and harden your towns. The great thing about reading these sites though is to know that you are not alone. There are many other people out there that are worried as well and share your concerns.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Redrawing The Family

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one covers two incredibly strange exceptions that the media is spotlighting in its attempt to break down and redraw the family. Strange legal fights over custody of adopted third world children and the world of SWPL open marriages are the latest entrees from the left.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Memorial Day started as a day to remember the dead from the Civil War. The holiday evolved to remember all those who died serving in America's armed forces. It has further evolved into an unofficial kick off to the tourist season and foodie holiday.

It is also a tougher holiday as patriotism weakens as the American identity unravels. On top of this, the idea of imperial wars of choice hurts this. I lost a friend in the Iraq War. Died within his first month there. I remember him shipping off looking bad ass like a Marine should and getting the news sitting at my desk at work a month later. I don't just think about him when Memorial Day comes around. I think about him whenever we are talking about the imperial wars of choice and our dead and maimed caused by fights we do not need to engage in or even supply.

I thought of him the other week when someone said my little kids looked like they walked off a TV set. He used to say my sister and I were like TV Kids, right out of a show. He'd be telling me that they cast cuter kids in the new show. He can't because he was killed at 21 and there are pieces of him still over there.

Remember the fallen on Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Social Matter - It’s Not The F-35, It’s Ossified Systems

New essay up at Social Matter. This one covers the fact that in all the talk about the F35, too many people take potshots at an amazing plane without criticizing the entire system. It's not the apple as much as the barrel. The leviathan we call the DC procurement process is too slow to adjust to reality and too many entrenched interests control the system to allow for a nimble, smart way of planning for the future while handling the problems of today.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Curious Case of Known Terrorists + SM Review-Preview 91

This is something worth digging into, but there has to be something deeper at play with the suicidal moves of the EU elite with regards to leaving the borders open despite terror attacks. Each time one happens, they know they sacrifice some votes to nationalist and ultranationalist parties. I've written before that the parliamentarian way they have things set up, the neoliberal mandarins have cushion, but the danger is in that bloc or blocs becoming too large.

Many of these attackers are known to police. Some are observed and even under watch as they get ready to attack. It is too easy to state that they are just enforcing anarcho-tyranny because the elite realize that each attack harms them. A multiracial melting pot with zero attacks is far superior to one with common attacks that leave dead children in the streets.

This is worth researching because there must be both a high and a low reason. First a high must be pulling strings for specific types of law enforcement and observation. Second, a low might be too tricky to handle for the law enforcement. Jihad and mosques provide quite the cover when jihad is woven into the fabric of the religion and mosques act as recruitment centers.

These recent jihadis have been small time crooks so known to the police might mean something different than observed for jihad possibility. They could even be run as informants and assets for the internal security just monitoring regular crime.

This is the pain of a multiracial, multicultural society. This is why people must go back, the boats must be stopped, the immigration flow must end. More pain will come and will continue until the serious steps and harsh measures that must be taken are taken or formalization of the no-go zones and ethnic enclaves occur.


Last week I wrote on the radicalization of the youth being tied to their presence in a society that resembles more and more American prisons. Weimerica Weekly was about all of the blackpilling around.

This week I will cover the F35 mega-project and how it was a project meant for another era but completely in the MIC corruption mode that Eisenhower warned us about but does not have to be. Weimerica Weekly will cover the odd open marriage glorification in the NYT Mag and then a curious case of the exception being discussed as a means to rewrite our laws.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

WW1 - Talented Americans

In this beautifully staged scene, American soldiers gather around the piano to listen to one of their comrades play. American involvement in the war was really secured via our banks. All of those loans to the allies had to be recovered. American business had made bank supplying those Allies. America entered late in the war and hardly entered the battlefield for long before the Armistice. It was the threat of American involvement, the threat of American supplies and the pure numbers game that was needed. This photo is from right before the Armistice in October of 1918 in Argonne, France.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Geopolitical-Immigration Bullet to Watch

The entire world is allowed to view the endgame that is wrapping up in Venezuela. The mainstream legacy media is even covering the pain in Venezuela. Online socialists are pulling out the 'it wasn't real socialism' line, but their Internet history of statement after statement praising Chavez's communism is there for all to see. Normal conservatives see the failure of Venezuela and can use it as the anti-Left ammunition that it is. Both are avoiding a coming push and the bullet we dodged by not having President Hillary. The Venezuelan refugee crisis will hit.

Venezuelans are starving, have been starving and will continue to starve. The Chavez government took guns from the people, and now that they have failed and people are fighting back, the guns are given to socialist squads to suppress rioters. The heir to Chavez, Maduro, may continue in power albeit with more transparent political processes. There may be a civil war of sorts. There may be a military government that forms and is aligned with DC. It looks ugly now and will continue to for the near future.

This will create a humanitarian crisis. It is already at that stage, but it will become worse and the international community will want to intervene. Once the power conflict is resolved, the demands for intervention for feeding the people will be heard. Along with those calls, will be calls to take in refugees. America has been doing so for years now, and recently even put legislation forward to grant them permanent residence. Those refugees were middle and upper middle class that could hop over to south Florida and wait out the bad times.

Now picture a President Clinton in office with the current state of Venezuela. The legislation for the older refugees already has bipartisan support. All she would need is to squeeze some GOPe types, and boom, we'd have a bipartisan approach to taking in poor, hungry Venezuelans. This would have been a nightmare and become a legal means to funnel all of central America into the Untied States. Florida is already becoming a dumping ground for Puerto Rico, so by the time President Clinton would be done, it'd be a weird mash of white, black and every single nation of Latin America in Florida.

Thankfully, we do not have a President Clinton. Still, the potential argument and issue is there. We must say no. If private individuals and groups, want to send food, send supplies, and send medicine, fine, but not a single Venezuelan should come to our shores. Let the Venezuelans sort it out. Venezuela is a far more likely future for America than simply Mexico or South Africa. While the conservakin and normiecons do not see the edge like we do, allow them to use Venezuela as a harbinger of things to come provided we stay on our left flowing current.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - All Sides Blackpilling

New Weimerica Weekly is up. Everyone on all sides is blackpilling. Not just the hardest of right wing Trump supporters but people in the middle and even on the left. This is part of the decline. I advise one not to give into blackpilling but to recognize the dark road ahead no matter who is in charge.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Future White Progressive Suicides

There were fears 2017 would not deliver. It has. The insanity continues. The Left will not take a moment to be self-reflective or introspective. They do not do that. Especially now when they feel so close to total victory. The white progressives continue to deliver with the insane hot takes or emoting over any odd, alien person or cultural tidbit. This will continue until we hit the phase of the cycle with white progressive suicides.

There is a feeling a religious revival of some sorts will hit in the 2020s. This might just be all pieces searching for some answer to the emptiness of McWorld. If it is, one outlet will be in the pieces of the West that make up the anti-West, anti-white voter coalition ginning themselves up even more in their anger and frustration. Not just at whites but with the lack of satisfaction in life despite having power or an elite supposedly acting on their behalf. White progs are in a bind.

Some will disappear into hedonism or technology. Others will melt in if they do marry or have kids. That is a signal already out in the open from them, and it does signal self-annihilation. They will take this one step further. Their search for status and holiness points will push them towards a cycle of suicide. White progs will kill themselves in the name of equality to wipe away white guilt. It will be their act of destroying white supremacy and the legacy of white racism.

If this sounds odd, keep in mind this appeals to many different needs these white progs have. This hits the religion need with both the creation of a ritual and sacrifice. This also allows them to become the star of the play, so their narcissism gets a boost. All focus is on them for the act. Make no mistake this will become a performance art. They lack creativity or talent, but they can make up for it with one hell of a suicide.

Think of the target demographic in question. Think of the childless whites hitting late 30s now. What will they do in 10-15 years in their late 40s-50s when sex peak has passed and they are old? What do they have? Nothing. The rhetoric of antiwhite crap will be ratcheted up from the Left which will add value to doing this and they have no heirs. They can leave anything to nonwhite charities as a transfer of wealth.

How? This could be like the self-immolation of Buddhist monks to protest Vietnam, but that is too awful for the progs. Some will turn it into a play of sorts as they discuss their lives and what they are giving it up for with proper non-white props. It would give them the chance to see who would attend their funeral. Think even more narcissistic. They will use hemlock.

Hemlock gives them the chance of the slow death to pontificate when they think people will be absolutely listening for any gem of wisdom, for their inane stories and for their cares. What is tweeting, Facebook posting and random virtue signaling if not a grasp at some attention? Suicide in the name of progress for the abolition of the white race will be their final post, their final tweet, their final periscope, and the good riddance of the most delusional and insane branch of the European family.

May they bury the enlightenment with them.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Social Matter - It’s Not Spontaneous Youth Radicalization, It’s Prison Culture

New essay is up at Social Matter. This one attempts to answer why the youth are radicalizing and where we see this same tribalism take shape. Progs have created a situation and once again, act surprised that the people placed in it react as humans naturally do. The denial of reality is horrible, but the worse denial is that of basic human nature.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Others Get It + SM Review-Preview 90

Charles Hugh-Smith has an essay that Zero Hedge published that really hits the nail on the head about what is going on in the West. It is disintegrating. Immigration adds to it. Multiculturalism adds to it. Even if they continue to pour in more and more people from a variety of places, the fragmentation will only accelerate. Hugh-Smith is right there. He is very close to us but does not take the last step in his writing.

He and Peter Turchin have many good points. Charles Hugh-Smith sees sickcare for what it is, a jobs racket and rent-seeking endeavor. He sees the parasitic elite detached from the population it supposedly guides. He knows. He sees how the center cannot hold. He sees how centralization is now at the negative returns stage. He points out that centralization's effects are now all negative, and the positives are sequestered away to the very few. Eventually, the social effects will become too much to endure.

The tech is there for greater centralization but it is there for decentralization as well. Each element of tech that adds to greater centralized control can be equally applied for decentralization if people coordinate to value decentralizing. Nick Land has written about the democratization of massive violence as adding to decentralization. This applies to many other capabilities.

How many people want to be a tiny fish in a giant, fetid pond? The elite count on you not just tolerating that but wanting that, craving the chance for that.

Spend some time reading Charles Hugh-Smith's essay and his other work. It is worth it.


Last week I wrote on how rebellions fail or succeed if they have elite factions supporting them. England saw two similar attempts, with one succeeding, so the story was why? Elites need to feel threatened and feel that they have something to gain with the rebels. Weimerica Weekly was on the Chinese critique of the white left (baizuo).

This week I will write on the spread of prison culture, and how our culture is sliding towards it not just from the police state assembled but population-wise. Weimerica Weekly will touch on the blackpilling, which allows me to discuss what the first 100 days or so of Clinton's presidency would've looked like.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

WW1 - The Last Message

This is "The Last Message" by Fortunino Matania in 1917. Matania was a celebrated artist with a huge career after the war. He had the ability to fill a canvas with emotion, which fits perfectly with the war that mortally wounded a continent.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Male Infidelity Will Collapse With VR Sex + Sex Robots

Did you see the Harmony sex robot picture? It was tweeted out and went viral. Not just viral in our realm of the Internet but wider. The fear from ladies was thick enough you could spread it on a bagel. The robot looked real, so the only question was a realistic facsimile of movement.

This is not the only development in sex tech I have seen. A really weird picture was sent my way. It was the marketing graphic which was of a well built man enjoying a set of VR goggles but also with a weird fleshlights looking thing on his groin. I was informed that it was an advertisement for the coming VR porn goggles synched with a fleshlight that mimics the action that the VR movie is providing the point-of-view (POV) scene viewer.

I have heard this called teledildonics. The program allows for a performer to 'work' a dildo that has sensors on it, and then you the end user place a fleshlight type device onto your member and her actions then send signals to the fleshlight to mimic her actions. Same for female users, and even an easier concept as it'd be a programmed and synched vibrator to the video. It is crude now, but wait five years.

The Heartiste Robosexual apocalypse approaches, but there may be one pro-social outcome. I am surprised he did not even consider it, but he is a single man so it is hard to step out of one's shoes. Yes, alphas (soft and hard alphas) will be able to accumulate harems (soft and hard in arrangement) as the deltas and omegas remove themselves from the dating market. Women may feel the heat and improve their resume for finding a mate if they value human contact and want to raise children with a man who is the father. The one positive that may occur could be a massive collapse in male infidelity (not female).

Roughly 20% of married men cheat. Surveys show roughly 15% of married women cheat. This often leads to divorce, but sometimes it does not as the person is never caught. Sometimes it does not because the betrayed tolerates it. Surveys also show that far more men who cheat are happy in their marriage than women who cheat are. Men just love to spread the genes. It's one bit of diversity we love (vagina diversity). Sex robots and tactile VR will drop that to zero by satisfying it without breaking the sanctity of marriage.

There is the legal and financial issue. Who would risk divorce to cheat with a real woman if a robot or VR simulator is available? No one unless they want to get caught and divorce or are dumb. Why risk the diseases out there? This will only spike if the antibiotic resistant STDs arrive and spread fast. Why risk the false rape accusations? Why even bother with having to develop a potential? That is some hard work. Why put in the effort for a 7 in contracts when you can have Salma Hayek 1999-bot at home?

Few think of the celebrity, model or Instathot licensing, but that will happen. It will be an easy way for robot producers to sell to a guaranteed market. These would be renewable licenses too in case people change their look, improve or decline. Some people could even license a specific look of theirs (Like a Prayer Madonna vs Like a Virgin Maddona). Celebrity visibility then sells each bot. It is a way for the celebrities to also make more money off of themselves. This goes double or triple for has-beens or older figures as one can imagine the Marilyn Monroe 1953-bot would sell well. If you think no one would invest in the creation of sex robots, imagine the money that would underwrite the production of them when they know they can sell Kate Uptons with an exclusive license.

"But Ryan there's an emotional or chemistry element to it... while we're not chicks with their lame emotional affairs, there is the point of knowing someone." Think. Do not think of a robot this time. The VR programs will be where this comes in. This is where you'd say to the program, "Hello SexSim, yeah can you go to my LinkedIn... take Ashley Duvan, map her hair and face onto the body of Olivia Newton John from 1979 in the Xanadu all white outfit".

Boom, you are getting freaky with a 7 from accounting except now with a better body. You've dressed her up and even run a Holodeck situation for whatever you're thinking. The social media sharing of today would mean a SexSim program would merely have to comb a woman's account to not only get imagery but basic movements, ticks, mannerisms and even voice to make the experience even more realistic. Like the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner selling their replicants as more human than human, these VR modules offer you the chance to conjure up reality. With your personal touches, it's realer than real. It becomes a perfect moment.

This is a bit frightening and I will not combine this with the news of the bag that grew a lamb embryo, so artificial wombs are closer than we think. With small sons, I have to contemplate the idea that my 25 year old son could tell me how a CRISPR designed male heir is at month four in the arti-womb, providing him with his first born for him and Renee-bot421. The fear would be that it is superior to the females out there for him to build a life with. Some horror stories do not need jump scenes or scare panels.

That scene may not happen, but this collapse in infidelity will happen if these two consumer products hit the market. Men will embrace it. Married men will enjoy it. The progressive legal system is only going to tilt more in favor of hysterical women. The women entering the dating pool at age 18 or 22 will be leaving an education and propaganda system that tells them that sex is empowering but almost all sexual contact is rape, some years later even if you did not think it rape at the time.

People create parallel institutions. People homeschool to avoid propaganda and security issues. Demand will be there, and only a fool will risk entering the prog legal system when a robot or VR facsimile experience is there.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Baizuo, the Chinese Critique Of The Left

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one was on the fly but is about this Chinese duo of terms baizuo and shengmu. While this is just an online phenomenon in China, so probably small, it is nice to see that some others outside the West see what is going on with the West. I mention a possible strategy China could engage in that I mentioned a couple weeks ago here at the home blog with China and North Korea. At the end, I plug the LD50 Frogtwitter exhibit.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Lesbian Who Molded Dietrich

I often say we are an echo of Weimar Germany. Weimerica is not a repeat and not merely similar. The echo is a fainter and worse version of the original sound. An echo is a trick of the structure that the sound is originally made in. Our current situation is partly structural. Same molders that worked in Germany work here in America now.

The same crass desires are served. The same roles are played. This is what makes us weaker, worse and unoriginal. This is the hollow, tired feeling to our era. The idea of homosexual as an identity had its start and its first big push in Berlin. Sadly, many of the same, worn out looks of the LGBT crowd are straight from Weimar Berlin.

Think of the cliché lesbian. ugly and chubby... wears men's clothes... loud, harsh and rough... pushes her lifestyle on others... political. Your mind has conjured up Claire Waldoff. Claire Waldoff was a short, ugly and chubby lesbian that had a radio show and worked the stage in the Weimar era. Waldoff was open and in your face about who and what she was. She was often in men's clothing, working that tie and pants look with suspenders like a good Berlin businessman.

Waldoff was also an evangelical lesbian. She was connected to the artist circle and recommended all women to become lesbians. It would be a statement! We can see with the benefit of hindsight it was a mating strategy of just expanding her potential partner pool. Same thing happens on college campuses today. Waldoff was, of course, connected to the communists in the '20s, but this comes with a qualifier. She even worked with the Nazis once they came to power. Like a modern lesbian, she was a true coward in the face of pushback.

Waldoff has a special connection to us though. Waldoff's style and persona influence us even today. Besides the lesbians aping men with their putting on a uniform, she has a deeper connection. Waldoff knew and befriended Marlene Dietrich. They went beyond friends and Dietrich admitted to being intimate with Waldoff. Dietrich would be a giant star and fashion icon of the golden age of cinema. Dietrich does not become Dietrich without Waldoff.

Dietrich stole the entire menswear ensemble from Waldoff. The difference was Dietrich did it on occasion, and while playing with androgyny was still feminine. With her legs and svelte figure in a sporty cut of shirt or pants, Dietrich did not look like a fat grocer on a wholesaler pricing visit, but she looked like a sexy woman of mystery.

Dietrich was a vamp not just because of her foreign accent but her peculiar style. Katherine Hepburn might have worn pants, but was not considered sexy or striking sensuous lines in them. Dietrich did. Dietrich's effect plays with us today whenever a sexy pop figure tries this. Madonna employed it liberally in one of her image reboots, sorry two. The video of Vogue may well have been a Dietrich update for 1990.

Without that specific playful androgyny, Dietrich is just another pretty face of the glamorous age of cinema. Without Dietrich's beauty, the style falls flat like Diane Keaton's Annie Hall look. Without Dietrich's legacy, it's a look that no one would try to retread. It is the possibility of a smoldering beauty carrying off the lines and the collars, but none of it is possible if not for one little ugly lesbian in Berlin.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Social Matter - Elites Determine If A Rebellion Becomes A Revolution

New essay up at Social Matter. This essay covers the chatter of potential civil conflict in America or France. Yes, the situation on the ground looks tense. Yes, the security is eroding, but what elites are threatened? This is important, and I use an historical example for showing how rebellions fail and revolutions succeed even when the pieces look nearly the same.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Comey 2017 + SM Review-Preview 89

You might have been worried 2017 would not live up to 2016, but you were wrong. Nick Land was right. It is only going to continue and speed up. Look at the FBI Director Jim Comey being fired out of nowhere. 2017!

Comey recently stated that people were stuck with him for another six and a half years. Poof! Gone. How did no one see this coming? For all the talk about Trump's leaking White House or administration, how did this not get out? Leaks by USG employees is one thing, and honestly, it is their sabotaging of the warlord chieftain who has usurped the throne. This did not leak at all. No one saw this coming. In fact, many thought that since Comey had made it beyond 100 days that he was safe.

Look beyond the firing though and listen to the deeper issue. Both sides want to jail the other. It's following the classic left-right patterns of justifications. The right wants Clinton jailed for crimes and to investigate Team Obama for potential spying infractions that are actual laws. The left has created a mythical boogeyman of Trump-Russia collusion that they equate to treason in some Keyser Soze fever dream.

This is the state of things from here on out. The nominal right will appeal to law and hope just hope that their opponents will finally see jail time that they deserve. The nominal left will keep pitching their conspiracy theories for why their opponents should be gulaged and murdered jailed. This asymmetry is the same as the idea that the right believes they can reason with the left and just sort it out with elections and politics, maybe even secession, while the left's academic crowd figures out convoluted ways to pitch the genociding of entire peoples.

This will only continue, so unplug from time to time, hold your loved ones and watch the rivers flow and feel the breeze run through your hair.


Last week I wrote on the way that the Left could formalize their destruction of free speech in our laws. As a Middle Eastern businessman once told me, "I can't say anything bad about Allah but you can't utter the truth about blacks while I can, so who is free". He was a Syrian Christian and fervent Assad supporter during this Civil War. Weimerica Weekly was on the rise of superhero movies.

I'll write this week on civil conflicts and why some spark and succeed. Weimerica Weekly might touch on the blackpilling everywhere from everyone.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

WW1 - Engineers

Who will remember these mundane things if we do not?

The scale of war changed dramatically for Europeans with the Great War. This meant not just soldiers but large crews of engineering units. The past did have engineers that devised siege weapons or maintain Greek Fire, but the Great War boosted the scale. Who would rebuild bombed out bridges? Who would clear the destroyed trees? Who would refurbish enemy guns destroyed or simply move them back to melt down for reuse of the metal? I enjoy the nickname for America's version of engineering battalions, the Seabees. They will never disappear. Industrialized war will need massive units of engineers.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

28sherman on Red Ice Radio

Henrik at Red Ice had me on as a guest again. We talked about the escalation of political fighting in America to suddenly reaching road war status. Maybe not road war, but the street fighting and expectation of fighting has begun. I do not know what he edited it down to, but it was a nice long chat. I hope you enjoy.

A Shakedown Of Elon Musk

Lawfare is a potent weapon. It is not just used against corporations or broader groups, but against individuals as well. If billionaires can be weaponized, then billionaires can be targets. Regardless of what one thinks of Elon Musk, it is easy to see that he is not just a billionaire, an industrialist but also a symbol. Musk has carefully cultivated an image, and hits every note that the 'in crowd' would want in a tech leader. It also makes him a target if he steps off the reservation.

Musk has done so, and is now a target. Musk even just listening to President Trump is a problem. Musk is now the target of a multimillion dollar campaign to split Musk from Trump. The man behind the campaign is Doug Derwin, a tech investor with a degree from (you guessed it) Harvard law School. The crime that Musk committed was not openly voicing displeasure with Trump. This is a high on high fight to discourage anyone else from getting ideas about supporting Trump. If no one of high status can support or even cooperate with him, then no one low will venture out to do so either.

It does not stop there. Musk's firm Tesla is now facing a discrimination lawsuit. The media immediately sided with the plaintiff, not just in reporting it but how they framed it. A progressive voter coalition member (black male) that enjoys protection under the government did not like how things were going for him and filed a lawsuit. This getting media attention smears Tesla and makes Musk, the Tony Stark leadership figure, look like a bad guy. Think of the messaging: Musk is a straight white male in charge of a viciously racist firm. All of those years as the future of green auto manufacturing goes out the window.

The discussion of these lawsuits, which even at first glance of statements look ridiculous, applies pressure to individuals and corporations. No one wants bad press. no one with such a high profile wants bad press. This is the power of propaganda that the media has, and by extension the Left holds as it is firmly entrenched in the media, academia, bureaucracy and judiciary.

This is a joke, but so are these lawsuits in general. What they are is a means for the High on the Left to reward their foot soldiers that make up their voting power Low with favorable employment and the potential to hit a lawsuit jackpot. Sometimes they can even receive class action lawsuit payouts where they do not do anything but simply exist as the proper demographic. The Left has in effect weaponized each individual group it claims to represent by enshrining in the legal system favorable terms. Musk is now a target and these weapons will be used against him.

Stop to consider the changing nature of sexual harassment claims. It was sold as no one should have to provide sex to keep their job. Then it was inappropriate comments and simply being asked out by a guy she did not like (Clarence Thomas anyone?). The goalposts have shifted so much now that it is merely if they do not get promoted fast enough (Tesla's suit) or a far more ridiculous defining down: environment. A woman does not have to be the target of any comment or pressure to file a complaint or lawsuits, merely know of it and then made uncomfortable.

Tesla is 85% male and 15% female. SpaceX is 88% male and 12% female. Even with these low female percentages, Musk still runs into problems from lawsuit filers. Musk's companies can then be told they are not pro-female enough, forcing him to create space for female employees. The core problem lies in the progs denial of reality. One can only hire what one can find. How many females are in STEM? How many graduate in those fields/ How many want those jobs? How many are better candidates than male candidates?

This applies to all groups the progs claim to protect. This makes their ability to file lawsuits and wreck havoc as another means to bend even the wealthiest individuals and corporations to progressive needs.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Superhero Escapism

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one covers the rise of superhero movies. It is a combination of technology, an industry lacking creativity and pushing merchandise. Disney is evil at times but is really brilliant like their purchase of Marvel.

Monday, May 08, 2017

P.T. Carlo Is Right About Trad Dads

Several readers and Twitter folks have asked if I read P.T. Carlo's blog post "Against Trad Dads". I did. I recommend reading Thermidor for original content. Carlo is right. The tone is a negative, but the core message is right. These Trad Dads have a habit of using family formation as a solution to all of life's problems, and fail to recognize the reality of the sexual marketplace as it stands today.

It is an incredibly difficult dating market. It is incredibly difficult to find someone who openly buys into forming a family. Marriage and parenthood are great things and good goals for the greater good. They are not for everyone, man or woman. My message for years has been: figure out your path and then walk it full power. Trad Dads are trying to fight the good fight in an age of decay.

Carlo's point about the evangelical nature of some Trad Dads is spot on. I won't comment or even defend the bad Trad Dads like the Dreher types. Thermidor's picking on Dreher has reached epic proportions and is thoroughly enjoyable. Trad Dad evangelicism is as annoying as the evangelical segment of any group. Attempting to be more traditional in how one forms a household is difficult in this day and age. I do not know if I count as a trad dad, but my goal is a home where dad provides, mom focuses on family, mom and dad raise the kids and the kids grow up with a healthy home of men being men, women being women and we all pray to Jesus Christ at a local Catholic Church. I live in a red state, which makes this far more normal than those with blue state blues.

I am fully aware of our degenerate culture. Look at the blog posts I have made about cartoons, television shows and whatnot. That is me actively monitoring cultural products and warning you. A dad can only do so much and prepare his kids so much because they will end up jumping out of the plane like a paratrooper into the wider world. Trad Dads are trying to be protective because they are all products of their age and recognize how awful our society has become. It's an attempt to carve out a bit of safety to even just jump back to a 1980s environment for raising their kids. Not fully 1980s, as these dads don't want their wives working to avoid the daycare or latchkey outcome.

I personally think some of these Trad Dads are faking things. I'm a dad, and if you meet me, the guy you meet is the guy I am at home. My wife and I agreed on going beyond two children because we wanted to, and trust me, as we contemplate anymore we recognize our goals and focus are out of whack with broader society. I mentioned to my parents that we were considering a fourth. My mom was surprised and seemed pleased. My dad's first words with accompanying pained, whiner look was, "Why would you do that?" Breaking a kid down to the cost-benefit analysis was horribly disappointing to hear but revealed that his orientation is around money (small souled bug man). Ours is not. My wife and I are different from our peers from our home blue state. We are fully cognizant of this circumstance of Weimerica.

With that said, how are Trad Dads forming and crafting a home? Tradition was so obliterated by the 20th century progressive mandarins that one ends up creating a cargo cult type tradition in one's home of things you heard worked. I've been pushing for a while now for people to push back, create traditions and resurrect old rituals and traditions into one's homelife. Think about that for one second though. Many people do not know the old traditions automatically. This leads many to just default to 'build a family and try to make enough money for your wife to stay at home with the kids'.

A family now is a rebellion in this modern age. Having a family beyond 1.4 kids in a blue state is a revolution. As /pol even pointed out, how did wanting a decent life with a wife and kids become reactionary? Carlo's essay has great points, and I am stunned how the Houellebecq character Bruno truly has become a male avatar for the crystallization that this is a rapidly changing time that offers little in stability or even a desire for linking to the past or future.

Carlo's tone was a bit more black pill and negative than it had to be. Someone in our sphere asked me about having kids and I said, "It's awesome. It's not the affection or hugs and kisses sweetness of kids but the discovery of life. When a kid starts thinking and getting the world, it's amazing. It's the gift of experiencing life." Yes, the world is an increasingly dark place. That does not have to stop you from seeking things to bring you happiness and make your immediate world a better place. It's like laughing at childless white nationalists that come up with depressing reasons to not have kids. Weird since Europeans had children through the Black Plague, Hun invasions, Muslim invasions, Thirty Years War, Hundred Years War and World Wars.

If you want to change a Trad Dad, if you want to stop the evangelical nature or teasing at the single men around him, start hitting him with the reality of dating. Throw it in his face about what women who go through the college Marxist indoctrination system are like. Show him the texts you receive from women. Shake his cage. Challenge him as you would challenge a prog, but with a different ending, ask him for a plan. Ask him, "how am I suppose to get from here to there?"