Monday, October 31, 2016

Social Security Receipts Confirm No Recovery

The men at MPC have a great thread on the rapidly approaching problems with Social Security. I was aware that the SS depletion date had been moved up, but I believed it was 2035. That is too optimistic. The CBO projected date is 2029 and SS internal projected date is 2033. The CBO projection is more sanguine than the SS projection in its assumptions. CBO seems to have a better grasp for the anemic recovery we have experienced.

Anemic, but the stock market is super high and unemployment is super low???? The bubble has fed the market. The unemployment rate is low due to government counting tricks. Even the job gains have been mostly a function of the fabled "birth/death adjustment". If you want proof of the anemic recovery, Social Security is a guide. Just look at the annual SS receipts.

Looking at old decades, you can see solid, steady growth above 5% and in some years much higher. Once you get to 2000, growth hits a steady 5-6% clip. The stagnation hits with the start of the Great Recession or Depression 2.0. In 2008, growth in receipts is 2.5%, then in sequence, 0%, -3.3%, 3%, 4%, 1.7%, 3.3% and 4%. There was the temporary SS payroll tax holiday that dropped the employee portion of SS payroll taxes by a couple percent, but this is troublesome and confirms the anemic growth argument for one unspoken reason.

Pay raises. We have knowledge of what pay raises have been for base salaries for the last few years. In the last four years, the salary increases have been 2.7%, 2.8%, 2.9% and 2.8%. The SS payroll tax increases are either at the base salary increase or a percent higher. This means the payroll tax increase is more a function of salary increases rather than organic job growth. The 2016 numbers might look even worse due to all of the oil industry and supply chain layoffs in the last year. This news blurb on layoffs is from February but relevant. Over 100K jobs lost and oil has not bounced back.

There has been not much of a recovery. As Porter wrote recently, we have not felt the pain that our recession was meant to inflict. Debt has allowed us to float on, keeping all of the plates spinning. Will the government default? Most likely not explicitly. What they will do is pay all of their obligations out in dollars worth far less than what you expected. You might be angry. A retiree might be angry. Even our urban youths might be angry by this. The third world masses arriving on our shores will not. They will not know any better.

And that's the plan.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Social Matter - 21st Century Leftward Drift

New essay at Social Matter. How far has the left drifted? I'll show you. Besides the failure of Bill Bradley's campaign, Ralph Nader's fringe Green candidate platform is now the Democrats' base's beliefs. Cthulu swims left and in recent years, quickly.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Obamacare Working As Designed + SM Review-Preview 63

Obamacare rates soared. No crap. Seriously, if you expand the pool of eligible and get more sick than healthy using health care, you need to jack up rates. Oh you want to remove the pre-existing condition? Sorry, but that costs money. Since implementation rates have gone up, and if they did NOT go up, it is because employers slid all of their employees to "high deductible health care plans". I like HDHC plans because they come with HSAs, and you can control how dollars are spent. That was the biggest way employers kept rate increases down. Insurers were forced to an 80% loss ratio level. That kept increases suppressed a bit, but now that is gone, so they can jack rates up to where they should be with a proper loss ratio.

Sorry, this was a duel. I have written on this before, but the duel was between the mega-insurers and the progs. Mega-insurers wanted a mandated system that 3 or 4 insurers (notice all the mergers in insurance) would manage for a profit. The mandate was the entire deal sealer for them as it would force everyone in like a nationalized system, but they'd rake in money. The progs wanted something that would satisfy the insurers to keep the money flowing for campaigns while simultaneously hamstringing the system and fucking people over to then have them begging for a solution, which the media would say was nationalization.

I sent tweets to Michael Tracey, who seems a good idealist lefty, about how any moron in journalism could have spoken to any professional in insurance and learned all of this years in advance. Instead the entire media industry used the same prog approved experts who all surprisingly agreed Obamacare would work. Yup, this is why you fail. You do not work in a serious industry, and you all are regime press hacks. Go on LinkedIn for ten minutes and find pricing professionals in the industry for an expert opinion. Even ex-frat boy and ex-sorority babe brokers would have walked a journalist through the problems seven years ago, but NO ONE ASKED THEM. The media had to sell Obamacare, not debate it. I'm no longer on Facebook anymore but Michael, shhh, you and I had mutual friends. Could've messaged me.

The slide that has been happening and will continue is top notch docs and service for the higher end while the masses on government programs get imported 3rd world doctors to process them. Sorry, but you government dependents voted for it. This will not last as even the socialized plans have horrendous problems and talk of trying to limit cost overruns. Death panels work so well that Europeans live a long life, as long as they don't get cancer. Nationalized health care may never come though, because if it does, so will tort reform. I doubt the Democrats' major donors (lawyers) will allow that.


Last week, I wrote on the problem of muddied experience in modern America. Screen time is causing people's minds to melt a bit. Weimerica Weekly was a book recommendation. Seems to have struck a chord. Please listen.

Next week I will write on how far the left has drifted since 2000, and a way to prove it to your skeptical centrist friends. Weimerica Weekly might be on a goofier subject. Someone sent me some links to a total lunatic that gets published by the NY Times.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

WW1: Italian Soldier In Full Gear

The similarities are there from WW1 to modern warfare. The packloads are similar as are the basics. He's gotta hump it through the field of fire and countryside. When you see this picture though, you can understand why people viewed scouts and scouting as proto-military organizations for young men. Hiking, camping and enjoying the woods is something Western men should return to for weekend activities. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Three Comrades

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. A lot of readers and listeners have asked for book recommendations about Weimar Germany. Aside form dry historical books, check out this novel. The echoes of Weimerica are pretty strong. This is a fantastic read.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Note on New England TFR

There are news articles that comment on the lower fertility rate in not just Europe and japan but in America. It's the one social problem that the progressives does not think has a government solution. We'll just use immigration to fix our social welfare Rube Goldberg schemes! This is another one of those problems that points to the hole in the soul of Western man.

The United States only has a TFR of 1.9, sub-replacement. Broken down by race, it's really just Hispanics on a growth pace at 2.4. Another dissident rightist has explained the only people forming families consistently and having growth TFRs are Hispanics and Amerikaner whites. There is some r-selection vs. k-selection going on, as Jayman has shown dysgenics in American blacks. Whites do tend to have some "planning" and do not just spit out kids in bug infested inner city hovels. They say things like "let's have a house before we have a kid". It is forward thinking sentiments. There is an argument that whites may be dropping their fertility due to being bundled in a nation with now 1/3 non-whites. Have fewer kids but guarantee they don't fall into the underclass and that misery.

There is more to it. I agree with all of those ideas that others point out, but there is a region spared most of this pain that has seen tanking TFRs: New England. Check the list of US states by TFR. New England's six states are the bottom six for states on that list. Regional TFR most likely 1.6, which is on par with Japan, Italy and Germany. These states avoided the immigration flood of other states. These states are overwhelmingly white. Outside of specific areas in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the cost of living is affordable. Much of New England enjoyed a boom in education and FIRE industry employment.

The problem is this is where secular states with broken civic institutions end up. This is when atomization sets in, and few have a good connection not just to the past but to even their own families and immediate communities. Hedonism pushes this down, and that is tied to the old Pied Piper of "If God ain't real, neither is hell, so live it up". The chase for maintaining teenage interests continues in an extended adolescence. Travel becomes a substitute for fulfillment. Cruise any social media outlet for the single white woman meeting shamans and mystics in South America for the "greatest spiritual experience" in their lives.

This is not all of it but very few problems are single variable and kids are not for everybody. This hits just enough of those New Englanders on the margin. There are no churches, and if there are, they do not attend, to remind them of the past on the walls and future in the pews. Their families are smaller, disconnected and interactions are replaced with their television and Internet media consumption. Their mindspace is to those electronic tribes. Who has time to visit Gramma in the nursing home and possibly kickstart their drive for kids?

Their fun is too much to give up. How are they going to do cosplay with a kid? How are they going to take two vacations a year with a kid? They'd have to wait for their kid to go to bed before having sex? These are the same people that joke about Adele needing a new break-up to write more great songs without stopping to think if Adele giving birth could inspire amazing lyrics. They even ask each other why there are fewer Little League districts and teams in the state? How can that be? This is how disconnected from performing the basic function of species survival prog whites have become.

Just one more vacation. Just one more cosplay. Just one more cat gif. I don't have time for kids. Wait, why am I now alone for the last 30 years of my life?

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Average American

The average American is overweight and just 10lbs or so from being obese.

The average American household income is $51K. The average American worker makes $30K annually.

The average American household is 2.6 people.

The American GDP per capita (person) is listed as 53K. The average household has 51K to spread between 2.6 people. Hmmmmm.

The average American lives paycheck to paycheck, in fact 3/4 do.

The average American does not have $500 saved to cover an emergency, in fact 2/3 don't.

The average American has $5,000 saved for retirement.

The average American reads 19 minutes per day.

The average American watches 5 hours of TV a day and 11 hours per day with all media.

The average American has a smartphone (68% do).

The average American eats 2500+ calories a day... or is it 3,700 calories per day?

The average American sleeps 6.8 hours per night.

The Average American performs 17 minutes of fitness activities per day.

The average American has sex 127 times per year, but that is misleading because...

The average American adult is not married.

The average American single has sex 49 times per year, average domestic couple has sex 146 times per year, and the average married couple has sex 98 times per year. (see

The average American reports being satisfied with their sex life (48%).

The average American knows someone addicted to painkillers.

Combining percentages of use, the average American has either been prescribed an antidepressant or a painkiller this year.

The average American can't name one Supreme Court Justice, in fact 2/3 can't.

The average American can't name the three branches of the government, in fact 2/3 can't. 1/3 can't name ONE BRANCH.

The average American child doesn't live in a traditional family (two married parents in first marriage).

In summary, the average American is overweight, bordering on obese. They make $15 per hour and have nothing saved for an emergency and barely anything for retirement. This might be due to spending money on the 3700 calories that they eat per day. They do have a smartphone. Thank God! Because how else will they consume 11 hours of media a day. They consume so much media and food that they barely have half an hour for reading and exercising and even sleep less because of it. Despite all of this media consumption, they can't name one of the 9 priests that rule the nation nor the form of their government. Remembering how their government is formed and ruled might be hard for them to focus on with the tremendous pain and depression in their lives that causes them to seek pharmacological remedies. Sadly, the average American faces this struggle alone.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Social Matter - Escaping Muddied Experience

New essay up at Social Matter. This on is on the idea that the search for authenticity and the urge to unplug is a natural reaction to our current tech situation and it is not new. Others have dealt with this and sought an exit to reconnect with the world and have true experiences.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Decades in Days + SM Review-Preview 62

"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen," - Lenin.

It is fair to say this last week is a week where decades happened both at home and abroad. At home, Trump named the beast and dared to say the thing we all know but the system silences: Democrats rig elections. This was followed by James O'Keefe releasing video of Democrats openly admitting they sent violent rioters and protestors to Trump events and bus people to vote stuff. One such leader visited the White House over 300 times and Obama over 40. Is Trump just a tool for the system to ensure Clinton's election? I would have left that as a possibility until the last month.

Trump is laying it all out there. This is delegitimizing the system on air and in homes. The regime press not covering it also indicts the media. Going forward it will all be regime supporters versus everyone else. This never would have happened with any other republican candidate. Without Trump, this never would have happened no matter how blatant. Keep in mind news stations aired interviews with people in '08 who said on air they voted multiple times.

On the other side of the world, Rodrigo Duterte announced the Philippines was now aligned with China and that the US had lost. This is not a piss ant nation in South America, Africa or even the Middle East. This is a firm ally for over 100 years that has over 100 million citizens and is in a strategic location. I will write more on this as this is an amazing coup by the Chinese. They just secured the South China Sea without firing a shot. This is not their only move.

This is also a sign to other Southeast Asian nations that if they want to defect from the USG system, do so. This is similar to Orban's move in Eastern Europe and how now some other Eastern Euro nations are acting different and growing spines. Find the video of Duterte landing in China. He received the full red carpet treatment. This was not just about him or the Philippines. This was a message.

Decades in weeks.

Last week I wrote about the foundations scamming desperate school districts that just want to close "the gap". That hope is now so ingrained that they can be conned easily by foundations. It's private side centralization too. Weimerica Weekly was a guide to dressing as a reactionary.

This week I will tackle experience and the need to reconnect with the real. VR will not be a solution. We are not the first to deal with this problem of the modern world. Weimerica Weekly might be on a variety of things. I have had some good leads sent my way.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

WW1: Horses With Machine Guns

In pictures, the Great War appears to be between worlds. Some of the old ways were present but we were mechanized and industrialized by then. Horses were used at the start of WW2 during the German blitzkrieg of Poland but WW1 saw much more horse action. Hollywood even made a recent movie about a WW1 soldier and his horse with the completely unimaginative title "War Horse". The Jeep would be their replacement for moving high officers around and the helicopter would become our cavalry.. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Guide to Reactionary Fashion

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one is a bit lighter as I discuss how to dress the part. The introduction though explains why this may matter more in the future.

Link seems to be messed up today. Try here...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Father-Son Chats

>Picks up after ten minutes of trying to explain things to a normie Boomer who is distracted by their phone<

"You get that right? You get what that means?"
"Why do you keep asking if I get something?"

"Because it's obvious you haven't thought it through. You pretend like the next 3 steps are not obvious. Forget the individuals who are the figureheads. Look at what the goals are. One merely wants to kick out illegals, build a wall that works for other nations and put your country first. The other represents flooding your nation with the 3rd world, removing any possibility for organized threats or resistance to their interests' rule. They can't contain random jihadis, what shot do they have versus disillusioned vets, local leaders and hunters."

"Have you heard his statements? I've voted republican for 30 years-"

"Yes, and for the 5th year in a row, I'm saying they are false opposition. Haven't you caught on? That's why even the GOP hates him, not just him but anyone who objects."

"Reality is, he won't do any of this. It won't get done."

"No shit because there's an iron bureaucracy. Just deportations and a wall is enough. Army Corps of Engineers would have to build the wall. Let the current system gunk up the gears. Then people will abandon the seduction of the ballot box pressure release. People will seek alternative arrangements. We get civil war 2-"

"That's fucking ridiculous."

"No swearing around the kids. Wait, did you not see the California Trump rallies? That's the future. You think blacks burning cities and attacking anyone not black after a black cop shoots an armed black man and then the president, also black, says you whitey, forget other non-whites, have to understand them, doesn't end in any other way? >Picks up 2 year old< Seriously, when you're dead in 20 years-"

"C'mon, like 25 or 30. >picks up Iphone<"

"Put the phone down, you're worse than >teenage niece<. 20 if you're lucky, by then we >points to self and 2 year old<  will be in a nation 1/2 3rd world. They go to school, watch shit media and are taught to hate America. America, the flag, the cops, all a proxy for you know who? >sends 2 year old off to play<"

"You're too cynical for being so young."

"No, I'm right, and you're a naïve Pollyanna. You just bitched yesterday about trannies in wigs being in girls bathrooms and its just 2016, where do you see this going? You've spent a lifetime hating the one party two faces system. Haven't you ever wondered why they never really deviate from one another? Don't you get it?"

"I get it but these comments are just... inflammatory."

"Want me to pull up quotes from professor after professor basically planning our demise? Doesn't this cause a reaction, do you feel anything? At least mom's revulsion at every ad having an interracial couple or mixed kid is real, can't you see this shit, and no, we're out of Doritos."

"This is paranoia and exaggerations, you've lost it... Oh look our high school football team is averaging 7 yards per play."


 "Reality is, we've assimilated groups before."

"You seriously think Sandeep Gupta or Hector Gonzalez is going to go to the WW2 monument and give a shit for what Grampy did? Even worse, that monument in >insert hometown< that has my great grandfathers name on it is going to get vandalized or become overgrown with weeds because no 3rd worlder is going to give a shit about WW1. It wasn't their fight. They don't care as they just get indoor plumbing here. God forbid any of my cousins have a frickin' kid instead of cosplaying."
"That's your family. What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? I became an adult. Moved out, job, wife, kids, adult passions. They use coloring books, go to Disney each year and live with my aunts and are over 30! Hold on, can you transfer some of that knee jerk defense of our degenerate ne'er-do-well family to your wider tribe of whites? Blacks cry over any criminal shot by cops, but you can't be bothered by 80 year old white grannies beaten, raped and set on fire. Why are you back on your phone?"

">not looking up< You're outta yer mind. He is completely ridiculous with what he says. Look at that PTSD comment, that's awful."

"You know >grabs tablet<... I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt... and maybe think the Jewnews was being truthful... sometimes I am wrong... sometimes I'm too cynical... but I read the transcript. >reads full PTSD Q&A< Do you ever stop to think that after the 5000th lie the media tells you that maybe it's time to shut the fucking television off?"

">still looking at phone< Don't be an asshole. You've become a guns n' god conspiracy theorist."

"All my theories got proven this year. You still watch the news. They literally lied about your company and mom's company in back to back years and you both fumed how the press lied. They lie outright and they lie by omission. The plan is to flood your nation with 3rd worlders to make sure you never pose a threat to them, in black and white emails by the very people working for or funding Clinton and other GOPers campaigns."

"Reality is, I didn't see any of that shit you mentioned on the news."

"News is regime press, of course they'll suppress anything damaging. Quick: whatever happened to those shootings last weekend you were so sad about? Gone, forgotten, why? Immigrant shooters. Remember when you said Trayvon was shot in the back and then when the trial happened, you realized Zimmerman was innocent?"

">looks up from phone< Yes, but the reality is that was a hatchet job by the med-"

"It's all hatchet jobs. All of them. Now ask why."


"Done. Over, don't bring up politics with me ever again until you're ready to know why. Put the phone away and play with your grandkids."

Monday, October 17, 2016

If You're Alive, You're Touring

Music has declined. It's not just the album sales or even the product, but it is the effect a musician's album release or video (if even made) may have on the culture. Even if an artist released an amazing album, it would be hard to have the effect or staying power that Thriller or Born in the U.S.A had in the '83-'85 period. The culture had fragmented.

There is one piece of the industry that has thrived: touring. Revenues are at record levels and growing. No slowdown for this part of the business. Cultural fragmentation helps here because have you ever stopped to listen to a radio ad for who is coming to town? Joan Baez? Gordon Lightfoot? Toad The Wet Sprocket? Click the links to see ticket prices. You will find tickets for $60, $75 and over $100. Someone is paying for the opportunity to hear these old timer or obscure acts.

Cultural fragmentation and mass SCALE helps in this regard. Niche demographics with their favorite artist can have their needs met because we have over 310 million Americans funding public theaters or providing the demand to justify private theaters. The immense size of our nation means that some old timers can do fifty dates and pocket more money than they made in their peak era of the '60s or '70s. Joan Baez touring for stacks of money is a good laugh if you remember her line from Woodstock about her old man starting a hungerstrike in prison from the protest he was a part of, man. There is no mystery as to the supply of these touring has been acts.

Where is this demand? Nostalgia is a driving force. If you loved the artist in 1974, you will get that last chance to see them live. You missed the chance in 1974 to see the act live, but the music industry can fix that. It is for you, as Gordon Lightfoot's voice is completely gone, not for the actual musical experience. It is a reference point at later social events. "Oh yes, we saw Joan, oh I loved her in '71, and we finally got the chance."

The vintage and retro themes in our culture are secret yearnings for an easier, whiter time. Even for the black community, it is for a time when their families and communities were more intact and advancing, when Hispanics and Asians were not encroaching, and black men wore suits with fedoras not pants on the ground. It is nostalgia and comfort. This could continue with music, but this might also be a feature of the Boomer cocoon effect where they think everything will work out and that America has not truly declined.

Who am I kidding? One day Livenation will throw enough money in front of The Smiths, they will do a reunion tour and Gen Xers will dutifully line up to see them.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Social Matter - Private Education Foundation Failures

New essay up at Social Matter and the focus is on education. The foundations could use more study, but I decided to focus on the Broad Foundation. It is a racket. Not quite for fixing schools but for keeping the money flowing to the foundation's programs. No one, and repeat, no one in education policy wants to admit "the gap" is natural.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump Outlines It, Jews Go Wild + SM Review-Preview 61

Trump gave a speech in Florida that could have been written by any of us. He used facts from Clinton's speeches and actions by the media to weave the connection between the corporate media pushing her and the international banks that are funding her. He barely outlined the interconnecting system. Jews lost it.

Every Jew on twitter called up the "Oh Jesus, look at what he is doing!" hyperventilating. This is a tired canard. Stop using the innocent Jewish population as a shield for the dirty deeds of large banks and the media. Just because Jews are overrepresented in those entities does not mean Trump was pointing out the Jewish hand in destroying the West. Stop using anti-Semitism as a shield. If Jews were really nervous, they'd be flying to Israel like the European Jews are doing after funding Leftist causes for decades. It really is unbecoming and filthy, but you have no dignity or feel shame. After all, you are lowly paid hack writing whores.

The speech was also another sledgehammer to this system. Nick Land must be enjoying this as a Trump loss fulfills the Outsideness Strategy, but the manner in which Trump is naming and shaming the system of control must be making him laugh. I hope that is the laughter I hear from the East and not just Xi Jinping laughing at the American foreign policy establishment. There is no going back. There is no exit through the entrance.


Last week I wrote on the way the asset bubbles cement the high-low alliance currently in place. Someone was upset I did not describe a bubble. Maybe I assumed my readers would know what one is. Weimerica Weekly was on youth literature and the way Tolkien's Akallabeth describes the fall of the West.

This week should be an essay on school foundations and how they are a racket and never fix any school system. Weimerica Weekly will be on men's fashion.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

WW1: Gasmasks for Horses

At the fifth battle of Ypres, the gasmasks were also put on horses. Cartoon looking but necessary. The cover makes them look like a Saturday Morning Cartoon version of a horse.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - The Need For New Youth Literature

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This is a full 30 minutes. The first half is on the weird situation of Young Adult fiction having a readership that is majority adult female. I then delve into the problems of adult literature, prog messaging muddying everything, and the need for new youth literature. Get writing!

I then spend the second half discussing how Tolkien's story "Akallabeth" is an allegory, or THE allegory, for the fall of the West. This podcast is dedicated to Lawrence Auster because he is the one who wrote about that short story and the fall of Numenor being our course. At each step, the Numenoreans chose to do the wrong thing. Their brothers who chose the right thing lived on.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Clowns Expose American Anxiety

Maybe you're a normie. Maybe you hate to see all this cynicism on the dissident right. Maybe you think our points about not just political problems but the social and cultural problems are a bit overblown. Things will be fine. The stock market is up. How about one word?


America has had reports of "clown sightings". Clowns just hanging out. Clowns are just on street corners standing around, waving to people. Sometimes it is during the day. Sometimes it is during the night. A clown might be just in a clown mask and normal clothes, but sometimes the clown is in full clown costume. This is sending people into fits of terror.

People call the police. People give interviews where you would think a werewolf was walking in their neighborhood. The media has commented on it with a touch of lightheartedness and others have discussed the fear. Clowns have been turned into an image of horror in the '80s thanks to "Killer Klowns From Outer Space", Stephen King's Pennywise from "It", and the other killer clown the media sidesteps, John Wayne Gacy, the gay killer rapist. Fear of clowns has a name, and is out there.

Fear of clowns is not widespread enough to invoke hysteria or panic. The reaction to this series of pranks is more a reflection of America's heightened level of anxiety. Michael Crichton dubbed our raised level of anxiety the state of fear. In 2011, 11% of middle aged women and 6% of middle aged men were on anti-anxiety medication. In five years, want to bet that number is up? It is. Americans are nervous and Americans have lost coping skills.

We live atomized lives, and with single living and lower rates of marriage, we are alone more often. Television formerly would portray those who lived alone as slightly off or prone to hearing voices and acting odd. That was a stereotype for a reason. People feel less secure on their own, and also miss having another person there to tell them to calm down. The elderly live alone until they can be shuffled off to a nursing home. Many women live alone now compared to days of yore. All are drowning in the same lie of "anyone can be attacked at anytime", which is as truthful as "anyone cant get HIV".

Another problem is that Americans have lost how to sort information and properly evaluate threats. I will exclude blacks and cop shootings because after the 10th time a black with a gun or committing a crime is shot by cops and then blacks burn a city, blacks have now shown themselves to be completely devoid of logic and purely emotional. White Americans are presented with news and have lost the ability to put it into context. Wait for the next mass shooting by a white that will get them talking for two weeks about more gun control, while they have completely forgotten the Orlando, Cascade Mall or Houston shootings from this summer since the media memoryholed them due to non-white (immigrant) shooters.

Americans are presented with information and have forgotten that 310 million people in a landmass, with extremely high population density in our metro areas, go along their merry way every single day without much problem. The key is avoid black neighborhoods at all times and lower income Hispanic areas at night. A mass shooting occurs, excluding gang drive-bys that artificially inflate that number, and people fear to go outside. Simply avoid the areas I mentioned in the sentence before that one, and you will be very very safe for your entire life.

This has a cousin with the college rape hysteria that has resurfaced after a lull. Sexual situations are sometimes murky, especially when mixed with alcohol and drugs, and women do not cope well with this. There was a reason for those old restrictive rules. It prevented you from regretting that you are free. The focus on consent and comical consent forms and affirmative consent laws are a hysterical way to reconstitute old restrictions but under the guise of feminism. They might as well make contracts where people only have sex if they commit to a lifetime of loving one another and supporting one another. They could name it "safe sex space" for alliteration since "marriage" is kind of dry.

People are so anxious they are calling the police over clowns. This is another tell on the state of modern Americans, forget that, Weimericans. An American would just walk up to the prankster with a baseball bat or golf club (9 iron) and the prankster would move along. A Weimerican is so scared to handle something themselves, that they run to daddy law enforcement to clear it for them. Anxious... afraid of responsibility... relinquishing of authority or agency... popping pills to be soothed... the Weimerican is a child nervous about the world around them, needing a binky and daddy to help them. These clowns are in real life trolls of sorts, and they found the perfect targets.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Is Isolated? Who Is An Outlaw?

The New York Times recently wrote about Russia being an outlaw state. Per the Times editorial board, terrible deeds were done by this pariah state. Some observers viewed this as the New York Times setting up the propaganda machine for war with Russia. This would be horrendous, but not unexpected as the mandarins in charge of America have failed to fix their monetary mess. War is usually the salve they use. Russia was deemed an outlaw, which would imply outside the accepted norms and mores of a community, furthermore isolated from the international community. This is wishful thinking but also dangerous thinking.

It is hard to view Russia as isolated, and I have written before on its spreading engagement with nations, especially the deepening ties with China. Russia has been at the vanguard of attempting to assemble a BRICS coalition of sorts, working deeply with Xi's China. When even Japan, securely under America's thumb, reaches out to create deeper ties with Russia, this is a baseless branding. It is hard to argue that a nation is an outlaw state when America's vassal in the far east wants to do business with Russia despite this "outlaw" label. Russia's great crime here is resisting the rule of USG and going a step further by trying to grow the resistance crowd.

The sickening bit is that Putin's misdeeds are all responses to USG provocation. USG orchestrates the overthrow of Ukraine's regime, and Putin responded with some assistance to East Ukrainians and annexing Crimea. USG and allies in the Middle East send weapons, money and aid to jihadis in Syria after performing the same trick in Libya, and when Assad needed help but had pulled back from the brink, Putin responded to his ally. Assad himself used to offer sanctuary to Iraqi insurgents, but that did not stop the likes of Rep. Nancy Pelosi from visiting and shaking hands in a hijab. Who is the first mover in these instances? America and its proxies. If someone were fomenting rebellion and mayhem in Mexico or Canada, we would react.

>Wait<, the cartels do that in Mexico, but luckily USG is friendly with the Sinaloas, so it is okay.

This is all dangerous thinking because America's entire system is geared to elect an obviously impaired elderly woman who has spoken as hawkish as Senator Marco Rubio about Syria and Russia. Clinton wants to send more aid of all types to Syrian rebels (moderate head choppers she assures us) and create a No Fly Zone. She is willing to risk an altercation with the Russians, a nuclear power, over a piss ant nation. It's not her but the interests manipulating her puppet candidacy that want war with Russia.

No one wants global catastrophe except these reckless interests. Instigating a global war is the act of outlaws. Nuremberg was a historical anomaly, but the men and women of USG can find themselves in the docket of such trials or a Truth and Reconciliation series of trials if they push for war.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Social Matter - Asset Bubbles Cement the Current High-Low Alliance

New essay is up at Social Matter. This one uses that Clinton quote from the primaries about leaving the banks alone to focus on racism, sexism and homophobia to explain how asset bubbles are important for the Left. Not just the Left, the current high-low alliance needs them.

Friday, October 07, 2016

This Won't End Well + SM Review-Preview 60

The large butt of jokes Jeet Heer took time away from drooling over comic books for sexual themes to discuss the intellectuals pointing towards revolution. Jeet is a joke, and should be sent back to India where he can finally lose the weight he must lose and read comics without the demands of living in a first world nation. The point remains that other smart set folks on the right are identifying the problem and see change or conflict as inevitable. More see the very thing that Moldbug named, and now are open about its existence and ugliness thanks for Trumps' run forcing it out in the open.

As I wrote in one man, one vote, one time, once that system is in place, the only limit is what the Left wants to tolerate. Reading Harvard Law profs discuss with gleeful anticipation, it does not sound pretty to political opponents. I see the future as wide open. The unraveling in Europe and America in 2016 has been interesting, and it is just 2016. Forty nine homosexuals were gunned down in Orlando in the summer and it might as well never ever happened. Anarcho-tyranny is real, and seems to be getting worse every month.

The Left's pets will turn on them, and if the Left gets real about labeling those loyal to the right's conception of "America" terrorists or rebels, well the opponent is going to be a tough one. The Left can barely track terrorists that obviously stand out and have a much smaller community of sympathizers. How many Harvard professors will pay for 24/7 security details? Never forget that 100 yards is a long ways off for rent-a-guards to stay alert, and easy peasey for many, if not all, hunters. For every Harvard professor or Tim Wise drooling over Gulaging opponents, there are 1000 gun show attendees just waiting.

I am a Trump skeptic because it seems the Left has stuffed enough states with just enough immigrants to lock them in for elections. Forget Texas going blue in the 2030s, Florida and Virginia may be lost, and that is enough to doom the Trumpist insurgency and any remaining right nationally. This is the empire. They bring in foreign subjects to call them citizens to hurt the only subjects that give them a real threat. The USG empire gets periphery characters to tell it off, and this is still with the reserve currency and mightiest military in place. All empires end. The American empire is no different. Build your social network, harden your community, buy guns, keep fit, and keep your eyes and ears open.


Last week I wrote about the original Jews excluded from country club scandal. Weimerica Weekly was about the way kids are now accessories for adults. This week will either be on the high-low alliance needing asset bubbles to stay in place, yet creates friction, or the private side of school centralization. Weimerica weekly will cover the weird world of young adult fiction and discuss how Tolkien's story "Akallabeth" is the allegory for the West.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

WW1: A War Prize

This wounded soldier needs attention but look at his arm. He is gripping his war prize, a German helmet. Look at his face. He doesn't look scared.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Accessory Kids

New Weimerica Weekly is posted. This one tackles what kids have become in Weimerica. They are sidekicks for mom, supporting characters for the movie of your life, and little projects for you to flash in front of others. I also cite a few observations from being in a hospital recently. Small changes over the course of returning to have more kids in the same hospital.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Possible Chaos At Future Protests

As Pax Dickinson tweeted, we have riots because we allow them and want them. if we did not want them, there are many means of putting them down. He is correct. This is theater to drive particular progressive political goals and generate feelz inside you the viewer. There is a scary possibility though with the current anarchy one sees at protests. This is part of the wider framework of the progressive regime and system being so inept, so corrupt and so wicked, that outside actions or actors can have more credibility by simply not being a part of it.

Protests are not always violent. Some protests are just protests. We have plenty of visual and historical records that can show simple protests that ended peacefully. The new wave of protests of our underclass (Low) on orders and in pay of the foundations and NGOs (High) often end in violence. Arson, looting and even murder of fellow protestors has popped up in the latest events in Charlotte. When a BLM protest occurs now, it is simply a matter of when will they go violent.

This is chaos and in chaos, agents on the opposite side of the protestors, whether representatives of the Middle or just agents of chaos, can weave in and out to create mass damage that would harm or kill many. Part of the protestors problem is that these blacks still have their white allies. Doughy or overly skinny and always wearing horn rimmed glasses, these individuals chant the chants and support the blacks who want to pose, show their "strumph" and peacock for the cameras. These protests always go violent, including burnings of cars or stores and mass looting.

These protests take place in tight areas, so there is always the danger of mass movement or trampling if there are problems. It is also curious to note how the rioters do run away when the police approach, so these young men are posing more than truly eager to fight the cops. Protestors are often anxious, and there are likely some high on drugs at the protest-riots.

What happens if in a street block, which is a square area, someone were to use speakers to play recordings of gunshots in one area? This could potentially flush people out of that area because of the sound of gunshots. Besides trampling, there is the possibility of retaliation by armed protestors. Kent State National Guard members reportedly heard what sounded like gunshots before they fired. This could set off a legitimate gunfight between protestors and police, which on forensic evaluation (consider all of the cameras present) would show the protestors fired first. This would be a huge optics loss for the BLM high-low alliance.

An even darker possibility is someone using the same sound effects to scare protestors out of an area to flood another portion of the street block. If a road on a block is a square, sounds of gunshots could clear an area that protestors and agitators occupy. As they flood towards another portion of the square, one of those ISIS pressure cooker style bombs goes off and maims and kills many. Now some creative lettering and marking on the pressure cookers could frame ISIS (definitely chaos agents) or be marked as intended for the cops by BLM affiliated individuals. If there are "robberies gone wrong", there can be "cop killings gone wrong".

These are all hypothetical what ifs, but as order continues to unravel and chaos is encouraged by the elite, these are possibilities. This will further complicate the ability of people to meet or want to meet in public venues. This will further erode public security. Cocooning may continue as public trust evaporates not just between groups but within groups. Public spaces will become empty spaces. Forget concerns about the growing police state, America's psychological state of fear will ratchet up another notch.

Monday, October 03, 2016

The Nationalization of Police

The security forces have long been a target of the progressives. The fight against them has been turned up a notch in the last decade. This is a long battle going back to FDR's formation of the new American political arrangement. Old reactionary generals were a problem to address into the '50s. Police forces were cleaned out along with the big city Mafias, and then starved during the '70s financial crises. The progs are moving in for the final stroke now.

The military is getting a steady dose of more and more affirmative action promotions, female empowerment, LGBT training and pushing, and even the crowding out of religion. That is another topic for another day. Internal security is a worry for the regime. They are running red team war games to see how internal unrest would go. They need to focus on securing their power. This is where the cops come into play.

Similar to removing the big city machines via federal funding, the progs want to remove the peculiar features of local police forces and make them hampered, prog influenced or even prog controlled. I wrote about this in March of 2015 as the motivation behind the Chicago PD black site articles. From that essay:
The motivations behind this article might be as more ammunition for the police overhaul underway at the federal level. The Brown-Garner outrage from 2014 created calls for community engagement, body cameras and whatnot. In reality, it created an in for the federal government to be able to tap local police departments on the shoulder to fall into line. It is a sovereignty battle. The threats will be lawsuits and simple "you must play to get the grants and discounted equipment". The anarcho-tyranny will be turned up a notch, the unreported brown-black race war will continue, and nothing will improve.

This is how the Black Lives Matter crowd does fit into the scheme. Each incident, no matter justified or not, becomes a reminder to wider society that the evil cops are shooting the poor blacks. For a day or two, black acquaintances may say how they don't know how to handle the fear their sons go through, and then return to posting how their sons are so cray-cray and don't take shit from nobody.

Progs want federalization so that they can control local police department procedures and neuter them. Anarcho-tyranny means possibly even disarming the cops, allowing only certain police members to carry guns. Number one priority will be hiring cops that reflect "the community". NYPD police commissioner and NYC co-savior, Bill Bratton, stated the harsh reality that it is hard to find black men who meet requirements (testing, physical, no drug use, no criminal record). The IndyStar pushed Indianapolis to have cops that reflect the community citing the lack of Hispanic officers as well, which was completely ridiculous considering the Hispanic population is a phenomenon of the last decade. These security jobs will be treated as patronage for the Left's coalition. it will also be a means to weaken a potential force against the regime in a shaky situation.

No one knows how far this will go. Is it only big city departments or will even small towns get this treatment? If the NY Times' focus on small suburb Ferguson is any guide, the progs will do this in as small a town as possible. One potential fix is routing around this by smaller cities and towns eliminating their five to fifty man police forces and contracting with private firms. Some cash strapped small towns across America have already eliminated their police forces and farmed things to the county sheriffs. Besides the economic reasoning, soon political and basic security concerns may force more small towns to maintain control and avoid the long hand of the prog fedgov.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Social Matter - The Original "Stay Out Of Our Country Club" Scandal

New essay up at Social Matter. This one is about the scqndal that started the Jewish complaint that they were excluded from WASP country clubs. I looked into this and of course there are two sides, some truth and a political angle. The excluded family was cheered by the right people after.