Monday, August 31, 2015

The Maturation of Roosh

It has been fun to observe the change in Roosh. Just to see the tweets, the updates, the trolling move from online to real life has been a joy. It is taking the hate click strategy of Return of Kings and turning it into a real life force. Like meeting an Internet Friend in real life, it is a weird but exciting moment. You know what else is fun? Seeing Roosh grow up.

If you're reading this, you're no stranger to Roosh's writing and antics. I enjoy his writing even as the single life became something I hear about and observe, not participate in. If I ran MAXIM, I'd have him as a steady writer. It was also kind of juvenile or immature with the pursuit of notches or flags if you're going international. Roosh still wrote incredibly well on the state of gender relations as a front line soldier compared to the fat and lazy writers of older generations, living in their bubbles. This was his insight into reality that would bring you back to read more.

A question was though, where was he going with this? Tucked away in a post once was Roosh writing he'd only marry and have kids when he could provide for them without his wife working. Then that kind of disappeared. Then he wrote ever darker posts while abroad. There was the weird post on what the Internet does to a person that he wrote after coming back from an Internet/Twitter break. There was the forming of Reaxxion, which seemed like opportunistic pouncing on the Gamergate idea to make a buck. After fighting the SJWs for a year, things got too redpill for the RooshVForum and he announced a break with the term redpill and creation of neomasculinity. Where was it going? Seemed like a continuation of his self-improvement writing but with softer entries so to expand reach.

That is a problem here, and with Internet writing in general. Roosh himself reveals the problem of the digital self. How much of Roosh is genuine and how much is for clicks, sales, etc.? In his mid-30s, how many revenge fucks do you need? What's the next step? Remember, they end tv shows because no one wants to see an old man chasing teenage chicks. When he announced he was going on Dr. Oz, I was excited for him. My wife watched with me and said, "Of course someone in your sphere gets on Oz and they're the bad guy". Roosh did not do well on Oz. He claimed he was blindsided (I believe it). I also expected more from him and a modicum of media savvy once he knew the trap they sprung. Still, it is live TV. He announced a speaking tour. "Jesus Christ, it's all about cash flow" was my thought.

But something clicked. Roosh wrote of being the bad guy. He wrote of giving the fools in the audience of Dr. Oz and watching at home someone to hate on, and this is a powerful realization. Realizing it before the tour was key, because he could shed the illusion that his message would be accepted or even allowed to exist as a potential good. In our vast right wing sphere, we need to recognize that what we believe is based in truth and what is true is good, but that we will be hated for it. You will be called names, you will be chased, you will be designated bad.

Bad in the eyes of a sick, broken regime. Roosh speaking, not folding, and performing ju-jitsu on the SJWs is important. Read this and try not to laugh at the ridiculous reporting, not just from feminists (male or female) but how the media frames it. Roosh might as well be a raping Turk on horseback. A woman takes his picture and asks if he is going to rape her, which he laughs off and says not even if you paid me. This was reported and printed. This is clown world. A speech to fifty men should not be a threat to the regime, but look what it inspired. Roosh is 100% right that it vindicates what the manosphere and alt-right has said for years. Totalitarian suppression of any wrongthink. As this review details the event, Roosh sounds like a grown up with vision.

Roosh very calmly and clearly lays out how a normal, masculine approach to life is now considered evil or wrong and gay pride parades with the Frankenstein homosexuality are actively cheered and encouraged by our cultural gatekeepers. This is negative society in action. Up is down. It is an adult and mature message. "Let me help you navigate the modern world and be the man you were meant, were bred and evolved to be." It is not just picking up chicks for notches anymore. It is easy to see how almost all modern media messaging sends bizarre messages of what is appropriate, just watch a commercial break on television. Roosh is looking to provide counter-programming.

Roosh is also right that this only will help him the next go around. He is taking advantage of the greatest bang for your buck advertising engine today: the SJW outrage cycle. Sure this is about free speech at the superficial level for mainstream discussion, but it is about something else. If you are going to have any pushback, you're going to need someone who steps out first. Roosh, Charles Johnson, the Gamergate crew, and even the Trump, you will need people publicly defying the regime, giving airtime to the other side and pointing out the lies.

There is a core of Americans angry over the Facebook gay marriage "skittles" profile pic crowd. There is a core of Americans who considered the Confederate flag a mark of stupidity or redneck status, but think the media and Left went overboard with suppressing and attempting to erase it. There is a core of Americans sick of all this gay cheerleading, roll their eyes at Black Lives Matter bullshit and know any opposition is silenced by the thought police. You cannot just delegitimize the system but need to offer and build alternatives.

Is Roosh perfect? No, but he is taking steps I would not have predicted even six months ago. Hell, I expected him to start writing "How To Spot The Perfect Wife" and other finding LTRs/wives posts as he caved and found a cute eastern euro to settle down with. Has he found that surrogate activity that so many childless people fail to develop or even attempt to explore? Is this his new calling? Was it reading Culture of Critique? Was it the Dr. Oz appearance? Only Roosh knows. The fun has been watching him grow from writing "how to get laid" to "the gender situation is awful" to "we need to make a stand and build something better".

If this be a crusade for masculine virtue and the destruction of the poisonous and ruinous feminism movement, then march forth. Quit complaining about the dominant cultural messaging system and support the opposition. If you are tired of the insanity around you, pay attention to Roosh's journey and support him.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Two Weeks Off

Summer vacation arrived. I'm taking two weeks off. If you see anything funny or interesting, leave a comment. I will moderate comments and tweet for fun but my vacation requires fun, family focus and beach reading. I shall return with a Sunday post in two weeks. The WW1 posts will continuenon Thursdays. Enjoy the Summer of Trump.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Social Matter - Trump Is A Demon Of The Establishment’s Design

Today's essay at Social Matter is about the Trump phenomenon. The Establishment has no one to blame but itself. Go read it there.

The circus that is the American election cycle has an added bit of flair this time. No, not the possibility of a female on the ticket. We had that buzz of excitement in 1984 and 2008. It is the spectacle of a self-promoting, billionaire blowhard taking the "Bulworth" approach towards a legitimate run for the presidency. Donald Trump has added spice to the 2016 presidential election cycle and in the summer slow news season to excite cable news operatives. He has rocketed to the top of the polls, rustled Establishment jimmies and caused conversations to take place that no one would expect.  
As much as he is loathed by the Establishment, he is a demon of their design.

Everyone ont he left wants to blame Fox News or rise of ugly right wing politics. They do so not to blame themselves. Go read it there!

Friday, August 14, 2015

More Operation Mockingbird and Last Week's Social Matter + Preview for This Week's 12

First a quick note on last night's post. It is important to note that the 'right' is false opposition. This is their job to be phony on your behalf. Expose that and help other see the fraud. Buckley was never confirmed as part of Operation Mockingbird, but it is hard to see how he would not have been. Let's follow the timeline. Digging into the background for my long Mockingbird/McCarthy post, I traced a bit more "why" behind the McCarthy investigations. It ties together.

1.  CIA starts Operation Mockingbird at the start of the CIA. Controlling the press was critical.
2. Buckley was CIA for a short span of time (early '50s).
3. The National Review lived on donations and Buckley admits it lost $25,000,000 over 50 years.
4. J. Edgar Hoover learns there are commies throughout the USG. J. Edgar Hoover had just seen known communists walk free in the Amerasia affair. Hoover could not trust the courts or the administration. What did he do? He started to feed McCarthy and Nixon information in their two committees. Senator McCarthy nearly uncovers all of the CIA's dirty cultural work, points out commies everywhere, and even makes the connection that the Democrats were crypto-commies. McCarthy is destroyed in 1954.
5. National Review is founded in 1955. The Review can make sure that no isolationist ever becomes preeminent in the party again. The Review can also channel right wing energy and action into proper channels rather than noticing the odd coincidence of far leftists always being rewarded by our universities, Federal grants and media.

Can't you imagine it? It's DC, 1954, right after McCarthy is censured. The CIA and Georgetown Set goes "How do we make sure another McCarthy never arises? How do we keep the right wing playing empire and not noticing homegrown commies? I got it, let's use Mockingbird but in a magazine supposedly for them! They'll eat it up."

This week at Social Matter, I will tackle the curious case of Donald Trump. He is a demon of the Establishment's design. Not the GOP establishment, but the system that the cathedral created for our sham elections. I will be taking a 2 week break after this though as I have summer vacation with my family.

Last week's Social Matter essay was on Israel and America's odd fixation with the Holy Land. This got some play and even ended up on Reddits worldpolitics page. I had a bit of fun with this, but in all seriousness, I would love to see America be more friendly to India and focus on building a good partnership there. It would make more sense than the time we spend on Israel.

Have you seen this steady stream of quotes and speeches by presidential candidates about one of our allies? This ally is in a far flung region of the world. They have a vibrant democracy in an area unfriendly towards democracy. They deal with a Muslim threat, jihad next door, terrorists within their nation and the threat of nuclear annihilation. They do have nuclear weapons of their own, and have a nationalist leader at the head of the government now. Let's review the quotes.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: "India is a vibrant democracy in a region dominated by autocracy, and it faces existential threats to its survival." (source)

Senator Bernie Sanders: Weird. Sanders never quite answers anything or takes a definitive stand on India. If you heckle him about it, he will tell you to shut up. (source)

Senator Marco Rubio: “This is a historic and tragic mistake. India is not a Republican or Democratic issue. If this was a Republican president doing these things, I would give the exact same speech. In fact, I would be even angrier. This is outrageous, it is irresponsible, it is dangerous, and it betrays the commitment this nation has made to the right of a Hindu state to exist in peace.” (source)

Senator Ted Cruz: “Christians have no greater ally than India... if you will not stand with India and the Hindus, I will not stand with you. Good night and God bless.” (source)

Former Governor Rick Perry: "India needs more than our passive support—it needs our vigorous support." (source)

Former Governor Jeb Bush: "With India, those interests lie in a firm alliance. India and America must work together to build a more prosperous and hopeful future for the region. A state for the Muslim people, side by side with Hindus, will be possible only if the Muslim people are represented by leaders committed to delivering on the promises made at the negotiating table." (source)

Governor Scott Walker: "Yet even as you stand there, reflecting on the consequential events of two millennia ago, you recognize India is not merely a place of shrines and holy sites. India is one of the world’s most vibrant democracies and one of America’s most important allies." (source)

Senator Lindsay Graham: “I am in charge of the foreign assistance account, I’m in charge of the money we provide for the United Nations,” he explained, referring to his chairmanship of an appropriations subcommittee. “We provide 25 percent of the funding for the organization,” Mr. Graham said, several times. “I’m not going to ask the American taxpayer to fund an organization that’s going to be used in a way to marginalize” India, which he called “our best friend.” (source)

Senator Rand Paul: (bold in original) "I’m proud to support India, America’s longtime friend and ally in the East. Indian cafés and buses are bombed, towns are victimized by hundreds of rockets, and its citizens are attacked by Muslim terrorists. It’s time we took a stand for India by standing up to the enemies of India, the enemies that murder Israeli citizens. That’s why I proposed a bill called the “Stand with India Act” to cut off the flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Authority." (source)

Donald "Alpha" Trump: “The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to India is me,” said the 69-year-old Trump. “The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to India from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to India before me. The only one that’s going to give India the kind of support it needs is Donald Trump.” (source)

Governor Chris Christie: "I absolutely believe that India is a priority to be able to fund and keep them strong and safe after eight years of this administration." (source: GOP Debate)

All of these quoted bits are about Israel not India. I changed India for Israel, changed Jewish to Hindu and pulled out Palestinian where appropiate. Doesn't this look ridiculous? I could have taken quotes from each GOP candidate in their primary circus, but I wanted visible names to show how silly it looks when all put together. India is an apt substitute per the description in the opening paragraph. All of those items hold true. India is also a bigger trade partner with the US. Indian-Americans now make up 1% of the US population, which is nearly the Jewish share (1.8%). India itself is also a gigantic nation of strategic importance due to its location, friction with China, and immense population.

We do not have politicians waving their hands around like maniacs and spouting off non-stop nonsense about India because they do not fund our political campaigns. There is no powerful AIPAC for India. American newsrooms are not stocked with Priya Shukla and Sandeep Gurnani pontificating on the need for America to cater to India's needs. American television shows are not stocked with Indian sidekick friends, and stand-up is not dominated by the likes of Nishant Chuptabanjawa. I like how Israel manages its nation for its people. I do think they go overboard creating problems for themselves because they never know when to cool it. America destroyed any sense of a balance to Middle East foreign policy because the Israel's cousins in America run our media.

Now for the flip side, what actually should be our interest in the Middle East? Consistent supplies of oil to keep the price per barrel low in our currency. The goal should be protecting transit routes for safe delivery and patroling key straits. Israel does not produce oil. Israel is not located on any straits. Our interest should be in making oil and gas producer regimes stable while not encouraging terrorism blowback. America should be tough on any nation that antagonizes those oil producers and starts arms races Arab, Persian or Israeli. Israel is a thorn in the side of those oil states. America should have worked to remove all nukes from that area to reduce tension. If the Sampson Option is real and linked to a Doomsday device like the Russians had, this is a hugely destabilizing presence when the antagonists are Muslims with end times beliefs.

Instead, America spent the post-WW2 decades enabling and aiding the creation of the Israeli state, its air force, and its nuclear arsenal (even aiding and covering up the nukes). Instead, American media and academia also cleared out the Arabist wing of our foreign policy intelligentsia. Instead, America is going to allow one of the worst spies in American history leave prison for a short hold in the US and then a pension and retirement in Israel. America may want to change foreign allies or avoid wars, but we cannot do so because of the Israeli lobby. To point out that peculiar interest would notice Jewish overrepresentation in the cultural gatekeeper system.

It runs deeper than just who is where in the system but how our system is set up. Democracy allows money to settle elections. Not just internal money, but money from any source that can find a way to set up a political action committee. Here is a list of pro-Israeli donations to different representatives and senators. That money matters as nearly twenty five years ago it turned a 40% point deficit into a 10% win in a special U.S. Senate election, all because President Bush (41) did not toe the Israeli line. AIPAC is flying all but three of the freshman Congressmen to Israel for a push to block the Iranian nuclear deal. Checks and balances, where money can find new ways to work its magic on elected leaders.

This is our system, and our rotated leaders paid for by sponsors of any interest are up against some long standing regimes without the fear of elections. The deal does appear weaker than the original goals from a decade ago when the 5+1 talks began. The main goal of negotiations switched from dismantling the nuclear program in return for sanction removal to preventing nuclear bomb capabilities for sanction removal. Read Obama fanboy Politifact's strained take on that in the final paragraph that the evil, GOP Senator is not telling the truth unless you want to count a switch in stance seven years after 5+1 talks began as a concession. That too is a function of a desperate White House wanting any deal.

At the base of the issue, who does a nuclear capable Iran threaten more, America or Israel? Israel, not America, yet tens of millions will be poured into blocking or pushing this deal over the top. The system of democracy allows money to pull the USG leviathan in directions it should never go and protect interests that have nothing to do with American risks. This is but one reason why this system must go.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Erickson, Buckley, Will and Conservative Purging

Oh the tangled web of professional conservatism. MSNBC was lauding and applauding Erick Erickson and his crew at Red State for their tough stance on the Trump. This article compared him to William F. Buckley, whom Geroge Will cited this week in his "Purge the Trump" and Trump elements within the party essay. Before we get to Buckley, it is good to look back at Red State and the minions there who protect the brand and have done some other purging and hit jobs on fellow conservatives. This is not the first time Red State and the online conservative crew have purged or attacked what they feel are problematic elements within the movement. This also should not shock anyone who understands the history of conservative media outlets and their function in American politics.

Do you remember the horrendous unaccompanied child immigration cram that happened prior to Obama's attempted amnesty? A year ago, M. Catherine Evans wrote an opinion piece on the Glenn Beck crowd playing up their Christian bona fides by helping and aiding the lawless invasion of America by Central Americans. She nailed the "Uber Christian" cuck stupidity that the Trump trolls are mocking (correctly) before it was MPC cool. Look who is out there calling for "personal and private grace" for "troubled souls"... Mr. Erick Erickson. Evans cuts to the point in language that would frighten the cuckservatives with a great passage.
Compassion for the down-and-out is fine, but invading a nation by the tens of thousands is an act of war. Even Joan of Arc understood the need to fight for her country’s sovereignty and St Joan was a million times more Christ-like than Beck.
Jesus said love your neighbor, not love some third world family flown in on DHS planes to create a fake crisis to push through immigration reform to turn America into a third world country. Take a stand for once. Christians once colonized the world and brought civilization with force and a message. It is okay to be masculine and defend one's territory and kin while still being Christian.

Evans followed that up with an opinion piece on the curious case of Senator Cruz, Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch, among others, visiting the illegal immigrants that made up last year's refugee surge. You remember the one that caused that weird virus that was making American kids sick with that weird flu that made them paralyzed that was commonly found in Central American jungles? Who could have predicted the rise of Trump's support? Evans nearly did (italics added).

That is what makes Beck and company’s goodwill trip to the border so reckless. The illegal surge, disguised as a “humanitarian crisis,” is affecting real people in real towns across the nation. Citizens with limited resources and no multi-million dollar relief funds are going before country supervisory boards to voice their objections. What the people “get” is that the Obama administration, in total collaboration with their government-controlled media, threw children in front of the camera knowing full well it would clear the way for teen and adult illegals to cross the border. Now they have to deal with nearby facilities being used to house illegals with medical, legal, social and psychological problems. And all this happened without their knowledge or consent. Talk about “Un-American". 
So if these high-profile conservatives think they will keep raking in the votes and money while playing both sides they are delusional. Heart-tugging photo-ops, slick marketing, savvy, sexy book covers and courting the Tea Party rank-and-file may have worked up until now but anyone who lends his name or face to this government-sponsored invasion of illegals could soon be on the outs with those of us standing on bridges.

Talk about clairvoyance. Evans saw the voter boycott of 2015, and even warned those pundits. This is the disconnect that the e-GOP pundit class has with the base despite being founded to offer an alternative to the stiff shirts of old. All Evans did was simply point out the damage being done to America by this immigration surge, and that this surge was on top of a multi-generation long invasion. The GOP never does anything about it, and many of its leaders are openly pro-immigrant invasion.

What was the immediate Red State response to Evans that will sound so familiar to the Trump supports? "Yer a bunch of racist bastards!" (not a quote) Read that and tell me what that is if not the exact cuckservative attitude that the Trumpshirts are pointing out and laughing at daily. Gardner race baits a bit, but if you read M. Catherine Evans two links, she really does not make it a race issue. It is a sovereignty issue. It is an issue of the basic purpose of one's government: protect the territory for the benefit of its citizens. It is an issue where nearly 50 million Americans are on food stamps, and the government is actively importing low human capital "refugees", "asylum seekers" and other euphemisms for illegal infiltrators of zero marginal value (possibly negative). A year later, who was right: Red State or Evans? Evans.

I like Aaron Gardner. I also like my homeland. I am a Christian too, but I am not one of those stupid cuck Christians that travels to the third world for my "good boy" points. Evans is right that Red State, Beck, Loesch and company cloaked themselves in Christianity that their flyover state supporters can relate to in order to make the immigration crisis look like a good thing to tackle. Their stunt also enabled illegal activity that actively harmed the very people they claim to speak on behalf of in the media (red staters). If the base of your voter pool feels one way and you supposedly represent your base's interests, it might behoove you to align yourself with your base. Since the GOP is false opposition, their failure to do so should clue in conservakin and normal voters who still believe in the system that the game is rigged.

Gardner and I exchanged tweets this week where I pointed out how Erickson made himself part of the story by disinviting Trump and playing white knight to Megyn Kelly. It is a move the right often hates the mainstream media doing as the propaganda wing for the Left. Gardner first replied he does commentary not reporting. When pressed about impartial referee ideas, he said Red State is an activist site and that it was a private event. It is a private event with public effects. Why publicize the disinvite if not to send a message to Trump and his Trumpists? Erickson's grandstanding is hypocritical and not in line with focusing on this being a private event. It was pathetic, and it was what the Leftist media would do. It was punishing heretics.

The move was also a weak choice rather than giving Trump a stage and allowing him to reveal that he has little to no grasp on many many issues. Invite Trump, allow candidates to confront Trump, and then maybe your preferred candidate can expose and vanquish him. Unaware somehow that we live in a Victim Culture, Erickson found a way to make a blowhard billionaire look like a victim. It played into his outsider, "me against the world" pitch... and people wonder why the right loses repeatedly. The disinvite was not the first time Red State had inserted itself into the story (as noted above) and in other actions of the e-GOP crowd from their dealings with Evans.

It did not end with Gardner's defense, which would have been a guy looking out for his coworker. This is where we can see the same shame, isoate and attack behavior directed what should be a "big tent" ally that we see today with Trump and his supporters. Methinks this crew wants to dominate the edgy conservakin brand. Ben "Friar Tuck" Howe was the tryhard that tweeted the Evans articles as anti-immigrant. The Loesches then became very angry with the Evans article. Protect the brand.

Friar Tuck
Which is incredibly funny to read since Evans' article was an opinion piece. The Belsky she is attacking is deputy editor at the American Thinker Drew Belsky. Howe really white knights here, and I will paste the tweets as Howe eventually attacks Belsky on his job and threatens to use his sway at Red State to marginalize a pro-life non-profit "Live Action Films.
Howe rips a gem here. Sounds like the insults against the trolls. Read the threads to see how diplomatic Belsky is.
Here is the "nice non-profit you got there buddy, be a shame if something happened to it gimmick.
Fortunately, adults with cooler heads prevailed.
My wife may listen to Dana Loesch in the car sometimes, and she is cute in a "Famke Janssen's dorkier sister" way. Unlike the white knights of her circle, that will not stop me from posting the tweets where Ms. Loesch threatens Mr. Belsky and then smears him. Please read Evans' articles to see how she is in no way smearing Dana Loesch. She is merely pointing out the truth and warning the professional right media of consequences that may come (they have now arrived).
The Belsky guy was cordial and nice to everyone attacking him, go read the tweet threads. This caused Evans to publish a clean up type of essay at American Thinker. In review though, someone points out the hypocrisy of the cuckservatives or conservakin or fauxcons. The cuckservatives launch an attack right back of slipping the racist or anti-immigrant wording as if that is a useful smear. They follow it up with hysterics, threats, shaming and attempts at damaging business and reputation. This is all in 2014. This is all over a little article that points out what the entire right wing is dealing with right now. These people are pro-amnesty shills who will use whatever cloak and dagger to get their policy pushed. They will marginalize people by using their power of soft censorship and when that fails hard censorship and attacks. Those are the methods of a social justice warrior shitlib.

This is where the Erickson-Buckley-Will idea comes into play as a bigger, post-WW2 problem for anyone leaning rightward. Once a media member inserts his or herself into the story and transforms the old story into a new story now about the media, you will lose. The entire institution picks up on it and will fight the opponent until they are destroyed. Erickson is fighting his own side and shouting them down as racists and anti-Christian. Get off the fucking Cross, Erick, and let Jesus get back up there. You are not some Christian holy warrior; you're a paid shill. Going after a potential "same team" voting bloc like Trump supporters is something the Left never ever does, especially when the size of support is that high. The Left coddles it and finds a way to co-opt it. Erickson is being a new Buckley though. He may be nowhere near as intelligent or eloquent, but he serves the same purpose. George Will confirms it.

In Will's essay, he writes how Buckley purged the elements on the right. Will cites how Buckley started the National Review in 1955 and made conservatism "politically palatable". The GOP and conservatism were popular for decades prior to 1955, George. It did not need Buckley. Palatable to whom? Palatable to the inner party, the Left. Let's not whitewash Buckley's past. Buckley was a CIA asset, after being an FBI informant, and even had CIA connections after his official job ended. Buckley was most likely a piece of Operation Mockingbird, and he fulfilled his role well.

Buckley purged the Birchers, who Will notes were onto Eisenhower as a communist, who probably was not but it sure looks funny with the friends he kept. Buckley did not purge them for that; he finally purged them for their opposition to the Vietnam War. Let's not rewrite history as Buckley casting out evil conspiracy theorists, but of Buckley the former CIA man purging Birchers who knew how deep communist infiltration went (ctrl+F Communist-controlled) and were isolationists cautious about the war machine.

Buckley's main job, which fed into the Mockingbird work, was to push the international interventionist wing of the GOP to fight the USSR and enjoy the game of empire. Buckley could help clear out the Old Right and Taft wing of the GOP that was strongly isolationist and also very alarmed by socialism in the US rather than fighting it elsewhere. Many folks are unaware that Gerald Ford primaried and defeated an Old Right congressman as Ford was a new face that represented the international adventurous wave entering the GOP.

Will mentions that these Trumpshirts are worse than the Tea Party, which is comical since in 2012, the GOP elite were saying the crazy Tea Party had taken over and was too hardline and needed to be purged. Will ends the essay with the classic, dumb cuck reference. Buckley purged those bastards and you know who loved it? The Gipper.
Buckley received an approving letter from a subscriber who said, “You have once again given a voice to the conscience of conservatism.” The letter was signed, “Ronald Reagan, Pacific Palisades, Cal.”
Oh boy oh boy, Reagan loved that move so it must be right. What did Reagan conserve? What elements of the Left's power structure did Reagan dismantle? He did not even attempt to dismantle them as Nixon did. Reagan did something far more destructive, and right in line with the contemporary purge pundits' thoughts. Reagan pushed through amnesty in 1986 rather than try Operation Wetback 2.0. If there was ever a two term president who had the mandate and would havehad the political capital to pull that off, it would have been second term but pre-Iran Contra Reagan. The media would have torn into him, but it is not like he had another election to face. He did not, and that political "what if" hangs there. Reagan could not even conserve the GOP electoral anchor: California. Hispanics will keep pouring in, and eventually those precious freedoms like Muh Free Speech and Muh 2nd Amendment will go away.

What did Buckley conserve? The National Review applauds communist MLK. The National Review loves them some Israel, but hey, Buckley purged anyone not 100% gung-ho about Israel (Ask Joe Sobran). The National Review fights everything hard for a few years and then caves like nothing happened. Forget conserving anything, was Buckley right or were the Birchers right? The Birchers were right to warn of the slow infiltration of collectivism, socialism and communism infecting American institutions. Laugh at and mock the Birchers of the 1950s, but they would look at Rachel Maddow and Sally Kohn as caricatures of the lesbian, Marxist Jew on TV brainwashing the "good people" that Birchers warned America about generations ago. They were right, not about everything, but about enough. Buckley was wrong... or a tool of the inner party Left to neuter the right and keep a two party facade alive.

Buckley conserved nothing, as will Erick Erickson. National Review offers mere crumbs for the right yet purged John Derbyshire and Steve Sailer still offer critical insights for navigating our broken society. Reagan at least re-started the tax cutting of the Kennedy-LBJ era, built up the military to bankrupt the Soviets and set up the hyperpower force of the post-Cold War era. It is an empire that now views GOP voters and their demographic cohort as the main enemy to fear. It is an empire that spreads gay rights, third wave feminism and a buffet of progressive beliefs. Buckley was wrong. If Erick Erickson is the new generation's Buckley, then purging any last remnant or echo of the old America First right fits perfectly. Erickson is wrong, too. Just take it in stride. The current purge the Trump phenomenon and "icky people to my right" Red State actions are nothing new... and they will be repeated again.

***Update: In time for Labor Day weekend, the "again" happened. Jonah Goldberg wrote an essay saying that any conservative movement that was cool with Trump was not conservative. National Review is patting themselves on the back, but the #NRORevolt is alive on twitter.

WW1: Aerial Torpedoes

Artist rendition of aerial torpedo bombing circa WW1

The airplane opened up completely new settings and battlefields in warfare. American Rear Admiral Fiske received a patent in 1912 for an aerial-launched torpedo. It could be carried on the underside of airplanes and dropped into the water, acting like a normal torpedo. Fiske explained that airplane-delivered torpedoes allowed for attacks on ships in their harbors, expanding the possibilities for attack and changing the size and variability of "the battlefield". The U.S. Navy was not interested in Fiske’s idea. America was not in the war, and had a tiny little military at the time. The British were intrigued with the idea and immediately began experimenting. 
British ingenuity led to the development of a torpedo-carrying seaplane: the Short Type 184. The HMS Ben-my-Chree, was altered to carry such seaplanes. In April 1915, it carried two prototypes for the Gallipoli invasion. On August 12th 1915, the torpedo bomber made its introduction. With it, the dawn of the aircraft carrier age began and the coming death of the battleship was announced.
A Short Type 184 flown by Commander Charles Edmonds took off in the Aegean Sea with one 810lb torpedo. Edmonds flew over land to the Sea of Marmara, where he sank a Turkish supply ship. Less than a week later he sank another ship. The success of the aerial torpedo prompted the Royal Navy to continue developing new sorts of torpedo aircraft. This led Germany and other navies to scramble to catch up to this new development. Rear Admiral Fiske's patent would within thirty years be used against the American navy in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 Hour Tinder Strategy

Weev and I were mocking a Dutch model/tv personality about immigration. Simple really. Who will control the Dutch dikes and flood control systems if the Dutch are repalced by Arabs and Africans? South Africa is collapsing after a similar replacement. Odd thing was that the model we were tweeting was one I posted to here a year ago as a cheesecake Summer Break post (the blonde). I have not done one of those in a long while. That teasing also happened after some talks with guys who use Tinder.

I recently spoke with a bunch of mid-20s singles and heard some fun stuff with regards to Tinder. Both genders agreed that it changed dating. Sex is easy. A relationship is hard. Use Tinder just for sex. Both genders said keeping someone for longer than a month is tough because the flakiness of women, the lure of easy sex for men on Tinder without any need for connection, and the hypocrisy of young women saying they don't want to settle down and get married but then crying on the phone when a friend of theirs gets engaged. Theme from the women that they would not name was "sluts ruin everything". Vanity Fair released an essay that agrees with their ground level assessment.

Tinder still seems like a good idea if you're interested in quick lays. Here is a good strategy laid out by a peer.

1. Use good pictures of yourself. Come on, this a given but plays into step 2.
2. Know your audience. Are you a hipster, a bro, older, etc.? Know your target partners for the quick lay. Play to those demographics.
3. Swipe right on 20 women in the morning before work. Cast the net wide.
4. You will get hits. Apply Heartiste mad text Game throughout the day. For Christ sake, you could just send lines of dialogue from 50 Shades of Grey. Goal is to set up the evening meet up for drinks.
5. Meet for drinks. You stagger this and tell one to meet you at 7 and the other to meet you at 10pm. This hedges for the probability that one flakes.
6. Game, Set, Smash.

Sounds hard. I really thought so. Guys who explained it to me said you get results that match the effort you put in. Works for them. Hard to argue.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Nixon Post-Debate Phone Call

"SOBL's residence?"

"Evening, is Blank Blankerson there?"

"Who may I ask is calling?"

"His grandfather's brother."
"I think you are mistaken, he died a few years ago-"

>SOBL grabs the phone and walks downstairs<

"Jesus Christ, Nixon. You couldn't wait could you?"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"The debate ended five minutes ago, and I have two small kids asleep. Who would be that inconsiderate? Who calls my landline? It's 2015, who talks on the phone anymore?"

"Alright alright... He has 6 months."

"Who? What?"

"Trump. He has 6 months. That is how long he has to put together a ground team. He did not collapse in the debate, and looked like he belonged. He now has to build a ground game and stay on point. Not that many caucuses to bully people in like Team Obama did in 2008, so he needs to tap the disaffected GOP backbenchers and handlers who feel left out of the current power hierarchy. GOP men who didn't play ball, young guys, and the ones not corrupted. Get them to run his ground game for Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. South Carolina should be the easiest if he takes advantage of the Confederate flag issue. Read any poll, defend the flag from the witch hunt >snap< and South Carolina becomes a lock. Just one picture of Trump smiling and waving a flag should do it."

"Slooow down. Are you kidding me? Forget spring of 2016. You think he makes it to November 2015?"

"He had Roger Stone running him this time. He stole my goddamn victory arm sign! Previous attempts were idiotic moves to drum up PR. The man has a message. He also can abstain from the next debate for lack of fair treatment and Fox would beg him to show up for ratings. Boy, this is a dog and pony show. A Democrat wins in 2016."

"I agree unless she implodes, so I don't really agree due to her track record. Won't change much either way who wins, just date of American death rattle. Bloomberg is kicking himself in the ass that he did not think of doing this to the Democrats. Bloomberg would be so smooth, polished and slow while carving Clinton up with a scalpel."

"Kid, there must be an unspoken agreement that no Jew can run for president who has a shot to win; just hold the puppet strings. Fox News must be excited. Roger Ailes ran that debate pretty slick. He ran my '68 television campaign. Brilliant man. He will not let Trump boycott and he will keep him in as long as he can. This will resolve with Trump graciously leaving."

"I do not think it will happen. I think he is staying in it for as long as possible to eventually make money off of this and secure his finances since they are always shaky."

"Someone will stand up to Trump. When they finally do, they will pick up his voters. All Trump is doing now is repeating Jesse Ventura's campaign of '98. Populism, yell about corruption and then act macho in public. No one stood up to Ventura, and even one candidate tried to suck up in a debate. Ventura bullied people out of the race and castrated them in public. It worked. One man confronts Trump and reminds him that he knows jack shit about governing in front of live television cameras, and he is done. Being aggressive will change how that candidate is viewed, and it will make Trump respond with his bluster and gusto, which will come off as the bully finally getting punched in the face with no response but fluff."

"I doubt one will. A lot of cowardly, craven men up there."

"Cruz or Walker will. They are smart. Walker's immigration stance is not much different than Trump's and he is the only politician who mentions addressing legal immigration. Cruz is a smart, calculating opportunist. One of them has to get momentum, and one of them needs to pick up the Trump immigration ideas without the Trump personal stink. One could even confront him by ripping him to shreds about his naivete and inexperience on the debate stage while ending the rant with a job offer that when they build the wall, Trump is going to be the man that they call to run that project. Crowd would go wild. It would lead the news cycle for a week. It would be a manly move, and this political class lacks any shred of masculinity unless it is talking about defending Israel. I actually saved Israel's ass. I didn't puff my chest about it for decades. It's either confront him or they deserve to die as an organization in 2016. "

"But Trump will go third party, right?"

"Bullshit. That would involve a mountain of his money, and is he really that wealthy? What if real estate slips a bit? Trump won't burn through half a billion to run and lose. Perot had certified billions to spend in an era where he could spend $60 million in an entire campaign, and Perot was actually the frontrunner as late as June of '92. Times change. Trump needs to project the winner image for the rest of his businesses. How much money does he make on real estate versus how much money does he make on speaking fees, the Trump name and his real estate classes? He also knows the GOP and their business interests would shun him forever, truly hurting him. He has to threaten the third party run so his supporters now think this television series has a guaranteed second season: the general! He means it this time, unlike his prior flirtations with presidential runs. Trump has toyed with runs before, so this still feels gimmicky to viewers at home."

"Why are you so certain a Democrat wins, and why not just say Clinton?"

"They have the media. They will win. Clinton... she's underwater already and it is mid 2015 with no real challengers. Unsure about her. Sanders is a stalking horse for Warren. If not Warren, some good Eastern racket candidate."

"There are none. It's roadkill. They keep losing statewide elections in moderate or swing states, and the only ones who rise to the top are nut jobs or elderly white people. Spitzer would be the nominee in a cinch had he kept his dick in his pants."

"Then it's Warren. She campaigns poorly, so have her be a late entrant to limit her time campaigning and keep her to cliches as she goes for the first female president. Do you realize how important Vice President is this time? Clinton will be 70 in her first year in office. She has had uhhh strokes or concussions. None of that fucking matters because she is a Democrat. 18 1/2 minutes of tape versus 4 years of emails! None of it matters because she is a Democrat! She could be a jailbird come 2018 with what she has done with her emails as Secretary of State. VP matters this time. If she is in trouble in mid-2016 and picks a minority Wall Street puppet, you could have an empty suit like Cory Booker or Julian Castro as president by 2018 when you get your fiscal crisis that you are always expecting."

"It'll happen, it'll happen. Fucking Castro. Guy talks about getting into Stanford with his 1240 SAT but he "handled it". No shit. Hardest thing about elite unis is getting in. You know how many kids I knew at my little, rural high school who scored higher than him in the SAT and didn't get into Stanford? About 20 in my graduating class. Guy is an affirmative action empty suit."

"Left likes it that way. Wall Street likes it. Keep funneling money to the 1% as a beige man or woman tells them how much they care for the underclass. The Ivy League could be renamed the 'Puppet Scouting Service'. Castro is terrible, but the Democrats cannot find a competent Hispanic for their statewide elections. By now it should have happened. It is why they nominated him to the cabinet. He needed gravitas. Can't make him a potential VP when his only job was a show pony mayoralty."

"It's as if the Left has the voters but those voters just don't cut it for ability and advancement, as if they are using idiots stuffed into voter rolls to win. Hmmm, democracy. I do not see how they hold it all together without the cash. No chance for your GOP? Walker-Rubio, Perry-Rubio or a Walker-Cruz ticket seems like something that could win if Perry or Walker assumed Trump's hard line on immigration."

"This isn't my GOP. Jesus I brought in the big money, wanted them to be tough and these bastards pissed away that advantage and then became faggy liberals. Perry is done. He could've won in 2012, but his advisors and back surgery sunk him. Walker-Rubio could work. Walker-Cruz would be fantastic, but you've said it yourself kid, the Left is a headless horseman. They have the votes but not the leadership. Stiffs like Al Gore and John Kerry were inches from the Oval Office. Jesus Christ, if the GOP were serious, organized and not a bunch of spineless cocksuckers, they'd not have let 17 candidates enter. They'd have 3 highly respected candidates with 1 or 2 candidates to push the debate for topics and give visibility as a potential VP pick. The parasitic pundit and consultant class wants as much blood as they can get so they're spreading things thin. Who the fuck believed in Jeb Bush's chances! That was $100 million they could have thrown at Walker, Jindal or Rubio."

"Yeah, he is beyond the 14 year freshness test, and so is Clinton and it shows since their parties have moved beyond them now. Jeb hasn't had a fight since 1994. Still too soon since W's presidency since he is framing himself as a repeat of his brother. His chances ended in the Katrina flood aftermath. If he was ever going to make a run and win, it was in '12 had he positioned himself as the polar opposite of his brother."

"Seen his wife?"


"Did he marry the help?"

>minute of tear inducing laughter with the flickering fires of Hell in the background<
"I know. How the hell did he bounce between Texas, Florida and his dad's high power circles in DC in the '70s and not land a hottie. Their love story is even odder. You should check out Sailer's finds about the Yeb-Columba romance."
"His father should've laid down the law. Jackie O talked JFK Jr out of marrying Daryl Hannah. He listened, and she was a beautiful movie star. George should have had a bride pageant like in old Byzantine days and streamed Texas beauties and well groomed, educated DC girls by him. I would've killed for 4 sons to create a political dynasty backed by oil money."
"Sounds like Jeb would've botched that pageant. He was in Miami in the coke era. Fuck, man, how does he not at least marry the hottest golf cart girl at his dad's country club. Honestly, if someone told me Jeb's life was a Deep State brainwashing plot to create a hybrid Mexican-American president for the 21st century union of Mexico and America, I would listen."

"Let's stay on topic. This proliferation of candidacies sows the seeds for the eventual nominee's failure. Whomever emerges, unless they absorb all of Trump's support, will have less than half the base voting for them in primaries. Compare 2012 and today with 1980, 1988 or even 2000. Having so many candidates hurts party unity and November turnout. It's all of the same donors and virtually all of the same policies. They just shifted dollars from Cruz's SuperPAC to Carly Fiorina's. It is all a game like market testing. Have you seen her talk?"

"Botoxed to Buddhist serenity. I still don't quite like your Warren talk now compared to earlier this year. She's white. She's also kind of transracial and phony like Rachel Dolezal. Have you seen these black lives matter activisits harass Sanders? He's old school socialist. This is why I don't see them holding it together long once the bills come due. Social Security's bankruptcy was moved up to 2033 now!"

"It is glorious. Absolutely beautiful to watch that cocksucker who worked with those agitators get shouted down by their descendants. Freedom Rider gets shouted at by blacks who think Freedom Rider is a rapper. He is actually getting the treatment he felt was righteous when directed at good ol' Southern boys. Communist. Some animals eat their young for they know how truly horrible is their being. I wouldn't want to live in an Eastern city when the dollar collapses."

"Dark, Nixon. I think there's something afoot. This could be an opportunity for massive realignment."

"Kid they sell you on that every eight years or so. Four if you consider election night 2004 vs election night 2008 coverage. Sanders is just an old white man they shout at because he takes it and they have no concept of history or knowledge of anything. Name me one competent nation in Africa."

"Botswana. That is the one. What about Biden? I know he's been planning this since forever."

"Who does he appeal to? This is media hype. Biden owns the Obama administration's Wall St policies. Are women excited for him? No. Minorities? No. Far left activists? No, and Bernie's going to lock them up. He cannot cobble together the coalition to beat Hillary."

"So to topple her it would have to come from her left, which is why you think Bernie's a stalking horse. I get it. Something is up though. Pushback is getting real. So there is no shot that with the Bruce Jenner thing, the corporatocracy being naked and rapacious in behavior under a crypto-Marxist Democrat, and the dawning that the race thing is only going to get worse that whites slip a bit more rightward and swing enough of the midwest with Ohio and Florida to the R column?"

"What happened with Bruce Jenner? Amazing athlete, upstanding American. He get killed by hooligans?"

"No, he identifies as a woman now and calls himself Caitlyn."

"Jesus Christ... He has a brood of kids and has been married multiple times. I don't get this?"

"No one does. It is getting weird out there, and the obvious racial stress can shift things. An anti-PC backlash could show up in November of 2016 as a pressure release valve. You give it no chance?"

"Kid only chance is if enough rich Jews shift money and media attention to the right exclusively. They could bury Clinton and the victim coalition left if they wanted to, but they don't. They run that show. It is their circus."

"Ha, you haven't seen the Iran deal and the smear Schumer bullshit."

"I have Twitter. I saw it. This will not wake them up. Israel will bunker down, but will need a patron for help. There will be no massive reorganization of the GOP into the white party with Jewish money tilting rightward. No generation of wins by the GOP, no sudden switch to supporting nationalism like in Israel. Not happening. The Schumer attack is different."

"How is it different? It is insane that they are going after their own, a man who funded the campaigns of their rebuilding in 2006 onward and a smart motherfucker who is unbeatable in his state. This sends a message to the others, but Jews have to be worried."

"I like your message idea, but relax. This deal has the votes. Schumer is sacrificing for the bigger Democrat picture. He is only saying this because he knows the Democrats have the votes to guarantee is passes through, and he himself must answer to those Ashkenazi voices back home. He must placate them to not have any of them slide their money over to the right. If their own Schumer did not defy Obama, they'd leave faster than you could say 'Shoah'. That is why a realignment will not happen."

"So he takes one for the team publicly to keep the Jews calm into thinking Israel will NOT be eventually junked by the Left."

"Yes. Hard to see how a nation full of Hispanics is going to give a shit about funding Israel when Mexico, the mother country, is just south of the border and a humanitarian crisis. With all trends staying the same and Israel gone, the Jews will be fucked. You know who ran Weimar Germany? They did. They never can just relax. Goddamn personal insecurity."

"How bad is the Iran deal?"

"Terrible. Have you compared the original objectives to what has been leaked so far? They released that computer virus, Sixnet or Stuckys, had it work, yet a few years later are caving! Very important thing that even the most bitter of haters of Israel should note. When this deal expires in 10-15 years, Iran could build bombs within months. Obama admits this. That is the tip that since they are taking their program down now in this agreement to lower levels, that the capability is already there. Iranian nuke capabilities is more a fait accompli. In the agreement, if anyone attacks Iran's program, we then defend Iran! That is guaranteeing their development of a weaponized program. Jesus Christ, when negotiations went south earlier this year, they should have re-implemented sanctions and thrown cyberattacks at them."

"That's my line man, you don't know cyber. You died before the Internet."

"Saw it on Twitter."

"Jesus Christ, you didn't see Jenner but you knew this???? Why do you need a Twitter account?"

"I am a geopolitical junkie, the sick shit I avoid. I get tailored trends. Hitler loves reading Twitter. Seems people quote him on Twitter a lot. He's such a narcissist; he loves it. I avoid pop culture garbage."

"It's all politics now. Jenner is politics. He is a 24/7 reality show for trans* acceptance. This is performance political art. It's horrendous. We're a broken society, and others can take advantage of it. The Iranians played this marvelously. Reports say they were on the brink of economic collapse though."

"Reports have said that for years... decades. If they were on the brink, why not push them over? The next thing will be carving up Iraq and Syria to save Iran some money and blood now. Maybe they now have a weaker, smaller client in a carved up Syria but they keep Shia Iraq as a coherent, stable nation with a ton of oil to keep things going safely on their border. They better keep Russia and China as their main patrons because State and CIA will just foment regime change within their borders the soft way."

"So like that we can go from war with eurasia to always being allied with eurasia."

"Yes, kid. Sorry to tell you, but you are in the decline."

"From a client-patron standpoint. This is madness. We truly are the Empire of Chaos. I just want that retreat for people who know the system is rigged on the Falkland Islands like in Brave New World."

 "Stop worrying about out there and think of domestic politics. Make a calculated decision on fight or flight. Trump is a harbinger. Caesarism is coming. Worse is coming. There will be savvy men who will see his success and use it to their advantage with better marketing."

"But he is right that all of the pols are bought and paid for, selected for television viewing pleasure."

"Yes, and your technology and atomization are centrifugal forces. Sure, technology makes centralization great, but it is now at a scale that guarantees terrible service. That same tech tailored for a community will provide better results. I knew it. I wanted money to be parceled out in a more federal manner forty years ago. Plus, there is no social cohesion in America. What centripetal force is there in America?"

"Uhhh, social welfare programs?"

"Battle is coming. You are right that an anti-PC backlash will come, but voting is not how it will be settled. Breakdown and creation can be simultaneous. A man of the plains can speak for the plains residents, and the technology is there to provide for them better than what DC does without a bunch of faggy Eastern Establishment dandies directing the social show."

"We're more likely to get sex robots, immersive vr and then be seduced into oblivion as the rest slip into a mix of Aztecian-Zimbabwean-Muslim warfare."

"Immersive what? Sex robots?... My God... What can compare with a real woman?"

"Not yet, but like you're passing on Raquel Welch in hot pants."

>10 seconds of silence<

"I always loved my wife and still miss her dearly down here."

"I know, I know, but slip Robo-Raquel into that nun costume from Bluebeard and you'll think twice."

"What goddamn movie was that? That came out before you were born. I should know '70s trivia, it's my decade, not you."

"If you have Twitter, you can Google search for Raquel Welch + Bluebeard. This ring a bell?"

"Jesus Christ."

"First time in my life I wanted to get up on the cross. Dying breed all but extinct in Hollywood. Closest we have to that now is Sofia Vergara and she is over 40. She's like a mix of Charo, an aggressive telenovela lead and Carmen Miranda."
"Sounds... exotic. Latin or Italian?"

"Does it matter? All the hot ones from South America have that Mediterranean look and are genetically European. If only our Mexican immigration problem was with female sexual competition and not an overexpanded labor supply and growing criminal class. Who is marrying an oompa loompa from Mexico?"

"Jeb Bush."

"Point taken. I know the possibility is there for the Happening, but the modern West seems like a spent force. The Greeks should be destroying everything in sight linked to Brussels, yet they do not. I'm more of a muddle on in a long decline guy. We're more likely to get a northern version of Brazil or maybe a white trash-mexican mix than a collapse, break up or revolutionary leftist meltdown."

"Do not be so sure. This is the end of the Faustian-European era. We have moved deep into the decadent phase. Bruce Jenner wearing a wig and dress out in the open and celebrated. It's insanity. Europeans last saw true collapse in the ancient times but before the european soul was crafted, so it was a ghost story parents and priests told them among the ruins. Elements were there but the break with the Roman tradition was not until later. An end will cause a spiritual crisis within the soul. Some will self-annihilate and others will fight. My end tore at me, and I am but one man. The 700 year cycle of spiritual tension is ending for the Protestant Age like the prior 700 year cycles before them. What comes next? Blood shall defeat money. There will need to be more than blood for a man cannot thrive on hate alone. Hate may sustain you, but it is empty. You will not grow and thrive. A people need to create. The soul and mind will need a cause... spiritual food if one will."

"My God. You're dark tonight, man."

"I'm in hell. Every single time Churchill tells me about Yalta, I walk over and kick FDR out of his fucking wheelchair, and then I stomp on his balls. I know I was an interventionist Republican, which fueled my rise. I loved playing Empire. It was... or is... the greatest game out there. I just thought we should put America in charge so no one else would boss us around. I had no clue how self destructive the left was, and that the poison was homegrown. Cultivate your kith and kin. Tend to your social garden. DC will not save anyone but itself."

"I've gotta get to bed. I don't think Trump survives to 2016. You have a point that he could boycott the next debate and focus on forging his campaign network to create a footprint in early states, not just ride name recognition."

"Either way, we'll talk again about his fantastic voyage."

>SOBL hangs up, grabs tablet, goes upstairs to bed<

"I thought your great-uncle was dead."

"Nah, demented, but he's hilarious when he is lucid. Hey, have you seen Jeb Bush's wife?" >searches Google images on tablet<

"Is she hot?"

>Turns tablet<

"Did he marry the nanny???????"

"Jesus Christ."

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Note for Gavin McInnes

On August 9th, 2015, Gavin McInnes realized after decades of being edgy, that he is no longer the edgiest of the edgelords.

I like Gavin. I read his essays and follow him on Twitter. I laugh at him trolling feminists on television, leaving them sputtering or shaking with rage. Gavin McInnes decided to actually interact with members of our edgelord crowd. It started with a trickle with the cuckservative thing where he had to throw the "you guys hide behind accounts and call people cowards" statement out days ago. The anon thing proves our entire point. You must remain anon to say anything the dominant liberal worldview does not approve. He gave a tough guy "so what, I've lost jobs/quit/was fired". Tone it down, Moe Greene, "I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders!"

Do you remember Justine Sacco? Life destroyed over one tweet by the Twitter SJW mob.

Do you remember Pax Dickinson? Blacklisted after being fired over tweets by the progressive commissars.

Do you read what the far right shitlords tweet? It is light years edgier than the two individuals I listed (maybe not Pax). Roosh had the feminsts try to block his small speaking engagement and even physically attacked him. Gavin McInnes is given airtime on national television. Times have changed. It is not simply you lose your job quietly. You become an example and a 2 Minute Hate. Everyone else reads about it for 24 hours, and your life is never the same again. Yes, there are many who will sympathize with you, but you become kyptonite to enough people, especially HR departments. They Google your name when you apply for a job. Who wants to hire someone with the Google results of the two names listed above? It is a goddamn shame, and is why we go pseudo. We have families to feed.

The other thing is, Gavin has a net worth far higher than the rest of us. Many wish for that level of wealth. It would make us antifragile. It is my goal. If I were at that level, heck, not even that high, I would be an edgelord in plain sight. The anti-SJW pushback might be taking baby steps and mockey of the SJWs is key. Having open edgelords is key, too. Shit Gavin, why not start up a rival to "Go Fund Me" or "IndieGoGo" that offered an edgelord insurance fundraiser for people unfairly maligned by the SJW/PC mobs (NRx project idea?). Lose your job, and Gavin's charity will state your case and see who responds. I bet you could have those right wing Benjamin Button babes push it, and the Fox News crowd would help these edgelords. Maybe use your visibility and power to help the edgy crowd come out of the shadows.

Yes, Gavin McInnes is the Godfather of Hipsterdom. Yes, he started VICE. Those two things are decades old now. Want the clues to know how old those two things are? Hipsters are mocked even by middle aged Boomers now. VICE has been coopted and is a tool of the regime now. Time marches on. Gavin McInnes is published weekly at Taki's. I had one essay published that they deleted the darker heroin stuff. Ask Mandolyna. Hell, Gavin, she asked me if I could make it topical. This is a national fucking epidemic, how much more topical could I get?

I'll break down Gavin's distance from the edge in a way that any child could understand. I know, several in our crowd know, people who died using heroin and even the new blue drop heroin with synthetic fentanyl. I know, and many of us know, the small town cops, social workers and probation officers facing this problem on the frontlines. Some of our home towns are goddamn trainwrecks now.

Gavin McInnes reads about the heroin epidemic in the news from the comfort of feudal New York.

Attacking Senator Schumer

Want to know why the media is drumming up talk of a civil war within the GOP? If they did not, there would be wall to wall talk of the confusion and civil war on the left. Yes, blacktivists are jumping on Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign events, but have you heard fo the attacks on Chuck Schumer? Senator Chuck Schumer came out against the Iran deal, and the knives are out for him. Dump Chuck Schumer. This is a huge, open dispute, and has a deeper meaning.

Senator Chuck Schumer is a smart toadie for Wall Street. He is not going anywhere. What is amazing is how early and hard the progressive ankle biters are nipping at him. When Harry Reid retires, the fight for the next Democrat leader in the Senate is between Schumer and Senator Durbin in Illinois. If you look at the money they have raised, men they have placed, and time they have spent cultivating their islands of power in the DC archipelago, this will be a great fight. Schumer is putting himself at risk of losing that fight just by going out on a limb versus the White House, and the White House is desperate for this deal. The details of it coming out are not good, and this is a huge defiant step versus Team Obama.

The fierce anger at Schumer personally is not why they are doing it. It's not him. It's to send a message to the other Democrats not as secure as he is to say, 'Don't you dare buck our president no matter how bad the deal is or we'll remove you'. This keeps the others in line. Stopping this Iran deal will require more than just Schumer on the Democrat side from defecting. There need to be like a dozen defections to stop the Iran deal. Count them: Menendez, Schumer, Blumenthal, Manchin, King, Coons, Cardin, Heitkamp, Gillibrand, Booker, and you're done. You think that Booker is going to defy Obama? Manchin is desperate to keep his seat in a state that is much tougher than it was a decade ago for Democrats. These middling politicians are far more at risk than Schumer. The Iran deal passes.

The message does not simply go to the lower standing Democrat senators. Remember that Schumer is part of the Democrat leadership. As disgusting a person as he is, he is very intelligent. His radio advertisements in 1998 were ahead of their time and what you hear now from the Democrats. Ads would air that D'Amato hated women, children, old people and puppies. They were guffaw inducing, but were basically the War on Women before the War on Women was pushed. Schumer knows this deal has the votes. Chuck Schumer is sacrificing himself to placate American Jews. The battle in the Jewish soul between Bolshevism and Zionism that Winston Churchill remarked about nearly a century ago still rages. Schumer has to signal to American Jews that everything is fine, so don't shift in your support.

Support as in "votes" is a minimal effect. The real shift would be if wealthy Jews realized their money is going to a voting bloc and ideology that is in the process of junking Israel and giving them the South Africa treatment. Progressives will not allow nationalism to flourish, and Israel's exception is being tossed aside. The real shift would be if Jews with media entities realized this was happening, and suddenly went a step further in directing of the neocons from financial support and foreign policy direction to domestic media support. If an awakened Zionist side of the media slid 3% of the vote in several swing states (VA, FL, OH, CO) and the Upper Midwest (PA, MI, WI), the electoral map shifts dramatically and then the Israel devoted puppets of the GOP hold the keys to the Oval Office to keep Israel safe and sound.

If you believe in ZOG, that would be the logical shift. It will not happen though because the modern cathedral is a mix of Protestant Universalism and Jewish Bolshevism. Media Jews are Jews that bought into Bolshevism and rejected Zionism. I'm sorry Israel, but you're going to have to bunker down hard and prepare for the siege. As far as the heat on Schumer, do not fret about him. It is really about everyone but Chuck.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Social Matter - The Absurdity of America's Devotion to Israel

Go read this Sunday's essay at Social Matter. I discuss American foreign policy and the peculiar interest and focus on Israel.
Have you seen the steady stream of quotes and speeches by presidential candidates about one of our allies? This ally is in a far-flung region of the world. They have a vibrant democracy in an area unfriendly towards democracy. They deal with a Muslim threat, jihad next door, terrorists within their nation, and the threat of nuclear annihilation. They do have nuclear weapons of their own, and have a nationalist leader at the head of the government now. Let’s review the quotes.

I had some good fun with this one, but when you step back and review all of the public statements by 2016 presidential hopefuls together, then you start to feel nauseous. Read the rest there!

Friday, August 07, 2015

A Song For Trump

Trump, Trump, I love Trump!
I'm absolutely, positively wild about Trump.
You can't go around him. You've got to confront him.
Beautiful, fabulous, super duper Trump.

Dorky Jeb Bush, his clothes were mighty clean.
Went running his mouth at the Trump, he made quite a scene.
He started with the backpedal, followed by the crawl.
You should have seen that cuck run when he heard his father call.

Trump, Trump, I love Trump!
I'm absolutely, positively wild about Trump.
You can't go around him. You've got to confront him.
Beautiful, fabulous, super duper Trump.

Carly Fiorina looked Botox cute.
Saw my man Based Trump that she wanted to Veep to.
She only said two words and then she disappeared.
She's been looking for Trump's favorite beer.

Trump, Trump, I love Trump!
I'm absolutely, positively wild about Trump.
You can't go around him. You've got to confront him.
Beautiful, fabulous, super duper Trump.

Little Teddy Cruz, thought he'd be VP.
Was working on the Trump with his favorite sophistry.
With tax cuts, walls and Israel, it sounds like victory.
When they joined together, they heard the base all scream. 

Trump, Trump, I love Trump!
I'm absolutely, positively wild about Trump.
You can't go around him. You've got to confront him.
Beautiful, fabulous, super duper Trump.

Now I would be the last to tell you what to do.
And when it comes to Trump you know it's really up to you.
So if you can't decide and you're sitting on the fence,
The most important thing to do is know it's meaningless.

Last Week's Social Matter + Preview for This Week's 11

You can tell the job of president is a figurehead. If it were not, these parties would be sticking to 3 maybe 5 candidates for the job, not 17 like the GOP has now or a dozen or so like the GOP had in 2012 and Democrats had in 2004 and even 2008. Their SCOTUS appointments are picked for them, their policies written at universities and think tanks, their economic policies decided by megacorps and academics, so very little remains that they can actually affect themselves. The media only scoffs at China's ruling clique or Putin's authoritarian, personal rule because our media leads the clique picking our symbolic leaders.

Last week I put out the beast that was a post on ISIS. This week I will be writing about a peculiar quirk to our foreign policy as well as our presidential campaing focus.

Have a good weekend.

Charging through the Middle East like Muhammad himself, the men of ISIS have quickly cut a swath of destruction and subsequent occupation across lines developed by Sykes and Picot. What was initially downplayed (Obama called them “the JV team”) has turned into a steady stream of horrors on television, in print, and with great showmanship, on the Internet. Big guns in the media have discussed what ISIS wants and the rise of ISIS, but as close as they get, the media holds back from taking things to their logical conclusion. There is something new to this that the media fears because it signals a change in the post-Yalta order.

To start, it is best to consider the great Middle East game that the U.S. plays as imperial master. America has clients, America has interests, and America can be pulled in directions to act in manners that serve their clients. The Arab Spring of 2011 saw protests throughout the Middle East and North Africa. America was quite fed up with American boys going in as boots on the ground. Toppling secular dictators would have to be performed in a different manner.

Even in the just a “No Fly Zone” (publicly declared) conflict in Libya, word leaked that the rebels had Al-Qaeda links. As much as Americans hated the idea of more American troops dying to topple tinpot dictators, working with Al-Qaeda was still unpalatable. Shortly thereafter, Osama Bin Laden was killed in a housing complex right next door to the Pakistani military academies with American attack choppers flying a hundred or so miles into and out of Pakistan without a single Pakistani jet in pursuit.

America still needed a ground game for the Syria operation. The Gulf kingdoms would provide money because they could get a pipeline through a new Syria. Egypt did not need a ground game since the Muslim Brotherhood was already active there, but what to do in Syria? The problem was how to collect, train, and arm men to use as ground forces.

The ever-enthusiastic folks at Zero Hedge will say the Pentagon created ISIS, but that is not entirely true. No one should downplay the money and arms that Gulf kingdoms and Turkey provided to ISIS. The Pentagon and Western forces have provided aid to ISIS, and without this aid, it would be impossible for ISIS to have grown as they have. ISIS took advantage of the conditions that were in place to burst through their terrible condition within Iraq.

What ISIS really is in personnel is the deep security state men of the old Sunni Ba’athist regime in Iraq. These are men who were competent in Hussein’s regime and were respected members in the Sunni tribal network in the Anbar province stronghold. These were men formerly in charge of Iraq who saw their nation go “democratic” and the Shia majority promptly took over their old roles. The Shias also consolidated their hold on the security forces, and after the Americans left, went from security to simply harassing the Sunnis. These were men excluded from decision-making. They were men with valuable war-making skills and organizational acumen.

They were also men who had learned from watching secular leaders get tossed out not just by the West, but their own people. If you read up on Egyptian 19th century history, you will read of figurehead Egyptian leaders (the Khedive) with Turkish-Syrian-Armenian staffs under British guidance controlling a massive Arab population that had sympathies with the very radical Muslims. Lord Cromer was always wary of that radical mass. These Ba’athists figured something out: why be the face, when you can use a religious puppet as the face of your regime and keep the community in order and socially and culturally aligned with you? The Arab Street has increasingly gone further and further down the path of Islamification of society and supporting Sharia law. Do not fight the tide, find a way to co-opt it for your goals. If you understand the concept of the trike in neoreactionary circles, you might see something similar in ISIS.

They had military capabilities, but the Ba’athists lacked the connection and legitimacy that Al-Qaeda had within the 21st century Arab world. From Spiegel’s wonderful inside review of ISIS documents is this remarkable passage (italics added),
In 2010, Bakr and a small group of former Iraqi intelligence officers made Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the emir and later “caliph,” the official leader of the Islamic State. They reasoned that Baghdadi, an educated cleric, would give the group a religious face.
Bakr was “a nationalist, not an Islamist,” says Iraqi journalist Hisham al-Hashimi, as he recalls the former career officer, who was stationed with Hashimi’s cousin at the Habbaniya Air Base. “Colonel Samir,” as Hashimi calls him, “was highly intelligent, firm and an excellent logistician.” But when Paul Bremer, then head of the US occupational authority in Baghdad, “dissolved the army by decree in May 2003, he was bitter and unemployed.”
Thousands of well-trained Sunni officers were robbed of their livelihood with the stroke of a pen. In doing so, America created its most bitter and intelligent enemies. Bakr went underground and met Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Anbar Province in western Iraq. Zarqawi, a Jordanian by birth, had previously run a training camp for international terrorist pilgrims in Afghanistan. Starting in 2003, he gained global notoriety as the mastermind of attacks against the United Nations, US troops and Shiite Muslims. He was even too radical for former Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Zarqawi died in a US air strike in 2006.
Although Iraq’s dominant Baath Party was secular, the two systems ultimately shared a conviction that control over the masses should lie in the hands of a small elite that should not be answerable to anyone — because it ruled in the name of a grand plan, legitimized by either God or the glory of Arab history. The secret of IS’ success lies in the combination of opposites, the fanatical beliefs of one group and the strategic calculations of the other.
The greatest feat the old Ba’athists did was to resist the urge for glorification and public validation. They strategically made a choice to use a religious man as the designated leader. Conider the original Western news reports on ISIS as it first emerged. All focus was on al-Baghdadi and his religious appeal. The true leadership, the true head of the snake and the true brains of the operations were the military men of the old Hussein regime.

These military men could play the game with Western outreach in 2011 and 2012, as the military men would appear moderate to Western contacts looking for pieces to fund and supply to topple Assad. No one knows what was agreed to, who tricked whom, but it is curious that ISIS never talks of Israel. America did not act as the airforce for ISIS, but someone else did. Note that Israel bombs Assad’s forces, which does help ISIS. America has blocked efforts by Arab allis to supply the Kurds, who have shown themselves as the only non-Assad force able to beat back ISIS. Curious, since ISIS destroyed the Iraqi army and confiscated tonnes of American-supplied equipment. The structure of ISIS and clear siloing of responsibilities within ISIS allows it to morph and play people well.
Forget their military manipulations, their destruction of Al-Qaeda is their greatest achievement. Their massacre of Al-Qaeda has many features. First, ISIS is winning. ISIS is doing something. Osama bin Laden himself said Arabs will back a strong horse. Al-Qaeda is a lot of talk with a few random attacks; 9/11 is almost fifteen years ago. Second, by proclaiming the caliphate and engaging in barbaric acts and practices that are straight out of the Koran, ISIS shows young Muslim men that living their life like the heroic tales of Muhammad is possible.

ISIS can recruit cannon fodder because the promise is not 72 virgins when they die for Allah, but a real world, tangible delivery of fighting secular losers, possible sex slaves, beheading an apostate or Christian, and YouTube glory. Third, the YouTube glory matters. While Al-Qaeda would put out an audio track every so often, ISIS has grabbed ahold of the social media phenomenon and run like gazelles. Even if they are produced by the CIA and struggling Hollywood flunkies with green screens to make beaches, the videos are going to appeal to men in the Middle East and Muslims all over the world who the West imported and offered nothing but cheap materialism to.

The most important factor though in toppling Al-Qaeda was al-Baghdadi himself. See, the very structure of Al-Qaeda made it effective. It was a loose network with a shared goal, little hierarchy, and it treated newcomers as franchises in essence. One could not quite kill Al-Qaeda because it was like throwing a rock at a net, not a crystal ship. Snip off leadership or one wing, and the brand lives on elsewhere. If you read the dissertation on spy networks by Blake Mobley, he mentions the flexibility of networks and how decentralized networks offer great advantages. Al-Qaeda could thrive because of new technology and the organizational structure that it employed with networks and peer-to-peer validation and vouching.

There is a major weakness that Mobley cites. Loose, decentralized networks are incredibly susceptible to single entryists, especially if the entryist is from another organization with a tight, hierarchical structure. This is what ISIS did. ISIS used al-Baghdadi to make friends with the religious thinkers and leaders of Al-Qaeda on behalf of their organization that they controlled from a military perspective. Al-Qaeda also had the problem of the death of their symbolic figurehead leader, Osama bin laden, and confusion at the top. ISIS had a set structure and defined mission. Now they had an opportunity. Al-Baghdadi gave ISIS religious legitimacy to the outside Muslim within Al-Qaeda. Within the jihad community, suddenly ISIS had legitimacy, cache, and a call to arms. Men flowed to ISIS rather than Al-Qaeda.

The two radical, Islamic scholars cited in the article on how ISIS crippled Al-Qaeda sound like old men angry at young whippersnappers.
Both men are particularly appalled, they said, by the way Isis has used their scholarship to cloak its savagery in ideological legitimacy, to gain recruits and justify its battle with al-Qaida and its affiliates. “Isis took all our religious works,” Maqdisi said. “They took it from us – it’s all our writings, they are all our books, our thoughts.” Now, Abu Qatada said, “they don’t respect anyone”.
These radicals who sip tea and make time for interviews with the British press are angry that ISIS is taking their work to its logical conclusion. These are men who would issue fatwas on cartoonists for drawing Muhammad or defend the concept of honor killing women who have been raped. They are appalled at ISIS’ savagery and upset that ISIS does not show them proper respect.

These radical clerics sipping tea in Jordan, thankful that they are not in jail, confirm the structural issues that created the opportunity for entryism.
But despite their personal affection for his [OBL’s] successor, Zawahiri – whom they call “Dr Ayman” – they both admit that he does not possess the authority and control to rebuff the threat from Isis. From the “very beginning” of his tenure, Zawahiri lacked “direct military or operational control,” Qatada said. “He has become accustomed to operating in this decentralised way – he is isolated.”
According to Maqdisi, al-Qaida’s organisational structure has “collapsed”. Zawahiri, Maqdisi said, “operates solely based on allegiance. There is no organisational structure. There is only communication channels, and loyalty.” And unfortunately for Zawahiri, Isis has done its utmost to ensure that loyalty is in short supply.
Al-Qaeda lacked a strict hierarchy. This was not just due to Osama bin Laden’s death but over a decade of Western forces picking off leadership. Al-Qaeda had been set up a bit like an old Mafia regime was destroyed by American efforts in the post-9/11 era. To survive, they adapted and became flexible, focusing on the network and stressing allegiance. This is how the tightly structured and multi-winged ISIS organization could send in a religious, scholarly man to hide motives and and intent to gain trust and validation.

ISIS has taken advantage of the very 20-year plan that Al-Qaeda formulated. Al-Qaeda offered an alternative to lost young Muslims of jihad and discredited contemporary regimes in the Middle East. Al-Qaeda wanted to establish a caliphate in the 2013-2016 time range. ISIS has done so, and overtaken Al-Qaeda using its own ideological and spiritual blueprint. They made it a reality, and replaced the call to jihad with the call to the Caliphate. They took advantage of the global game board and the game itself to deliver on the empty promises of Al-Qaeda. On top of this, ISIS actually had experienced military strategists of recent warfare, not cave-dwelling plotters who last fought when Ronald Reagan was in office. ISIS’ structure of a military wing and a religious wing working together in separate realms allows this to happen, and allows them to be more effective than Al-Qaeda in all regards. Al-Baghdadi was the carefully placed entryist to disrupt and destroy Al-Qaeda as a rival for men, resources and legitimacy on the Arab Street.

Western speakers talk of winning the ideological war. State Department figures like Marie Harf mention the need to provide jobs to Muslims so they won’t sign up for jihad. They are missing that empty materialism and 21st century progressive talking points do not matter to men just one generation removed from the Middle East, who feel atomized and listless in the West. What the Western media does not want to talk about is that these Muslims signing up for jihad reveal just how much of a failure the immigration and assimilation movements have been that they push daily. These second and even third generation Muslim men are going through the Western system, earning degrees and working regular jobs, but dropping them all for a chance to fight for ISIS.

These are not actual Brits and Swedes joining the fight. These are foreigners who live in the West to serve progressive purposes and provide progressive votes (93% for Hollande in France), but they have no connection to their host nations. To admit that admits the folly of immigration and wickedness of progressive plans. To admit that reveals the emptiness of the progressive Brave New World.

Now with eager fighters streaming in, ISIS can keep the fight going with Assad and the Iraqis who get help from Iran and their superstar General Soleimani, but nothing seems certain. The Kurds, the one group able to beat ISIS back, are now being bombarded by the Turks, in addition to fighting off ISIS. What is certain reading the news reports is that ISIS makes money to keep the government running through regular businesses, and the oil proceeds are a bonus on top of it. Iran and the West may have a nuclear deal done. This changes the game. Does Assad stay? What happens where? I am a little biased, as I wrote in 2013 about breaking Assad and Syria to redraw the Middle East map. Let’s go back to the original media mystery: what does ISIS want?

If ISIS is really just a manifestation of Sunni Iraq’s desire for sovereignty, then ISIS may very well be content with the Syrian civil war ending with little rump states along the coast for the Alawites, Christians, Shia and secular residents of the Mediterranean coast. The condition will be that they get their piece of land to call home. They just have to survive. If ISIS is viewed through the lens of Sunni sovereignty, then they are a bloody means to get to the statement by then-Senator and now Vice President Joe Biden that Iraq should be partitioned into three states (Kurd/Sunni/Shia). This very well could lead to the Kurds requesting their piece of land for home, and even without ISIS, Kurdistan will become a reality. Changes politically next door in Turkey help, as the ruling party may be open to slicing off the Kurdish eastern part of Turkey (a prickly demographic/political issue akin to US-Mexico), which would put their ruling party back into dominance. Without Kurds fighting them, will the Shia Iraqis want to? Will Iran want to waste money and blood supporting them? A settlement can be made. ISIS can claim other goals as there are Sunni Arab leaders to topple elsewhere, especially if Uncle Sam wants to see regime change.

That blood and soil connection is missed among the Western media pieces. It is known but dodged. It is the reason Western media outlets report that ISIS uses Western Muslim recruits for suicide missions and cannon fodder; they are not Sunni Arab Iraqi, so let them die first. ISIS represents a rebellion not just against Western materialism and supranational global forces forcing resolutions, but against a forced multicultural nation. Iraq has had the highest fertility rate in the Middle East since the American invasion of 2003. It is a tense place with a growing population. The leadership of ISIS is made up of men revolting after being backed into a corner in their own nation–a nation they formerly ran. That hits too close for home with many of the reporters looking at their domestic political situation where they push multikulti happiness on unwilling natives. Ethnostates are a no-no with Western media, but amidst the chaos in the Middle East, stability and order might come from their establishment.

This is not an endorsement of ISIS. Maybe their towns are hell holes. ISIS was a band of men who took advantage of the situation on the ground and the needs of global bigwigs to craft a message and build what has become a small nation. When they clear out Iraqi government forces from a town, they are clearing out Shia elements. Sunni rule for Sunnis. It took sacrifice on the part of some of the leaders to deny themselves public glorification and the recognition that the warriors will fight to provide security, while the holy leaders will craft the soul and community. ISIS does exist due to Imperial America not squashing it with massive airstrikes, but their blueprint is working. Their methods may serve as a guide for others as the American Empire slowly unravels. Old maps of dying orders will be redrawn. Blood and soil may settle the new borders. The Middle East may just be the start.