Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Week's Social Matter + Preview for This Week's 10

Have you been reading about the Planned Parenthood debacle? The videos are genius, and are destroying the media's OODA loop. Each time they offer an excuse, a new video comes out proving that excuse a lie. It is beautiful to see. Great methods. I would not be shocked to find out Chuck Johnson has his hand in this one. Guerilla journalism is the future.

It is also a great reveal of the lie. The lie pro-choice or pro-death advocates push that abortion is just a clump of cells. The left really pushes the clump of cells idea to dehumanize an abortion's victim. This si why they shriek at the idea of sonograms for moms prior to abortions because everyone knows once you see that sonogram and that little guy or girl it becomes your baby.These baby body parts sales show that these are humans, not clumps of cells. Anyone who has had a kid knows how fast that clump of cells turns into a mini-human. It is not tissue they are selling. They are selling whole body parts, bones, organs, hip joints and eyes. Lecture me again on the horror of agricultural based slavery SWPL prog, just make sure you leave some breathe for slicing and dicing over 3000 American babies a day for spare parts.

At Social Matter last week, I brought back my Hidden History series to discuss how oil was what won WW2 for the allies. This week, I will discuss the structure and genius behind ISIS. It is about 3000 words long and I promise you will see analysis and the use of a perspective not written anywhere else.

Does World War II come down to waves of Russian men? Is it American economic and farm output? Is it code breaking? How about technology like radar and the bomb? There is always talk of what won the war, and one gigantic element is usually left out: oil. Allied oil production advantages set the situation in their favor and provided troops with an insurmountable edge. Oil even started the war, but regardless of how it began, oil would settle the war.

War had changed significantly from the start of the Great War, growing mechanized and taking to the skies at greater speeds and for more important missions. Like an industrialized economy, industrialized warfare’s life blood is oil and its derivative products. It is easy to hate on evil, polluting fossil fuels today, but without oil, no global war on two far flung fronts could be handled as skillfully as the US did in World War II.

The set up to WWII had multiple players making moves to secure oil. Hitler had learned from Mussolini that the threat of an oil embargo during his Ethiopian campaign made him press on faster, as any supply cut would have forced him to withdraw immediately. The Nazis leaned on I.G. Farben and synthetic fuels to supply its war machine. Hydrogenation of coal would be how the Germans would make up for their petroleum disadvantage compared to the Soviets, British, and the Americans. Germany, under Goering’s economic mismanagement, had a strange quest for autarky, thinking that if they could be self contained, they would not be harmed by economic consequences to warfare. Others within the Reich made nice with smaller nations in southeast Europe to secure their oil exports, with 58% of the oil imports coming from the Ploesti oil fields of Romania. The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact specifically included oil exports from Russia into Germany.

The US used the oil weapon against the Japanese as part of diplomatic sanctions for Japanese aggression in the Pacific. These were the days when the US was a dominant oil power, so an embargo left the Japanese in 1940 facing an active war against China and only two years of oil supplies. Taking oil properties from European powers in the Pacific in a Japanese version of blitzkrieg was their answer that led up to Pearl Harbor. The Japanese island conquering was an eastern mirror image of the Nazi push into the Russia agriculture and oil areas.

Oil and fuel supplies were on everyone’s mind. Hitler was quoted as saying, “My generals know nothing about the economic aspects of war,” as his initial idea was to drive south and take over the black earth area of Ukraine and Baku oil fields. Moscow was too big a prize to resist. Britain, the lumbering, aging empire, kept its supply lines open and placed supreme importance on defending choke points. The Battle of the Atlantic had at its center U-boat Wolf Packs hunting giant tankers of oil supplying the British. American aid before direct involvement was in allocating tankers to the Brits to keep their island nation standing firm.

In addition to Germany’s coal to fuel work, there was America’s expansion of its pipeline network from oil producing states to east coast refineries, and Russia’s attempts at developing its oil sector for more exports for more hard currency. American ingenuity and hard pressure by oil companies to push up on the price cap to boost exploration and development increased America’s production from 3.7 million barrels per day in 1940 to 4.7 million barrels per day in 1945. Considering oil depletion rates, the 30 percent increase in production in five years is a staggering thought in an era where an increase of one million barrels per day is considered a dream by men such as T. Boone Pickens.

War had changed. Mechanized armor brought about new strategies. Even when the Germans were fighting the Poles in ’39, they had some supplies still on horse-drawn units. Operation Barbarossa began with three million troops, 600,000 motor vehicles and 625,000 horses. Not much later, the Nazis and Soviets would engage in the largest tank battle ever at Kursk. No horses. Air battles and bombing involved jet fuel, as well as ingredients for explosives. Radar guided the RAF to faster interception points, but there are those who credit the 100 octane jet fuel of the Spitfires over the 87 octane Luftwaffe planes with the deciding edge. Synthetic rubber mattered as Japan in the early days of the Pacific war had taken control of much of the world’s natural rubber harvesting regions (at that time). America could only respond to the extremely wide gaps in the Pacific battlegrounds effectively because of their oil resources that fueled the joint air and naval efforts of MacArthur as he island hopped his way up the Pacific.

The US was a powerhouse with no exaggeration, as it supplied six billion of the total 7 billion of oil consumed by the Allies in World War II. The other key was that American oil supplies were in a safe zone. US oil was a California, Texas and Midwest affair, protected by two oceans and miles of land from invasion. It could be transported along the coasts or through pipelines. This was far more reliable than the British sources that were flung around the Empire’s colonies. The Nazis and Japanese never had such luxury. Their fuel sources were in occupied lands. Not just raw materials, but the Allies also had decades of technical expertise in maximizing their petroleum resources.

The American continental geographic security mattered. Two battles, taking place nearly in synch, reveal oil’s importance: Stalingrad and El Alamein. The battles are known as the turning point in the war both in Churchill’s speeches and for when defeats ended and victories began for the Allies. Some historians will say that the Battle of Moscow was the turning point between the Nazis and Soviets and write compelling cases. Stalingrad is when defeat in the east was cemented for the Nazis. Both battles were about oil.

With either the oil of the Middle East or the oil of the Soviet fields, the Nazis would have breathing room for supplying their highly efficient mechanized forces. The Nazis were attempting to take the Suez and Palestine, with plenty of sympathetic figures in the Middle East due to decades of occupation and the common enemy of Jewish interests. Arabs love a strong horse, and it is hard to see them resist signing up with the Nazis if Rommel’s tanks had cleaned the British out. Rommel and Hitler both fed each other excited tales of the dream of crushing the British and Soviets and meeting up in the Baku oil fields with victory certain. Even without the oil, taking the Suez would cut the Empire in two, making raw material transit much longer and more exposed to U-boats. The Mediterranean becoming a Nazi lake would make efforts to invade Mitteleuropa much tougher.

Operation Blau was a direct assault on the Soviet oil fields. Stalingrad was Hitler’s attempt to correct the mistake of the broad front advance in ’41. With the element of surprise in ’41, had the Germans simply pushed harder towards the Caucasus rather than make a move to Moscow, they could have taken the oil fields of the south without any destroyed wells. By mid-’42, the Russians and Germans had been fighting for a year and destruction of the wells would take place even if they fell to the Germans. Nazis reached destroyed wells that they could not rehabilitate. Stalingrad became a bigger problem, and what was a sideshow for the true objective turned into a defining moment. Through bloody fights over multiple months, Stalingrad held.

The long pushback had begun. The advantage of American men and not just material would pour in, and the oil would flow, fueling the ever-growing number of Allied planes, tanks, and troop transports. The last gasp of the Nazi war machine died in the western forests. Some of the tanks that survived the onslaught of the Battle of the Bulge ran out of fuel and had to be abandoned. Even Hitler’s odd quest for super weapons would do him no good without oil to make the war economy go. How would a jet fighter help if it did not have the fuel to fly?

Geniuses in Los Alamos building the bomb, Rosie the Riveter, radar, the Jeep, lady code breakers… these groups all get a glorified showing in Hollywood and news media recaps of WWII. These are easy, progressive-approved items of technology and diversity. The millions of Russian dead get air time when politically convenient. Few, if any, give a nod to the good roustabouts, pipeline architects and petroleum engineers that made everything go. Like our modern world, no one ever wants to admit that everything we enjoy floats on a sea of oil.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

WW1: American Homefront Tragedy

This was not a WW1 tragedy, but we just marked the 100th anniversary of the SS Eastland tragedy. America was not in the war, and did not want to be in the war. The Lusitania sinking was fresh in American minds. The boat was tied to the dock, but it capsized and 844 died. Lifeboats were onboard, but that was part of the problem. The lifeboats had been added yet the boat had not been designed to account for the additional weight. Rain fell, and people crowded together under the decks. Modern people take so much for granted, and we resort to hyperbole too easily. Whether this is due to 24/7 news media pushing the slightest thing as a wall to wall item for maximum coverage, modern Americans have lost perspective. Tragedy gets slapped on anything sad. Local thugs being shot by other criminals are not little tragedies; 844 people dying in just 20 feet of water while still at the dock is a tragedy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Will This Libyan General Get American Support?

Remember Libya? It has been on the back burner because it makes the War Party look awful. With Clinton's campaign, expect it to make a comeback in the news for Benghazi issues and maybe, if we're lucky, questions about why did we intervene? A recent National Interest essay discussed the horrors and disorder of Libya and mentioned that a general has a Machiavellian plan to get US help. This essay was brilliant for how it painted the general's scheme and for what it avoided saying.

The essay laid out a brilliant plan by this general to pull an Assad and make ISIS and crazy fundies the main bad guys, manipulating the West into supporting him. This is a smart play as it plays to the concept of "best alternative to a negotiated agreement". The general is lining it up into a choice of Dirty Me or crazy mofo jihadis. Either negotiate with the slightly dirty guy or your remaining best alternative is jihadis running a nation. America painted itself in a corner with Assad due to our Gulf friends (and Israel), but right now, Assad has major propaganda points to play by just saying, "It's me or ISIS." This general wants to do the same.

America is resisting it but shucks, his plan might work. The essay might be persuasive to readers, but not me. The general in question is General Hifter. I wrote on him previously as he is called by some the CIA's man in Libya. Hifter lived in Virginia for two decades. No one knows what work he did to keep his family fed. The better essay or report is on what Hifter did for 20 years in America. He is an American pawn, a CIA asset, and possibly a future puppet. Hifter is going to get exactly what America thinks it needs to send to pursue its interests. He just needs to play the game with State and CIA, and he will be all set. if this essay of Hifter's Libya strategy is any indication, the American media will never cite his past.

The fellow who wrote this is Alexander Decina a research associate of the Council on Foreign Relations and formerly of the New America Foundation. Good regime policy hack in training. To write an essay on Hifter and his attempts to win American aid and not mention his past in America is a horrible omission of the whole truth. This is regime public relations and shaping of the story. If we are pursuing truth and trying to inform readers on what is going on, is it not a responsibility to tell the whole story? I linked to his LinkedIn and offer this bit of advice: no matter how few connections you have, make sure your head shot doesn't make you look like a scruffy chump.

Hifter will most likely get what he wants because the cathedral will want a quiet Libya for Clinton's run. God forbid Libya descend from chaotic Libyan on Libyan violence to hell on earth run by ISIS between now and November 2016. The last few elastic voters in the few remaining states that swing might see Clinton's resume consisting of Libya and realize she is a zero. One would think boats of Africans leaving Libyan ports for Europe would be enough to doom the left, but the media loves them too much to point out hard truths. Hifter does not need Machiavellian schemes. He just needs to go through his old Rolodex of contacts at Langley.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's Soros Doing This Month?

It is fun to mock sites like Salon and Slate for their silly beats they cover. The pop culture beats are terrible wastes of resources. There is the Kardashian beat, the paparazzi beat, and the ever popular "Jon Stewart Style Derisive Comedy" beat. Could they redirect those resources to cover some other public figure? Tackling someone who has hands in multiple jars, lips at the ears of many world leaders, and money spent on everything legal and illegal one could politically imagine would be a great beat. Maybe it would earn a Pulitzer. What would a George Soros beat look like?

Is Soros taking down Greece? Could it be, might it be... yes, he is. George Soros goes after the Greeks. This is why you buy powerful governments, so you can then engage in big lending with foreign, sovereign borrowers. You keep the lending going and like a morphine drip, they get addicted. Then the threat of pulling it gets played. Either the foreign sovereign ponies up the money or they scream they can't and then bailouts happen, which really just end up in your pocket not the foreigners. Greeks got a new deal. Look at the fine print. Clause 7 makes default virtually impossible, clause 9 allows the advancement of neoliberalist globalization to the business activities of Greece, and clause 10 cites privatization of assets. Wonder who will be buying those assets for pennies on the dollar?

Soros is everywhere with his money pouring into foundations and charities that meddle in foreign nations. The Russians are onto this game, and may be taking steps to push old George and his minions out. Smart move to remove foreign elements unaligned with the ruling power or broader society. What right do they have there? They are located in Russia on the whim of Russia's security and bureacracy systems. Hungary is onto the NGO game as well, so if you are a do-gooder prog in college, stop learning Eastern European languages. Soros will re-assign you to Sub-Sahara Africa. You can teach them about female empowerment and gay rights. Good luck surviving. Take note any of you who dream of secession. You cannot just leave, but you must remove root and branch the posionous elements of progressive power.

It must be root and branch since Soros has his tentacles everywhere, especially in America's heartland. Who else is going to tell Americans that #BlackLivesMatter? Soros is backing an anti-death penalty drive in Nebraska. Tsk-tsk, the death penalty is barbaric and bad, so no way should a small state bring it back if it sees fit. Soros' worldview must prevail. I think allowing protestors to turn into rioters and telling police to stand down is barbaric and bad. Where is my foundation to fund #SafeCitiesMatter? When you allow democracy to set up shop, you allow money from anywhere into the process. I can dream of pan-secession and competing states, but I would look for a state that bans any NGO. A man like Soros would never rest with many more targets to change. Just look at all the work to be done in big, bad America by his Open Society foundation.

This might be too much to lay at the feet of one man. After all, the Ford Foundation started by Henry Ford eventually became a CIA front, channeling money to Harvard, non-profits, research institutes and everything to advance the Anglo communist agenda. This is why the Soros beat would be a great endeavor. What other entities or billionaire patrons are sending money into Soros' non-profits to push public opinion one way or the other? How many media members are complicit in suppressing this information? For an industry claiming to want to speak truth to power, the media finds a way to dodge old Georgie's dabbling whenever they can.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Everette Lee DeGolyer + Modern Convenience

There is much that we take for granted. One I like is refrigeration. That is an interesting example of Eruopean ingenuity plus many industrial pieces that fit together to make something everyone uses and our current population numbers depend on work. It is also a thing white people put together in their spare time to improve the world. Get rid of whitey and you'll get rid of some of the goodies you enjoy. At the base of everything is energy. A man virtually no one has heard of but all owe something to is Everette Lee DeGolyer.

I have written before on the legit excuse that we cannot discus every single person and every single contributor in the world. It is a silly exclamation for progressives to cry marginalization. I wrote how Charles Kettering invented many things that make the modern world go, but who could name him? Yet, progressives and their poor, put down pets want you to feel ashamed you do not know some random reporter or mathematician's assistant that happens to be part of the rainbow coalition. Everette Lee DeGolyer allowed oil and gas exploration to take the next step in development and put seven billion mostly useless people on the planet. Few know of him and his feats.

DeGolyer was a geophysicist who brought the science of seismology to oil exploration. He did not invent the techniques, which were developed by two other white guys, but he applied them to oil resources and in ways that yielded oil so steadily that no one denied its value. He discovered the Portrero del Llano 4 well, which kicked Mexican oil development into high gear. His efforts focused on applying seismography to oil exploration. His mind worked on finance as well, as he started the concept of independent, scientificappraising of oil reserve estimates so that investors could pour money into oil firms, bringing oil to you. In his spare time, he started the technology firm that became Texas Instruments.

DeGolyer was also the missionary or pioneer who figured out the oil value in the Middle East. While the US produced 90% of the Allies' oil in WW2, DeGolyer was adamant that the future of supply was in Arabian sands and waters of the Persian Gulf. DeGolyer and his brethren pulled oil out of the rocks and at flow rates that made development of even marginal resources possible. We drill for oil now miles under the ocean surface and thousands of feet under the ocean floor. It goes back to Degolyer.

You think modern medicine is what it is without that marginal oil production and padded EROEI from work originated by DeGolyer and other technical experts? Does food production reach its amazing productivity levels without oil? No. It is a slower growth world, maybe even a world of actual famines in Africa that destroy the population rather than the famines that somehow created higher populations in African nations after they started than before. Do suburbs and exurbs grow out, expanding our population reach and putting off resolving our social policy dysfunction? No.

Looking at it this way, oil, similar to fiat money, puts off dealing with hell and horror and selection pressures by making everything easier. Mr. Land calls it the Malthusian Suppression Machine, but our modern world of technology built on European civilization keeps the horror at bay. Just look at the historical population graph for Rome. Something unusual? Oil keeps the tough questions of who should be around in a generation or two at bay. Some on the Left will chant to get rid of whitey, but if the likes of Mr. DeGolyer are tossed out of the lifeboat, who will keep it afloat?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Social Matter - Hidden History: Oil Won WW2

A new entry for the "Hidden History" series is an essay on what won WW2 for the Allies. Go read it at Socal Matter!

Does World War II come down to waves of Russian men? Is it American economic and farm output? Is it code breaking? How about technology like radar and the bomb? There is always talk of what won the war, and one gigantic element is usually left out: oil. Allied oil production advantages set the situation in their favor and provided troops with an insurmountable edge. Oil even started the war, but regardless of how it began, oil would settle the war.

Read the rest of it there.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Week's Social Matter + Preview for This Week's 9

First, a note on the cuckservative phenomenon. Hilarious. It is rustling the jimmies. There is a distinct difference between conservakin and cuckservative. Just this morning I noted Dana Loesch is a conservakin while Megan "Fats" McCain is a cuckservative. Look at their stated beliefs. Conservakin don't know "the game". They don't get that it is rigged. They are your little people and voters for the GOP. A bunch are the types who are responding to Trump's message. Cuckservatives are far more devious and the thought leaders of the false opposition GOP. If a conservakin knew the full truth, they'd be enraged. You were probably conservakin once. Cuckservatives know the game, and play along for a comfy lifestyle and job. Cuckservatives understand the immigration game and push the "need for Hispanic engagement" meme. Why? Well, they run a political consultancy firm that will solve that problem for you. They are disgusting and deserve ridicule.

Last week, I wrote about the DC help to the Sinaloa Cartel. This week I am writing a "Hidden History" piece on what won WW2 for the Allies.


It is amazing what happens when one high profile American decides to make something an issue. Donald Trump’s use of illegal immigration as a central talking point in the presidential campaign carnival allowed for a bit more focus on the prison escape of arrested Sinaloa cartel kingpin “El Chapo“. Corruption became a discussed feature for a moment, and then was dropped. The focus was on Mexican corruption, but a deeper evaluation of the Sinaloas would force Americans to review America’s dirty dealings with the Sinaloa cartel.

There is an old political concept of “money honest” and then dirty politicians. Money honest meant that a politician would not take a direct bribe for a government contract, but if you placed business with his private business, he would make sure government contracts came your way. This is the basics of the Clinton Foundation corruption scheme. They take in money for their foundation, magically your business or policy desires get shepherded through the system, and the Clintons can claim there was no bribery involved. What the American government has going on with the Sinaloas looks to be a similar situation.

The Sinaloas is the cartel that dominates the American drug market. They hold 80% of the meth market, and operate in thousands of American cities. They have set up shop in Chicago as the American hub for their distribution. The Sinaloa cartel controls the heroin trade routes, and dominates the heroin market. The spike in heroin and meth supply is supposedly due to the decriminalization of marijuana, which has just happened in three states. This makes little sense, as the rise in supply started before Colorado’s referendum, and marijuana is widely used across the U.S. The meth spike is due to the American crackdown on domestic producers that started over a decade ago. Heroin’s spike is most likely due to the rise in opiate demand. Drugs are a two-way street, so America’s empty, atomized citizens clamor for a high, and they are finding escape with products provided by the Sinaloas. Mexican gangsters should be easy to spot in America.

They are not. America is now 17% Hispanic. There are 40 million Americans of Mexican descent living in the lower 48. Sam Quinones’ book Dreamland illustrates how Mexican immigration has allowed a setting in white bread America that makes it easier for Mexican drug gangs to operate. Drug dealers find it much easier to blend in when Americans see similar guys working the the “blow and mow” crews on business park grounds. This is when the Sinaloas are not spreading their product directly to urban black gangs that our cities fail to address from a criminal or social standpoint. In NY Times Magazine’s long profile on the cartel, the Sinaloas come off as a business that buys everyone they can, tries to avoid bloodshed, and even grows marijuana in far northern America (Wisconsin). This is only possible with lax immigration enforcement and a porous border.

It gets worse, though, since the NY Times profile missed some opportunities for follow up. Other reporters have looked at how Fast and Furious was most likely a secret deal between the Sinaloas and the DEA. This is arming narcoterrorists that operate in a nation that international watchdogs and geopolitical pundits consider a borderline failed state. Business Insider confirmed that these deals and even worse went on for, roughly, the last 15 years. BI made sure to say it was not proof the U.S. government supported them, but in putting the pieces together, it makes sense. American forces also helped nabbed the head of Los Zetas, who were a rival to the Sinaloas and far more violent cartel in general. The closer one looks, the more it appears the American government picked a winner in the cartel wars.

One of the theories was that “picking” the Sinaloas would allow for less violence, a more stable Mexico, and a safer border. Those are all failures and poor excuses. Cartel violence continues to rage in Mexico. Mexico never cleans up its act because they can simply push problems northward. Up north, there seems to be a government willing to help the Sinaloas. America does not directly help the Sinaloas, but besides the gun deals and informing, look at the details of how federal policy at the border helps the cartel smuggle drugs. Border patrols and agents are criticized for shootings and are hamstrung in who they can investigate or what they can do. Senator Jeff Sessions released a painstakingly detailed timeline of the federal government’s policies, procedures and executive orders under President Obama that have created our southern border nightmare.

This is nothing new, as terrible federal decisions like the ’86 Amnesty, the 1996 Bill Clinton “Oh No the Peasants are Noticing” immigration law that was never enforced, and President Bush’s lax border security, despite a huge expansion of homeland security in the name of terrorism, all contributed to this meaningless border. Add to all of this the idea of no border fence of any sort and minimal container screening, and it is a recipe for moving product. El Chapo dug a tunnel under the border to smuggle drugs, which was a game changer for smuggling but just the latest innovation on the fake border.

From a bigger picture perspective, America sends planes, attack helicopters, and thousands of troops to any Middle East flare up, yet cannot be bothered to secure the border. Our border cities, like Laredo, Texas, have become crime-infested, glorified refugee camps for Mexicans escaping cartel violence. This border issue is not a local governance problem, but a federally created monster. Federally created, not something Obama created on his own, because this is the result of our permanent government, that is, agencies aligning with large corporate interests to flood America with more and more workers to increase profits, as well as more and more government resource consumers and users to feed the bureaucratic monster.

Very few people are saying D.C. is in bed with the Sinaloas. Reputable media outlets say the American government is not in bed with the Sinaloas. If there is an out for the Feds, it is the “money honest” concept. The Feds are not giving the Sinaloas guns to help them – wait, they are. The Feds are not moving the drugs for them, but they do restrict border agents, do not inspect all large containers, and never secure the border. The Feds are not setting up the Sinaloas in cities, but they have poorly enforced all immigration laws in order to flood our cities with Little Mexicos for easier cover.

The Sinaloas just have bought everyone in Mexico; it couldn’t possibly happen here. Like a “money honest” politician, the Feds are not working with the Sinaloas per se. The Feds just create the perfect working environment for Sinaloan ground teams, the perfect Swiss cheese border for Sinaloan smugglers, in addition to arresting the competition’s leaders and selling the Sinaloas guns.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

WW1 A Man And His Horse

They did a WW1 movie about a guy and his horse a few years back. It is pretty sad when the only thing Hollywood thinks they can turn into a great drama about the first World War is a man's bond with his horse. That is SWPL catnip. Forget the bond of brothers in the trenches. Forget the survivor guilt for what must have felt like cosmic chance of surviving a gas attack compared to the guy next to you. A man's connection to an animal sells! This sort of makes sense though. The average SWPL would lose their mind over someone leaving a dog in a parked car in the sun but overlook abortion. SWPLs skew towards the vegetarian and vegan bent on ethical grounds but have most likely defending Planned Parenthood's baby body parts delivery service.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why The NY Mag Open Marriage Article Sounds Fake

Making the rounds since it was dropped by our media elite overlords has been one man's tale of being a super feminist by letting his wife screw other guys. It is being laughed at, mocked, given the dismissive wanking hand gesture and been skewered by others. I see this as a nice propaganda piece to push the very idea I wrote would be next quest for the progressive steamroller: polygamy, open marriages, breaking down the one man-one woman foundation for society.

I'm not going to joke on the article. I'm going to point out that this appears fake. This is in NY Magazine, a pretty prestigious platform. Note the author Michael Sonmore returns nothing on Google, has no LinkedIn, no other hits but this one article. Either NY Mag is printing a known author under a pseudo or they are crafting a fictional story to push a desired social goal. Strategically, this is to push poly on married people who read NY Mag, those who say they read Ny Mag and people who want to be like those who say they read NY Mag. Most normal human beings will scoff and mock this story, and Amerikaners wont even read it, but stupid SWPL types will. Even more specific, who reads stupid "Lifestyle" essays? This is to push it on SWPL married women. Remember the prog goal: break the nuclear family, push decisions and norm enforcement to the tribe, break down tribe identities except for the big government approved tribe.

This focus on ladies explains the details. The details are very female focused and friendly, and the key is the supposedly male narrator. Here is the feminist or female friendly poly fantasy. Pick up on key pieces of the story.

  • The wife brings the idea up.
  • The couple talks and talks and talks about it.
  • The husband is open to it and agrees.
  • The male writer recycles the old canard that his wife is hitting her sexual prime in mid-30s (ha).
  • She is a mother of two (a 6 and a 3 year old).
  • They have done this for two years.
  • The husband has flings but not as many as her.
  • He wants to hear her hot sex stories.
  • One of her first flings fell in love with her
  • Her new fling is Paulo.
Review the above. This is a win-win for all involved. This mid-30s mother of two isn't schlepping for sex with an older man, but a guy with a name that connotes exotic, Latin lover. This flies in the face of the experience your divorced or single female friends in their mid-30s are having. Wait, hold on, they have been doing this for two years and she has a 3 year old. So this woman brought up an open marriage with a 1 year old? Hahahahahahahaha. Her husband approves, he's getting his freak on too, and he is supportive and even wants to hear the lurid details. In the beginning a man fell hard in love for the wife, she tried to reciprocate and it became a mess... yet the married couple stayed together and did not end the experiment. Ladies, you too can easily find sex and even have new guys fall for you if you just move to an open marriage! Like the overdrive push on gays and trans, it is not tolerance or acceptance but approval and encouragement. We all want to have our vices approved, then they no longer are vices and we'll no longer feel any tiny tickle of shame or guilt.

This feels like a fake. It is reminiscent of the divorced mom using online dating to snatch a millionaire carpenter that Dalrock exposed. Without names, it is hard to believe. The unknown pen name in a major media platform reminds me of another pseudonym to push an agenda that felt a little off. A couple of years ago a writer named "Isaac Abel" was published in both the Atlantic and Salon. Really deep stuff like "porn addiction", "porn addiction making him a bad boyfriend" and "his one gay experience". It was admitted that Isaac Abel was a pseudonym. I'm just an anonymous blogger myself, but Isaac Abel sounded an awful lot like Ona Abelis.

Isaac Abel was a sex writer who lived in Brooklyn. Ona Abelis is a writer, sometimes on sex and relationships, who lived in Brooklyn. If you run samples of their writing through writing comparison tools, they have some striking similarities. There is no proof they are the same person, but by golly, shucks, the overlap is interesting. Abel's essay's messages are pretty straightforward: porn warped my mind and then later I had a gay night. The gay essay reads like bullshit you'd find on literotica or Tumblr where a young woman ships Indiana Jones with Harry Potter (these people exist). SWPLs read these media entities, so it pushes some prog friendly ideas chief being gay experimentation should be fine for all.

Swingers and cuck fetish couples exist. Hell, NFL coach Rex Ryan and his wife are swingers. It is also a small crowd that should not be pushed on the margins even if it is for the deluded yet high status NY Mag reading crowd. This is pretty nefarious that the media will use fiction, pseudos and possibly women writing as men to send a message. In all propaganda, the messanger counts just as much as the medium and the message itself. It is partly why our diverse society has a hard time with puppet leaders speaking because the speaker "doesn't look like me, doesn't get me". Advertisers are movign away from using human models in photos and videos due to this problem. The speaker or writer matters. This is why the media drags out Harvard kids from Texas to write of the climate of hate in Texas when Oswald shot JFK or Obama the Harvard student was used to counter the Bell Curve. These sex articles are supposedly by men to tell you that the latest deviancy that goes against long standing historical standard heterosexual male norms, mores and traditions are really cool. A man said so.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ashley Madison does Escape (the Piña Colada Song)

In honor of the Ashley Madison hack, I reworked the lyrics to "Escape (the Piña Colada Song)" to fit our modern times.....

I was tired of my lady, we'd been together too long
Like a bookmarked porno scene set to a techno song
So while she lay there sleepin' I surfed the web in bed
In the Ashley Madison personals, there was this profile I read

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain
If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like having rough sex at midnight, in the dunes of the cape
Then I'm the dirty girl you've looked for, DM me and escape

I didn't think about my lady, but fuck her, she's kind of mean
See me and my old lady had fallen into the same old dull routine
So I messaged the profile, typed out on my pricey Ipad
And though I'm nobody's poet, I thought it wasn't half bad

Yes, I like piña coladas and sex til you scream my name
I'm a CrossFit lifting dude, I am into champagne
I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and for S&M, bring duct tape
At a bar called O'Malley's where we'll plan our escape

So I waited with high hopes and she showed up in black leather pants
I knew the Botox smile in an instant, I knew the curve of her implants
It was my own lovely lady and she said, "Aw, it's you."
Then we laughed for a moment and I said, "I never knew."

That you like piña coladas and gettin' slapped in the face
And the feel of the ocean and the pleasure laccccccced with pain
So you like getting assfucked at midnight in the dunes on the cape
You're the whore that I've looked for, come with me and escape

Let's get this on a demo. Weimerica would eat it up.

Annex Mexico And Get It Over With

The greatest thing about the Trump candidacy is that he is merely speaking truths about immigration through our porous border that normal Americans have thought or said for decades, bringing them out in the open. The second greatest thing is the weird situation that Keynesians like Paul Krugman, who get hard ons for any public works project, are not supportive of his "Build Da Wall" project. While I support Trump's immigration restrictionist ideas, let's give the left some play. In fact, let's take the left's idea to a logical conclusion. Let's annex Mexico.

I am not the first to suggest this in tongue in cheek fashion. Read Erik Rush's book, which is a quick read of 100 pages or so. The statistics in his book are staggering, and yes, it is an invasion aided and abetted by the elite of both nations. Rush has a RationalWiki entry that is so critical that I like the guy without knowing anything else about him. Mexico is a borderline failed state that without the pressure release valve called America would have to deal with its problems. This has nothing to do with starvation (they are fatter than us) or misery (happiest nation on Earth). This is just the humane way to handle a situation where 40 million Mexicans live in America (Mexico population is 122 mil), with a large quantity of them living along the border and sending remittances back, propping up the Mexican economy. This also would be America embracing the reality that it is an empire and changing administration of its empire.

America would have a much smaller border to defend to the south of Mexico, and it would change how it administers its immigration problem to account for the 122 million new Americans. America could call for a stop to all legal immigration for a decade generation as it assimilates, integrates and figures out how to handle the Mexicans. There are benefits, and not just resolving the border issue. The Marxist loser Mexican academics would be defanged, Mexico would suddenly have American administration and Mexico would have a boost of infrastructure projects to build up its nation. Imagine the ecological improvement by sending SWPL teams down to collect the plastic bags (the Mexican national flower) south of the Rio Grande.

The other change this would have to bring is a change in how America administers its regions. This would create a need to maintain economic consistency yet allow for provincial administration on a social level. Money is all that holds America's disparate regions together, so we could go full throttle on this and respect regional differencs while maintaining the economic beliefs of our 1%. I know this won't happen, but giving up on the forced universalism would benefit everyone. Provincial autonomy would calm everyone down. There are even bigger rewards.

On Social matter yesterday, I wrote about the DC-Sinaloa Cartel connection. There is a two prong way to dismantle the cartel's violent side. First would be mass legalization of drugs. You might think this will lead to armageddon, but no, just look at Portugal's experience with legalization for a possible roadmap. Legalization would drop the price and legitimize the cartel producers and turn them into another arm of our "just enough good stuff to use but not enough to kill you" vice products like booze and smokes. Heroin won't be how they hook you, but an opium gum that acts like Nicorette will take the edge off the long work day. Cocaine is a helluva drug, but a vape coke smoke session will help you hit the clubs. You think American manufacturing, industrialization and ingenuity isn't going to find a way to bring cocaine, opiates and weed to Americans in a safe manner? What do you think "oxy" is?

There is a second way annexing Mexico helps fight the cartels is even if you do not go the legalization route. By becoming a province of America, there becomes an arm of federal agents that represent a separate power structure, separate network of authority and separate culture of administration to fight the corruption issue. Yes, American agents can become corrupt, just look at the federal Bitcoin bandits. Strict enforcement of corruption (death if you take bribes), solid pay and unrelenting viciousness towards violent cartel members will work. This is a separate system outside the current system that will be backed up by guns and American wealth. Drones take an entire infrastructure of agents and spotters, but a military not in the cartels' pockets might be effective at stopping the violence. Hopefully, legalization would fix this like ending prohibition started the dismantling of American mobs.

This is all a thought experiment, and one that is a partly comedic, but let's talk about a very possible future for America. Yes, Brazil Norte is bandied about (here on this blog) for those who believe in slower decline, Leftist singularity is mentioned by guys with eyes on revolutions, and a US break-up is dreamed by some of us. There is a brilliant troll amongst us (he's even trolled some of #NRX) who proposes the "White Hispanics in Confederate Grey" scenario. It is similar to Brazil Norte but different.

White Hispanics in Confederate Grey

Say the economic day of reckoning comes for the dollar and living standards go through a sudden drop. How many SWPLs stay? Some, possibly many, will leave. Can't you see the Boomers who have enabled their kids tons giving them some scratch to emigrate to Canada, New Zealand, the southern cone of Souh America or even Europe? Hell, the Boomers will retire to the third world to make their meager retirement savings go further rather than change their dumbass lifestyle. This goes for Jews too who will probably high tail it to Israel as Israel hunkers down and possibly changes their patron to remain viable. Before we go further, have you looked at fertility rates?

There is a reason I write that liberals only see Hispanics for their wombs. They need them. That black number is 2.0, but then you have the problem of infanticide and the number that die before they hit 25. Within the white numbers is a split between the very fertile Amerikaner class (great Moldbugism) and the infertile SWPL class. Have you see data on interracial marriage? For all the talk, the interracial marriage numbers are tiny if you don't consider Hispanics a race. When you do, the numbers are noticeable. Maybe you've worked with white guys in the Southwest who tell you that their Hispanic daughter is the whitest acting Hispanic girl you'd ever meet. Then you meet her and have it confirmed until you meet the next one. Not every white married to a Hispanic is Jeb Bush.

If you extrapolate numbers out, looks to me like Hispanics and Amerikaners are your growth populations and your prime intermarriage pairing. They also are not your types to abandon America for New Zealand if the dollar tanks. They also like their groups' history. If America gets knocked down a peg economically, government services get cut back and futures look dim, the SWPLs will bail for cafes in foreign lands like a new Lost Generation (cosplay opportunity).

Who is left? Good old, prole Amerikaners and Hispanics who have been melding slowly in certain spots. Do either of those groups like blacks? No. I bet the day of reckoning for blacks would come with semi-organized violence against the dindu class. What whites would be left to cover for the dindus in the media or and non-security institutions? The assimilated black class suddenly loses their patrons (SWPL whites and Jews), and makes nice to the new order. This is a fusion Amerikaner-Hispanic order. That order is White Hispanics in Confederate Grey. Finally, America will fulfill the European held stereotype of a nation of truck driving, gun loving machismo motherfuckers. I will take it over Brazil Norte or a Leftist Singularity.

In all seriousness, the current immigration system does not work. Just securing the border would be one step. The next is handling idiots like the ebola Liberian guy better, as in physically removing and barring them from entry ever again. What was he doing here in the first place? Why do we have H1B visas when we're in a stagnant era? Why are we letting in anyone not a millionaire when we have roughly 50 million Americans on food stamps? Why did we increase our Muslim intake after 9/11? These are all great questions on their own, and they will only get worse as the economy does not have a lift off. If the feds will do nothing about immigration and watch as thousands stream in by the day, drop the pretense and annex Mexico now.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Social Matter - The Washington-Sinaloa Connection: Another Failed Attempt To Fund The ‘Good’ Side

Go read about the support the Sinaloa Cartel gets from DC at Social Matter!
It is amazing what happens when one high profile American decides to make something an issue. Donald Trump's use of illegal immigration as a central talking point in the presidential campaign carnival allowed for a bit more focus on the prison escape of arrested Sinaloa cartel kingpin "El Chapo". Corruption became a discussed feature for a moment, and then was dropped. The focus was on Mexican corruption, but a deeper evaluation of the Sinaloas would force Americans to review America's dirty dealings with the Sinaloa cartel.

It's not corruption if the money goes through different legit channels. It's not help if DC doesn't come right out and say it is help.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Week's Social Matter Post + Preview for This Week's 8

Last week at Social Matter, I wrote on the delegitimizing of marriage that helped spur the snowball of gay marriage acceptance. It wasn't solely the Just Like Us propaganda but also the Marriage Is Crap propaganda. They control the media so they can hit you from all angles.

This week I will write on the Sinaloa Cartel. There is always talk about Mexican corruption and the weird control cartels have of Mexico, but little is ever discussed about the way America's federal government helps the Sinaloas. Similar to modern fundraising and bribes, the feds aren't necessarily an arm of the Sinaloas but it's hard to deny they act like one.


The top-down imposition of gay marriage is now in the rearview mirror for America’s leftward drift. Will it grant legitimacy to such unions?

No. Legitimacy comes from widespread acceptance, not from imposition. Negative referendums, brow-beating by the media and volunteer thought police and five Supreme Court justices are not the sign of widespread acceptance. William Safire was right over a decade ago when he wrote that this gay marriage push was all over one word “marriage” and the legitimacy and approval that it granted. Those shocked at how fast this all happened may point to gay propaganda, but it is not just that. The media and academia smeared marriage long enough to remove the sacredness of the institution.

Many point to the skyrocketing support for gay marriage that has occurred in recent years. There are large, well-respected polls going back to the mid ’90s that show support around 25% and even in the mid ’00s support around 35%. It was a minority opinion to support gay marriage, but the conceptual granting of some recognition was not a minority. Tracking right along those same polls that showed a majority against gay marriage, were polls that showed a near majority or clear majority supported recognition of civil unions for homosexuals. A couple of decades of ‘gay is okay’ and ‘just like us’ propaganda did help put gay marriage over the top, as did five Supreme Court justices and every major corporation not named Chik-Fil-A.

Eventually enough Americans who already felt okay with gays being granted civil unions gave in on the word marriage. The religious did not do so, and that is because they could foresee the eventual fight over religion in general. The irreligious middle did. The somewhat religious caved. The type of people who say, “Half of all marriages end in divorce anyway so why not?” pushed it along. Half is a lie, but a lie the media loves to push. The divorce rate for first time marriages is under 40% now, and depends on the socioeconomic and educational status of the bride. Marriage is not a 50-50 chance as much as a 70% chance of succeeding. A bride over 25 with a college degree has a divorce rate half of the average.

Divorce has become an underclass plague with heavy correlation to minority brides, but no one wants to discuss that because we cannot criticize our duskier underclass for dysfunctional behavior. It is another method of using poor decisions and life outcomes of the underclass to manipulate core, middle class Americans into accepting, condoning, and emulating bad behavior.

Hollywood, the greatest propaganda machine ever created, consistently pumps out a message that marriage is no longer sacred in our culture. Television shows featured divorced leads, unhappily married women, unhappily married men, and few stable, loving marriages to serve as anchors for their familial networks. The act of getting married turned became the focus, rather than spiritual bonding, with the wedding day turning into a wedding pageant. The average wedding costs over $25,000, but in reality, many couples spend less than $10,000. Still, the status race for bigger and better weddings has grown. Psychotic behavior by brides has become a joke to the point where reality television has wedding shows named Bridezilla or micromanaged wedding pageant contests like Four Weddings.

Lost in that is that the wedding signifies the public declaration and recognition of a sacred union between man and woman. This is lost in topping prior weddings for food, covered chairs, decorations, music and party favors. It is a show where the woman is the star and the man just has to show up.

The activists sold you on marriage just being a list of benefits married people enjoyed, so gays needed that equal treatment, too. There are all of these benefits, and our egalitarian society can never deny someone government gimmedats. No one would pause for a moment and note the concrete financial benefits that the federal and state governments provide to unmarried mothers versus married mothers, but gosh darn it, one time in some mythical hospital a gay guy could not visit his lover dying of AIDS. Civil unions could grant all of the same benefits, but that was not enough. The gays wanted the word marriage. They wanted to be able to say to mom and dad, “See my relationship is real, buy me an anniversary card!” The homosexuals needed to receive auspices for their unions, and if the churches were still going to frown upon them, then the government could grant them that legitimacy. They failed to see that all they earned was the right for the government to administer their break ups.

The media created a false debate “marriage or no” to paint a battle between the evil bigots and righteous crusaders. No one mentioned the civil union approach. That solution was junked quickly, tipping the real target for using gays: religion. The Supreme Court even mentioned granting dignity in the ruling, which is comical considered how smeared marriage has become. If marriage is an oppressive institution for women, why push gays into it? If it is old and archaic, why do gays want it? Humpty Dumpty leftism strikes again! Marriage is awesome right now for this tiny group!

They want it because despite the smearing, we know the value of it. The emotional connection between couples. A newer wedding reception tradition is the anniversary dance. All married couples get on the dance floor to dance to one song. Every ten seconds the host asks couples married under X years to leave the floor. Those younger couples create a circle around those left dancing, and the couples are whittled down until it is the married couple with the longest tenure left. The crowd claps for the 50, 60 or 65 years the couple has been together. Some people will get teary-eyed because they recognize what those years mean. Usually, that couple shuffling on the dance floor is the elder statesmen duo of the family, and this wedding and the crowd is the extended product of their union. Song ends, the old man kisses his bride, and the new bride and groom hug the old couple. That long lived couple is the hoped for future for the new couple.

Everyone present understands that communal moment. Those dances make for great Kodak moments, but you would never see Hollywood push that. The media will push as much programming as possible to get you to forget the spiritual element to marriage. The weak-willed, who will forget they cried as they saw their grandparents dancing at a wedding, made the jump from civil unions for gays to marriage for gays because “Who cares? Marriage doesn’t matter anymore.” That moment of past and future and the implications of children for a new generation to repeat the cycle is part of the sacred moment and public recognition of marriage.

That spirit and legitimacy could never be granted by a government in a contentious manner to homosexuals who cannot reproduce. This is lost on the egalitarian pushers, it is lost on the herd creatures who forget, but it is not lost on us.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

WW1 Terror from Above

The Kaiser's airmen prepare to engage

What would truly blossom in WW2 but found its start in WW1? Tanks Air power. It is easy to point and laugh about the biplanes ("Haha, Snoopy planes!"), but there were also zeppelin bombers and spotters. War has a way of speeding up technological advancement, even as it destroys resources. The large German bomber below was an ancestor of the lumbering Luftwaffe bombers that would terrorize Britain, and if not for radar and a mistaken dropping of bombs, would have finished the Brits. Okay okay... might have finished the Brits.

German Bomber
This resembles those WW2 bombers and looks a bit more menacing now, doesn't it?

Progressive Media Bingo + Misty Copeland

On twitter (my account @SOBL1), I noted within the last month that Misty Copeland was trending on Twitter and joked on why a ballet promotion would cause the Twitter trend considering how trashy Twitter is. Great thing about Ms. Copeland is that she hits several different things that progressives love to celebrate and that Steve Sailer loves to point out about changes in society and the squeeze on blacks even as America gets duskier.

Misty Copeland was promoted from soloist to principal by the American Ballet Theatre. I can use just her citation filled Wikipedia for all of these points.

Progressive Bingo - Media Points

1. She is a non-Asian minority. Asian ballerinas are like Asian violinists, Asian Harvard applicants, and sexy, thin 4'10" Asian women = threats to SWPLs and upper middle class whites.
2. She is the first black principal dancer. OMG, media lovefest. Plus, being black, now you know why she became a Twitter trend. This will be the one time this decade blacks notice the ABT.
3. She does not look like stereotypical skinny twig ballet dancers.
4. She has been a self promoting machine for years now so she is very media friendly.

I swear she is African-American
Unmentionables - Sailer Points

1. Three performers were promoted to principal dancer, but she is the only one you're hearing about.
2. She is biracial. Take a look at her. If she had the end of her nose shaped by a surgeon, you'd ahem, never know. She could, dare I say, pass!
3. Black dad abandoned her and white mom was married at least 4 times and bounced around boyfriends for years. Stereotypes confirmed.
4. Sex sells. She pushes this 100%. The endorsement deal with Under Armour probably requires it.
5. Here's another "first" for blacks with a biracial kid taking the spot.
6. When was the last time the media went nuts over an ABT promotion? The Today Show even did a blurb on this.
7. Exception that proves the rule. Seventy five years with no black principals. Wonder why.
8. Media grooming. The media has been giving her publicity since she was a teenager. Not many 15 year olds have their child custody battle discussed in the LA Times. She started a bit late (age 13), but she is talented and had good PR even then.
9. Media attention as an adult. She wrote an autobiography about her "unlikely" path to becoming a ballerina, which if you stop for a moment and read the Wikipedia entry sounds like any normal woman who goes into ballet through studio classes with the added benefit of adoption by a dance focused couple. It's just that she is part black. Her autobiography has been optioned by Hollywood. She has appeared on network television on many occasions and in many different formats. She is going to have a reality "docuseries".
10. Have you paid attention to her blackness? She is super black. Like black black blackity black African-American.

If my wife lays on the beach one day, she gets this dark

Did she get the promotion due to some of that pigmentation? No. She is talented. There's a better question. If she had two white birth parents instead of one, would she get the same attention*? Jesus Christ no. To prove the point further, did the media report on the retired ballerina that was a principal for the incredibly uncommon span of twenty years, Julie Kent? Didn't think so.

Sex sells

*Darker question: Had she had two white parents would the black dance couple have adopted her?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

City Girls Aren't Carrie Bradshaw, They're Elaine

"You can't find a wife in the city. These bitches all are obsessed with their career that isn't going anywhere. Account executive. Who cares? They have a notch count on par with mine. They never can keep a man. One I'm seeing now fits this to a T. Cute girl, like an 8 on a good night, great sense of humor, one of the guys, and she's down to f*ck quickly. She's always talking about her intelligence, could've gone to an Ivy but wasn't a rich kid. Bitch, you're 32, get over it. City grind is killing her but she won't admit it. She doesn't even have female friends anymore she is so burnt out. She has a few frenemies but has a few close guy friends. I think she's still in love with one as he's an ex from her early 20s. Weird. She's one of those Carrie Bradshaw 'Sex and the City' wannabes."

Wrong. That city girl you are dating that bounces around is Elaine Benes from Seinfeld.

The archetype of a generation
This type that you read about often in forums is not Carrie Bradshaw (or Charlotte, the good, sexy one always looking for a husband). Carrie had the face of a shoe but was a fashionista who lived the glam life with female friends and eventually landed her Mr. Big for the happy ending. Carrie Bradshaw was 20s and 30s. Carrie Bradshaw and her compadres are the upscale versions of the Girls crew. The 30-somethings that seem "wife material" become "What is she doing?" head scratchers and fit that description above are mimicking the life path of Elaine Benes.

Let's run through Elaine's personality and background...

- From the suburbs but moved to NYC for her career and city life
- 30s and into her 40s on the show
- Childless
- Can get guys, but can't keep guys
- Funny, "one of the guys"
- Educated (Tufts was her safe school)
- Has what sound like cool jobs but are not cool
- Limited female friends, frenemies (O'Henry bar heiress), but a circle of guy friends
- Sarcastic, bit of a ball buster
- Would get physical with guys (Get out >chest shove<, picks fights)
- Hangs with her ex that she is in love with
- Foul mouthed
- Sex is a bit of sport for her. Not a romantic girl.
- Never see her cook
- Loves bossing people around yet has no authority
- Considers 95% of the population undateable
- Will date guys who are bad news just because of the tingles

What we criticize now for being a widespread dating type and social life failure was already widespread enough to be represented in a character on television 25 years ago. People had to identify Elaine as a type, consider her funny yet also sympathetic. Sex and the City did poison a generation of women who watched it, but the type was already there in Elaine. Elaine is a better fit too because she is cute/pretty but presented in a normal attractive woman way, not the glam crap that SaTC did with the leads. In all honesty, women probably started carrying water bottles around with them in cities due to Elaine.

We see this elsewhere. The concept of childless SWPLs too self indulgent to be bothered by having children was already widespread enough in the 1980s to be called DINKs. These types have just become more common, more encouraged and higher status. TIME magazine does an article on the increasing choice of childless couples and there is no tsk-tsking, only encouragement. Last I checked, our feminist filtered media pushes the careerism lifestyle, nothing traditional. These trends are multigenerational now and have moved downstream.

The key to the Elaine role being more accurate instead of the Carrie Bradshaw role is the ending, too. These modern young women think they will land their Mr. Big. It is not going to happen. It did not happen for Elaine. These women are Elaine, especially that cute 32 year old with no time to get married but always looking. She is most likely going to end up alone, working for an oddball boss, giving up on fulfillment and still in love with the guy she should have married ten years ago but was too stupid to make it work.

8/10 Would Bang. Aged very well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Note on Synthetic Marijuana

The Kevin Sutherland-Jordan Spires subway stabbing horror is generating media buzz in DC. This proves that dindu crime only becomes a big deal when the liberal Eloi of our northeastern cities are threatened or killed. Middle and lower class non-blacks shrug their shoulders and say, "this is why we move whenever possible". It is kind of fun seeing the media cover this but squirm a bit. One murder of a liberal Eloi, and #BlackLivesMatter is proven a farce. Narrative matters less when one of their own is the victim.

The violent stabbing was over stealing the victim's smart phone. "Robbery gone wrong" is how the media usually labels these crimes. Spires is a criminal that has his family "shocked" by his outburst despite being arrested shortly before this murder and four times since turning 18. Not "he dindu nuffin", but in the same group of stock "post-crime answers by black relatives of criminals". The media will always try to excuse underclass criminal behavior, so this time they are citing "synthetic marijuana" as the reason for the psychotic outburst. This is just cover for violent dindu behavior.

Synthetic marijuana has been around for years now and in many forms. Over a year ago, former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr was busted in a parking lot naked in his vehicle masturbating. He was high on synthetic marijuana. Years ago, emergency laws and rules were passed outlawing synthetic cannabis ingredients. It was not just weed. Remember the "bath salts zombie" of 2012? Same idea. Bath salts were the synthetic cocaine products. Fentanyl was synthetic heroin making waves in 2011, but fentanyl is an actual painkiller. "Molly" is the synthetic version of ecstasy. The media attention now seems a bit odd and late to the game.

These synthetic drugs were huge five years ago. There was a New Yorker, Esquire or mainstream magazine article on the original producers who made synthetic marijuana in 2010 or 2011 (can't find it). White American guys handy with chemistry who would spray down a table of vegetation with their chemical, cut it up and package it for sale. They made bundles of cash, and moved operations from warehouse to warehouse. Marijuana dealers and the drug cartels hated it. All the synthetic marijuana, originally, was the same THC type chemical with one little molecule added only far more potent. The idea was that THC really just works a lock within your brain to create a high. These chemicals would pick the same lock. It might take longer with this different chemical, but they could make the stuff you bought have higher concentrations to make up for that. It was simply a chemical they sprayed on a grassy looking fiber to smoke.

It was packaged as herbal incense. It was sold in head shops and even gas stations. If your local head shop expanded in size or moved to a better location in the last few years, these synthetic marijuana packets were why. You could walk into a headshop and see a line nearly to the door on a weekend as people bought $25 packets and with its potency, be set for a month. Some formulas were $15, so for $15, you had a month's supply that you could buy at a regular store and not in some shady hood. Military guys, college and pro athletes, people on parole and medical employees would use it since drug tests did not catch it. It was amazing. You'd light and within two or three pulls, you were high and on a ride for an hour or three depending on the mix.

Tough thing was, there were different brands (examples: K2, Spice and the absolute strongest, Spike Maxx) with slightly different formulas. Some people would prefer a specific brand because whatever chemical was being used would make them feel the specific type of high they wanted. A specific brand was known for a residual high that users would feel the next day. In general, users say it felt like being high on weed with the total good body feeling of ecstasy and hallucinations of acid. One's vision would "shake". Munchies, sexual desire, laughing fits, introspection, insight, you name it that you normally feel with weed. Users would often say, "I lost time". No tired hangover, but a good feeling all over.

There were downsides. A small percentage of users (5%) would go catatonic and tighten up instead of feel good and "high". You can find bad trips stories on drug forums. There was also the rush to ban it. I had a coworker who found his stepson's stash of 25 pouches of Spice when they announced the ban in Indiana. As the bans came into play in 2011, the formulas changed. Rumors were that Chinese makers were stepping in with untrustworthy formulas compared to American producers. This created higher numbers of negative reactions posted on the Internet on drug user forums and seen in emergency rooms.

Weird stories of heart attacks, cardiac arrest and respiratory issues made it to the press. Demi Moore became a bad Spice reaction press story. The chemists tried to stay ahead of the bans, but one did not know what brand to trust anymore. There were also the weird stories of quitting it like marijuana but feeling meth/crack type cravings. People would not smoke it for three days and feel like they had beaten the devil himself. I would laugh at the stories. Smoking something 100-800 times as potent as THC will have different effects on your body for the craving just as it did for the high.

Kellen Winslow was caught jerking off.... Demi Moore wigged out.... Countless users gorged on food, howled through laughing fits and had amazing sex. Some 20-somethings had heart attacks, muscle seizures or periods of vomiting uncontrollably. Many smokers could not even leave their seats because the high was so intense. Not once did I ever hear of aggressive or violent behavior due to using synthetic marijuana. Not once did I ever read about it, and trust me, if there were lunatics rampaging on synth weed, we would have heard of it like the zombie bath salts users.

Stop searching for excuses. It's not the synthetic marijuana. Spires stabbing Sutherland 30-40 times on a crowded subway is just another example of dindu violence. The victim just happened to be a Democrat operative living in a DC bubble this time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hypothesis on Spreading Deviancy

Weimerica is a pretty weird place. Even the liberals who write "Family Guy" have caught on as after some latest gay event they had a character touch his son, and when his son stopped him, the father said, "I don't know what's right anymore". How do things catch on though? How does S&M move from the dungeons, unspoken parlors and clubs to commonplace discussion amongst friends? Deviancy makes its way from the top of the status chain down with the help of the media.

Any person's status is made up of a basket of items: wealth, looks, job, education level, home, geographic location, religious affiliation, etc. A sexually deviant behavior is by definition a behavior that is not normal. It deviates from the norm. Being abnormal, especially in the bedroom would be a hit to one's status. In order to secure your spot in the status range of your desired class, you better have great measures for all other status inputs. To be openly deviant, one must have a great status aggregate to sustain the status hit by coming out as gay, trans*, an S&M enthusiast, etc.

This plays into the media's wheelhouse as when needed, it can discuss a high status person, remark that they are gay/trans/poly and then declare that this is okay. It must be okay because the media would not risk scolding the wealthy or high status. For example, Elton John coming out in the late '80s was not going to get a tsk-tsking despite HIV/AIDS raging all around the gay community because the media still needed him to sell records. Any deviant behavior can be treated the same (think Bruce Jenner and trans*), and the high status first adopter is required. The high status person then can serve as a symbol for others to emulate, and for the behavior to translate down, a person must have enough status for lower status people to want to emulate. The New York Times did this with 50 Shades of Grey several years ago. Note that big city metro houswives couldn't get enough of it, ahem, higher status ladies love it, so you should too. Universities help spread the acceptance, and if one looks at opinion polls, college educated voters support gay issues far more than those who avoided college. The college educated set supports it, the media will blast, and college credentialed citizens are high status.

One pretty good example of this top down sexual deviancy drift is lesbianism or female sapphic experimentation. The elite might have had a lesbian or two in their network, especially if they had Jewish friends, decades ago. MTV and good old Madonna helped it out in the early '90s, but it was still weird. Madonna went too far then, but do not dismiss the power of the Real World having a cute lesbian or bisexual girl on every other year. Even if you went off to college in the '90s, you heard of LUGs or BUGs. Those lesbians until graduation types though were going to private colleges (Sarah Lawrence, Haverford, Middlebury, etc) and from higher socioeconomic homes for anyone in their family to discuss it. Your prole friends would look at those girls as lame or weird, especially the prole girls. Angelina Jolie talking about being bisexual helped it along, but eventually, the same sex experimentation found its way down market. Now if you have a female relative go off to college the default assumption is that she'd hook up once with a girl or even have a short fling with a woman.

In contrast to this, you can destroy or stop something by associating it with low status people. This is the progressive media method. If the reality of gays and their behavior were shown, no one would support it, but alas, it is not. Going on offense aganst the poly push, one could set up a secular sounding institute, "Civilization Research and Security". This institute could spend some cash and commission some surveys of people about their views of poly behavior and even try to get a decent sample of poly people (might be a good thing to seek out). Due to the mass ignorance about percentages, weight and whatnot, you could present poly people as overweight, middle to lower earners, smokers (of what we would not say) and anything that in our current culture is considered low status. Associate poly with low status, note that no brownie points will be earned by supporting such uncouth individuals, and you will not get the big swing to supporting poly acceptance. "Who wants to support those losers" is what the single women will think.

Over time, the status ding evaporates, allowing lower status people to openly flaunt a deviancy without the fear of sliding down the status ladder. Someone higher status must exhibit the behavior in order for them to claim that X does it too, so why can't I? Some movements are ground up, and other movements are top down. America is a supposedly classless society yet it still does have classes, and no one wants to fall down the totem pole. Humans are a social animal, and few want to be the prime mover and risk the diminished rank in the herd. If you want to know where deviancy is heading, do not look to the masses, look at the Lifestyle section of the New York Times and the "Science of Us" in New York Magazine.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Social Matter - They Stripped Marriage Of Its Sacredness To Sell Gay Marriage

New post is up at Social Matter. Go read it there!

The top-down imposition of gay marriage is now in the rearview mirror for America’s leftward drift. Will it grant legitimacy to such unions?
No. Legitimacy comes from widespread acceptance, not from imposition. Negative referendums, brow-beating by the media and volunteer thought police and five Supreme Court justices are not the sign of widespread acceptance. William Safire was right over a decade ago when he wrote that this gay marriage push was all over one word “marriage” and the legitimacy and approval that it granted. Those shocked at how fast this all happened may point to gay propaganda, but it is not just that. The media and academia smeared marriage long enough to remove the sacredness of the institution.
Someone complaned about comment policing there. It's a bit stiffer there than here where I let all y'all comment on or off topic.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Last Week's Social Matter Post + Preview for This Week's 7

Last week at Social Matter, I tackled the collegiate system of corruption, crime and rape that Sabrina Erdely skipped over to invent a fake story at UVA.

This week, I'm going to discuss how the support for gay marriage changed but we should not be as surprised by the change due to overlooked polls and a discarded idea. In lockstep with the gay "just like us" propaganda, there was another propaganda element at work: the smear job on and desacralization of marriage.

When reading Sabrina Erdely’s rationale behind her UVA story, one might be struck by how often she said she hunted for the right school, the right situation, and the right victim. This was when she was being lauded by the media for her reporting on fictional rapes on broken glass. In reality, Erdely was looking for the perfect geographic setting and perfect villain to push The Narrative. Erdely did not have to search hard or look far to find rape, a culture that protects criminals, and systemic protection for criminals from petty theft to rape. This storm of factors is found on many college campuses. All she had to do was investigate college sports programs and the police departments that work with the school.

There is a level of stupidity exhibited by professional athletes that makes the common man wonder just how retarded they are. Get in a gun fight in a parking lot, rape women in public bathrooms, punch your wife in the face in an elevator in front of security cameras. CSI is almost twenty-years-old; they are going to catch you. It does not start there though. These idiots with lower than average intelligence or future time orientation always think someone is going to clean up after them and make it go away. It starts young, and no clearer explanation is the collegiate sports system.

Outside the Lines released a report on athletes at several universities, crime, and the curious lack of convictions or even prosecutions. The universities protect these athletes, and it is not hard to see why. They are an investment. They are an asset. These guys perform well and sell tickets to put butts in the seats. Schools make a ton of tax-free money. It is breathtaking to read about the speed that a university moves to protect these guys in the form of compliance from local law enforcement and legal defense help that is just one phone call away. Contrast this with the hounding that one reads in rape accusation stories across America for regular guys.

There is a system in place to suppress crimes. There is a system in place to protect guys who get in grey situations or actually commit crimes. It is the nexus of local law enforcement, universities, sports fans, and the local economy. The finish to the Outside the Lines involves the Jameis Winston case, and it’s fantastic because it wraps this all up, exposing how corrupt all participants are:
State Attorney Willie Meggs in Tallahassee said he understands why victims would be unwilling to come forward, having felt some of the fan backlash himself when his office decided on the Jameis Winston case.
“I had people writing me saying that they hope my daughter and my wife got raped, and just all of those kinds of things for not doing this, and then I had people writing me saying, ‘You’re going to cost us a national championship, and you’re just evil, and you hate athletes,'” he said.
When the Tallahassee Police Department took an unusual step of turning an ESPN public records request — which contained the reporter’s email address and cellphone number — into a press release and posting it online on Christmas Eve, hundreds of Florida State fans responded to the reporter with harassing phone calls, emails, texts and social media posts, including many of a sexual and threatening nature. (Tallahassee police said the publication of the request followed departmental procedure, yet no other requests have been publicized in a similar fashion.)
One of the reports received from that request was an incident from July 2011, in which a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend, a Florida State basketball player, had broken into her apartment in Tallahassee. Police noted evidence of destruction and a voicemail suggesting the athlete had been there. The woman told police she simply wanted her ex-boyfriend to leave her alone and she did not want to pursue charges, the report states: “She has a great deal of concern that her name will end up in the news.”
Rolling Stone could not be bothered to look at these campus rapes. Rolling Stone could not be bothered to look at these privileged students. These men are mostly–if not all–black, so they are progressive allies. These routine cover-ups or brush-offs by the universities and local police departments are the tailor-made villains for a rape panic piece. This system of cover-ups is a college system, but also the result of gigantic media rights deals. Sold out stadiums make schools plenty of money, but the money they get from network television deals bankrolls quite a bit on campus.

That actually is a piece of media complicity that they want to avoid. The media often sells the games not on the game itself as much as the players. CBS carries the SEC and must have cried tears of joy when Tim Tebow said he would come back for his senior year. Media entities start coverage for these guys when they are teens in high school, building your investment in the players and teams as blue chip recruits. Fans grow attached and follow players coming in to wear their alma mater’s colors. If they report on the players’ little positive odds and ends there will always be a market for the reporting of negative stories for opposing fans to enjoy. The entire SEC cheers when LSU sees five players arrested in the same week in separate incidents. To discuss the full story of many of these players would be a man behind the curtain moment. The Outside the Lines report is only on several teams, but how many other criminals are out there that the media is spotlighting as a guy to cheer for?

The sickest part of it might be the fans. I have no love for journalists, but fans threatening journalists investigating Winston is pathetic and insane. It is a sports program. What the hell is wrong with humans who sublimate feelings of identity into cheering for men wearing the right laundry? This is the sports version of the Volunteer Thought Police. These harassing fans are a semi-formal group of true believers threatening violence at anyone who opposes the team. This is like an Internet SA, so let’s call them the Brown Jerseys. The final paragraph lays part of the blame at fans feet.
Gainesville’s Officer Tobias said “everyone” is at fault for athletes having such leverage.”It’s the fault of the athletes, it’s the fault of the victims, it’s the fault of society, it’s the fault of the media, because everyone paints this picture and holds athletes up on a pedestal sometimes and we all are making them invincible,” he said. “The fans are making them invincible, and the victims themselves, they look up to them at the same time. So to think that they can be victimized by this person is sometimes a reach for them.”
This is a sick system, and you are a part of it. While a touch off in gender relations, Sayyid Qutb, early leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, found the American male obsession with sports in the ’50s absurd and repugnant. What would he say now?

America’s broad patriotic identification was replaced by consumer culture and possibly now by entertainment culture. Sports have morphed from amateur exhibitions to become sports entertainment, so it follows that an empty vessel like modern, American masculinity would be filled with frivolous pursuits. They are just men who play a children’s game. Your investment, time and dollars make it worth billions. Just because a school wants a few extra million, a few extra wins, and a little more prestige, it’s selling out its students and soul for temporary student-athletes. Who am I kidding? They aren’t student-athletes. They’re criminal-athletes… and they have a wide network of enablers from the Dean on down to the fan with the painted face in row eighteen.