Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spike Lee's Lack of Historical Awareness

Spike Lee recently ranted about gentrification in New York City. It gave Huffpo a hard on. Several writers (Sailer, Vox, etc.) have commented on it, using it as ammunition in the immigration debate. His words make sense from an immigration cessation standpoint. Even though I support using his words against prog ideas, this should be about the truly, breath-takingly amazing levels of ignorance for the history of American cities that Spike Lee displays with his rant. The history that "Slaughter of the Cities" covers in 800 pages but the media can't be bothered to discuss. Let us look at his rant. Lee in black, bold italics (he'd want it that way), SOBL in regular font and indented where I could for commentary.

LEE: Here’s the thing: I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in New York. It’s changed. And why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better? The garbage wasn’t picked up every motherfuckin’ day when I was living in 165 Washington Park. P.S. 20 was not good. P.S. 11. Rothschild 294. The police weren’t around. When you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers, three o’clock in the morning on 125th Street, that must tell you something.

Wow. Black World: where mothers feeling safe to push baby strollers at 3am is a bad sign. Facilities got better because the city pulled in a ton of tax revenue from the growth of the financial and real estate sectors and a massive increase in tourism revenue due to Mayor Giuliani's clean-up and Bloomberg's continuation of policies that you detest so much as to make entire films hating on the cops. Samuel L. Jackson ad-libbed in the terrible Shaft remake when he was going to crack a bad guy's skull "It's Giuliani time!", mocking the tough police tactics, but without them, crime would not be at all time lows. Municipal budgets need tax revenue after the debt markets say no mas. It was a crisis in the '70s like right during your Summer of Sam movie. Check it out.

LEE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. And even more. Let me kill you some more. Not yet. Then comes the motherfuckin’ Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart. There were brothers playing motherfuckin’ African drums in Mount Morris Park for 40 years and now they can’t do it anymore because the new inhabitants said the drums are loud. My father’s a great jazz musician. He bought a house in nineteen-motherfuckin’-sixty-eight, and the motherfuckin’ people moved in last year and called the cops on my father. He’s not — he doesn’t even play electric bass! It’s acoustic! We bought the motherfuckin’ house in nineteen-sixty-motherfuckin’-eight and now you call the cops? In 2013? Get the fuck outta here!

Your dad is a great jazz musician like my dad is a great baseball mind, from his son's point of view. Why do you think your dad bought a home in Brooklyn in '68? The city was tanking. Look at the films of that era and beyond? Does NYC look welcoming. Spike's dad bought his home as Brooklyn turned for the worse to become the boiling pot of racial strife that would mark all of Spike's early films. No one called the cops on your dad before because far worse shit happened in Brooklyn.

LEE: Nah. You can’t do that. You can’t just come in the neighborhood and start bogarting and say, like you’re motherfuckin’ Columbus and kill off the Native Americans. Or what they do in Brazil, what they did to the indigenous people. You have to come with respect. There’s a code. There’s people.
You can’t just — here’s another thing: When Michael Jackson died they wanted to have a party for him in motherfuckin’ Fort Greene Park and all of a sudden the white people in Fort Greene said, “Wait a minute! We can’t have black people having a party for Michael Jackson to celebrate his life. Who’s coming to the neighborhood? They’re gonna leave lots of garbage.” Garbage? Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like the motherfuckin’ Westminster Dog Show. There’s 20,000 dogs running around. Whoa. So we had to move it to Prospect Park!

You can't just come in here. What the fuck do you think getting section 8 to live in a neighborhood is? It's getting someone with a money printer and gun to force a neighborhood to allow you in. What hell is with the Brazil reference? Someone vacation there recently? White mothers with strollers at 3am, 20,000 dogs at Fort Greene Park... dog whistle racism. Stop mocking my people's culture of walking their dogs and/or their babies. Sorry we aren't teaching them curse words, filming it and posting it on WSHH.

LEE: I mean, they just move in the neighborhood. You just can’t come in the neighborhood. I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here. Can’t do that!

Hey Bull Connor. Reverse races and have a white guy say this in any US city in mid-20th century America and he is the villain of a civil rights crusade movie. Fuck you Spike. Ask Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati and other cities how they felt about a group of people who came in and bogarted. Imagine, Spike, if your fellow blacks had moved into white neighborhoods and shown respect and not changed the neighborhood.

LEE: And then! [to audience member] Whoa whoa whoa. And then! So you’re talking about the people’s property change? But what about the people who are renting? They can’t afford it anymore! You can’t afford it. People want live in Fort Greene. People wanna live in Clinton Hill. The Lower East Side, they move to Williamsburg, they can’t even afford fuckin’, motherfuckin’ Williamsburg now because of motherfuckin’ hipsters. What do they call Bushwick now? What’s the word? [Audience: East Williamsburg]
That’s another thing: Motherfuckin’… These real estate motherfuckers are changing names! Stuyvestant Heights? 110th to 125th, there’s another name for Harlem. What is it? What? What is it? No, no, not Morningside Heights. There’s a new one. [Audience: SpaHa] What the fuck is that? How you changin’ names?

Afford it? What do you think the white ethnics and middle class of Boston did when forced bus rides was rammed through? They couldn't afford Boston Latin so they packed up for the suburbs. Invisible tax because per the previous paragraph, your peeps bogarted and couldn't respect a culture that had been laid down for generations.

LEE: And we had the crystal ball, motherfuckin’ Do the Right Thing with John Savage’s character, when he rolled his bike over Buggin’ Out’s sneaker. I wrote that script in 1988. He was the first one. How you walking around Brooklyn with a Larry Bird jersey on? You can’t do that. Not in Bed Stuy.
So, look, you might say, “Well, there’s more police protection. The public schools are better.” Why are the public schools better? First of all, everybody can’t afford — even if you have money it’s still hard to get your kids into private school. Everybody wants to go to Saint Ann’s — you can’t get into Saint Ann’s. You can’t get into Friends. What’s the other one? In Brooklyn Heights. Packer. If you can’t get your child into there … It’s crazy. There’s a business now where people — you pay — people don’t even have kids yet and they’re taking this course about how to get your kid into private school. I’m not lying! If you can’t get your kid into private school and you’re white here, what’s the next best thing? All right, now we’re gonna go to public schools.
So, why did it take this great influx of white people to get the schools better? Why’s there more police protection in Bed Stuy and Harlem now? Why’s the garbage getting picked up more regularly? We been here!

Funny how the schools get better as better students go to them. Bloomberg fired how many teachers in all his reforms in the NYPS? 1. Spike, I'm sorry, but when blacks moved into cities 50 years ago they were dealing with middle class and poor whites who were not aligned with the wealthy. These whites moving in are wealthy. They'll get what they want. This is why Portland, Oregon's southwest side did not create cheap, affordable housing for the section 8 crowd, but the eastside had to. It's a game, and newsflash, the elite progressives found new racial lockstep voters for swing states to tilt the board their way despite going even further left (I bet you hate this gay shit, too) who commit less crime and generally beat the shit out of blacks in every socioeconomic measure: Hispanics.

LEE: All right, go ahead. Let’s see you come back to that.

Spike, I get it. All the hype that your peeps would run prosperous cities if only those evil southerners were taught a lesson was a lie. You have one group power, pull the lever 90% of the time for Democrats. Sucks to face that. You're a black man in a nation where the only positive black outlet for achievement out of the hood is sports. You look in the mirror and you see a weaselly, little guy who looks like a child when he puts on his authentic Knicks jersey and sits in the front row. I've viewed your filmography. Besides television commercials, all the successful black businessmen in America are in your films. The progression moves from black guy from NYC making semi-autobiographical films of things he knows well like living on da mean streetz, the '70s, blackness to self indulgent wish fulfillment for the creator's fragile little ego.

She Hate Me (From Wikipedia)

John Henry "Jack" Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) is a financially successful and upwardly mobile executive at a biotechnology firm who, following the suicide of a colleague, Dr. Herman Schiller, is falsely accused of securities fraud by his superior, Leland Powell (Woody Harrelson). Armstrong's assets are frozen, and he finds himself unable to maintain his quality of life.

In order to make ends meet, he becomes a sperm donor, initially by acquiescing to the desires of Fatima Goodrich (Kerry Washington), his ex-fiancée who came out as a lesbian and now wants a child. Although there is still unresolved bitterness and tension between them over Armstrong and Goodrich's prior relationship, she and her girlfriend, Alex Guerrero (Dania Ramirez), offer him a substantial sum of money to impregnate them both. This leads to Goodrich goading Armstrong into establishing a business in which groups of lesbians come over to his house and pay him $10,000 each to have sex with them in order to become pregnant.

Holy fuck dude. You named him John Henry. A wealthy social climbing black guy at a BIOTECHNOLOGY firm! Evil white superior falsely accuses him of a crime! Lesbians (all gorgeous) come out of the woodworks for his precious genetic coding to have children. >Stop laughing< Women of all races! $10,000 each for what they can get much cheaper at a fertility clinic. >Stop laughing< In the movie, the lesbians still have sex with him as if they will conceive immediately. >Stop laughing< I'll pitch a script of me as a CIA agent who moonlights as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys when not pulling 5 ways with Victoria's Secret models, and it's not as ludicrous sounding or as much of an indulgence of my vanity. Damn man, even ol cpuples don't pay Ivy League girls 10K for an egg to have a kid.

You haven't done shit in years. Go home to the bridge you guard or get back to turning straw into gold. Read up on some history and take your horn rimmed glasses off before you shove your head up your ass next time. Please, Hollywood producers, find some Hispanic directors just to get bitter assholes like Lee and John Singleton out of the discussion when the media has to talk minority directors.

Quiet Ukrainian Story

It is good enough for the drug cartels. It was a haven for Gaddafy. Mubarak had some cash there. What am I talking about? The money management skills of the American FIRE economic geniuses. Simon Black has a short blurb on how FinCen sent an email to banks all over America about the Ukraine's Yanukovych and his hoard of money in American eelctronic vaults. This won't get much play but the irony is worth an eye roll. Yanukovych had the boys at American banks happy for the money he sent their way to play with. The moment he signs an economic agreement with Russi, giving Europe the stiff arm, out come the American jackals. A purely spontaneous revolution later and oh my God, look, the Ukrainians are pivoting back to Europe.

Ukraine had elected government. Opposition was jailed for corruption crimes. They sign one goddamn deal with Russia and the Soros boys send in the jackals. Yanukovych's millions were fine to play with, but billions in debt is the bigger prize. Our government officials were caught on tape scheming this up, yet the complicit media ignores that overt involvement. Now if Russia makes any moves, they are portrayed as the aggressor. Burn the system down. Seriously, let's review pieces of the polygon or cathedral.

Banks, IMF, financial interests angry the Ukraine won't shift billions in their liquidity loop. #BankVector
State Dept and CIA helps agitators on the streets. #StateVector #SecurityVector
Media calls it organic protests. #MediaVector
State gets busted for being imperialist schemers.
Media ignores that and then reports on instability.
Ratings agencies (lackeys of big banks/USG) cut Ukraine's debt ratings and CDS skyrockets making borrowing next to impossible and sparking financial panic. #BankVector
Someone magically breaks into the Interior Ministry building, capturing guns.
Victory! Great team effort by the cathedral.

As a history lover, there is something absurd watching progressives cheer this blatant externally controlled coup. These progressives throw the 1953 Iranian coup in the face of anyone for US meddling. President Obama implied the coup when he mentioned the US interfering in Iranian affairs in the past on one of his apology tours. That coup is murky because the Soviet records report on Mossadegh being a pajama wearing Hamlet who many institutions did not like. The Soviets claimed the US built the coup theory to pump up their effectiveness and project all knowing intelligence. The US still has to apologize for it. This Ukrainian coup is the same if not worse. Who whom?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

German Moves vs. Euro

The euro was supposedly saved in 2012 by massive money printing. If massive money printing is required and needed at the ready, then is it really saved or death just delayed? I vote for death just delayed. Moves make it look like Germany agrees with that point of view. While many pundits wrote in 2011 and 2012 about a possibly Greek exit from the euro (Grexit), a few others wrote about a possible German exit (Gerxit). Havign written recently on German-Anglo tension, it is safe to say Germany sees the game changing and is moving for next steps.

In "The Trumpet" link above, the talk is of a German court sheathing the money printing sword the ECB has held, preventing euro meltdown since 2012. It is serious business in the eyes of that writer. It is really a claim to sovereignty as the Germans do view that court as a proper authority. If the ECB or a trasnational authority overrules it or tosses the decision aside, it could set up a constitutional crisis for an area with no formal constitution. Timed right, this would be a crisis as nationalist feelings are enflamed. They are now, but give it a couple of years and more national failures, and the flames will be roaring.

This move is interesting and shows the writer's myopia and faith in the system by ending with "a full blown crisis is now inevitable, and that crisis will force Europe to unite like never before". The writer never considers the possibility that the Greater Europe project will end or regress; always moving in one direction. Just looking at Germany's moves would paint a different picture. Germany is pulling its gold home. Not just from the US but from the UK and France. The trust is gone. France is sliding into basket case status with Spain, Italy and Greece already reliant on the global wave of monetary printing to stay afloat. In all of these European set ups for bailouts, France and Italy have to kick money into the kitty for Spain and Greece. What happens when they can't? More stress on Germany, Netherlands and prudent nations? This is a lose-lose situation for Germany. The writer of that essay could look at Germany pulling in gold and blocking more bailouts as a move to force a crisis and unite all of Europe.

That is one way of looking at it, and even the author failed to account for the gold moves or German attitudes. Other views could be Germany wants to physically hold their gold because they know the other nations have "lost" theirs in the great global gold leasing game. If a crisis comes and Germany is a gold superpower with their holdings, they can write the rules of any new euro set up and kick members out. No more Mediterranean free riding. Germany may also be collecting their gold for an eventual exit from the euro if, or when, the ECB and eurocrats overrule their court. Considering the debt ratios, the thing that saved Britain vs. the PIIGS in the financial crisis was that they were out of the euro. It's not like Germans are high on immigration or the euro right now.

At some point, the Germans must calculate how nearly everyone else is enjoying lower interest rates by hooking onto the German freight train. Germany needs markets for their goods, but there will be other markets to sell to if they only freed themselves from being an American province (Russia, China, etc.). The author only sees one direction: more centralization. This does not have to be the case. Ruling regimes do what it takes to stay in power. Merkel and company must see the writing on the wall for the dollar and by extension the euro. Just looking at Germany's statements and moves in synthesis would lead one to a different field entirely, btu the media does not want that. More centralization, more power in fewer hands, more control by eurocrats, and never consider that what has been done by progressives can be undone.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Already Pay For Maternity Leave

The list of gimmedats from the 21st century feminist agitator grows. It never is enough. Most feminists in 1965 would be amazed at free birth control, a society that protects abortion rights, no fault divorce, child support for illegitimate kids but there would be just one who would be pissed and want more. That is where we are today. The steady drum beat but in the background is the problematic situation of no paid maternity leave for American women. This is part of the distressing wage gap, which when viewed in foreign nations with maternity leaves proves not to be a fix. The media frames this as a failure in American policy, but the secret is that you already pay for maternity leave.

If you live in California (oldest, richest program), New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Hawaii, you pay for paid maternity leave. You have done so for decades. Note that the Huffpo link is careful to say the US has no program but some states have cash benefits. Because cash benefits is somehow different that payments from the government. There are roughly 70 million Americans in those states listed above, which is over 20% of America. These programs treat the birth of a child like an illness and routinely pay for 6 weeks of disability if natural and 8 weeks if a caesarian procedure was performed. The benefits are not the incredibly generous benefits of Europe, but California is 55% of weekly earnings, New Jersey 66 2/3%, and 58% in Hawaii. These plans are administered by bloated state agencies, but some states allow third party insurance providers to perform duties. Usually companies keep state plans with the state agencies because they are more generous with benefit payments and do not charge more for premiums from companies despite horrible cost overruns that may happen.

Some secondary effects that then cost everyone, not just those states' residents, are still with us today. Those laws were written decades ago when private sector unions had power. Those benefits had to be carried even if the employer was based in another state. Because of state mandated benefits in one state, union representatives had a shiny new object to use at the negotiating table. Pennsylvania manufacturers with New York and New Jersey exposure were stuck in a hard place. They provided private insurance to non-state mandated employees and passed the cost on to consumers. This contributed to the higher costs of American labor, giving the consultants more ammunition to outsource work to platform firms in Asia. If the annual cost just for insurance mandated by states equates to $200/year, you are taking about a large chunk of annual wages in third world nations. Vietnam, the cheapest labor out there, costs $0.39 per hour or $811 on a 40 hour workweek 52 weeks a year. That is a no brainer to a consultant with no loyalty to Americans nor any concept of quality.

Paid maternity leave is another gimmedat for women that will have negative effects on the nation as a whole. How many moms work anyway? How many would want to take 26 weeks off paid? I'm serious because we will be told this will help with closing the wage gap (not to help families bond), and we know the type of women who are going to put career advancement over their kids will not stay out for 26 weeks. They might miss a promotion. The entire private sector of employer paid disability insurance is going away as it is too cost prohibitive, with products like AFLAC replacing it. AFLAC is employee paid. The talk may be faint now, but it will grow. If you want to fight it, point out the programs already in place. We have soft forms of maternity leave now. Let us formalize them and break the system faster. After all, they have subsidized abortion, subsidized birth control and tax breaks for day care. We might as well pay them solely to sit at home and magically close the gap.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Killing Napster Created Today's Apple Inc.

The Internet is not a place but a tool. If it is a place, it is the mall with a porno theater out back. If traffic stats are to be believed, Netflix streaming takes up 25% of traffic at night and porn makes up 33% of traffic. Netflix does not stream porn, so roughly 50% of all traffic is video entertainment. Add in digital music, and the Internet is just a media distribution platform. Apple's ITunes has passed Walmart as the top music "store" in America. Napster was part of the Wild Wild West downloading era of the Internet. There were programs before it but none as awesome and simple for music downloading as Napster. Napster was killed by the music industry's stupidity. Apple and Napster are linked. In Napster's death, Apple was saved.

Napster was a file sharing program that allowed search and previewing of anything you typed in. It would find it somewhere if someone was sharing a file with that keyword. Obscure stuff, new releases, covers, live concerts, Napster had it all. This helped boost the mp3 player market, but when people bought mp3 players, there was that "will they outlaw mp3s or no?" concern. In their arrogance and forgetting the boost the industry saw after the invention of the recording tape player, the music industry unleashed the hounds on Napster. It felt like it was over before it really took off. This was all in early 2001. Because the music industry has no soul, they went after individuals for illegal file-sharing, taking grandmothers to the cleaners for hundreds of thousands if not millions in headline grabbing damage awards. Napster was dead and people were afraid. There were also viruses if you used those dirty illegal file sharing programs.

At the same time that Napster was dying, Apple rolled out ITunes. In late 2001, Apple rolled out the Ipod. It was classic Apple: expensive, for a price insensitive market, stylish and destined to be awesome but fail. Sure it stored 1,000 or 10,000 songs, but where would you get them, man, mp3s were illegal man, and the file sharing systems were dirty. The genius move was in mid-2003 signing deals with record labels to set up the ITunes store. Proof the efficient market theory is crap is looking at Apple's stock price in 2001 through 2003. Here was a company on the ground floor of having a monopoly on a new technology and the share price bounced around $10/share for three years. It is over $500 now. Want a time machine? I do.

Steve Jobs and crew knew that the mp3 technology would not be denied so they tapped into a feeling that many people who were not part of Napster's early adopter users but the greater market would want: a cheap way to download music legally and not get in trouble. Like buying weed from a licensed seller in Colorado vs. getting it cheaper from a dealer, many will take the sanctioned route if it keeps them out of trouble for a little bit more. Jobs was even smarter in making every download $0.99. Locking in the price screwed the record industry because they could not slot different singles, but it was great for the middleman and consumer. Come on man, it's not even a buck a song, just use ITunes. Jobs also tapped into America's longing for consumer products that marked status and "cool". Celebrities were photographed with those white ear buds before you bought one. That's not a coincidence. Somehow Apple dominated the mp3 player market with over 90% share yet the Department of Justice never cracked down on them.

This might be too much of a reach, but read this 1996 interview with Steve Jobs. See if his webobjects talk sounds familiar (bolding is mine).

Jobs: There are three parts to the Web. One is the client, the second is the pipes, and the third is the servers. 
On the client side, there's the browser software. In the sense of making money, it doesn't look like anybody is going to win on the browser software side, because it's going to be free. And then there's the typical hardware. It's possible that some people could come out with some very interesting Web terminals and sell some hardware.  
On the pipe side, the RBOCs are going to win. In the coming months, you're going to see a lot of them offering a service for under $25 a month. You get ISDN strung into your den, you get a little box to hook it into your PC, and you get an Internet account, which is going to be very popular. The RBOCs are going to be the companies that get you on the Web. They have a vested interest in doing that. They'd like to screw the cable companies; they'd like to preserve the customers. This is all happening right now. You don't see it. It's under the ground like the roots of a tree, but it's going to spring up and you're going to see this big tree within a few years.   
As for the server market, companies like Sun are doing a nice business selling servers. But with Web server software, no one company has more than a single-digit market share yet. Netscape sells hardly any, because you can get free public-domain software and it's very good. Some people say that it's even better than what you can buy.  
Our company decided that people are going to layer stuff above this very simple Web server to help others build Web applications, which is where the bottleneck is right now. There's some real opportunity there for making major contributions and a lot of money. That's what WebObjects is all about. 
What other opportunities are out there? 
Jobs: Who do you think will be the main beneficiary of the Web? Who wins the most?   
People who have something -  
Jobs: To sell!  
To share.  
Jobs: To sell!  
You mean publishing?
Jobs: It's more than publishing. It's commerce. People are going to stop going to a lot of stores. And they're going to buy stuff over the Web!

What Steve Jobs described was his company working on a means to offer a platform for people to sell goods and buy goods using applications. His company would help them write these applications. Jobs was already looking to figure out how to create something that would be a middleman nexus between consumers and producers. He saw the Web becoming the new Mall. He knew transactions would come, and like MasterCard, he wanted a processing fee. Like a real estate developer, he wanted consumers' buying attention and mindspace. In the interview, Jobs spouts criticism of education system inertia and the coming consumer scrapping of desktops.

The Ipod created the cool branding. Apple had to know with technology gains, it would be no time before others created Ipod competitors and could undercut them on price. They would either have to innovate or see margins shrink. The Ipod family was still the gorilla in the market, but it was an awfully steep price to buy the gorilla. As cell phones offered mp3 playing technology, the cell phones would erode the Ipod mp3 player market. Apple struck back with the Iphone. It became the cool thing to have because Apple had cornered the market on cool technology with Ipod mania. Jobs had a zombie market of brand loyal consumers to then create his webobject or app marketplace. The Iphone tapping into the web and having apps is your shopping guide, store and if digital, tool for using the product.

Let me offer a counterfactual for a second. In the year 2000, the recording industry tells Metallica to shut their has been mouths up. The music industry convenes a meeting. With this new mp3 technology, they will not be able to charge $21.99 for Mariah Carey album releases. What to do? A young research analyst stands up and explains an idea.

Gentlemen, and I use it loosely you sick bastards, we have an opportunity here. This cute little system that these two brothers dreamed up is a potential market research tool that we could not top. Don't kill Napster. Buy these guys out. In fact, these guys may be the ones to write code that would add new features, so let's keep them on for R&D. Think of it. We have every user library, tastes, searches, and if we install a player into the program, we can tell what they play and how often they play it. We have a research tool that is also a distribution network. As new users adopt this, they will be less techie and more normie. In two years, a middle aged woman is going to join Napster. After her 10th download of James Taylor for 99 cents, we'll send her a free 30 secs of the new version of him, John Mayer, for $2.99. She likes Carly Simon, we got new versions of her, too. Mariah's getting fat. We can substitute that Beyoncé girl for her through this system to girls everywhere. We can set the singles at whatever we want. Some rocker dies, jack up his singles. It'll be billions I tell you billions!
Applause. The music industry buys out Napster, keeps the system free, and markets it a synthesis of the old timey jukebox with a information highway search engine. The music industry's sales still drop but not as much since digital downloads are their domain. Pricing them cheap enough while simultaneously going after illegal downloads protects their turf. Apple never gets the ITunes monopoly. The Ipod is an expensive gadget for some wealthier users, tech gadget geeks and music lovers. Apple's stock stays around $10 for a decade. Blackberry stays alive for a while longer. Steve Jobs dies of cancer, and no one gives a shit but his friends and family.

I can see it happening, but it would have taken vision and imagination on the music industry's part. If Napster stays alive, there may have been challengers. The industry may have worked through an initial agreement, then developed their own competing programs to beat up on one another. Would Apple Inc. have died? No. There is always a market for high end products, and Jobs would have reached his webobjects/apps idea some way. Would Apple Inc. be the monstrosity it is today with half a trillion market cap? No, and everyone you know today who is an Apple aficionado would be a little less annoying today. It all started with grabbing one monopoly and a new technology at the same time... and the destruction of an actual program that embodied the romanticized, free spirit version of the web that we all wish was still around.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Debate Tips

With some media attention, a tiny sliver of curious members of the media or pundit class have attempted to engage the neoreactionary or dark enlightenment crowd. One member of that crowd has decided to engage back with comical results, but did set up one of those online debates like you can see performed on "Blogging Heads". The debate was between Noah Smith, who I was going to crack a joke on but then he wrote a nice post where he properly stated how "beta male" is being used where it should be "omega male" (kudos Noah), and Michael Anissimov who has really perked up activity with the slightest of media attention. The debate was kind of ho-hum, but here's some tips for Anissimov if he wants to lead the parade. I'm serious because it does matter.

1. Do you even lift bro?

There are great, free resources out there to help you lift. My simple blog's "working out" tag has most of my routines. They can help you fill out and improve your posture. Looking for the debate, I saw this online (other videos as well). Posture and voice, Mike, work on it. Pro tip: hold red wine by the bulb, white by the stem. The physical component is important as debates, sadly, are scored mentally on visual cues and messaging. Watch a "Blogging Heads" debate and those foolish reporters mae huge facial tics that end up affecting a viewer. When Nixon debated Kennedy, radio listeners claimed Nixon the victor of the debate. Television viewers claimed Kennedy the winner. One was tanned and rested; the other pale and had a 5 o'clock shadow. Guess who was who. Nixon learned a lesson, and his team created one of the greatest television campaigns of all time in 1968. It matters. No one wants to follow a wimp.

2. Talk to a speech therapist

You have to lose, or minimize, the vocal fry and uptalk. Speech therapists or vocal coaches can help you. Maybe just start with exercises of a low, deep "noooooo" to help get better control of your diaphragm (high pitched pageant contestant told me that one). This will then help you sound more confident, less pansy. Barack Obama off the cuff sounds like a soft spoken nerd, but on the stump ROUNDS OUT his words and speaks much louder and more forceful to sound like what a white person thinks a stereotypical black preacher speaks like. He was coached on that. It helped blacken him up for non-black audiences who wouldn't see through the BS. This is important because no one wants to follow a wimp, and unfortunately, people discount the views of a wuss.

3. Change your attitude/methods

I watched that debate and wondered, "what a pussy in real life, where's the Twitter tough guy". Hey you know the dickish, hollow arrogance you slather your tweets and posts on anyone who may have sympathetic views but is not exactly a fey monarchist? You claimed to be trolling after getting served which is again, a sign of weakness, stay tough and own it. Take that arrogant, dickish attitude and use it in your debates with the normies. Say your views with confidence like anyone would be an idiot not to believe them. Progs do it, so give it right back to them. Get tough. When Noah made claims about diverse countries being more stable, why not hammer him with the studies on trust evaporating as diversity increases, the outcome of Rhodesia and South Africa, heck African ethnic tribal diversity or how the diverse rainbow republics are so new we cannot judge them yet but the fraying does not support them? Weird how you couldn't pounce on him like you would, for example, Matt Forney taking a shot at you. Even when offered the soft ball of how things are worse or better, you could have cribbed from Dalrock's long list of social decay points to explain why things are worse and Jim's posts on technological stagnation. Your own post on crime rates; throw in plea bargaining as a way of hiding crime. Even just asking back a simple, "what is the point of the USG and how does it aid US society at large?" could have opened a box of discussion points that would reveal how lost the West is and psychopathic the progs are with their governance vector always being for greater power and securing power. Even the decay of Social Security's implementation in the '30s vs. Obamacare would be a nice way to discuss how completely messed up everything is even with the progs firmly in control. As NRx, we point out problems with modernity, but are less strong on proactive solutions. Push exit for individuals. Push secession for states or bring up thedish identities to create communities. Allow Noah his progtopia while you have a monarchy. Proclaim your ideas and beliefs as truth if you truly believe in them. Harden the fuck up.

4. Learn from the PUA guys

All blogging, social media et cetera is bullshit in some regard as we craft digital selves to project. The PUAs take it to a new level. The PUA guys are marketing themselves in every single thing they do, and most just rip off Roosh anyway. They have to be on show 24/7 because who in their right mind would waste fucking time going to their sites if they didn't have new material and project an image that lemmings could view as "successful with da wimmenz, me want to be like him". There is an honesty to it even if it is all for show and unverifiable. At least they are diving into the image head first. Having given enough presentations and speeches in front of clients (separate them from $) and coworkers (align with me), it's not just what you are selling but you yourself that is being sold. A fey, weak speaker will be valued less. He, or she, will not even spark interest in the marginal types that become philosophical groupies.

5. Learn from Internet teenagers

Everything you do on the Internet is there forever. Say a new journalist gets curious on NRx or Darken ideas, and you deploy your full arsenal of communications mediums to make contact and get some PR. A journalist will look at that debate and use it as background for how they will frame you.

That last part is key because how they frame you will be how they frame NRx and the Dark Enlightenment. Good luck with the next debate or interview.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Movie Idea: Down Slope of Fame

Have we had a good "fame: the destroyer" flick recently? Hollywood probably does not want one of those films since they need to sell every kid on the idea that they can be famous and should seek fame and adoration from as wide an audience as possible. "A Star is Born" has been made multiple times and "Cabaret" had at its heart a woman who will sacrifice everything for her freedom to sing at a Wiemar jazz joint that slowly loses its identity, letting in the Nazis they once tossed out. HBO had a run where their television series seemed all Hollywood focused with "Curb Your Enthusiasm", the Lisa Kudrow vehicle, the Ricky Gervais thing that did not take off (side note: Ricky Gervais does only one thing well), so self parody is present, but it's never dark. "That Thing You Do" was an underrated film, but I want dark. Maybe we do not need a dramatic version of this tale because US Weekly and People document the decline of stars big and small for everyone to witness. I'd still love to see a movie about a small star's decline.

"Long Way Down"

Let's take a female pop product with a #1 song. One hit wonder. Good thing about Hollywood is they can find actresses 28 who look 18, like Gabrielle Union 15 years ago or Ashley Greene and Anna Kendrick today, so they can age with the film's storyline. The movie could start with those E! or Entertainment Tonight C bloc reports about her hit tearing up the charts. Stage shows are lackluster with fans only reacting to the one hit. Bumping coke or adderall after performances to numb the shitty fan reactions. We need declining venues with the Allegheny County Fair rejecting her asking price for an appearance. The hit runs out, which her agent tries to solve with a sham marriage to a gay rapper as a beard. More coke or adderall. Then there's the divorce and sexy relaunch with a sex tape or crotch shots. Partying gets out of hand. Arrest for drugs that is brushed off as accidental misunderstanding. New single flops.

Nothing works. Time passes. She still has devoted random fans. Money is a problem. Agent then offers her new work. She goes into the sexual black market playing on her fame. Let's get a first move with a handsome, older producer who dug her legs or whatever and has pull but more importantly, coke/adderall for the night and as a parting gift. She gets paid but no role, surprising her. Agent sets up more dates like this, and the quality declines as the quantity rises. Agent slowly loses physical presence as more roughs enter her life shuttling her around California (Russkis, Armenians, etc.). Have to hit rock bottom with some "Requiem for a Dream" A2A type scene (or just BDSM looking at 50 Shades' popularity) for some Silicon Valley rich nerd who obsessed over her years ago and plays her #1 hit the entire time she's "performing". Go really dark. Maybe have her crumpled up addicted in a decent apartment going to whatever with her agent now only a voice that calls her, eventually just a name next to texts.

Because viewers often have a hard tie with dark movies that just slide into ever depressing moments (like "Requiem"), how about twist the ending with her agent offering her a big payoff gig that will set her up, but she'll need to clean up. She accepts, maybe she's on heroin by this time. Violent break in at her place is really her agent's stooges bringing her to a rehab facility. Signs papers with one more single recording slipped in there. She cleans up. Meets guy. Goes through sober, marriage, pregnancy and new, mature album release. Makes diddly squat and is shell of former self with a good husband who treats her like an ASPCA rescued dog. Album pops and drops. Interviews are clean living. Agent stops contacting her. She's used up. Turns 30 at the end but look and feel 50. maybe we don't need these movies because we see it in the tabloids often enough, but I'd love to see a dark drama that fleshed out the things tucked in dark corners.

Liz Phair wouldn't sue right?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

WW1 Propaganda Posters

While America is in the midst of 150th anniversary hits for the Civil War (history geeks) and 50th anniversary TV specials for Boomer nostalgia (self-absorbed Boomers), how many people will mark the 100th anniversary of World War One, the Great War? I will. I have. It is the match that lit the 20th century flame. It is the end of the old order. The foolish generals in Europe did not understand mechanized warfare that the Americans first tasted at the end of the Civil War and would call for gallantry to overcome Krupp machine guns. Those horrors will be written about later. Let us take a look at old, positive propaganda posters that Americans, who had limited action in World War One, saw across their nation.

Pretty, ghost white maiden with all white soldiers

Questioning citizenship. 100% American.

Boy scout with a weapon!?!??!! Not gay.

Pretty, white Red Cross nurse

When the exotic immigrants were just other whites

Industrialization's effect on war. Brilliant imagery.

Pool sharks raised $ for soldiers. Today, any equivalent?

Look at nurse. Virgin Mary imagery: arms, headdress, stance, skirt

Smokes for the boys!

All fighting posters were for men, but women had a role, too. Non-fighting.
One hundred years, but it is like looking at a different nation. Not just the people and imagery that the posters want to reflect, but the passions, goals and ideas they want to support and endorse.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Lie of Body Type Acceptance

You see it on the news, on women's magazine covers and on Facebook timelines. "This is a curvy woman!", "My hourglass is full!", or "Real women have curves!", and yes, the exclamation points are always present. I have no argument with enjoying a curvy figure, but I mean curvy, not fat. I am also for body shape diversity, with love for slender pears, slender triangles, slender banana or ruler shaped women. Note I said slender because it is women's heart health month (go red). I live what I preach. What the media is engaging in is an odd simultaneous movement. They are on the one hand claiming to push wider acceptance of different body types while also pigeonholing different racial groups into acceptable body types for promotion.
Lose 80 lbs, she'd be hot.

It may be hard to do, but look to the right. Gross for most human males to look at but look (I'll make up for it later). This is your typical "we need to accept different body types picture". This is also the image of a woman facing bariatric surgery or a lifetime of diabetes and heart problems. Look at her face and skin tone. She has great bone structure so she is maybe 80 fewer pounds from being a very pretty woman. She will not do that though and with the help of the media and feminists, force men to accept her for who she is. Fat guys need to man up. This is the media's first lie though as they push not different body types but weights. It is a lie because despite pushing J. Lo, Kim Kardasian (pre-pregnancy + when working out), Beyoncé, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Simpson (pre-whale era), the media was still pushing a stable of thin women who happened to be big girls in the right places. Beyoncé isn't quite that, but I'll get back to her. The message is wider acceptance of different types to be more inclusive, but really it is just fat acceptance.

Here is a body type and woman you'll never see pushed by the media entertainment complex: a pear shaped white woman. Check any listing of white actresses. They are either sticks with implants on top (Julie Bowen/Jennifer Aniston), slender (Victoria's Secret types), busty yet narrow hipped (Alison Brie or The Last Psych's 34-24-30 Hooters' ad detail), or busty hourglasses (Vergara/Hendricks). Can you think of a white pear who is famous? I could not, but if the media was truly about pushing wider body types into the realm of acceptable, would not the media spotlight just one? Like the lady to the right. Sign me up. She has two problems from the media's perspective. One she is white and has a wonderful, round rear end. Two she is still thin as evident by how her waist tucks in and the extremely nice taper to her legs down to skinny ankles. The media cannot push this because she is still thin. OneSTDV commented on it once that despite all of their hype, new figure symbols were still very thin. The body type to the right is part genetics and part yoga and squats. It also includes eating healthy. The media does not want that. They want fat women to keep being fat to be miserable to then dope up on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications with a chaser of Ben and Jerry's.

To sound like a strip club DJ, the cutie with the booty above is problematic because she is white. So would the girl to the right be a problem. Pack my bags, I'm there. She is too hippy for the gays running Hollywood and fashion mags, yet I doubt a straight man would reject her. She's hourglass yet thick but with a concave waist and thin arms, wait.. that figure is only suppose to be acceptable for non-Asian ethnic women. The media has had fun recently with by pushing the murky ethnicity of J. Lo, Jessica Alba (wait, she's flat), the two attractive Kardashians. DNA testing would probably confirm my readers' estimates on those women. Look at photos of J. Lo when she was a young dancer on "In Living Color". She looked as white as I do, but the media needed a Latina symbol around 2000 so the self tanner is applied when a new season of Idol starts up. This might also tip the hand at how Mariah Carey views her identity. When her rear started to expand after the Butterfly album when on tour (late '98), she got a set of guns put in to even out. If she identified as black, she would have embraced her booty.

Jezebel a few years back played into the game with a huge dose of stupidity. It is viewing it with the blinders of race on to not see that the being curvy (or expected to be) if you're ethnic means that ethnic girls can reap rewards of all body types. That game actually pigeonholes white women. There are millions of Google results that play into this "don't stereotype us as curvy" idea, when they should be sitting back thinking, "great, my daughter can be curvy and be attractive or thin and attractive". Middle class white women think, "Great my daughter can be thin or caught up in the eating disorder game just because she has an ass". Everyone selects for thin; fake rebel hipsters love to date skinny black chicks. Maybe someday this will change. The media pushes this in their silly top 50 or top 10 voluptuous stars lists (the linked list is laughable). E! once had a top 50 list with multiple flat chested women, but oddly they were darker in complexion. Beyoncé makes any list despite being flat chested and having minimal booty, but hey, she has thick thighs, so let's push it. Sorry, just imagining the brains in Fashion Inc. Centcom.

Ultimately, these media discussions of figure and race or ethnicity is just gender and race quackery from ten to twenty years ago reaching the public realm. A Spanish literature professor allowed a visiting race-gender theorist (black, unmarried, dreadlocked woman) to give a presentation to my class. Her forty five minute presentation was on the recessive feature of whiteness affecting representations of women of color in media. See, whites are scared of not having their whiteness in kids so they cook up fantasies of dangerous non-white women that exaggerate their physical sexual parts as an enticing threat to white men. It created hypersexualized portrayals of women of color in media. Out of respect for my professor, I contained my laughter. The pushback on her quackery was substantial: self-objectification, cultural pride in specific curve, grey area of Hispanic women and one girl mentioning the black chick on Ally McBeal not being hypersexualized that led to a shouting match between the theorist and a 19 year old. A week later, everyone in class mocked her conspiracy theory approach to her work. Her foolishness, with smaller words, is now in media outlets.

The media is playing a great game though for their needs. They just want eyeballs, readers, viewers et cetera. A great way of going about that is to be able to customize an aspirational body type for every segment of the multicultural empire they control. Asian women barely hit Hollywood's register now but as their numbers grow in America, they'll have to find a niche for them, too. I am one who believes certains groups have specialties and specific body types in greater numbers, but I would not be dumb enough to slot groups in specific types only. It is a smart game in another respect like the difference between South Africa's and Russia's stance on gays. South Africa has laws that grant gays rights; Russia has laws that restrict what they call gay propaganda. South Africa has a corrective rape issue and gay South Africans are fleeing. Haven't seen any reports on thousands of raped lesbians in Russia. South Africa has explicit protection and benefits while unleashing the hounds on the gays with little to no law enforcement on the perpetrators. Formal protection that is meaningless on top of informal harassment that is real and dangerous. That is also the US schooling system and zero tolerance rules. Russia has explicit laws against gays but just lets them live. The media can explicitly talk about accepting more body types and enjoying female figure diversity, but like South Africa's relationship with gays, it's all for show.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sins of the Father - Armand Hammer and the Gores

The media is probably the most powerful vector in our power infrastructure today. They can destroy, manipulate and build up with their tools while hiding behind constitutional protections. The unspoken power in public discussions is the simple choice of what makes it to reader or viewer's eyes and ears. Solzhenitsyn knew this and railed on that power in his Harvard address, and was properly frozen out of public discourse after his escape to America. An interesting example of how this filtration of news and careful selection is in the history of Armand Hammer and Al Gore with publicly available information at the media's disposal for the 2000 presidential election.

Armand Hammer was born in 1898 to Julius Hammer, a Ukrainian Jew who emigrated to America in 1890. Julius joined the socialist party in 1892. He named his son Armand in honor of the socialist party symbol when in conjunction with the family last name. Julius managed to meet Lenin in 1907. Armand graduated from Columbia in 1917, and two years later, J. Edgar Hoover opened up a file on him because of his Russian connections... and because Julius was a founder of the American Communist Party. Julius goes to jail for a botched abortion that Armand performed despite not being a doctor, and Armand took over the family business. From here, Armand goes to Russia for a decade where he wins concessions for business from Lenin, building a fortune. Armand Hammer would form Occidental Petroleum and make millions.

This would be the normal life for a businessman in the growing American industrial powerhouse if not for the odd Soviet connections. Then there is the Gore connection. J. Edgar Hoover in 1961 notes that despite considering Hammer a Soviet agent of influence, he cannot go after Hammer because of protection by Al Gore Sr. To further compound oddities, Armand Hammer sold Al Gore Sr. a zinc mine in 1973 for $160,000, which ten minutes later (literally) Al Gore Sr. sold to Al Gore Jr. for $140,000. This mine would be leased for royalties of roughly $20,000 a year. Armand Hammer was never mentioned in the 2000 presidential election despite his father being the founder of the American Communist Party, Hammer being a watched Soviet agent, and Gore's father and himself covering for Hammer for decades. This was all a year after Edward Epstein's detailed book on Hammer's despicable behavior was released in 1996. In 2011, the LA Times felt comfortable calling him a Soviet agent and listed many of his shady dealings.

The S&L Financial Crisis was a rotten early FIRE economy bubble problem for America that required a bailout. Bankers went to jail. George W. Bush did not have a hand in it, yet Google search results will come back in the millions for Bush's suspicious history with it. His father might be the last US president to jail bankers. Did he fund an abortion? Did he have a DUI? Did he do cocaine? These were all smears in 2000, while Al Gore was teased about odd claims like inventing the Internet. Asking Gore about his family's political ties and cover for a Soviet agent would have been a bit too much. Especially after the whitewashing of Hammer's life by the media prior to the fall of the USSR and release of Soviet archives. The NY Times obituary for Hammer reads as sickening cover for his life. He may be the one forceful oil man that the NY Times sends off with roses. He helped the Soviets for business reasons only. if he sinned, it was greed not treason. The media firmly shuts the door on any further analysis.

It was simple greed, even with the name Armand Hammer, dirty Soviet agent FBI file and father who founded the American Communist Party. I doubt "Swastika Nazison" doing deals with the Third Reich would have been given the same treatment as books have been written about Ford and IBM's involvement with the Nazi economy as if they were card carryign Nazis. Somehow the connections and character issues of Dubya were free to wave as a dirty rag, but Gore and Hammer were free from corruption from their fathers' dealings. Interesting tie between the Bushes and Hammer is that while President Reagan rejected a gift of over $1 million from Hammer for a pardon, George H.W. Bush pardoned Hammer as he neared death for a couple hundred grand for the GOP. Gore himself never had to answer for the odd land deal. The media makes it so. It is the same as the media telling you all about Mitt Romney's car ride with his dog in a carrier on top because he was so squeaky clean vs. Obama's sealed records past. It is the same as Chris Christie getting roasted for a bridge lane closure while the current administration hides everything and anything that may taint Obama and, now with an eye on '16, Hillary Clinton. This is the power of the media, picking and choosing what to show to get that marginal voter to swing their preferred way.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hungary Turns Away from the West

The Ukraine turned towards Russia and China in a simple economic act by its political leadership, which was followed with American orchestrated protests, pressure and meddling. The US is so organized that they want to place a heavyweight boxer in charge of the new political infrastructure. Ukraine may just be the start of stepping away from the clutches of the USG. The 800 pound, drunk gorilla that is the USG may set their eyes on Hungary next. Hungary is in the midst of both a rightward lurch and a turn to Russia. The rightward turn received criticism from Brussels and stirred the NY Times; we will see if the integration with Russia draws out the jackals.

Hungary's recent moves have played into Russia's vision for greater regional influence and control, and moved Hungary towards a more independent economic and security situation. Prime Minister Obran first announced support for the South Stream pipeline, which will send natural gas to central European markets, pleasing Gazprom. Because of the recent political moves to give the government greater flexibility with making decisions and rights with energy matters for the state owned enterprise MVM, Obran could work the deal with Gazprom directly. This comes as the EU is close to scrapping the NABUCCO pipeline deal, but may well be the deathblow. After the natural gas announcement, Hungary struck a deal with the Russians to expand their nuclear power plant (could be 45% of all national electricity), including $14 billion in Russian loans. Hungary's moves, like the Ukraine's, are economic deals of necessity but deals that do not come with sacrificing national cultural integrity. Russia's positiong as anti-socialist America is similar to China's "respect all forms of government" speech. This will resonate with more nations as the US money vault runs lower and progressive beliefs come with a bag of money at the end of a gun sight. Hungary is a small nation so they may fly under the USG radar. They are also a small nation that will always need a patron so the USG might be forced to take notice losing a client.

Obran's party and allies came to power with a rather large majority and transformed the constitution as well as clamped down on the media. The government passed laws that human rights watchers perceive as anti-gay, restricting women's rights and curbing voting for the mentally limited. This is basically a rejection of the US-EU progressive buffet of social policy. It is not shocking to see this and then see Hungary strikes economic deals outside the US-EU monetary sphere. The Hungarians have poked the sleeping bear though, and the NY Times was on the case to open an exploration for 2014 for Hungary's anti-Semitism. The weepy eyed essay that used few facts to talk of Hungary today, centered on the actions during the '30s and '40s. Jobbik gets around 12-16% of the vote. While their views are condemned by the political coalition in power, this is still not enough for the NY Times to resist smearing the entire nation of Hungary as one step away from restarting the Holocaust. One could argue that the NY Times is using this behavior as a proxy for populist anger at Chris Lasch's managerial elites who hold less allegiance to their home nations and more to a transnational mindset. This magnifying glass will stay in place for 2014. Do not be surprised to see stories released once these deals with Russia are locked into place and shovels hit dirt. I will await their series on the ethnic cleansing of Christians out of the Middle East.

Like the Ukraine, this is an old Russian sphere player moving back into Russian orbit. The Hungarian existence in Western created institutions may have been the more temporary of situations. Hungary had been a kingdom for centuries after the resolution of the Hungarians Invasions as a part of the West but due to Ottoman influence, fighting or rule faced completely different problems than the West. Hungary had been part of the Hapsburg Empire for decades prior to the Interwar Period, not part of the western parliamentarian tradition. The drunken Mad Max driver that is the USG may steer the SUV in their direction, but as the Ponzi gets closer to finishing, may the fools making decisions decide to keep their hands off some little nations. In the meantime Hungarians, keep an eye out for youths in hoodies with posters in English.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cartel Map

Via HBD Chick, here is a map on Mexican drug cartel territories. As I wrote earlier this week, the USG has done a fine job for the Sinaloa. Check out the map for confirmation. That HUGE mass of disputed territory in the northern section of Mexico was formerly territory of the Zetas. Their leadership decapitation has made it up for grabs. Maybe this map will make it on Meet the Press or CNN this Sunday?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pierre Van Paassen

Pierre Van Paassen was a name I came across looking up interwar period jounalists and public speakers. The guy toured quite a few countries in that oddball period. He was then used in the US for some pro-democracy events and publications to help the American public shed its isolationist clothes. They also needed nudging into which side to support. Van Paassen sounds like he would be a TED speaker right now if TED speakers had the balls to travel to interesting places like Michael Totten or Michael Yon instead of stay at plush hotels and repeat the same five points that progs already believe.

Something caught my eye on his Wikipedia page. Weird yet oddly prophetic quote was a prediction he made for a 1942 time capsule for Oglethorpe University. It was for 100 years into the future: "My prediction ran this way:... In AD 2042 when Oglethorpe's vault is opened, there will be a socialist president of in Washington. He will be a Negro!" Even this man, hooked into the journalism system would think it would be daring to predict that a socialist black politician would be president in 2042. He was 35 years too conservative or maybe the system accelerated change that even he would not imagine. If there is a president of the United States in 2042, my bet is on the paraplegic, lesbian black trans* Muslim elected on a platform of immersive VR for all and Gulags for those who disagree with zhe.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The White Winter Olympics

The ever watchful Steve Sailer pointed to a silly blurb at the Wapo. The Washington Post is hot on the case to tell you that the Winter Olympics are wicked white. Whiter, I mean, writer Mike Wise is here to tell you that the Winter Olympics is whiter than Downton Abbey. That is really funny. Wise rather embarrasses himself with his essay chock full of white guilt, but he's a journalist. This is like an act of contrition for not being a touch ethnic, not even Irish or Italian, which Harvard says only became white later. This is rather stupid as the Olympics are diverse and no one cares that the NBA is 80% black in a 12% black nation.

Wise tip toes near an important reason the sports at the Winter Olympics are super white, but he dares not tread on the ground. Wise writes of recent "breakthroughs", which are racial breakthroughs a journalist can get a hard on about.

Look, I don’t care about the color of the competitors. And I don’t think the paucity of black or Hispanic athletes should cheapen any gold medal, as if somehow this were a cold-war Olympics that didn’t include some of the greatest sporting nations.
The fact is, despite Vonetta Flowers becoming the first black person to become a Winter Olympic gold medalist as a bobsledder in 2002, despite Davis becoming the first male African American to win individual gold in 2006, there hasn’t been a whole lot of carryover.
Like golf waiting forever for the Tiger Woods Factor to kick in, the USOC and other nations are still waiting for that next wave of racial diversity in the Winter Games.

Besides most winter sports games being set on mountains with snow, which is not commonly found in sub-Sahara Africa. This should be a good enough defense for the winter games, but even in America, there should be moar vibrant diversityness. There is a simple reason speed skating, skiing, snowboarding and hockey are so white. Like lacrosse (what hockey is derived from), golf and now baseball, these sports take immense coordination skill honed with hours of practice and a lot of expensive equipment. Last I checked, 72% of black kids are born to single moms, making slope fees and snowboarding equipment a bit more expensive than a basketball. The liberal stupidity is on display as well where he thinks one gold medalist in 2002 or 2006 will act as a seed for dozens of black athletes at the games from America within a decade. There is a giant filtration process that starts with trying the sport, making cuts, practicing, being scouted and pulled into programs. It's almost as dumb as seeing Barack Obama speak at the DNC in 2004 and then wondering why there are so few black male doctors in 2014. Obama is not helping your MCAT score.

Even dumber on Wise's part is his dismissal of Asians as an element of diversity. There are actually many countries of non-European descent participating (250 athletes from China-Japan-South Korea), but like taking up spots at New York City public schools, they do not count. In fact, white liberals might be a little uneasy about those compact, quick Asians winning medals just like those study hard, brainy Asians filling up Ivy League schools. I forgot, being Asian only matters in the cuisine realm, engineering and at the voting booth in November. Orwell could update Animal Farm to liberal talking points and write it "non-white good, white no good".

Why the derision anyway? Why point out and mock a sporting event disproportionately one race,  while avoiding Asians? This would be impossible to write about in the same manner for an NBA event. In fact, Wise would lose his job. Should have married a black or Hispanic (or become gay) to ward off any suspicion he is a racist for liking sexy blonde snowboarding girls. The NBA is even more ridiculous since, again, it is 80% black compared to a 12% national population. Anyone want to say maybe some racism there? Institutional racism against the many white guys over 6'10" who are excluded due to skin tone. Sounds ridiculous when reversed. It's ridiculous when spoken with a straight face.
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How Deep is the German-Anglo Tension

With all of the odd things going on near the heart of the eurasian land mass or Asian waters, it is easy to miss weird tension closer to home. Germany has voiced concerns or dismay with the USG. The USG definitely has a rougher look at the EU (proxy for Germany) with the Assistant Secretary of State saying "Fuck the EU" as a quick dismissal. Is there something deeper, and if so, is it something to watch for as the USG leviathan gasps for air and energy? Hate Russia is the rage right now, so this is sliding under the carpet. Since no American paper will discuss it, let's review the shenanigans here.

For starters, what could Germany be angry about? There is the NSA spying revelations. The US bankster rip offs. The FED refusing to return gold in a quick manner, and missing even their scheduled return tonnage. Germany is now openly questioning the official line, and even their papers are coming around to the conspiracy theory. There is also the German reluctance to bail out nations, whereas the US is always eager to bail out a far flung client. Libya, Syria and now the Ukraine brouhaha has the German's openly upset. There has been a spurt of banker's committing suicide or suffering odd deaths, including a Deutsche Bank AG mucky muck. The commitment of traders actually reveals that JPMorgan is long gold with Deutsche is short. Maybe Deutsche has been playing the suppression game to make returning physical easier for the US, UK and France, but to no avail. Maybe the Germans are tired of Uncle Sam's games and not playing along if they will not get their gold back.

While I previously wrote how the euro was an expriment to help wounded French and euro pride after decolonization, there was a legitimate reason for moving toward a euro. In the '70s, the US dollar crisis had huge secondary effects on Europe. It is not a coincidence that Sweden and France's post-war golden years came to a halt with the oil embargo, which was really a revolt by oil producers over the dollar's value and who would collect the most out of oil's value. That shock hurt Europe, and they probably vowed never again. A fully developed euro was their lifejacket to not be tied to the dollar and America. While foolish without political integration, the euro was a move to reclaim some sovereignty from the US. It has taken decades to create, and even in its creation, the American banking system has sabotaged it. German leaders might be viewing the late dollar stage as desperate and looking for an exit.

Germany is still a domesticated province of the American empire. Interests do not always align. If the periphery of the empire turns away and showdowns reveal cracks in enforcement, Germany would stand to gain by becoming the big gorilla of central and western Europe. If the Cold War fear was the US abandoning Europe to prevent nuclear strikes on American soil, how much anxiety should the Germans feel with an increasingly third world America possibly scrapping empire to clean up at home? I doubt Mexican illegals, Asian and sub-Saharan immigrants care for the intricacies of Europe. The disapproval is vocal and polite at the moment, but as the USG machine becoems more erratic and shows signs of weakness, the voice could become one of rebellion.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

USG, the Sinaloa Cartel + the System

A story involving USG agencies aiding and enabling drug cartels should be front page news in the NY Times. They are focused on a gay future NFL player. A leading Mexican newspaper investigated leads, interviewed hundreds of individuals and puts the pieces together to state that the US government has been working with the Sinaloa Cartel for roughly a decade. Some US media outlets are giving this attention. Not admitting to working, but it is hard to see the pieces and not draw that conclusion. The key is that it is a Sinaloa Cartel, which specializes in buying officials and avoiding the nasty violence of other cartels unless absolutely necessary (like Los Zetas). This would be a rather embarrassing story to focus on and follow up on the secondary effects because of the immigration discussion and potential re-arranging of priorities as Americans draw inward after more than a decade of Muslim wars. This is why the media will choose to avoid the story and not draw any conclusions.

It looks like the US federal government took it easy on the Sinaloas to get them to roll on other cartels, aiding their fight there. This supposedly goes back to 2000 with the peak period of engagement between 2006-2012 when cartel violence was peaking. From an American point of view, it appears the US picked the cleanest shirt of mudwrestling dames to work with to rig the fight. The Sinaloas provide more than half of US narcotics from Mexico. Other pieces start to make more sense now like Attorney general Eric Holder gunrunning for the Sinaloas. "You kill other baddies and generate bad gun news, we give you guns + pass new gun laws". The Chicago way. Before this revelation, the Chicago media was writing about the Sinaloa love of Chicago, using it as a hub for their nationwide distribution. They use Chicago, Obama's home base, not any city in Texas that is on the border for nationwide distribution. Other odd pro-Sinaloa items were the assassination of the Zetas leader and then the capture of their other leader, crippling their leadership which had wrestled control of more territory from the Sinaloas.

How far down does the dirt go? Recall that during the financial crisis of 2008, illegal drug money that is laundered by big banks kept the liquidity juices flowing enough to prevent systemic crash. We avoided Hank Paulson's "Martial Law No Cash" scare scenario due to drug money. The big banks received an outrageous pass for laundering that money from the federal government. Fines for laundering billions but hey, the feds need to review all of your transactions over $10,000 in size. Maybe the media talking heads could take a second and reflect? Why did the banks get a pass? Yes, they have captured the government, but this is a necessary evil for our sick system to continue. The ever precious flow of credit does not want this money but it needs this money. All hail the economy, it's the only thing papering voer our failure to address any social dysfunction. Looking at it this way, the drug dysfunction fuels the economy in a Rube Goldberg machine manner. Snort and smoke up druggies, we need your pure cash to clean. It does serve the banks well as all traditional banking eventually has competition reduce earnings to nothing when the FDIC removes the concept of "safety" as a reason to bank with one company over another.

The media also cannot discuss the ramifications of this because if we follow threads it gets dicey for a whole mess of issues progressives need to avoid. The Zetas and other cartels recruit men in the US prison system and on the fringe of society. A nation that dumps on men, calling them brutish rapists in waiting at any chance. If we turned our guns and efforts on this, might we discover some unsettling things about the barrios and nearly all Mexican towns on our border... or even in areas of our large cities. it is so bad in Mexico that the peasantry is forming vigilante bands of men for basic protection that the corrupt Mexican government might co-opt. Might Americans want to shut the door or perform an operation wetback part two? Anti-immigration supporters would suddenly find a safe, acceptable reason to close the door and even repatriate individuals to dodge the racist xenophobe label. Cartel collaborators would be a useful club to whack progressives over the head with during any debate, and one could go all the way back to 2000!

Digging deeper into this would also reveal misplaced priorities. People dump on Israel for agitating for war in the Middle East, but really relax a second and cut them some slack. They are nothing compared to the slick men in suits representing the military industrial and now technological complex in the US economy. Those industries drum up concern about an "other" when the enemy is thousands of miles away (until we import displaced refugees), which is nothing compared to the daily effect of drug violence in the US. Not just border areas, but anyone hurt by drug violence or abuse would be upset that we played loose with our border going back to the 1986 amnesty and unsettling, nativist populism might be unleashed. No one enforced the border, governments actively enabled and encouraged illegal immigration, Clinton signed legislation to stem the tide that he never executed on, and the last decade has seen multiple pushes to amnesty and call in more immigrants. Joe Sixpack and Susie SUV might be upset.

We cannot have that as the powers that be look to push through a new amnesty. Think of all the good food we would miss out on! We also need to fiddle with far flung countries like the Ukraine simply because they wanted to strike an economic deal with Russia. With the $5 billion and countless hours playing instigator and puppet master in Ukraine, a good report would contrast the effort in remote parts of the world with nothing for our southern neighbor. Maybe there is a story of billions and massive effots with our southern neighbor. Americans, especially those evil, xenophobic racists in Arizona, deserve to know. Maybe they are not so racist or xenophobic with proper inspection of the Mexican border gang issue. This Mexican drug cartel collusion might cause people to also ask how Afghan poppy cultivation and production went from nearly eradicated under the Taliban to business is booming under US supervision. Maybe Boyz in the Hood was onto something when Laurence Fishburne asked the cop how the cocaine made its way up from Latin America. Those would be uncomfortable ideas. Even more uncomfortable would be wondering why the federal government would enable drug cartels while stating they want to fight the war on drugs. The USG is a wheezing leviathan. All fading but gargantuan beings need more fuel, and if they cannot use legit fuel, they will find a new source. A media hungry for the truth would follow this story as far as the money and meth goes. We will not get that. How about a 2 minute hate on those anti-gay Russians?