Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best Thing I Read in 2014

There were many good pieces out there in the blog world for 2014. There was one that really stuck out and kept me coming back to read. It was the gentrification article on social matter. It was a truly fantastic article on the issue of gentrification that gets plenty of publicity and coverage elsewhere. Wes at Theden had written about gentrification previously, and that was a joy to read. This new article really dug into gentrification as a form of warfare. It is warfare with code words, but a tremendous read. Please go read it.

It is full of great bits on the history of American cities. How did US cities get to that point? How did the cities of the strongest nation turn into dumps? The article ties in white flight, gun laws, bad governance, zoning laws and the entire toolbox that goes into reclaiming a city. The article goes to show how MARTA might move blacks through Atlanta to terrorize neighborhoods, but it could also be used in the future for gentrification. I loved this article. It was a reinforcement to me how the progressives screamed at apartheid with full force, but in the end, they use financial and regulatory apartheid to segregate American cities.

A big reason it stuck with me is that as part of the white college graduate class living in metropolitan areas, I have friends doing the gentrification route. Some are pioneers. Some are later arrivals. One works on the public side of fixing up ruined homes to hook up with struggling families (stop laughing). Another works in development. They are scattered across big cities on the east coast and midwest. They all see things just as the Social matter article lays out, and they even talk in code words about architectural features, historical code windows, restoration rules, X Park Society memberships and other things. These are all the weapons of the gentrifier to push out the riff raff that will not keep a place to code. They all know the problem, but they cannot admit it.

I kept going back to the article because I keep looking for the Indiana Jones relic. What will be the key to getting all of these people to go from unconsciously or consciously but denying it real talk action to outright "F*ck this sh*t, we're not tolerating disorder anymore, GTFO". A couple of years ago, the NY Times article on marriage being the class divide was the closest I have seen the Times outright say "get married idiots". The realization that the order and welfare state social democrats expected to be there and functioning may not be there because of social dysfunction may be the only way to get to them. Nothing motivates people like a threat to kith and kin. It is a shame that it takes that. Let that heat burn at their feet. Maybe then they'll come around. When the light bulb goes on for my gentrifying friends, I'll be sure to have that Social matter article on hand to let them know they have finally come around in word to what their real estate decision making deeds have been implying for years.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Best of 2014

So someone left a comment asking about a reference I made to a hypothetical merging of HBD Chick's manoralism post and my Germanic kingship post into an ebook. It is a half-joke, but it made me think of collecting a best of post. These are not by page views or who read what. These are what I consider my best posts. Looking at what has happened with readership in the last year, there is a chance some new readers have not gone through archives.


Is Zero Hedge a Putin Asset - Just connecting some dots on Zero Hedge. I love Zero Hedge as a news source and for analysis, but something just seems odd how right they are and early they are about things that portray the US State dept and CIA in a bad light (often the correct light).

Forget Bronies, Latest Underground Fandom "Tankies" ... - I wrote this parody of what a convention of  adult Thomas the Tank Engine fans would be like. Scary thing is, I tricked one regular reader into thinking this was real. That's how weird fandoms have become and how pathetic Millenials have reached with children's shows.


They Don't Need It, but Defending the Manosphere - Remember when Mike Anissimov was in that manic phase of attacking people weekly for fights on Twitter. This was just a little defense of the manospherians. Since that Twitter battle, Roosh + Play Dangerously have since taken on SJWs and media entities and forced them to back down or draw blood. Mike's still scouting Idaho real estate listings.

USG, the Sinaloa Cartel and the System - With recent take downs of rival cartels' bigwigs, how much is the USG linked with the Sinaloas? How do they fit in with the system? The USG system admitted that for a decade they were working with the Sinaloas.


A Modest Crime Prevention Proposal - Take away the welfare of family members of criminals, and you would force the culture to shun criminals. Localize the costs. It might even help slow or stop dysgenic breeding.

Hypothesis on why Northwest Europe Started Outbreeding - Here is 6K words on why the NW areas of Europe began outbreeding when they did. It was like an alliance at the top of church and new kings to socially engineer lands where the loyalty bond was to the king and church.

Illinois 2010 Election Oddity + the Gangs That Run Chicago - You can't clean up the murdering demographic in Chicago because they provide the votes. Democracy!


Note on the Mechanics of Russian Looting - It was the connection of Harvard-US Treasury-Wall St that looted many of the hard assets and goods producing firms with connected insiders. Because his guys were so open to US pilfering of Russian assets, it was most of Clinton's rationale for supporting Yeltsin.

Programming the Party Into Identity - People support an idea, then find out the party it is created by, then change their minds because it is the other guy.


It's Not the Citigroup Clique, It's the Rubin Clique - Sen. Warren aid Citigroup almost had complete control over the Dems. I correct her to see how it is really the Robert Rubin clique, and that yeah, the Dems have been bought too.

Comment or No Comment from Obama - Seriously, this post gets funnier with each new stupid event he comments on and big event he skips.


The Democratic Invisible Primary - I'm still not counting out Bloomberg. He just spent 24 million on the midterms. This is basically how it stands for now and will stand until midway next year.

Documentary Review: Portrait of Wally - I watch SWPL docs so you don't have to. You end up wanting to punch people in the face through your screen by the end of this one.


Hidden History: Mockingbird, Murrow and McCarthy - Ah yes, the CIA had reporters on its payroll by the hundreds. Amazing what they did after WW2. This post set me on a reading frenzy of more early CIA and FBI-CIA information gathering. If I ever put all the Hidden History posts together, I would expand this by a couple thousand words with the other stuff I found.

Turtledove is an Idiot, a Failed American Revolution - It has grown common now for the media to go what if about the American Revolution, but few if any ever look at the colonies as colonies. They look at it as one political and social entity, which is a joke. Britain would have played one region off the other to never allow a large, strong nation to rise. Better to make it 13 or more.


Unified Theory on Watergate - My theory on why they took Nixon down.

Ferguson and Blacks Trapped Status - Amidst the initial media hype over Ferguson, I spent a week devoted to posts about blacks. This was the post explaining how trapped they are in our current socio-political set up. They shouldn't have gone 90-10 Democrat so fast and so reliably.


Great Resource: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - This is a review of a fantastic resource for how the commies have spent a century trying to take us over using the schools.

Weimerica - How we socially, culturally and sexually are living in an American version of Weimar Germany. Honestly, I spent weeks thinking it up and reading up to find the parallels. Weimerica is from Twitter persona Flavia.


Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a Model - We may resemble Weimar Germany socially, but from an organizational, economic and ethnic standpoint, it is the AH Empire.

Secession Will Not be Clean - A break up, which I formerly though of as a long shot but have since thought more likely, will not be easy or clean. In a perfect world, we'd have a break up into 50 states with the option of states joining up after and free emigration to protect special groups for a 2 year period.

The Perfect Retro Horror Film for Our Era - In a month of horror movie reviews, this one I think was my best. It is amazing what Invasion of the Body Snatchers does with a limited budget, black and white film and a good story.


The $1,000,000 Victimization Pyramid - How progressive victim status seeking ends up being like rock paper scissors. Who is at the top of the pyramid though?

Rotherham Confirms the Fall of Britain - They couldn't even muster up marches and protests? National suicide. At least show some fight.


My Emily Renda-Sabrina Erdely-"Jackie Posts - Why Renda and Erdely would want to use each other."Jackie" being the secret supplier for Renda's US Senate testimonyThe White House visits for RendaThe political goals.

Media Megaphone Contributed to the Brooklyn Cop Killing - Tracking the NY Times August articles on Ferguson, black on white crimes around the nation they did not cover and two cops killed by blacks that they did not cover.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thanks for 2014

The year is ending, and it was a pretty awesome year. My wife gave birth to our second child. My family helped me get through a horrendous work environment of too many hours and too many coworkers leaving for other jobs. For the blog, it was an interesting year. Something happened pageviews wise. I'd like to thank the people that helped.

First, where's Foseti? I had one last link from him. His Moldbug project started off like a race car and then died. Hell commenter asdf, where'd you go?

Thanks to Nick Steves for promoting me on Twitter and at his site. The praise is appreciated.

Thanks to the Vulture of Critique for linkage and feedback. I genuinely laugh at the images you select to go with posts.

Thanks to Outsideness for the blogroll spot and linkage here and there, usually those poists are of the geopolitical variety. I fully agree with my slot under More Liberty. Hard to shake old libertarian tendencies.

Thanks to Matt Forney for Twitter promotion of posts. It is quickly becoming a troll world, and he does amazing troll work.

Thanks to Freenortherner for inclusion in his roundups. It is an honor to see so many of my posts nabbed for those posts.

Thanks to Steve Sailer for the occasional link and moderating comments by others that post a link to 28sherman. Being added to the iSteve blogroll was a Holy Shit moment for me.

Thanks to Heartiste for Tweeted links and an in-post link. If he ever cleaned the Walking Dead that is his blogroll, I'd gladly take a spot. Looking at that column to the right is like a who's who of people who used to write regularly two years ago.

Thanks to the MPC guys. Always fun to get linkage and some constructive pushback. You guys are real talkers and a proper label for your philosophy might be "nostalgia conservatives". That is appealing, but I don't think we can go back, and what came directly after was the 1960s.

Thanks to Randall Parker for Tweeting links. In between being condescending about anyone who may own a television, he did read this humble blog.

Thanks to Henry Dampier for linkage as well as a positive energy boost from his activity.

Thanks HBD Chick for one specific link. We should pool your "manor" ideas with my legitimacy social engineering ideas into an ebook. Not joking.

Thanks to the Captain for linkage and a blogroll spot. He had a killer video recently on black women using black men. That would never make it on a "Black Dysfunction" special on CNN, but it should.

Besides thanks, you now know the places I check regularly after a day's work. Hope 2014 was a good one for you and good luck in 2015.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Snowpiercer Almost Gets There

"I can't do this, this movie is garbage." - Mrs. SoBL

"We're powering thru." - SoBL

"Oh come on, that's the 8th ridiculous plot hole and what is anyone's motivation? Nothing makes sense" - Mrs. SoBL

"Shut up, this movie is the train. We will make it to the end." - SoBL

No, Mr. Land. I could not let a Snowpiercer post go by without shouting down this piece of celluloid feces. "Apocalyptic neoreactionary speculative drama" does have a catchy ring to it. I saw this months ago, but withheld a review for fear of sounding too frustrated at its shortcomings and stupidity. Spoilers ahead, but give it up anti-spoiler commissars.

Snowpiercer is a critical darling. Here's the quick and dirty of why spoken like a prog. "The train is, like, an expression of global inequality man, and, like, see, the inequality is a system like the train is OUR system. We need a revolution man to end this bullsh*t. Why didn't Occupy work. We need that back. Hey look a cat gif." The movie shoves as much Piketty-MoveOn garbage about inequality that one can stomach into a movie setup, while combining video game aesthetics and sequencing. They reach different cars like levels with different obstacles and bosses. They pick up a helpful guide along the way who can unlock doors. Is this Zelda? How big is the train? Seems kind of small for a globe trotting train, yet they have entire cars for pools and saunas, even a rave. With a train that small, why not just make a giant loop in Nebraska for easier maintenance? Who is doing maintenance? Eating bugs is not that bad if otherwise it is cannibalism? Why did they even bother bringing on rear car passengers? Irreplaceable parts was not foreseen so it must have been the "tension" thing Ed Harris mentions in his one delicious scene. Why not create tension through faked insurrections in the tail section via video? Why plan ahead but not store food for the first month? Why plan ahead but not equip sections with a SOMA type gas to quell the tailies? Why not just live 50 feet underground? Why were there no subtitles for the Korean guy's lines? I'm going to set aside the incredibly stupid plot holes, missing motivations and other nonsense to discuss the reaction or standard issue prog action story debate.

A people's uprising with some convenient assistance from the front works its way through the train, massacring the shock troops and employing some intelligent means of maneuvering through the video game maze. They are doing it for more food, clean water, and whatever the hell the poor could think of to upend the order. Progressives loved the themes here yet avoided commenting on the black lady shouting for chicken multiple times. The fat black lady was the fat black lady from The Help, not from Community. There are two for Hollywood to use, you evil racist. After creating mass havoc, what does the hero really want? He wants to face the great and powerful Oz, Willard, because he "forced" the hero to be a villain the first month on the train. He "forced" him to be a cannibal. Korean guy says they can blow the train door and go outside because it is getting warmer with an explanation that should give the hero pause before swallowing whole since it is from a former drug addict. Once Willard explains that the revolution is done with, and the train will continue it's path to save humanity, he gives the hero the opportunity of learning and taking his place because the hero has immense talent. It is a dark enlightenment, but for one who is worthy. Bonus is the opportunity to be alone, just with his thoughts and no one else. Such a reward is given for one who has such a burden. The hero rejects it, learning the kids are used for slave labor to keep the train going as specific parts grew irreplaceable. Train gets blown up. A tacked on ending shows Asian teen and little black boy outside*. They see a polar bear. Life goes on?

Side note: Did you like how the introduction narrator explains how geoengineering can't fix global warming? See, naughty viewer, you must reduce your carbon footprint because even the science fixes won't work, bwahaha!

This is still standard prog entertainment because of that last choice. The final choice is destroying order. It is a rejection of that dark knowledge. Revolutionary chaos and the unknown is preferred over the confusing, grey known. Before I come back to that choice, look at how the non-tail section compartments were portrayed: food and an aquariaum for the connected, better and better compartments as one moved forward, education that was indoctrination to be anti-tail and pro-regime, luxurious pampering, a God damn night club and a neo-art deco look to dress and furniture (my wife appreciated the set design). There is no research and development compartment. There is no machining and production compartment. A positive portrayal of a Noah's Ark type train would have those sections, which would awe the tailies at the energy and effort involved in maintaining order and existence for all. There might be compartment for storing seed for any potential thaw and indoor growing anyway. Might make the hero choose differently. The hero doesn't, which cues popcorn eaters into the correct decision being the chaotic and destructive leftist decision. In Snowpiercer, viewers get to see the enclosed world the rightist created, and the signal is to reject it. No reviewer questioned the hero's choice. Did any fans? He made the right choice see. The little boy and girl made it!

That is the key, and I'll use another ending, which goes along with it. Here's the "Perfect Ending for the X-Files". Say it is the season after the bad movie. The final 3 episodes are a wrap up of the "mythology" storyline of X-Files. Mulder and Scully know of the aliens, know of their evil intent, know of the government cover up, have proof and can go public. One problem. Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) has his minions kill Scully and capture Mulder. CSM makes Mulder an offer with armed guards around him. "Now that you know the truth you have so desperately sought, you see why we must keep it secret. They will try to come and try to wipe us out. You despise me, but without me, your body is an alien incubator and gone in no time. Now, I am old, and my peers are dying. You have figured out what we thought too secret and too byzantine for anyone to learn. You believe, but do you now see? Join us, learn and take my place. Stop being petty. Stop being an agent. You want to avenge Scully, protect all humanity." >Extends hand< Scene ends. We then see the camera roll through an office building like before. It approaches an office and goes in to the sound of a man typing with smoke coming from the man in the chair. Man turns, and it is Mulder as the new CSM. That actually is a cooler ending than however X-Files ended. Mulder finally finds proof, but he also finds out why it must be kept secret and why his opponents were right. His trials and challenges created the uber-agent who could take over for CSM. He has earned his rightful place protecting humanity from aliens. X-Files did not end that way. It could not end that way because to do so would be to sell out, to choose order and hiding knowledge only for those worthy over freedom and the need for the truth to be free. Fans, and our liberal default mindset, would have rioted online or whatever we did before social media expressions of anger.

Back to Snowpiercer. A more adult and reactionary work would have the hero gaining knowledge through the movie just as the hero does. Arriving at the front, with full revelation he would understand that order as the system is in place is the best way to survive. With knowledge of the gutter, he could make suggestions for changes to maintain balance and tensions without occasional human sacrifice. He would reject the snow escape as a suicide mission. Most of all, he would see that you are going to have to employ some cruel labor, distribution and law enforcement practices to keep humanity afloat. That does not happen in this movie because we must affirm stupid leftist viewpoints and ideas. Order and the whispers of power are an evil, seductive offer. Revolution, woohoo! Destroy order, woohoo! Destroying the world is better than humanity existing through ingenuity, intelligence and sketchy decisions for order. Another prog friendly message: two children of the hero's social circle were taken for slave train labor. What one does he see under the train that sends him into final sacrifice mode? His black friend's kid, not the ginger kid. Progs are going to cry at that moment. It is better to destroy all of humanity, except for 2 bits of polar bear lunch, than to live in a sick, rightist system, maaaaaan.

Snowpiercer was close, Elysium was close, but they are not all the way there. Hollywood will probably never allow it. Our best hope would be a deleted scene, alternate ending. Only viewers fully invested would seek the final confirmation of the dark knowledge and the right choice. Once Matt Damon in Elysium decides against the lumpenproles or Chris Evans decides against the destruction of the eternal engine in Snowpiercer, then we will see a truly reactionary work. For now, we have to settle for these flirtations with it and seductive offers to protagonists for them to choose "correctly". Their choice must soothe the socially liberal fans in the seats. After all, those fans will spend a 2 minute care moment, and Tweet about #Occupy, #BlackLivesMatter and #Kony2012 all while using an Iphone made with African slave mine labor and Chinese sweatshop labor. They don't call them Blood Iphones... because they can use them but voice displeasure at the very system that provides them. Why even call them Blood Iphones? Victors should rule enjoy it in whatever way rule is expressed. We get scared and chicken out from accepting it. We do not want to know or understand or, more likely, to remember what it takes to run a proper society.

*Whiskey, if you're reading this, go see a therapist if you think the little black boy being left is the filmmaker's view of blacks being the only worthy males or even alphas. Yes, because an entire movie of an older white genius working with other older white genius to get white hero with awesome Asian male sidekick to spark revolution and last a while is a sign of a pro-black male motive. Get a grip, man.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Progressives are Red Sox Fans

In the midst of our stagnation or "waiting" phase, it has been a year of progressive tears. Bitcoins to anyone who puts together a slow motion black and white recap of angry and crying liberals set to Kelly Clarkson's version of "Grown Up Christmas List". These minor setbacks are catnip for them. They can pretend that they are the underdogs as they control academia, the media and the bureaucracy that set the parameters and rules for modern society. It's a bit hard describing this to others. Besides frustrating, it is incredibly annoying. Here's the connection. Progressives and Red Sox fans.

The Boston Red Sox are one of the most storied professional sports teams in America. Their brand recognition is huge. They print money for their owners. They have a history of winning, ahem, winning everything but the World Series for a roughly 85 year drought famously labeled the "Curse of the Bambino". They had many great players, and players that other fan bases would have killed to watch play played decades with them. They have one of the best places to see a game, Fenway Park, that has remodeled seats so taller fans do not feel cramped since the original seats were made for short Irish fans. They were consistently contenders who usually lost out to the Yankees. They never were quite lovable losers like the Chicago Cubs. One big reason for it is their obnoxious, insufferable fanbase.

Red Sox fans had legitimate gripes. When a great-great uncle of mine died in 2002, he was the last living relative I had who had seen a Red Sox World Series win, and believe me, people would read obituaries that said "lifelong Red Sox fan" and looked at the birth year. Bill Simmons' "Now I Can Die in Peace" title to his first sports book captures that phenomenon. The problem is, the team was successful but the fans never wanted to let it on that they were successful and had grown in the modern era to be just as powerful as the Yankees. The t-shirts they sell outside the stadium with foul language for any Yankee are beyond crass. The fans also gave you sob stories of exactly where they were when horrific losses happened. They reveled in retelling the stories. They would describe their reactions as if they had seen their dog die. Here's a few I have heard over a beer.

"When Billy Buck let dat ball go tru his legs, my fahkin' uncle poured out his beer on the floor and cried. Life-long Sawx fan, died without a title." (disregard that there was a game 7 after the Buckner Game)
"When Aaron Boone hit dat homah, I just fahkin' walked out the bah and didn't even pay my tab. I fahkin' cried the whole drive home." (man over the age of 40)
"When Aaron Boone hit that home run, I called my gramma up to cheer her up and say there was always next year and she said, 'SoBL, I ain't got too many more fahkin' ye-ahs'." (my gramma occasionally cursed)
"Fahkin' Yankees spend hundreds of millions... fahkin' douchebags." (forgets the Red Sox payroll is 90% of the Yankees' payroll
"I know we just won the World Series, but fahk, this fahkin' team has no ha-aht (heart)." (said while wearing a World Series champs shirt of the year before)

I could go on, but these stories are woven into my life as a native of New England. Not being a Red Sox fan, I would always think, "Fahk you, my team is a cellah-dwellah that doesn't spend shit, and I gotta he-ah yah bitchin'." These fools play the victim, but love it. They are masochists and enjoy the pain and sharing the misery. Their fandom is marked by where they were for bad events. A defining moment for their fandom and possibly life is where they were when the Sox won the Series in 2004. Hell, the television show LOST used it as a way to mess with lead character Jack. Fans try to top one another because to them, the most painful suffering makes them the biggest fan. This is all while supporting a team with a payroll that is in the top 10 in the league and three titles in 10 years.

It might be hard explaining to someone that Harry the Homo who got punched in the face and is on the nightly news crying about it is actually empowered, but think of Sawx fans. They forever bitch, yet are a dominant team. They are located in Massachusetts. Their supporters are insufferable bastards. They make a ton of money with billionaire owners that are financially connected and media connected (John Henry recently bought the Boston Globe). They are partially owned by the New York Times (odd but true). Remember Sailer's megaphonics. It is hard to consider a black kid whose assault, neglect or murder is turned into a national media event with presidential support, media support and academics sending students to protest a member of the losing team that has no power. The rebel activist who claims to be an outsider is not an outsider if the press shows pics of them protesting smiling while framing the protest as just and a few months before USG approves their federal grants for whatever silly study or academic endeavor they attempt.

They will cry, but we can destroy the lie. They will deny being the one in power, and others will not grasp it. Think of the Sawx! Just like Red Sox fans bemoaning a bad year one year removed from a World Series win, progressives will whine over 2014 being a year the evil, white patriarchy laughed and smashed their precious little faces, holding back progress.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Looking at Two Lynchings

America is a racist place full of racists who think consciously and unconsciously racist thoughts all of the time. Some advanced race studies academics are looking at it from a bio-medical point of view. It is ingrained and akin to a blood debt for whites. I do not know how blacks apply this to Hispanics and Asians, but that growing 24% of the American population will be attacked eventually. One common number thrown around is the number of lynchings. Oh Lord, the lynchings were so evil and horrible. Modern protestors even use rope imagery to draw some type of parallel to 300 lb criminals attacking cops. Are we talking about thousands a year? No, it is more like 3000 over multiple decades. Some conservatives like to point out the number of whites lynched during the same time frame. Anyone ever talked about a lynching besides the Emmitt Till historical touchstone? Let us take a look at two such stories.

It is amazing what one can find if one scrolls microfilm of old New York Times. Similar to spotlighting random murders in flyover country today, the New York Times in the early Twentieth Century made mention of some lynchings in the south. There was an anti-lynching movement across America that Teddy Roosevelt felt awkward handling, and his relative Franklin Roosevelt clammed up about to make sure he retained the solid south. Democracy in action! In one specific entry from roughly one hundred years ago, the Times reports on two men who were lynched by "unknown parties". The unknown men, sometimes masked, would swarm a jail and take the accused criminal away. Oftentimes, they would assault a cop on duty or threaten the cop as well. Edmund Morris describes one such event in Maryland. The progressives forever want clear cut good guys and bad guys, but reality does not comply.

The two lynchings the Times cite are of men accused of murder. One such man was being held by the sheriff, and the sheriff was threatened as well. The crowd charged the jail, took the man away and he was lynched. Would this become a best selling novel? Probably not if you notice in the Times' details that the man was accused of killing another over a game of dice, and his wife was willing to testify that he did it. This appears to be a group of men taking justice into their hands and not allowing the legal system to handle it. Maybe the crowd was worried that a man might get off like the other lynched fellow in the second news blurb in the Times. This was another case where a man was involved with a crime, except this time the legal system acted a bit odd. The locals did not stand for it. He met his Creator.

I would much rather the legal system handle all prosecutions. A court of law with full evidence in the old English tradition. Sadly, the world does not always comply. Tribalism is ingrained in people far deeper than the English legal system, if it was ingrained at all. Progressives cry for the Zimmerman verdict or the Wilson no bill. They fail to see that either you live in a system with those mechanisms or you revert to tribal law and lynchings. Do not cry about modern verdicts not delivering justice when the evil predators of the past acted on the same feelings of injustice. These progressives would do well to study up on the number of men lynched. While a court of law proving doubt beyond reason is preferable, a little research might make that tear inducing number of lynchings look a little different. I just stumbled on two, how many more are out there.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Media Megaphone Contributed to the Brooklyn Cop Killing

First, thanks to a friend for compiling the antics of the NY Times in the month of August.

In the wake of the Brooklyn cop shooting, some are asking why? These people are simpletons, deluded citizens or naïve Eloi. People who can see and hear understand that this was revenge for the deaths of 400 pound Eric Garner and gentle giant, 300 pound Michael Brown. Blacks in America, avid media consumers, have been bombarded with images, reports and whatnot portraying the event in Ferguson, Missouri as if the KKK has come back for good, hunting down innocent, law abiding blacks. The enabling of anti-cop behavior in simple interactions as well as cover for protests that shouted for "dead cops" is on the leadership of the protests, the professional left and the media. At no time did they say those protests were overboard. This is the outcome of that environment. This is the power of the media.

How manufactured is this outrage, how culpable the media and how dangerous the outcome? Let us review the chronology and facts. Michael Brown was shot and killed on August 9th, 2014. One interview with one television reporter mentioned he had his hands up and said "don't shoot". This was shown to be a lie, but not before Benjamin Crump and professional agitators took that football and sprinted. This started a national craze of "hands up don't shoot", and the media brain trust in New York realized they had a new Emmitt Till, a new Trayvon Martin.

Benjamin Crump's handiwork

The New York Times, arbiter of narratives and what is good and true, jumped on this story immediately with an article citing the shooting on August 10th. That is immediate for a crime 1500 miles away from New York City involving a neighborhood cop and a nobody. They proceeded to flood readers, and therefore, other media entities with coverage and direction for follow up reports. The Times is the straw that stirs the drink. How many articles did they run on Michael Brown in August. They ran 106 between the 10th and 30th of August. If you do not believe me, here's the list.

08/10/14 Bosman and Fitzsimmons “police-say-mike-brown-was-killed-after-struggle-for-gun”
08/11/14 Storey  “Outrage Over Teenager's Death Erupts on Social Media”
08/11/14 Bosman and Goode “F.B.I. Steps In Amid Unrest After Police Kill Missouri Youth”
08/12/14 Bosman and Williams “Police Cite Threats in Deciding Not to Name Officer Who Shot Missouri Teenager”
08/12/14 Storey "Scenes of Chaos Unfold After a Peaceful Vigil in Ferguson”
08/12/14 Vega “Shooting Spurs Hashtag Effort on Stereotypes”
08/12/14 Fitzsimmons “Protests Near St. Louis, Seen on Social Media”
08/12/14 the NYT editorial Board convene for an opinion piece. “Racial History Behind the Ferguson Protests”
08/13/14 Blow Opinion article “Michael Brown and Black Men”
08/13/14 Bosman and Eckholm “Anonymity in Police Shooting Fuels Frustration"
08/14/14 Perlroth “Hackers’ Efforts to Identify Officer Create Turmoil”
08/14/14 Kennedy and Schuessler “Ferguson Images Evoke Civil Rights Era and Changing Visual Perceptions”
08/14/14 Vega “Vigils Planned Nationwide Over Ferguson Shooting”
08/14/14 Peters “Missouri Unrest Leaves the Right Torn Over Views on Law vs. Order”
08/14/14 Southall “Protest in Missouri at Police Killing of Teenager Is Chronicled on Social Media”
08/14/14 Beavers and Shank Opinion article “Get the Military Off of Main Street”   
08/14/14 Schwartz, Shear and Paulson "New Tack on Unrest Eases Tension in Missouri"
08/14/14 Nyhan "How Race Undermines Obama’s Bully Pulpit on Ferguson"
08/14/14 Blinder and Eligon "For Missouri Governor, Test at an Uneasy Time"
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08/15/14 Four readers letter each emotive and unbalanced, uninformed. Three try to link the events to the 1960s civil rights movement. One is written by a professor of social work at Columbia University. Investigation of these individuals would be interesting. "A Nation Shocked by Ferguson, Mo”
08/16/14 Bosman and Blinder "Missouri Orders Nightly Curfew to Quell Looting"
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08/21/14 Three opinion letter from readers. One a senator (Bernard Sanders) complaining about black youth’s crisis. One from a lawyer (Lou Horwitz) complaining that prosecuter Robert P. McCulloch should be removed as prosecutor because his father (a policeman) was killed by a black man, and that a blue-ribbon committee should be put in place to investigate racial inequities in black arrests (6x average pop). One from another lawyer (Paul Hudson) calling for police training to be changed to shoot to maim, and not kill.
08/21/14 Mendelberg and Butler "Obama Cares. Look at the Numbers."
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If you are wondering why the mid-August period was so critical and full of reports and positioning, that was the week of the Dr. Baden autopsy after the county's autopsy. As you can see, even after the autopsies revealed Brown was shot from the front and not execution style from the back as he was kneeling in prayer, the Times continued the narrative and shifted the conversation to political power, police tactics and the upcoming election. This is all within three weeks of the shooting. The media ran with this with no regard for the truth or evidence as more leaked out, agitating blacks to save the Senate for the Democrats. Channel that anger my black brothers and sisters into the ballot box, and magically, all of your problems will be fixed!

How do we know this is blatant bias and who/whom agitation for the Narrative? Let's talk about some other crimes. Let us just review some from August. August 7th: Adam Schrier was shot dead by two home intruders, and his wife and child were shot but survived. No mention in the New York Times; problem is Schrier was white and the intruders were black. August 10th: Scott Simerson died of injuries from an attack by four men on a playground in front of the children he was watching. No mention in the New York Times; problem is Simerson was white and the attackers were black. August 28th: Katelyn Beard was abducted and murdered. A suspect has been charged.  No mention in the New York Times; problem is Beard was white and the suspect that brought police to the body is black. August 30th: Ballard Reynolds was shot sitting in her car, execution style. No mention in the New York Times; problem is Reynolds was white and the suspects are black. These are all crimes with a black-white racial angle. I will not even touch other on other, but there are plenty. These happened in August. None received the megaphone treatment. Who/whom must fit the NY Times narrative.

Woven into the Michael Brown narrative is the cops hunting blacks narrative. This has received pushback from people with the statistics that most blacks killed by cops are in the act of a crime or shooting at cops themselves. Like the deserving vs. undeserving poor, there is some agency for those killed by cops. Grasping for anything, Nate Silver's 538 noted a "much higher" cops killing citizens body count. It is around 1500 annually (that's 10% of new HIV infections a year, Nate). Wow, Reuben Fischer-Baum, three people killed by cops a day in a nation of 315 million with millions of cop-citizen interactions a week. I dislike the militarization of cops, and their slow transformation into a standing army, but let us be frank about this cops hunting blacks idea. It isn't real.

What is real and unnoticed by the New York Times are cop deaths at the hands of blacks. Do you know Perry Renn or Jeffrey Westerfield? Those are two cops shot and killed by blacks this summer in Indiana. Closer to New York than Ferguson, somehow these cops' deaths did not make it to the Times pages. Adding insult to injury, the family of the accused killer of Renn said Renn did not have to get out of his car when he responded to the call. The black mind that doesn't think Brown or Garner had to follow cops orders thinks cops should think of random possibilities and stay in their cars. Indianapolis has had two cops killed in the last 18 months; the prior death was similar to these two. All three cops were answering domestic violence calls. The police take their lumps, but that does not fit the who/whom. See, cops, magically turned white by the blue uniform, are racist killers from Ferguson to Boston per the protest signs in Beantown. These deaths do not make the national media.

We have an entire media machine geared up to push blacks into voting "D" in November. That does not save the Democrats at the polls. The Ferguson grand jury follows facts and does not indict. The media slobbers over a night of looting and burning down stores in Ferguson, MO. Forget the black youths who hammered a white man to death at the "wrong place at the wrong time" right after the Ferguson riots. Collateral damage. Activists set up protests around America still sticking to the "hands up, don't shoot" line despite evidence showing the opposite. That evidence was even slowly explained on national news, but throw it out, the narrative must remain. New York protests even shout for "Dead Cops". The media does not tsk-tsk this, and lets it carry on for weeks.

Now we have two NYPD cops shot while sitting in their squad cars. The shooter was obviously motivated to avenge the angelic, obese duo of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. That is documented through the shooter's social media accounts. This is the media's making. This is their demonic spawn. They will try to walk away, but could a nationwide campaign to incite black anger at the police be to blame or am I reaching? The media did try to pin the Gabby Giffords shooting on Sarah Palin over one website. We later found out the shooter was a whack job, Obama supporter. What is one website compared to 106 articles in the New York Times in one month alone? It is nothing. Slavery ended 150 years ago, but it is still considered so powerful as a legacy and message it messes with the minds of modern blacks to affect their grades and SAT scores. What effect does the megaphone have on blacks? Could it incite them to murder if the megaphone is mishandled? Yes.

I do not want to see the media sued into oblivion. I do not want a Journ-o-caust, yet. I want the media to do what Ezra Klein wrote Sarah Palin should have done. Simply admit that they contributed to this by creating a toxic environment, fueling the fire already present between the cops who restore order and the specific demographic prone to disorder in our cities. Admit culpability to at least that. I'm not an ideologue that views black and cops and assigns specific good and bad. I'm not a blind libertarian who is twisted enough to "heh" at these cops' executions. The media cannot admit their part in this because then their part in slanting everything else would be game. We all should be in search of good governance and positive policies. With entities like our modern mass media and the psychopathic liars at the helm of large media properties, good governance is impossible. Let us bypass them and create new institutions with that in mind. Not eyeballs, not clicks, not a narrative, just the truth.

Friday, December 19, 2014

How Quickly Progs Forget

While progressive Millenial whites are the only humans besides blacks thinking these anti-police protests are really important (MSNBC = humanoid), the libertarians are using it as a way to spotlight to the masses the militarization of police that they have harped on for years. The progressives though are terribly hypocritical. These silly protests about Eric Garner, Michael Brown and #BlackLivesMatter seem to be small in nature despite national media attention. They are also laughably segregated in nature, too. The big focus is on heavy handed police actions, police brutality and the uproar over our militarized police. Some protests have even been in Boston, Massachusetts. Let's look at some pictures of these. Let's review the pictures that inspired purse clenching and gasping by progressives.

Proper response to a riot of hundreds of people
These were heavily armed cops to control a riot of hundreds of people who threatened mass violence. This inspired tears from progressives and protests.

50 people tops?

"From Boston to Ferguson, cops are racist murderers"

Hey, anyone remember the environment in Massachusetts after the Marathon bombing? The city was on curfew and shut down. The police had gun fights in the streets with the bombing brothers. The police rolled armored vehicles through the streets. The police suited up in heavy gear. The curfew was lifted. When it was lifted, they found the surviving brother bleeding under a boat in someone's backyard.

This was all to catch two guys

Wow, so normal looking

Friendly neighborhood cop
Friendly neighborhood cop 18 wheeler
Let's also look at pictures of Massachusetts citizens applauding the police in April of 2013. This picture was from a friend who worked for a unit that responded to the bomber brother crisis.

"Bawstawn Strong!"

What better proof of the hypocrisy than seeing the liberals of Massachusetts line the streets and cheer on the cops. Let's check out some video. Look at the :30 mark to 1:30 for the crowds roaring for the MRAPs.

Massachusetts is ground zero for progressives. Progressives applauded the insane response and capture of two men. They applauded the SWAT teams, the armored vehicles, the city wide lockdown and the gunfights in the streets. Protesting for Michael Brown is idiotic considering the forensic evidence, but Eric Garner did die because of the world the progressives have helped create. Cigarette taxes, illegal sales, checking for any warrants at all times, blacks not complying with simple police arrests, police using aggressive take down methods; these are all progressive enabled. Don't protest just because this time the blade clipped one of your coalition members.
You asked for this police state.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Progressives Not Complaining About the Heisman Anymore

The sports pages read like any other section of the paper now with the pushing of approved narratives in between box scores and game recaps. Ray Rice picked the wrong year to punch his wife. Adrian Peterson picked the wrong year to beat his kid with a switch. In another year, they would have returned to the field. In War on Women progressive hysteria, they are sitting at home, suspended without pay. We know this because there are players playing today who did far worse off the field. A common refrain in the 2000s was that the Heisman trophy had become a quarterbacks award. This peaked in 2009, as sports media was a bit worried that, gosh, it would go to Colt McCoy, quarterback of the University of Texas. The complaints have died down. Why might that have changed? Let's take a look at winners.

Here are the quarterbacks who won the Heisman from 2000-2008. Rather than post pictures, I'll break it down by race.

white, white, white, white, white, black, white, white (dash of American Indian)

In 2009, a running back won the award, breaking the streak. A new streak started though of quarterbacks winning the award in 2010, and it is ongoing with the win last weekend by Marcus Mariota.

Here are the quarterbacks who won the Heisman from 2010 to this year. Once again, let's break it down by race.

black, black, white, black, mixed white-polynesian

Notice anything different? The media, including pre-game show hosts now do not care if the winner is a quarterback because the winning quarterbacks look a bit different. For some odd reason, the Heisman going to running backs only between 1972 and 1983 was not a problem (all blacks and one white). Starting in the '80s, the college game developed better passing offenses that put up staggering numbers, and voters took notice. A further shift has occurred where teams have transitioned more to "spread offenses". Some spread offenses are "option read" that often employ a quarterback who has the option to run but starts from a shotgun position.

In essence, they brought the old option back but in a passing formation. The option read spread offense values a different skill set than pure passing spread offenses. Quarterbacks needed to run more in these new offenses, and because of diluted defensive talent, the running quarterback is more effective in the college game. To use a progressive buzzword, these offenses are more inclusive. This allows for the "general" of the offense to look a little different and rack up amazing numbers. If their team has a tremendous season, the voters will want to reward who they think has been the key to that contender's situation. Thankfully now for progressive sports reporters, they can vote for quarterbacks without feeling any pangs of white guilt.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Political Ends of the UVa Hoax + Renda

First, to catch up to speed: here's the big post connecting Erdely and Renda, how Jackie's tale echoes Renda's Senate testimony about Jenna, and Emily Renda's two years visiting the White House. Now to tie the politics behind it all.

The UVa rape scandal has now turned into a media hoax scandal. This has not changed the UVa president's determination to punish fraternities. Fraternities are still under her thumb for now, despite the cause of her actions being revealed as a lie. The finger pointing on the media-activist side is flaring up, as "Jackie", Sabrina Erdely and Emily Renda all take turns distancing themselves from each other and throwing each other under the bus. Erdely is in hiding or re-reporting. "Jackie" is being Jackie. What is Emily Renda up to? She is project coordinator for the Vice President of student affairs at UVa. Sounds benign. There is also one gigantic role that the media has glossed over whenever they have reported on Renda and her connection to the story. Emily Renda is the subcommittee chair of the "prevention" division of the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence. The UVa rape story is a perfect illustration of the way politics works in America. Academia creates, the media pimps, and eventually the public supports what credentialed, unelected officials recommend to legislatures and regulators.

Renda center in grey

Let's follow the ball like the old Schoolhouse Rock "I'm just a bill". Academics like gender studies professors want funding. They also want to program our young daughters into good little careerists who vote Democrat all of the time. They can turn sex into a horrible event that can make nearly everything rape. How do we slant the field away from a neutral field towards the progressive allies. Let's criminalize sexual interaction. How do we do this? First we need academics to have ideas. They need to build institutions and campus resources to suck in young women who are in search of power and those who have been truly victimized (some maybe maybe not). Take young Emily Renda. Something happened to her that she considered rape. She enters women's groups, activities, and she catches professors' eyes. She might also be a bit hungry for power or to prove her progressive virtue. The academics can fill her head with their ideas to then speak when properly called upon, and the ideas are more convincing from a victim than an angry, lesbian Women's Studies professor. These academics and the grievance group connections can send little Emily to the White House where she can network, can be awed by the prestige and power of Capitol Hill, and most importantly, get her message broadcast to people with power. The victim can become the ruler! This is just the first step where academia plants the seeds and selects its spokesperson. The next step is important.

She even spoke at the signing

How do you and me find out about anything? The media; they select and decide what becomes a story. A person is killed every 30 minutes in America, but the New York Times decided you needed to know about Michael Brown. After her White House visits, Emily Renda is interning for the UVa president. Classes were a sideshow, right? Emily Renda spoke on campus, wrote in her school paper and was published by the Huffington Post. From there, young Renda gets invited to testify before the US Senate. She tells her story. She tells the story about "Jenna", who sounds a lot like "Jackie". Renda goes from intern for the UVa president to working as project coordinator for the Vice President of Student Affairs. Renda's warnings about this campus rape problem are now documented with the Senate, the White House knows about her and even HuffPo has published her tale. How do we get to the next step? Some people are pushing back on this rape talk. It's a slight road bump, if the media has something big to persuade the massses.

The media did have something "big", they always do. This is why Sabrina Erdely meeting "Jackie" through Renda in the summer matters. As Renda is testifying in front of the Senate, Erdely is just searching for the right school for her big expose. She just happens to get in touch with Renda, who introduces her to "Jackie". As Sabrina Erdely is crafting her story and talking to Jackie, Emily Renda is appointed to the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence. Look at the pictures of McAuliffe signing the task force commission. Renda is just over his shoulder. That is in August. The big expose comes out in November. There is shock and horror at such a vicious crime, not just from gullible progressives with biases but by normies. Notice how the media has reported Lena Dunham, Kesha and Lady Gaga all claiming they were sexually assaulted. The Bill Cosby story broke now of all years. Joe Six pack and Jane SUV hear about the Rolling Stone story secondhand from news reports that discuss the Rolling Stone article and just give bullet points. They see reports of angry young women on campus. They see celebs claiming past rapes. They start to think of how awful this is and that something must be done. We have strict rape laws and rape is actually down now compared to 1990. The nice lady journalist told me there is no radical feminist organizations on the UVa campus and that resources for rape reporting are deficient. Something must be done, but what?

Lucky for them, Emily Renda is on the governor's task force. Lucky for them, Emily Renda testified before Congress with some solutions to this dire problem that the public can be whipped into hysteria about for the moment. The governor's task force will deliver its recommendations in June of 2015. Anyone want to bet against me that the task force will make recommendations that line up with her Senate testimony recommendations? From her Senate testimony, she wanted federal oversight and "forced" re-allocations of funds. Taxpayer money to progressive programs.  If you think a governor's task force does not have far reaching effects, read up on the 1986 California Task Force on Self-Esteem. That task force overrode some of the evidence proposed, and took a different path that looks familiar to us in 2014.

"Self-esteem is the likeliest candidate for a social vaccine, something that empowers us to live responsibly and that inoculates us against the lures of crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, chronic welfare dependency, and educational failure. The lack of self-esteem is central to most personal and social ills plaguing our state and nation."
If you are looking for the origin of participation trophies and the snowflake Millenial generation's thin skinned behavior, look at that task force. It changed how California approached children from a social and educational standpoint. That point of view spread across the nation. We are dealing with the damage of that task force thirty years later. The Virginia task force on combating campus sexual violence will give the Virginia governor a guide for a new approach. This might, and most likely will, become new laws. If not laws, it might allow campuses to become grey zones where due process and individual rights are hampered all in the name of progressive ideas.

This is how it works. Read Moldbug. This is the cathedral in action. Academia creates -> media broadcasts -> laws and regulations passed. Are academics elected? No. Are they protected by tenure? Yes. Are media members elected? No. Are the protected by the first amendment and never fired no matter how consistently wrong? Yes. Is this task force elected? No. Is it a council that will recommend the governor and legislature? Yes. You have no say in any of those pieces coming together, and how incredibly convenient it is that academia and the media both lean +90% democrat (cutting edge progressive). This task force is staffed not just by activist Renda but by other academics. Is there a single voice for accused young men available? You have no voice here, the progressives stacked the deck.
Emily Renda has a conflict here. She is involved in a hoax perpetrated by "Jackie" or by Sabrina Erdely. She has supported the pro-narrative view in an NPR interview despite the truth leaking out. Please note that at each turn, each mention by the media of Emily Renda during this UVa rape viral piece and the subsequent truth pushback, no one mentions her role on the governor's task force. The media is protecting her by omitting her deeper involvement with a current governor's task force. This is an obvious conflict and shows that she has a biased point of view to be part of any recommendations to the governor of Virginia. She should resign from the commission. We all know the controlling powers will find a new Emily Renda, spitting the same academic jargon because 90% of academia is progressive, but at least they will not have been involved in a horrible hoax. Renda is a soldier and a vessel to carry their progressive policies to campuses across America.