Tuesday, December 31, 2013

They Must Sanitize News Out of San Francisco

San Francisco is the uber-chic place to stop over on your way back from your Hawaiian honeymoon. That is the cliché thing for middle to upper class Easterners to suggest the moment you mention a Hawaiian vacation. "You just got to stop there, Martha and I loved it. The food was fantastic", that is roughly every one-liner suggestion I've heard since 2003. Younger folks usually rave about the really awesome, laid back vibe of the city. It's expensive because of the tech money there, but it's worth it. Seeing a couple of news items pop up, it seems San Francisco is fantastic at perception management and sanitizes the information released from the Bay Area.

Shakedown in San Fran. It is amazing what Google's search algorithm yields when searching for completely unrelated topics. The press release is that the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce is calling for a boycott of San Francisco's tourism and hospitality industries. Huffpo is on it in its Blackvoices section (just below is a slideshow of "Racist Moments: 2013 Edition"). The boycott press release is a great display in selective hate fact statistic use. The SFAACC cites a bunch of staitstics that are "disturbing facts", showing how the city has let the black community down. It is boilerplate grievance industry language and demands. No accountability on the community, and the post's comments supporting the boycott's aims are hysterical. No causation discussion, just tourism and hospitality are causes for the poor situation of San Francisco's blacks (and their disappearance). The demands are really for some of the government money devoted to tourism and hospitality spending as well as job training and advocacy programs (graft, hush money, patronage). Most tourism and hospitality jobs do not need training as much as a willingness to show up on time, work the shift and maybe pass a drug test. The boycott begins tomorrow, so be alert.

No more public nudity... except at parades and fairs that received licenses. The video is older, but there was another protest in November. They lose their heads and clothes in the chambers. It was rather interesting to hear a council member mention the slippery slope idea of is this just a start and piercings or tattoos are next in the same year that GAY MARRIAGE WAS JUST IMPOSED by the Supreme Court. The line from the mayor at the end was simple and true. Calling this freedom of speech is a bold stretch. The problem that caused this change is noted in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle. Naked gay men walking around Castro street, greeting everyone and anyone (including children) to the Bay.

While blacks can't find tourism and hospitality jobs, the cab drivers of San Francisco must be Muslim enough in numbers to get washing and praying stations at the Airport. Does the airport have a Christian space? No. They have an interfaith reflection room tucked away in the International terminal. The airport does have a yoga room. Maybe the blacks should be against immigration so that they can get the cabdriver jobs back and protest the lack of Christian space to give a pastor or two a job.

Bike lane expansion turf war! Money quote is the guy who takes his 20 month old son on the bike with him despite being hit three times, "My wife would not let me take Liam on Polk. It's too dangerous." Last I heard California was in a budget crunch, needing to cut back on a bunch of services. This bike lane expansion will cause some construction spending and hurt car traffic and congestion. Brilliant.

The coalition of interest groups is represented all over San Fran whether social or economic in nature. The firefighters of San Fran are many of the top earning city officials and workers. I can't imagine what causes municipalities in California to have budget issues when firefighters are taking home over $250,000. How many calls on average does a firefighter of 2013 respond to compared to 1962? My guess is far fewer in number today compared to days of old with better electrical wiring and construction, not to mention the earthquake codes.

As the defense of gentrification pointed out, Oakland is undergoing a transformation and possible San Franciscanification, so the naked gay guys, bike lanes and overpaid firefighters can crowd out blacks who were exiled from San Fran to Oakland and will now have to go elsewhere. There was a recent column about there being two Americas and the accepting, enlightened one was clearly the better America. San Francisco is one of the crown jewels of the better America. Must help to bury all weird news. Go for the laid back vibe, the architecture and food.

Monday, December 30, 2013

There's Something About Josephine County Oregon

Reading a link in the comments section of Xenosystems, one can read about an interesting organic creation by a community abandoned by the government. In the southwestern corner of Oregon, Josephine County has seen their budget shrink, their federal subsidies removed, their sheriff's department be cut to the bone and their safety and security become a burden shoved back at them. The residents have created armed patrols to perform the same duties the sheriff's department formerly provided. This is different than Ashtabula County in Ohio that heard a judge warn of reduced deputies, and has done nothing of the sort. This is not the first time Josephine County has responded to a closing of a public good with a private endeavor. The county cut funds for the libraries in the mid-2000s and closed libraries across the county. Citizens responded by forming a nongovernment, nonprofit organization that does not rely on taxpayer money to reopen multiple libraries. Josephine County might be an example of what is possible in an area of higher trust and a homogeneous population as the USG retreats.

While the forestry industry was hit hard by the first round of environmentalism's gains in the '70s and the commodities bust of the early '80s, the ground was salted later to prevent any recovery. Josephine County is one of the many communities in the northern reaches of the US hit hard by the environmental lies about and court ordered protection of endangered spotted owls or declining forests. The USG is a huge landowner, which allowed it to decrease and stop logging through court machinations and the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan. You can see the nosedive in forestry activity that coincided with the court decision to stop logging in 1990 after the US Fish and Wildlife Service added the northern spotted owl to the "threatened" species list. Despite the shift from purple to blue in Oregon since 1980, President Obama only received 37% of the vote in 2012 per Dave Leip's election atlas in Josephine County. Josephine might be on of those communities with the old pioneer spirit that was found throughout the US not too long ago. Because the USG owns so much land within the large county, the 80,000 citizens are squeezed into an area much smaller than the county borders suggest.

It cannot all be small c-conservative politics or even the pioneer spirit to explain this because across the Rust Belt once thriving communities have seen their jobs leave and fallen into disarray. Other communities complain about the lack of a police presence or the cutbacks for libraries. Other communities cite police aggressiveness as to why they do not snitch on known criminals and do not want law abiding outsiders to come in and improve things. More education and funding is requested for social services from many small communities ruined by those heartless capitalists who left them behind for foreign labor. There is a definite need for police protection per the statistics on Grants Pass (JC's largest city), and the community has enough asabiyah to fill the roles that government took over in the last 150 years but are shirking now. Josephine County seems to be dealing with the rollback of the USG in their region with community based private measures. Must be something else in the water.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top of the Democrat Barbell

Pajamas Boy has been a funny meme making its way around the Internet. That smug looking SWPL hails from Winnetka, Illinois. While the living, tangible representation of the type of white guy that votes Democrat and advocates for progressive policies, his hometown is a perfect representation of the top of the Democrat barbell coalition. R.J. Moeller at The Federalist took a swing at Winnetka, the New Trier High School (his alma mater) and wealthy liberals in general. It just scratches the surface about funding progressive policies, causes and clubs. Winnetka itself reveals the money and power on the left that the media forever portrays as belonging to the other side. The wealthy are in this alliance because the government is a looting mechanism for rent seeking and economic gain.

The profile for Winnetka linked above reveals a few facts that explain the power and brain trust behind the progressive's coalition of victims.

Winnetka household income distribution1. Average household income is $194,278. That is 4x the state average.
2. Estimated median house value is $869,135. That is nearly 5x the state average and a high barrier to entry for new home buyers.
3. The city of 12,000 is 90% white, 4% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 2% multiracial and 0.4% black. This is far different and whiter than Illinois, which is incredibly close to the national makeup of America. Illinois contains their blacks mostly in Chicago and East St. Louis.
4. Education is valued and an honor for citizens of Winnetka. A little over 99% of citizens have a high school degree, 88% have a college degree and 48% have a graduate or professional degree.
5. Only 6% of residents are foreign born compared to 13% of the state of Illinois.
6. Over age 25 unemployment is only 4.4%.
7. Crime is well below the national average, and Winnetka has not had a murder this century.
8. Most common occupations for males are lawyers (13%), top executives (12%), sales representatives (10%), and business operations specialists (8%). Nearly half of all businesses in Winnetka are finance, insurance, professional, scientific and technical services. n a nutshell, this is a fountain of mindwork. The rest of Illinois is far different.
9. Families make up 81% of households versus the state average of 66%.
10. Election results for 2012: Obama 74%-Romney 25%. The lowest Democrat number in the last twenty years is Clinton in 1996 with 67%.

There is nothing special about Winnetka as you can find these small communities on the outskirts of every major metropolitan blue city in a blue state, skewing progressive. Similar cities are Larchmont and Scarsdale in New York or Newton in Massachusetts. These enclaves form due to the blue states poor governance that chased out the middle class citizens while corralling the poor into dense urban living. The wealthy have the money to build suburbs right next door, but they can bid up housing prices to create a barrier to entry that only fellow wealthy individuals can hurdle.

This is why Occupy fizzled out by the Tea Party keeps rolling along. Being made up of a core of middle class voters, the GOP base can fund insurgents, while the Democrats have all of their funding come from the wealthy end of the barbell while their massive underclass end of the barbell provides the votes. This is also why despite all the huffing and puffing from media and academic figures on the left and Democrats in office, nothing will be done to alter the current wealth inequality situation. The good folks in Winnetka will make sure enough small time government handouts, Internet porn and tasty, sugary food is spread through the underclass to sap any energy they may have to carry torches and pitchforks.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Night Live Skits

I'm usually disappointed by Saturday Night Live. I come up with random skits from time to time. These were two of my new ones.

Skit 1: "2nd Wife Auditions" - This can be set up like a reality TV competition show with a couple being two of the judges and then Simon Cowell or anyone with a British accent (Americans love to hear Brits criticize them) as the third judge. Couple auditions women after filtering through hundreds of profiles on Faceborg. The man and woman ask questions regarding household chores, if the woman is willing to give up her cats and sex issues. There could also be the hot contestant that the husband reacts positively to, but the wife nixes. Some could be rejected a 2nd time trying to use a fake name and profile because they are too old. You can set up the "elimination" bit with the rejected woman getting a parting gift of a new cat. A "winner" could be a cute woman who is willing to cook half the time, will iron everything and has no gag reflex. Everyone is a winner. If repeated, the skit could end each time with a different combination that meets all needs.

Skit 2: "Single Dad Sexting Adventures" - Because it involves texting or email, the screen and voiceovers of reading the messages makes it perfect for SNL. Guy gets sexts from girl ready to go but needs to get a babysitter. A three part arc to the skit.

1st round - Woman is very direct, he's warm to it but realizes he needs a last second babysitter. Tries his parents, and when they selfishly have some stupid "stay young forever" plans like Boomers always seem to have, he can send a text or email with "Guess we're going elsewhere for Thanksgiving" or "Continuing the abandoning behavior with a new generation, mom".

2nd round - Chick sends him freakier messages, maybe a 50 Shades of Grey reference or her learning something from porn, and he's playing it cool in replies not because he is supercool but because he's getting nervous about finding a sitter. This time he tries his sisters for a cousins sleepover. They shut him down, and he sends a text like "F*(k you Miranda" but because he is bouncing back and forth between emails and texts that goes as a text to the chick.

This sets up the final round - Chick responds "I don't know who Miranda is, but does she look like this" with a pic that creates an obvious reaction shot from the guy. In his desperation, he emails married friends wanting to "practice for kids by babysitting other people's kids overnight", is asking around near his cubicle and then sees a reply. The husband of the duo says "Man, I understand, knock it out".

Because both of these skits can be repeated, Lorne Michaels would support using them. Only problem is they do not completely toe the line of liberal approved humor. Saturday Night Live roughly 25 years ago mocked homosexual stereotypes with Dana Carvey's "Lyle, the Effeminate Heterosexual", which might earn them a Gulag trip if they tried it now. I'd gladly write for SNL but on the condition that I become the new announcer. My Don Pardo imitation is so good that people would think he is still alive and announcing for SNL. I hope your Saturday night involves much better times than watching SNL.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Ads Stay the Same Only the Models Change

"It is a total shame that those supplement companies use busty, gorgeous women in advertisements next to ridiculously huge men. It's sexist! No one will ever get that big using those supplements!" - your girl flipping through a fitness magazine. People who mock or complain about those advertisements have not been paying attention. It is the oldest trick in the book. Sell with the fantasy of what you will do to yourself and who you will attract.

Dude with genetics geared for huge muscles and most likely using 'gear' and some supplements to get huge next to the 2007 Miss Bikini Universe with some good photo-shopping and a sexy look on her face. Pretty standard fare for supplement advertisements. What about the 1960s? Those advertisements were probably more focused on nutrition.

Looks like he is Steve Reeves sculpted and holding a hot chick in his arms. The potential gains are similar to promises in today's advertisements, "25 terrific lbs. of handsome power-packed muscles all over". The other advertisements from the '50s and '60s involved a cartoon showing the skinny guy get sand kicked in his face while with his girl only to get jacked and then get his hot girl back. Has there ever been honest advertising in fitness?

This advertisement is from 1908. Help for weak men. Simple and honest, so we now understand the need for the modern approach to advertising.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Misreporting Even Human Interest Stories

The holidays usually means the media pulls out the best of the human interest stories they have been sitting on or that they can scrounge up on short notice. Local charities are a great source for these types of stories, but the media will hit you with a hard one to get to your emotional core. In a very short span of time, a brain dead teen went from patient intake to CNN human interest story. The story tugs heart strings, paints a picture in line with the liberal narrative, and misreports the story to prevent real questions or a good use of the subject.

Thirteen year old Jahi McMath went into the hospital for surgery with her loving family besides her. She was pronounced brain dead shortly after the recovery from the surgery. The family is using a personal injury lawyer to stop the hospital from ending care (unplugging) since she is legally dead. Pro bono of course, but what great publicity and free advertising for him. The San Francisco Examiner published a Christmas Day blurb by McMath's lawyer, where he once again states it was a "routine tonsillectomy". Please note that the girl was admitted on Dec 9th, declared brain dead on Dec 12th, and this blew up on CNN within a week. Every single report states that it is a simple tonsillectomy. That is not the whole truth. The media knows this, but fails to report it and continues the charade. The court documents state it was far more involved. This is not a simple tonsils out and ice cream later procedure but a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UP3). The AP and Huffpo call it a simple tonsillectomy despite there being court documents that show it was a UP3. A UP3 is invasive, risky and comes with complications per the NY Times and many sleep disorder forums. They want you to think this was just a tonsillectomy to help the eventual shakedown by the family with this lawyer's help because readers will be shocked to think someone could die from a tonsillectomy.

A simple question no media member is asking is why a thirteen year old is getting a UP3. A UP3 is a surgery to help people suffering from sleep apnea. They never say she suffered from sleep apnea, because to mention it would distort the narrative. How is a thirteen year old already suffering from sleep apnea? Google Image search results show Jahi McMath as obese. This is the world of obese America where we see a rise in sleep apnea due to 1/3 of the US being overweight and 1/3 being obese. You probably have a family member with one of those sleep masks to keep an oxygen flow going, and they are probably overweight. This should not affect a thirteen year old. Kids with adult problems, and problems that only fat adults have. Why did the doctor go the UP3 route? Why a UP3 on such a young person when UP3s have the high chance of not ending the sleep apnea over the long term? Did they try a weight loss program? Did the medical professionals want to rack up some surgery fees? That is not an accusation, but no one is asking the question. This surgery has plenty of side effects and risks that are compounded when a patient is obese. It is a testament to how fantastic our medical technology has become that people would rather go under the knife for things they could correct with weight loss. Surgeons have become a social safety net for poor eating decisions. People do not think twice and just sign the release forms. This is a conversation the media could start using this teenager as an everyday example.

The greater conversation is obesity and the culpability of the obese themselves. There are money quotes from the mother of McMath about her child being perfectly fine before going to that hospital, but no one bothers to mention her daughter being obese and to the point of needing surgery to prevent her from dying in her sleep. Obese is not fine. Maybe they did try a weight loss program, and momma didn't 'mom up' and work hard on getting her kid in shape. All surgery comes with risk. Obesity sets up people for long term health problems. The media does not want to use the Jahi McMath story as a human interest story to get people talking about medicine, obesity and health. It is a complex world, so we should take care of what we have control over, and pull back on hyperventilating on abstract or far away problems. Readers are already tense from holiday stress, so scratch at those primed hearts with a horror story. They want Americans to see a young black girl killed by a heartless, cold and cruel medical system. Your child may go in for a tonsillectomy and come out in a body bag.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

A repost of last year's Christmas post. While the son of God, Jesus was also one man. Enjoy your holiday plans.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The NY Times Wants to Regulate Supplements

Scare! Fraud! Supplements are a giant danger that will damage your body or even kill you. We better start regulating them. Reporting really is easier to digest when you know it is full on propaganda with an obvious political tie in for their side. The tip off that it is propaganda? They say Wild West in both articles. The NY Times really wants readers, SWPL liberals who never shop at GNC but may buy natural, herbal supplements, to be against the Wild West supplement industry. Why now? Well Sen. Durbin introduced legislation in August to get supplement makers under the FDA. The left wants more regulatory power, and the politicians will find a way to control it while the NY Times tells you 750 words on why you should support it.

Supplements are a $32 billion industry with little oversight as supplements are neither food nor drugs, so the FDA can only step in when problems have been discovered. Supplements are actually proof that a market and the Internet forum community can direct suppliers. Bodybuilding.com has probably done more to boost or destroy supplements. Not from product reviews but from the forums full of regular people reporting on what works or does not work. Regulating supplements is a power grab as the left wants the civil service to have power to regulate makers, create barriers to entry for smaller producers, and create a protection racket scheme new source of political donations and lobbyist jobs.

There is pushback for the obvious low incidence of problems. How few cases of severe liver damage due to supplements have there been? Anahad O'Connor in his NY Times article buries it deep down there, but between 2010 and 2012, there were 60 such cases. This is a nation of 317 million people with roughly half using supplements per O'Connor. As the link in the first sentence in this paragraph states, there are few cases of adverse effects, and adverse effects from pharmaceuticals are immense in comparison and the true villain. The difference is Merck and Eli Lilly advertise with NY Times media properties while Gaspari Nutrition does not. O'Connor's article has no analysis of who or what should be regulated, so some of the SWPLs who shot at the natural supplement store might be reluctant to follow his lead.

Maybe O'Connor is biased because he does not lift. Nope, it says he is a fitness enthusiast. O'Connor is just a true believer liberal. He has a blog at the NY Times pumping progressive boilerplate stories like "the healthy obese", how the female NASCAR pit crew member stays fit, graphic ads shaming horrible losers smokers into quitting, beers linked to emergency room visits in Baltimore, how the black female lead in Pippin stays in shape, the danger and harm of siblings being bullies, blogging on a TedTalk on blaming fatties vs. other patients. One could look at those blogs and see the flip side of a reporter spotlighting chicks who lift, progressive approved memes (fit fat, bullying is bad, smoking = evil), and avoiding the fact that Baltimore's emergency room visits are overwhelmingly black which explains the malt liquor frequency. The cathedral is developing him quite well: Yale to the NY Times to organizations full of reporters who engage in discourse with French young leaders for future policy. I cannot consider someone a future leader of America who feels marijuana is a greater danger to America's youth than cocaine, alcohol or heroin.

O'Connor is a good propaganda writer, and I am not the first to mock him. An anti-aging, testosterone treatment provider fisked an article by O'Connor on testosterone prescriptions rising for it's slanted view. As that writer said, what is the cause for alarm due to men using medication to correct a problem due to aging? The problem is that straight men are trying to feel young, so this is a no-no in the eye of the NY Times. If it were women trying to get buff to work in NASCAR pit crews or physically demanding roles in Fosse musicals, the NY Times would sing its praises. The left wants to regulate supplements and hook its claws into a new industry. The NY Times wants to make sure political power is expanded for its friends. As legislation sets up the us vs. them mentality with supplement regulation, O'Connor and the NY Times have done their part to educate readers on the proper, approved stance.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lies Environmentalists Told Me

Our public discourse is shaped to coerce political opponents of the left into supporting leftist's causes (anything gay) or destroying any source of opposition financial support (Tea Party, GOP donor list leaks). Environmentalists were a useful hammer against political donors who favored the right, especially in formerly purple states like Oregon and Maine. Would we ever reverse a policy or ruling that was found to be false or not useful? No. Looking for proof, read this blurb on federal biologists have been shooting barred owls to help spotted owls.

The spotted owl was the key to the environmentalist argument to stop Western logging. The proof that the environmentalists' claim that ending logging would save the spotted owl is hogwash is buried deep in the article.
Major cutbacks in logging in old growth forest that spotted owls prefer as habitat have not turned around their population decline, and scientists want to see if removing competition from the more aggressive barred owl will make a difference.
Stopping logging did not lead to a growth in spotted owl numbers. Stopping logging did not save the 2,000 spotted owls. Now the federal authorities have switched from strangling an entire industry in the Pacific Northwest to interfering with evolution and killing another owl. Who decides what owl is worth more? I do not know, maybe there is an official in the USG who decrees that we must save the spotted owl above all else. Academia felt that there was an ethical reason for protecting the owls as they had a right to life. The interesting thing is the interference with evolution, the competition between owl species, where humans within the USG are saying one deserves protection over the other. The article states this is not unusual as cormorants and sea lions are killed to help salmon.

If spotted owls did not explode in numbers once logging left their habitats alone, why are we bothering to protect them? The policy failed. The owls do not thrive, and they are not as strong as barred owls. Why are we shooting barred owls? Why not let logging resume? Why not employ more citizens in a job that would not require college degrees? Reversing that policy would be admitting they were wrong. It would cast the entire farce as the propaganda play that it was. It might make people question more environmental arguments from those same fools telling them now that CO2 is Satan's breath. We cannot have that in the realm of public knowledge and discourse. We cannot even correct dumb policies. It is not about good governance and positive policies; it's about winning more power.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ideal Harvard Applicant

Whether it is fiat America, negative society, or two faced America, the gap between what we consider ideal vs. the real in America is growing. A great example is the entire structure of selection, education and employment with regards to our top tier education system. The common folk have no clue. Those involved in the process have a clue. Today, I'll reveal the ideal applicant to Harvard University.

First, let us ask the man on the street what the ideal applicant would be in winter 2013 for those upcoming application due dates. Your common man would envision:

A valedictorian with great SATs, an athlete, an artist of some sort, volunteer in the community in secular, sports or Church groups, possible mentor role for younger kids through a school program, and an all American well rounded young man or woman that you can see as a leader of tomorrow.

That is nice. Smart, balanced, can work alone or in a team, and seems to be a positive, young contributor to the community. This is who the common man wants to think comes walking out of Harvard University with the diploma in hand and credentials to lead tomorrow's people. They are confusing the idea of best student or candidate with best applicant. This is why so many parents of good students pushed their kids down the extracurriculars and volunteer work path. They are onto the game of roughly a generation or two ago once Harvard and other top tier schools replaced their entrance exams with using the SAT and knocked down barriers to all groups. You did need an edge, and with how many smart kids there are in the world, you wanted no dent in the armor.

Here is the real ideal candidate for Harvard. Acceptance would be assured.

A wheelchair bound, black lesbian who was raised to be Christian but found atheism as an early teen due to her questioning why an omnipotent, loving God would disable her, and the progressive spark was at an Occupy protest. He work was raising awareness for environmental issues and a straight-gay alliance program at her high school. No one attended meetings except a handful of students. Her application essays would be about her coming out and dealing with prejudice (I'm a minority within a minority within a minority), her progressive enlightenment at the Occupy protest, and her rejection of Christianity and the friction it caused in her family.

I did not mention grades or SATs because she'd just have to score within the 10% range of the Harvard SAT spread and get As + Bs in whatever courses she took in high school. Accepted, go directly to Harvard Square, collect your $200 and complain about oppression for the rest of your life.

Those two students apply the same year. Who are you betting on making it through the bottleneck of admissions?

Positive Nuclear Step

Someone in the civil service made a smart energy decision as the Department of Energy announced a small funding opportunity for small modular reactors. At $450 million, it is peanuts in comparison to spending on anything big in the government realm, and this is not even on par with what Solyndra received from the government. This is a small but positive step in a pro-nuclear energy direction. The idea of small, safe reactors spread around the nation makes sense to cut down on transmission costs and losses. There is an odd irony behind the same bastards who protested against nuclear power being the chief proponents of reducing cabron emissions. Nuclear power being the most carbon friendly base power generator, therefore had the plan to slowly replace oil fired power plants and then gas and coal fired power plants gone into place, the United States would emit far less evil CO2, use the nat gas for other economic activities and export more coal to the rest of the world, helping our balance of trade.

Nuclear power is a wonderful example of the ability of the credentialed progressives of the cathedral to hamstring positive technological developments with the power of the pen. M. King Hubbert who was the originator of the Hubbert peak oil production theory was not worried about peak oil because he was a believer in the amazing potential and energy density of nuclear fuels to power our world. We unlocked the power of the atom only to see it bottled up by red tape, protestors, teachers and media scare pieces.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

HIV Med Costs + Blacks Believing HIV Conspiracies

In response to a comment from my post on gays fighting bathhouse closures despite AIDS destroying the gay community for years, the average annual cost for the antiretroviral medications that have extended the lives of many affilicted is $19,900. How much of this is paid for by taxpayers for the underclass that is getting the treatment? Is the underclass priced out creating a bifurcated survival pattern? How much am I suppose to hyperventilate over this crisis? These drugs have major side effects, but they extend your life. The 20,000 per year price tag is high, but consider that in the 1980s, the average survival time from diagnosis fo HIV to death was three years. Some of that time was spent in pain and agony. What price tag would you put on a year of normal living? Twenty thousand seems steep until you consider the alternative.

Cruising for different HIV-AIDS statistics, I found a funny survey on HIV-AIDS from the Washington Post. In a 2005 survey, blacks answered multiple question related to HIV-AIDS conspiracies. The Soviets were the ones to first say the US created HIV-AIDS in a lab, and black Americans ate that up like sugar. Here's the graph to the survey. Half believe it is man-made and that a cure is being held from the poor. If "they" had a cure and not a vaccine, they would share it with the poor and charge a ton for it. A cure (mañanacillin) would be reapplied multiple times because idiots would keep catching it, knowing a cure would be there to bail them out.

As far as genocide against blacks, think of the convoluted thinking to make this work. This requires the government to start a disease with gays, but after decades, becomes a slightly black majority disease, yet it is one you can live with for decades. The sadder admission in beliving this is that, outside of rape victims, with screening technology now for blood donations and transfusions HIV is a completely preventable disease. Admitting that it is an attempt at genocide, despite killing all races, reveals that they don't feel they can control their impulses as well as others.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hidden History: Fighting Bathhouse Closures

It is hard to get a grasp on the history of HIV-AIDS in America right now because it is not talked about since it would be a negative event in the gay media narrative. The common angle pushed now is that silence and Ronald Reagan were instrumental in the spread of HIV-AIDS and blocking attempts to fight the plague. There have been roughly 2 million AIDS cases and 1.1 million current HIV carriers in the USA since the disease first popped up. Considering the spread and general population of the USA, HIV-AIDS in its early days was a disease that was completely new, afflicting a small population and had unknown transmission or detection. It also was peculiar in being contained to gays, hence the original name Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Why did the authorities not try to stop the spread faster? They did. Municipalities tried to close bathhouses down in the hot spots, but gays fought closure and even after they knew better about the disease.

San Francisco was forced to delay closing bathhouses in 1984. Quote from the article, "More than 500 of the 3,899 Americans with AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, live in the San Francisco area and 95% of AIDS victims are gay men". It was under 4,000 AIDS sufferers in 1984, yet the modern media wants to spin it as Reagan's inaction causing the disease to spread. Later in the AP Wire article, the gay advocate cited that closing the bathhouses was just a ploy to push "homophobic political agendas" and another said constitutional issues were involved. In October of 1984, San Francisco was back at it ordering bathhouses closed. The bathhouse operators mentioned the need for legal process and order to prove this was a problem. Bathhouses said they served a gay need and would have closed if they thought they enabled the spread of AIDS. In 1985, New York sought to close bathhouses and gay public spaces with bathhouse owners saying they would fight efforts to shut them down. A dramatization of this early conflict is in one scene of the great HBO adaptation of And The Band Played On. Despite knowing the gay community was hit hard and gay sex was a transmission mechanism, the idea of stopping random, anonymous sex arenas was too much for gays to handle.

This might be harsh because it was 1984, so it was early in the HIV-AIDS scare. The media might not forgive Reagan for avoiding talking about 4000 gay men with AIDS, but the gays can be forgiven for their actions in 1984. What about 1988? If you were like me, you were a rural white kid being told by the TV newscasters and teachers that just like adorable Ryan White (hemophiliac), you too could get HIV-AIDS. This was the leading edge of the HIV-AIDS scare. In 1988, the bathhouses of Los Angeles were still fighting closures. From the LA Times,
The private rooms at Mac's Bathhouse in Silver Lake are a hot ticket on Saturday nights. Well-dressed men with gym bags start arriving at the labyrinth-like club before sunset, and by early evening a "No Vacancy" sign dangles beneath a stern AIDS warning posted on the cashier's window, signaling that the 50 personal cubicles are taken. 
Those who come later are forced to accept semi-private accommodations. As they trade their street clothes for towels and settle into bunk beds, steam rooms and each other's arms, a gay pornographic movie plays silently on a television and an empty Jacuzzi burbles near the rounded walkway known as the tunnel of love.
This was 1988, and the idea of stranger sex killing them did not slow them down. This was pre-red ribbon days, but thousands of gays were dropping dead from a disease primarily transmitted through sexual acts. The amount of self-delusion is high in the community and no higher than one of the bathhouse operators.
"We all have lots of friends who have died of AIDS," said Myers, 53, a mild-mannered former beautician with a life-sized photo of a nude man on his office wall. "If we thought we were part of the problem, we could not look in the mirror. But we're not."
The operators of crack houses and heroin dens probably admit to being part of the problem even if they are not shooting up, just a hunch, but they are probably self-aware. I also love the LA Times need to call a man they just met for the interview "mild-mannered". How do they know from a short interview he is mild-mannered? They have to frame him as a nice guy. Later on we hear an echo of the 1984 complaints,
One of them is John O'Brien, a 39-year-old bathhouse patron. O'Brien said he supports the argument that the baths actually promote safe sex practices and are preferable to other meeting places such as alleys, parks and drive-in movies. He also accuses bathhouse opponents of making a morality play in the guise of a health issue. 
"I have been an activist for 20 years and I see this as an important issue of sexual freedom," O'Brien said. "Liberace never went to the baths. The large majority of people at bathhouses are having safe sex. But I also support people's right to have unsafe sex. "
A 20 year veteran activist cites that this is about sexual freedom, rights and that the bathhouse opponents are using a health issue to act out a morality play. There is an interesting duality here because the evil opponents (Christian oppressors) simultaneously do not want to help gays at all but also want to close the bathhouses to help a gay health issue because they hate the lifestyle. It seems it would have been more beneficial to those evil Christians to let HIV spread and sayonara to the gay community they hate so deeply.
This is all in the deep past, not to be brought up when the media wants to discuss the sinister forces that were at play in suppressing the efforts to slow down the spread of HIV-AIDS. Hold on, in 2004, Los Angeles was back at it trying to enforce rules on bathhouses again due to the rise in HIV infections. A similar refrain can be heard,
... bathhouse owners and some gay rights activists argue that to close or restrict the bathhouses and sex clubs would infringe on the civil rights of patrons and business owners. 
"When you start regulating whether or not people can have safe sex, maybe one day you'll regulate whether people of the same sex can have sex with each other at all," said lobbyist Steve Afriat, who was hired by several bathhouse owners to fight tougher regulation of the establishments.
Immediately we see the claim of rights and the fear mongering that the Gestapo will be there to say who can have sex with who. This lobbyist obviously was not aware that the Supreme Court had just struck down the sodomy laws still on the books but not enforced across America in 2003. The truth and good policy shall not get in the way of a great quote for a journalist.
Similar to the minimum wage propaganda that removed any culpability from the single mother of four, gay men shall not be responsible for their actions. As much as the media wants to use President Reagan as a symbol for straight, white Christian America that avoided the AIDS issue, it was the gays who were their worst enemy. Just reframing the bathhouse actions and sexual behavior paints a different picture. Any writer could reframe the bathhouse articles to make them sound like the most disgusting cesspools of promiscuous sex that explained the rapid spread of the disease amongst gays. Writers could portray them as the nexus of drugs, sex and disease that despite knowing better, the patrons still use for anonymous sex. Instead of that, the media says they are safe zones where people can find love and companionship. It's a delicate balance between rights, freedom and health. Secretly, this is just another protected class that is part of the leftist coalition. Forgive them for their sins and transgressions, they know not what they do.

Using James Deen to Normalize Porn for Straight Women

It is not hard to look at media outlets and see the molding of the female mind with regards to gay men and gay marriage. Whether sitcoms, movies or teen magazines, gay men are an accessory for single women. They are completely non-threatening like a pet chihuahua. They also are victims that need to have the right to get legally married and divorced. Behavioral molding works as well as single motherhood is now a virtuous struggle, and the problem of bastards is just now (decades late) slowly creeping into the NY Times approved public concerns space. Female bisexuality has gone from a very marginalized group due to its small numbers to an expected phase of youthful experimentation (LUGs). Scratching my head over press coverage of male porn performer James Deen, the latest molding or sales pitch is for women to watch more pornography.

Whether through great self promotion at the right time or part of a campaign to get respectability for the industry, the perfect storm of Jenna Jameson moving from the fringe to someone you could sell to mainstream America along with technological changes was profitable timing for the porn pushers. Feels like a similar thing with Deen. It's as if there is a coordinated campaign amongst the edgy online press to give this guy good publicity. GQ did a profile on Deen with plenty of markers that the industry is fine, people read David Foster Wallace between scenes, and only Rick Santorum types are against it. Only a "Rick Santorum idiot" would see any danger with porn. It is also comical to read each article enjoy joking about stereotypes or mentioning how he is Jewish when normally joking about someone's ethnicity is frowned upon. The extra laugh is that these journalists do not realize how many Jews are higher profile porn performers. Who could the real intended target be? What is the real message? Women because continuously expanding their sexual horizons is the utmost concern for HuffPo Women or Slate's XX. HuffPo has really been on it, discussing even addiction to porn while linking to sites that contradict their claims.

Was he really a female favorite and big name with women before the media got involved? Maybe in porn world but not in the real world. Recall the share of women watching any online porn was 2% of women polled by Pew in 2011. A quick check of Google trend search history finds that his porn name "james deen" does not kick off with big search numbers until the GOOD article by Amanda Hess. That might not be the best view of women looking for his videos so trying "james deen video" and "james deen videos" reveals even fewer searches, but once again, nothing picks up until that article in November 2011. If he had such a female following and women secretly make up more porn watchers than you simple reader realize, wouldn't he have had higher search numbers? Would not search have risen slowly to a critical mass for Hess to write about? To put the "under the radar but smoking hot" fanbase searching for him in perspective, compare his google trends search numbers to a female performer your friends (or you) know. Go to a tube site and look at the top 25 popular names and plug and play. The numbers for those women are much higher than Deen. Grab a name of someone newer and compare. They are on par with Deen's numbers despite his numbers being boosted from mainstream press exposure and Bret Easton Ellis pimping his name. His search numbers also bumped due to filming a shoot with one of the MTV Teen Moms. Yet the media machine is trying to spin a reported fantasy world where women view 40% of online porn (per HuffPo, not backed by the author's own link), so why are his numbers not higher? If they keep saying it, eventually it may become real.

When one reads the articles of feminists pledging their devotion to him, there is the usual claim that he looks so boy next door compared to the other guys. Paraphrased: "Like, he really makes it look like he cares about them. OMG, it's intimate and romantic," (hamster wheel spins 100mph). True, but a lot more guys filming today look like normal attractive young men compared to 1985 performers because the demand has changed and a blue pill makes reliable equipment unnecessary. The other interesting thing is the debate amongst the feminists, including lesbian Nitahsa Tiku, who fight the discussion as just sending women to lady friendly porn and state that women SHOULD be watching hard S&M films. If my opinion on women's matters less because I am a man, what the hell is a lesbian doing discussing what should and should not be watched for straight pornography? The doublethink on display from feminist writers who proclaim that prostitution (money for sex) equals rape while simultaneously proclaiming pornography (money for sex on film for distribution) is not rape and actually "good" is amazing with how smooth they write.

A mention of Deen turns into something more, as the hook pivots away from Deen's appeal and why (easy: women can easily project themselves into a scene banging the boy next door) to what, expanding the deviant acts on film women should push themselves to watch. By searching for Deen, women will find his performances in the "Pornstar Punishment" series where a man is betrayed or angered over something a woman does to him and gets his revenge in rough sex with consent optional (NSFW review here). You do not have to be a genius to see the subtext that appeals to thousands, or millions, of voyeurs. One would expect feminists to claim this contributes to rape culture, which they say is everywhere in America. This is not part of rape culture though because Nitasha Tiku and her minions said so. It's just voyeurism, fantasy and art.

The aggravating idiocy of the media's coverage is that in late 2013 they will report on the growing consumption of online pornography by women (up from 2% now to 8%, but secretly much higher, just trust Slate) is that they will take no culpability or credit for that change. It is all just a trend that is happening and growing without any effort or input from the tastemakers. The media wants it to be true to complete another gender parity for the sake of ideology checkbox. It is also fake rebellion as Deen mentioned the attack on him on Nightline and mentions how they went easy on him despite what he has publicly said and has filmed. If they truly wanted to bury him and the industry, they could, but they do not want that.

They want women watching porn. Educated, middle class or aspiring types who read those feminist online rags. The decade long selling of the Playboy logo on merchandise and sweatpants with "porn star" on the ass could play to female narcissism of being desirable enough to be considered one, but it would not get them watching. It would also be a bit trashy and beneath them. The other tough fact is that the women in porn, especially Playboy's type, are in way better shape than they are. The sales pitch has to be about sexual liberation (because the world is so oppressive today) and a cute boy next door that enough media tastemakers repeatedly give the blessing to for them to fantasize and project themselves doing dirty things. Women will buy it. The media told them David Schwimmer was attractive for years, and they bought that. The key is to get that first click to get the later click. Eventually, the next click for Deen is an S+M scene because after all, 50 Shades of Grey is publicly okay + cool and James Deen is publicly okay + cool, so it's all good. Jezebel said it was cool. It doesn't mess with anyone's brain.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Politically Incorrect Determination of Santa's Race

A credentialed idiot of the media machine wrote that Santa should not just be a white guy anymore. This is stupid beyond belief, so I had to check the links to be sure. There are countless problems in modern society as well as specific problems within the desperate and impoverished black community, but a credentialed black will never let an opportunity go to waste to claim solidarity with their downtrodden brothers and sisters that they left behind several promotions ago. Of course Santa is white, because he is a physical creation of a southern soda company of an old Dutch representation of an early Christian saint from Greece. Let us still give idiotic leftists their due, make fun of every group out there, and have some holiday fun.

Santa is Asian because....
- He's really good with fitting a lot of stuff into a small container.
- Everything is made in his country.
- He's slim enough to fit down chimneys. Have you seen chimney flues?
- He has an amazing understanding of science to make it around the planet in one night.
- He's short.

Santa is Black because...
- His hat matches his jacket that matches his pants.
- Jolly disposition.
- He breaks into people's houses.
- He works one day of the year.
- Despite association with Christianity, he's oddly secular in his behavior.

Santa is Hispanic because...
- He works hard to make a lot of toys.
- He rides an old minivan sleigh that can fit a ton of stuff into which no one should ever be able to cram everything.
- He's short and shakes like jelly when he laughs.
- He's married to a woman who pushes food on him.
- His small business is stocked with hardworking, short guys that he doesn't pay.
- He's Catholic.

Santa is White because...
- He is pathologically altruistic.
- He is the head of a massive non-profit, charity program that receives government support.
- He's obsessed with judging people and status games but he still rewards everyone despite their failings. More kids need coal, Santa, more kids need coal.
- He's married but has no kids. Instead, Santa dives into his career and hobbies. Kids would cramp his individual goals and self-actualization.
- Likes winter sports.

Santa is Gay because...
- Married to a fat woman but no kids. BEARD!
- Have you seen his outfit?
- Loves having his picture taken.
- Surrounded by twinks elves.
- Names of the reindeer sound like the names of male dancers (Dasher, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, etc.).

Porn HIV Shutdown, It's the Gays Again

The pornography industry had another shutdown this month. It was a man, but they did not release a name. This is different from the September shutdown related to a few performers becoming HIV positive. Cruise some forums and you'll find that the HIV positive performers are men who have sex with men. This is also not a case of contracting HIV at a shoot. This is the real life danger of the profile of performers. It is also a symptom of the industry using more male crossover talent. Similar to legitimate topics the media discusses, there is an unmentionable here. The industry is using more crossover (gay talent) in straight movies, and gay talent comes with gay risks.

There is a difference in the straight vs. gay world for porn just like everything else. While straight porn test constantly to have clean performers, gay porn studios do not test (that excludes bareback studios). I'm not being an evil hetero male judging the gays, read one of their own sharing real truths about the subject. Testing is good for X days per studios' rules, but testing allows for windows. These performers engage in risky behavior often outside of their industry with death, disease and drug addiction as common themes. Do gay studios not test to not hurt gays' feelings or do they not value the performers' lives at all? It is a conundrum but the better question is why are these gay/bi men used in straight pornos?

The (NSFW) crossover talent is noticed by straight fans and is being used to appeal to women. The cliche of unattractive male performers was correct because straight porn used to be for the sexual marketplace losers. Porn now is for everyone and anyone, especially those guys who think they deserve better. There could be a steady stream of attractive guys auditioning for straight porn, but why use them when handsome gay men are already in the industry. It's just sex, no acting, and a pill can take care of any inspirational issues on the set. That fact and knowing gay performers are already in a grey zone of not testing-anything goes means they have a pool of performers that will do anything and for cheap. No one is going to connect with a female performer and leave the industry together. Suddenly, there are more attractive males in scenes for that harder sell to female viewers, and yes, the used car lot sales style has been going on the last couple of years.

Female viewers get to see a handsome guy in a scene. It appeals to those ladies willing to watch with their men or, more importantly for Jezebel writers, solo. They can watch one video or two and never question whatever happened to that guy. The media will never delve into this HIV shutdown or others, and they have a wonderful cover story, "protect the identity of the afflicted". When has that ever stopped the media? Well, when the afflicted is a member of a protected group. Gay is cool so we cannot discuss any negatives to that group. Pay no attention to gays being used in straight porn or an industry with HIV issues or an industry that does not test for diseases despite fluid exchange and high risk behavior offscreen. The media cannot have Americans wondering why gays still keep getting HIV at outsized rates of their population despite all of the education and health programs liberals said would fix the issue twenty-five years ago. Red ribbons? I forgot what they signified. HIV/AIDS, but why bother? Google revealed there are over 100 million links to read if I ever have to search for "living with HIV". It's not a problem.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Economics Blog Recommendations

Because of the widespread, economic tension and anxiety across the nation, most econ writers have taken a bombastic angry or scare tactic tone. It annoys me. Two sites that avoid that tone and provide great data and analysis are recommended below.

Bruce Krasting seems to have returned to blogging more regularly. His posts are not high in number, but they are excellent. I have not seen anyone dig into the Social Security numbers, Fannie/Freddie or other big government programs (even the Export-Import bank) like Bruce. He also plays with employment figures and other data that you will not find in major media sources. My wealth tax idea as half of the attack on the Democratic barbell coalition is from a post of his. He is a weekly check.

Exurban Nation is another fantastic economics blog that has come back to daily updates. I first discovered his blog nearly a decade ago when I was first looking for a home in Massachusetts and noticed absurd prices. Rob Dawg mixes in cheesecake photos to go with his headlines, and he has a healthy dose of humor in his posts. If you used to like Calculated Risk but noticed the quality of posts dropped significantly the last two years, you are not alone and start reading Exurban Nation. Some of you may think that blog name is familiar, and it is because it is on Sailer's blog roll. Rob is posting frequent enough that this is a daily check.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Black and White Whiskey

If you are unsure of what to buy your man at Christmas, try some whiskey. Resisting the idea? Here are some cute dogs to lend a hand.

One dog is pulling the other as if it is a horse drawn sleigh
Maybe that is a little over the top, because who is really hooking a dog up and getting the other dog to maintain their balance in the sleigh.

Relax with your friends at "Black and White"
This is more like it. The cards are that reminder of all of those wonderful friends and family members that care enough to write. It is also a reminder of just how stressful Christmas can be, so kick back, have a drink, and if you're looking for the right buzz, buy Black and White Whiskey.

I checked for puppies selling alcohol. It's not out there anymore. It's all people looking cool and sex that sells alcohol. The generational decline in alcohol consumption might be limiting what people associate alcohol with now, and it isn't a relaxing night with your family dogs.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Readings of a SWPL Chick

Thai food is just so much more authentic to me
Meet Ashley Casard-Mullon*. She's a vegetarian, polyamorous, bisexual, able bodied but aware of her privilege, feminist majoring in communications with a minor in queer studies. She is pro-choice, green, into the mysticism of the Hindus, enjoys yoga and video games, and walkable cities. She ADORES Bettie Page and not that cliche Marilyn Monroe. Page was so much more subversive of the '50s norms. She cried over Trayvon and texted her half-black, lesbian professor after the verdict (sorry :( so sorry), supported gay marriage (Prop 8 Stop the H8te!), went to an Occupy protest for the experience, and thinks that being human is never illegal (Viva la Raza!). She can't stand those materialistic, vapid consumer girls who spend an hour doing their hair and make up to go out after tanning. Her parents were always open minded and allowed her to develop into a free spirit. Doesn't think she'll ever settle down to cliche family life.

Meet Ashley Casard-Mullon. She eats a lot of pizza and english muffins and is in a loose relationship with a player who she knows bangs other girls so she hooks up with some guys to ease the pain of not getting proper attention from her real object of affection. She once kissed a girl to get attention from a special guy at a party. She knows no disabled people. Doesn't understand feminism, but likes gimmedats and help with job applications. She is in year 6 of college having just settled into communications. She is pro-choice but thinks girls who get abortions are dirty. She drives an SUV and flies in airplanes. Doesnt know anything about Hinduism beyond what that one class of yoga taught her, but she needs to claim some religion to not be associated with her argumentative atheist friends. She only plays Mario Kart. Walkable cities means Manhattan to her. Doesn't realize Bettie Page was the biggest pin up model of the '50s and appeared in Playboy. Hasn't spoken to a black man beyond placing a fast food order in years. Hopes to be best woman at a gay wedding but is creeped out by lesbians. Doesn't go south of Main Street when in San Diego and stayed in the Apple product section of the OWS camp. Spends an hour selecting the right outfit, doing her hair and drinking small amounts of arsenic to appear paler. Her family had a hyphenated name, mom divorced dad and her Boomer parents were so self absorbed all of her childhood that she was allowed to do whatever whenever. Who would ever want to start a family with that?

*Names are changed to protect the quasi-innocent. Picture is a random SWPL hipster.

Note to commenter I did not publish: it's the same girl. I'm just looking at the two sides to her antics.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"A Christmas Story" is a Boy's Story

New Christmas movies seem to have that lame Hallmark quality to them. Christmas movies seemed to move from family fare to now mom and aunts making cookies and then eating cookies with a cheeseball Lifetime movie set in December on the whole time event. Despite the programming on women's cable television, Christmas is not just about the "Christmas Shoes" schmaltz. Sometimes it is about guns and sex like in "A Christmas Story". Women and men like that classic flick about Ralphie and his crazy family's one special Christmas. Ralphie remembers that Christmas for all of the things that happen in it, but what chance is it that one Christmas has every odd event that his Christmas story contains. This is a fictional depiction, but below that surface of goofy pranks and schoolyard drama is the story of a kid leaving behind youth and growing up.

Beneath the kid obsessions is a step by step path from boy to little man.

1. Ralphie fantasizes about his teacher falling for his essay on the bb-gun. Teacher has sexier attire on than she does in real life with cliche romance movie music in the background.
2. Ralphie is enamored with the leg lamp.
3. Ralphie stands up to the school bully and beats the crap out of him, swearing like a sailor as he fights for himself.
4. Ralphie's mom covers for his cursing at the fight, and they have a new understanding from that moment on in his words.
5. Ralphie finally gets to help his dad fix a flat tire.
6. Ralphie says the F word in an adult style exclamation to losing the nuts during the tire scene.

After all gifts are unwrapped, an important scene takes place. Ralphie is sitting with his parents as they drink some wine. In a serious tone, his dad offers him a swig of his wine glass. It is a bit joking because the Old Man plays things so daddish in the film, but Ralphie reacts with a "yes". He wants to engage in that sacrament of the adult world. Ralphie is down about not getting everything. The Old Man points out one more gift. It is obvious from mom's reaction that dad bought it for Ralphie himself. This is dad's gift to Ralphie. It is the BB gun. While Ralphie might still believe in Santa, the gift that dad hid is a gift of man to young man. The gun is the symbol of growing up as throughout the movie Ralphie has been warned he will 'shoot his eye out'. It is in his hands now.

This is why the Christmas Hallmark schlock does not appeal to men but a lot of guys can sit through "A Christmas Story". For a movie set in a vaguely 1939-1949 period, it has staying power. The staying power comes from the basic family dynamic at play and Ralphie's experiences. Every guy went through at least one, if not all, of the above listed moments at that Ralphie age (8-12). The first time your dad asked for help from you, swearing, learning that your mom is not a dominating figure but someone who might understand you and help you as you grew up, sex and a fight are all events in the progression from little boy to young man. A man from a two parent home went through all of those markers and feelings over that time period, which the movie so wonderfully distills into less than two hours of celluloid. You watch it not just for the entertainment but for the shared experience.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whitewashing the Underclass

With the propaganda push to focus on income inequality (not the real problem, job creation or even capex investments or wealth inequality), everyone is getting into the find a victim and spotlight their plight articles. The McDonald's fast food strike or walkout fits perfectly into the income inequality campaign. It has elements the left loves: low paid common man workers, an evil well paid manager crew, wait no, uhhh, evil shareholders collecting dividends and amassing capital gains and best of all for the media, smiling minority faces can be portrayed as victims for pity points. Forbes decided to run an edited transcript of a conversation with an example of a minimum wage employee of McDonald's so you the reader can understand her struggle and support more liberal policies.

The subject is Carman Iverson. She is a 28 year old black single mom in Kansas City, Missouri, working at McDonald's. She started working there in 2012, which puts her at 27 with an entry level fast food job. Fast food work used to be the domain of teenagers and ex-cons, but that has changed as American workers have been screwed over for years. She has four children. How does this interview go?

How much do you make per hour? $7.35. When I first started working there, I was making $7.25.
When did you get the extra ten cents an hour? When the President [of the U.S.] raised our minimum wage. [Ed. note: She was mistaken; On January 1, 2013, the minimum wage was raised to $7.35 because in 2006, Missouri voted for an annual cost of living adjustment in the minimum wage. The previous few years, the federal minimum wage of $7.25 was higher, so Missouri followed the federal minimum.]

Automatically, we learn that she did get a pay bump when the state mandated minimum wage bumped to help with cost of living issues. She believes the president did this as Obama is her lord and savior. I love the editor stating that she is mistaken. Mistaken could be replaced with ignorant or blindly ascribing anything positive to her favorite politician, but she is simply mistaken. Would they treat a white person as mistaken? Nope. The issue of her take home income is odd and becomes stranger later.

How much do you make after taxes each month? Probably $200-something, some paychecks are $300-something. Between $400-$600 a month.
How much is your rent? My rent is $650.
How many bedrooms do you have? Three.
Do you have children? I have four — 11, 7, 4 and 5.

I just did the math of 25 hours per week at $7.35/hour and came out to roughly $800 month before taxes. Slice out FICA, social security and other items and the $600 seems more like it, not $400. Her tax burden is not 50%. She is not in the top marginal tax rate. This also means that at $800 month on average, she is well within the maximum limits for just about every single social program we have. The boost is that she is in a household of five members because of her four kids. I checked the math. She was 17 when she had her first kid. Before they ask about why or how she kept having kids despite being a high school dropout, they focus on rent.

If you make, on average, $500 a month and your rent is $650 a month, how can you afford your house? I have a landlord that works with us. I’m kind of on my last little leg, because I’ve been late on rent. I’m actually behind three months in rent.
If you only ever make $400-$600 and your rent is $650, can you ever pay your rent? Sometimes I can pay it, sometimes I can’t. I get paid twice a month, and both checks go to rent and the rest of it goes to utilities to the point where I don’t have any money left to buy anything for my kids — to buy them clothes, shoes or anything they need.
If all of your money is going to your rent and your utilities, how do you feed yourself and your four children? I get food stamps. I get about $543 a month.
Is that enough to feed everybody?Not really, because they eat so much. They’re growing kids, so they eat a lot. The food can be gone by the time I get to my next food stamp day. And then we have to wait two more weeks before my food stamps come next month, before I can get something to eat, and then I have to ask my sister for food and all that.

The system is punishing her so much that her landlord has been nice to a woman three months behind on rent. The system also feeds her family. She gets $543 a month in food stamps. Over the course of 4.33 weeks per month, that is $125 week in food stamps. That can feed an adult and 4 kids, yet she runs through $543 in half a month per her statement. That is over $200 a week on food. What are the kids eating? Lobster and prime rib? Something is not right in EBT-land. She's complaining about not having more money to buy things for her kids. These are the consequences to making bad decision after bad decision. Hello, you do not get to enjoy the nice things in life. Do they ask about the procreation while poor issue?

What about other expenses, like your phone? I’ve been without a phone for two months.
How much are your utilities? Right now, I’m behind on utilities. The only bill I have is electric. My water comes with my rent, because my landlord was kind enough to put it toward that. And I don’t pay for gas. Right now the electric bill is $800 and some. Every month, I want to say it’s probably around $100.
Do you pay for heating? No.

No, no question on her decision to have more kids while poor. After a question spotlighting that public transportation moves her between work and home, we find out she does not have a phone. She also only pays electric. We never find out who pays heating, so it might be included in rent or it might be covered by a government program. The odd thing is that she never says. Does she (or more likely the editor) not want to reveal it (government program) or is she unaware of the landlord covering it? If her electric bill is over $800 and every month it is $100, she has not paid her electric bill in half a year? Here is a question: if she has not paid electricity in half a year or rent for three months, where has the last three months' of salary gone? It is not much but if she gets food from her sister, and has not paid other expenses, where is the money going? Maybe we will find out.

Who takes care of your children? My sister, and [the children] go school. Right now three of my kids are in summer school, and my other daughter goes with my sister. I pay my sister $10 a week. $40 a month.
Do you have health insurance? I don’t even get health insurance. I don’t even get Medicaid anymore, because I work. My kids have MO HealthNet — Missouri health insurance [for low-income and vulnerable populations of the state]. That’s free, but only for them. I don’t get it. The other day I had to pay $40 out of my pocket to get a tooth pulled.
How much debt do you have? Wow. I’m not sure but I know I have a lot of debt.
Who are all the people you owe money to? I owe the gas company, I owe the water company, I owe rent to my landlord since I’m behind.

It is not child care. Her sister is being nice only charging $10 a week. She doesn't have health care. F#(k it all you evil health care system. Dental insurance is actually different from medical insurance, and $40 for a tooth removal is a GIFT. I get charged more than that for an out of pocket cleaning. Her kids get health care paid for by us taxpayers and Chinese-Russian-Arab creditors. Note that "vulnerable populations" phrase. They are vulnerable, implying at risk or possibly a victim of circumstance. We still don't know where her money goes as she pays no one. Contradicting her prior statement, she owes the gas company and the water company. She just said her landlord covers water, and that she does not pay heating. That is not technically debt, so interviewer's question is trying to frame her unpaid bills as part of the indebtedness problem that low-income people face. Unpaid bills are unpaid bills. Taking out loans for consumer goods, homes, cars etc. would be debt. No, there is no follow up question on the contradictions.

Tell me about your education. I dropped out of school when I was in ninth grade because I was pregnant — the school I was going to didn’t let me bring my daughter back, because they made it seem like I didn’t call them and tell them I had my daughter. So I dropped out of school because of that. I had my daughter at age 17. I’ve been living in different houses. I was living with my grandma when I got pregnant, and then after she died I was living with my auntie and when my auntie moved, I went to a shelter. And then I moved in with my auntie, and she helped me find my own place, and then I got put out of there because I couldn’t pay the rent. This was in 2002. And then I moved in with this lady who was a friend of the family. Basically, all my life, I had to live with people and in shelters. And so I finally got my own place. But if I lose this house and can’t pay my rent because I work at McDonald’s, I’ll be back at square one, and I won’t let my kids go through that again. Because I have four kids now, and at first, I only had one.

There is no follow up to this beautiful paragraph that is simply an explanation of her education. There is no asking why she had more kids. There is no asking about her absent parents. There is no question on why she kept her first kid. The school is to blame for her not finishing her education (this is not 1970, sounds phony). She doesn't seem to pay rent, but do the math, the living with gramma-shelter-pregnancy-auntie-eviction all happened in 2002. There is a large gap of what happened between 2002 and 2013 that she fills with living with other people and in shelters.

Where were you working before McDonald’s? I had no job. I was living with my sister until she put me out, and then I was in the shelter. I worked nowhere. This isn’t my first job. I had other jobs, but they were too far out and I didn’t have a way to get there. This is basically the first job I ever stayed on for a whole year and some months.
Do you receive any child support for your children? I receive child support — one [father gives] like $25 a month.

McDonald's is the first job she has stayed with for over a year. She is 28. Interesting that her sister turned her out yet watches her kids. Where are her parents? Speaking of parents, look at her child support. She gets $25 a month from one of the dads. Where are the dads? My black friend's theory that child support is white woman welfare has some anecdotal backing. If this woman received decent child support ($100 per kid per month), she'd probably be living nicer with an extra $400 to spread over her limited expenses (that we're not sure of). Don't worry, we're supporting these kids. Make all the bad decisions you want. We get a short explanation that she really only paid $10 for her tooth removal not $40 and owes $30 more. Hmm, once again, she just got a tooth removed for $10. Where are her other expenses? The interview finishes with some whoppers.

How will you make enough money to support yourself and your family? If they give us our raise that we’re supposed to get, then I’ll probably make enough money to feed my family, take care of my household and I might have enough time to find an extra job. But I work five days a week and you can’t get a job on the weekends. I work Monday through Friday. Sometimes I work four days and sometimes they take it down to three. Like next week, I might only have two days.
When you said you work five days a week or 20 or 27 hours … They don’t let me get all my hours — one of my managers cuts back my hours and sends me home, and I only get three or four hours a day.
Why does he send you home? I guess the man doesn’t like me. I mean, I’m not sure. I do everything I’m supposed to do there, and then they turn around and say I have to go home. A couple weeks ago I came in late, and I let him know I came in late. And I didn’t get my whole four good hours. All I got was two hours. And the person that came before me was supposed to go home but he sent me home. The person that came in first should go home, but he sent me home, and I came in late.
How much do you want to make per hour? I want to make more than $10 an hour. Because I’m the best worker they got there in the morning time. People who’ve been there longer than me come and ask me, and I’ve only been there a year. So I know I’m the strongest they have during the morning time.
What are your goals for your career, your family, your life? My goal in life is to earn my GED, and become a pharmacy technician so I know I have enough money to take care of me and mine. To take the test, yes, it costs money. And it costs money to go to college to become a pharmacy technician. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for that working at McDonald’s.
Do you have any money saved or for retirement? No, I can’t save money, not living in this house. And if I move out of this house, I won’t have nowhere to go. I’m struggling. I’m really sitting here struggling with four kids off of what McDonald’s pays.
What would you do with extra money? If I had extra money, my kids would have clothes, and I’d be able to pay for the things they need while they’re in school. My son is about to graduate from kindergarten, and I don’t even have enough money to get his cap and gown, and that’s only $20. And I’d be able to get caught up with my rent and my bills if I had extra money.

This interview subject says that if they give her the raise she is suppose to get, she'll be doing fine. Suppose to get. Who told her she is suppose to get a raise from $7.35 to $10? Note that her numbers game of five days a week or 20-27 hours causes the interviewer to finally follow up on the discrepancies. It's sometimes two or three days a week. She can't find another job with the four to six days off she has. Her manager also doesn't like her despite being, in her words, the best worker they have. That is what she thinks is the cause of her hours problems. She then says she came in late one day. Late to a job that she works 20-27 hours a week at. She wants $10/hour not realizing that she is replaceable and has skills that roughly any abled bodied (and some disabled) person can perform. She is the cashier, not even the cook. Cashier is actually easier than the staff out back preparing food. She has been brainwashed on the go to school racket. Not too hard when she's been brainwashed on the materialism factor with the cap and gown for a kindergarten graduation. If you are that poor, your kid graduates but isn't at the ceremony. If Kelly Kapowski couldn't go to prom because she was poor, your kid can skip the graduation of kindergarten. It's kindergarten!

In summation, we have a McDonald's worker for the media to showcase as the minimum wage worker, but it's only part of the story to show how minimum wage is awful. This was an edited transcript, and it still comes across as weak and full of holes. Commenters are pushing back, and mentioning some unmentionables. What are the unmentionables that really explain her situation? The unmentionables hit virtually every talking point of social conservatives since 1968. She is the end result of progressive economic and social policy. This woman was a 17 year old 9th grade dropout, so she was held back a few years even before dropping out. Her parents are absent, and no male family member is mentioned at all in the transcript. She makes terrible decisions about having kids while poor and in insecure housing and food situations. She makes terrible sex related and "who am I having sex with" decisions. There is a mystery of where her money goes each month since she is paying no bills currently and food stamps covers her food for half the month before she begs from her sister. She also is completely unaware of how her actions, behaviors and situation can create problems. She is the eternal victim. Instead problems lie with her boss being mean, her sister turning her out or her school not complying with her pregnancy. There are positives for her. She does watch television, so she does know from the talking head on the TV that she is suppose to get a raise. She also is a member of the right class of American to have all of her problems portrayed in a positive light to be used for political gain by the mandarins of the left.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NFL Idea - Stadium Fund

The NFL is a well oiled machine that earns billions each year (just over 9 bil now). They have a dominant position in the sporting world due to the rarity of games (one a week), the variety of types of men that play (all), stars of both races, styles of play that vary, strategy and brute strength in equal doses, and a sport that looks great on TV. The league shares revenue so that everyone makes money as the only successful communist endeavour in history. Still the NFL owners cry poverty and lobby hard for states and cities to pay for new stadium construction. A better program would be to take a portion of the $9 billion in revenues and set up an annual stadium fund.

The league is switching how they handle revenue sharing. This was accomplished partly through awesome new TV deals as well as destroying the players union at the last lockout. If millions are not going into the revenue share, low revenue team kitty (Jaguars Fund), set up a new fund. Simple math would show that 1% of revenues annually dedicated to such a fund would set aside roughly $100 million per year to the stadium fund. The fund could be capped at a certain level so that the next year's revenues are not docked 1%. The NFL could claim a share of stadium revenues from the new stadium. The Vikings were shaking down Minnesota for a stadium or they will bolt to Los Angeles, and they were successful. A stadium fund would after four or five years have half a billion dollars to contribute. The Vikings ownership wrestled roughly 500 million from the state. A stadium fund could take care of that, alleviating the burden of building stadiums that do not pay the state back.

NFL fans will love it. Franchises in old stadiums could build new ones without the fear of overindebtedness (really just cutting into profit) or the cost of moving. The NFL would hate it. Right now, the NFL loves having Los Angeles as an empty spot to threaten to move teams to if a state does not pay for a stadium. What does Minneapolis or Jacksonville have that compares to SoCal? A stadium fund removes the LA threat, so the leage will not consider it. The NFL also dangles a Super Bowl bid in front of cities as a motivating factor. Atlanta, Arizona, Houston, Detroit and Indianapolis were all rewarded for their new stadium construction with a Super Bowl.

This makes sense if the league was designed for fans, but this is a business. The last lockout happened so that the owners could slide more revenue their way out of the $9 billion pot. The NFL is geared towards its owners and somewhat towards its employees (players). This is similar to the NFL claims of concern about player safety but hint at expanding the season's length. If there was a concern for safety, why expose players to more onfield risk? Performance enhancing drugs will be monitored, but you need to fail multiple tests before getting into real trouble. Fans complain, but nothing will change unless they stop tuning in. Stop romanticizing the fan experience, it is a business.