Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Already Work Around the Clock

Harrison Ford has made a career out of yelling yet being decipherable. Usually it's "Gimme back my family", and he has now added "I already work around the clock". At Sherlock Holmes, we saw the above trailer, and when it got to the "I already work around the clock line" I raised my arms in praise and said "yes!" I didn't shout it out, but I should have. Below is a 10 min loop of his line. The wonders of youtube.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci was one of the greatest artists, designers and inventors to ever walk the earth. The man was so fantastic that he was given a hat tip when they announced the invention of the helicopter. He invented a wooden car that was finally put together in recent years, and it worked. Oh yeah, he was also a master of art. A side of him I never knew was his kick ass battle engineer, strategy master.

Still, even he had to look for work and create a resume/cover letter. Please note that design and art are items #10 and #11 on his CV.

Everlasting Love Howard Jones

Great little pop song by Howard Jones who had a string of hits yet does not get much recognition for being one of the best performers of the 1980s who had music that aged well. My dad would sing this song randomly in the 80s. He'd repeat two lines non-stop, "she wasn't lookin for a lover in a backseat, he wasn't lookin for a 5 minute film", and hum the rest. Never understood his motives.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night Music - Baby Come Back

The video includes the long instrumental ending.

"Ain't there nothin' left for mee-heeee!"

Video Game Idea - Zombies + Nazis + Commies

Call of Duty World at War has a hidden level called Nazi Zombies. It is addictive as your only mission is to kill as many zombified Nazis as possible. There is no end, they just keep coming. My idea is to take this to the next level and create an entire game centered around killing zombies that just happen to be in World War 2 bad guy uniforms.

Set the game in the late fall of 1944. Western Allies notice the Germans retreated from France and never came back. They chase into Germany to find no troops fighting up to eastern Prussia. Static is all they pick up on German radio frequencies. Many German citizens are in hiding. They also lose contact with the Russian allies. Airplane recon confirms the unbelievable: something zombified the Eastern Front and the non-zombified German units of the Western Front rushed to stop the zombie hordes from advancing. They failed. It's the allies job to kick ass from Berlin until they see no more zombies.

The settings and missions would be bombed out cities in Poland, the Baltic states, the Ukraine, Belorussia, and possibly ending in Moscow. A cool portion would be the besieged city of St. Petersburg still holding out but this time vs. zombies, not just Nazis. The developers could end the game in Moscow or even further, at the Ural Mountains. There could be two person sniper recon type missions where partner mode could allow for a sweep through a small town to pluck off any solitary zombies. Another route to go is making it partly a detective story, as missions could find out how this happened. My gut instinct is to make it a secret Nazi biochem weapon that zombified one battle and all hell broke loose afterwards. Having it be a campaign would allow for winter missions and snow camo, which could be cool as you could let zombies walk by you and then cap them instead of the auto-chase all zombies have in games.

This game would be a big seller as 1. people love shooting zombies 2. people love shooting Nazis 3. people hated the USSR (except some college professors). Shooting zombified Nazis and Commies would be in America's strike zone. Making this an off rails 1st person shooter would be best. The Wii would have to use the nunchuk as well as the shooter attachment. Creating a world would be key, as you could have online play where you team up to take out zombies in Nazi and Soviet uniforms. Come on video game world, make this happen.


Thanks Ms. Lively for always showing off your legs. On SNL, she wore a leotard in two different skits. I salute you!

World War 1 Shortened to One Autumn

Overshadowed by its horrific sequel, the Great War was the conflict which shaped the 20th century. A before and after the Great War weight loss type contrast would show a world that looks remarkably different. The post-war map of Europe looks a lot like our current map for Europe. The conflict shaped each nation, created new wounds, and destroyed entire empires. It is truly a shame that the war did not have the quick resolution that many military theorists expected pre-1914. The millions who died between few square miles in between trenches, and the few tyrants that stood after the war, would not be.

The conflict truly comes down to the Austrians being honest with the Germans and not forcing Serbia to answer to them for the Ferdinand assassination in a 48 hour period. Had the Germans known the Austrians were that aggressive, they would have slowed them down and prevented such a quick escalation of action. It really is sad to see how small the actions were that destroyed a world. You read about these fools and want to Marty McFly it back to 1914 to stop the madness.

Regardless of stopping the Austrians, if hostilities had opened up, it's a shame the German's Schlieffen Plan did not work. With Paris taken, as the government planned for a withdrawal, the British would have pushed for the French to seek peaceful terms for an end to hostilities. This would have meant the British would not have to commit major land forces to the young conflict, reading the play by play of the British government, they were really torn on entering the conflict and tried as hard as they could to only commit naval forces to the war. With Paris taken & the French looking for peace, and the lights of Paris were within sight for the Germans, the battle of Tannenberg in the Eastern theater and subsequent successes would have left Russia alone versus the Central Powers. The Germans beat the tar out of the Russians wherever they met on the battlefield. The German Kaiser and Russian Tsar were 'family'. I'm serious, look it up. With heads of state connected and one side beating the snot out of the other, a peace negotiation would have started. This could have been in the space of August-October in Europe, sparing millions in that conflict and many in the future.

What If Dominoes...
1. The British Empire does not bankrupt itself through this conflict. World War 2 was the final bankrupting of the nation, but the Great War set the ball in motion. They do not suffer th emassive male deficit. The war costs and hidden costs, widow and orphan pensions, do not create a huge drain from their treasury.
2. France's 3rd republic falls and is reorganized and reformed. This outcome would probably drag the French into the modern era, which would happen after WW2.
3. The Russians probably topple the Tsar, but do the Bolsheviks take over? Probably not. Many people are ignorant to the fact that the Germans, seeing the Russians revolting, transported Lenin in a sealed train car through Germany and into Russia. Remove one tyrant from the Earth: Stalin. The kulaks are not liquidated, forced famines do not occur, religion does not go into hibernation in Russia, the Soviets do not exist to enforce a red terror on the population, and the world is a better place without the international idea imperialism of the Soviets.
4. The Italians never enter the war. They never suffer defeats and failure. Does Mussolini take control with his fascist buddies who were war veterans? Remove a 2nd tyrant.
5. America never enters the war. The Spanish flu, which had its originas in America, despite the name, possibly spreads slower or sticks tot he Americas. Millions are spared. Because the war is short, American industry does not go through a huge boom, which at the war's end, would create a huge bust in the late '10s/early 20s.
6. Germany is dominant on the continent. They do not start their turn on the Jews, which culminated in the horrible Holocaust. Hitler does not rise, as Germany already has their strong man leader, the Kaiser. The Treaty of Versailles never takes effect, creating a horrible drag on the German economy. This prevents the hyperinflation of the early 1920s in Germany, their depression, and the problem of sovereign default. (Odd that we face that now in the developed world but because of old people benefits not war) The Kaiser was all about show and while an autocrat, he was no Hitler/Stalin figure, so remove another euro tyrant (that's 3).
7. France had an anti-semitism problem as well, and had the Germans been as wretched on the French as they were after WW1, doubtful if the war ended quickly, the ingredients for a weird Hitler figure rise in France were there. Who is to say the behavior of Germany between ww1 and ww2 would not have been repeated in France?
8. Millions of young men would have lived full lives. The contributions of millions more men towards society are countless.
9. The Great War is a point where a giant split happens in European attitudes between the pageantry of war and the horror of war. The Civil War in America taught America many horrific lessons, lessons which Europe failed to learn. In the Great War, there were still idiotic generals & leaders who thought cavalry stood a chance vs. a machine gun. The cartoon caricature of a leader who sends his troops to die for useless goals from every modern conflict was truly on display in full effect in the Great War. Idiots who spewed lines about justice, beauty and gallantry in a war filled with machine guns, shelling, trench warfare, mechanized warfare, and chemical warfare. It's better that Europe learned this lesson in the Great War rather than 20 years later with a world even more mechanized, advanced and dangerous.
10. The entire world is spared the sequel, WW2, which was more about settling old grievances and one madman than anything else.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Next Trip to Mexico

Next time I go to Mexico I'm buying tons of birth control for every woman I know, since BC is dirt cheap there, and some Cuban cigars for family.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jersey Shore Recap

Jersey Shore has completed a reality tv season to remember. This might be the nadir of MTV television programming or the zenith of trash tv. Let's go through the characters of this reality TV phenomenom with an award show....

Dumbest Reality TV Character Ever - Angelina

This takes true effort. The show was taped over a month. She did not last one week. She left because she could not work minimal hours at a t-shirt shop. She now has missed out on the gravy train of appearance fees and the 15 mins of fame these folks will enjoy.In her short stay, she said a horribly anti-women comment "If a girl is a whore, she deserves to be abused". Wretched. Retarded.

Most Likely Jailed on a Roid Rage Related Murder Charge - Ronnie

Fights over small things, trouble found him, and uhhh, he isn't afraid to break someone's face. His quick cackle of a laugh is kind of frightening, like when a child has a seizure. The dude is surprisingly short but jacked. I see an involuntary manslaughter charge in his future. Despite the rage, he was very tender with the women in the house. He had a genuine friendship with the girls, as well as a horrible and immature relationship with Sammi. As a friend, I'd prob never drink much around him because I'd want to keep my wits in case he started a fight.

Most Dependable Friend - Jwoww

The trashiest woman on the show. Bolt on boobs, bad hair, worse clothes and didn't feel grinding on a guy was cheating. She was always there for a friend in need and always came to Snooki's defense. She did look out for the roomates even though they had a tenuous connection. Seriously, how could they get that 'close' within a month? She really was loyal. She's also probably 2 months from doing porn. She wore tops that looked like napkins and had looks that only repressed, married 45 yr old businessmen could like; I know I work with them. I enjoyed her antics, and she seemed genuine.

Most Likely to Live a Normal Life - Vinny

Vinny started out slow and finished strong. The Situation ripped on him non-stop and machismo-ed him for days, and then Vinny flipped it on him by hooking up with the Situation's sister (the scenario). That is revenge. No guy likes that. Thumbs up. Wicked stereotype of Italian momma's boy, but he was not super guido. He seemed to have a better sense of when to say no, what girls to avoid, and what buttons not to push on his housemates. He's too normal to be on season 2, but the guy was wicked funny.

Oppressive Italian Mother in Training - Sammi

She picked fights for her boyfriend, was threatened by any other woman, cared more for her hair than anyone else, and she was a self obsessed witch. I can see her taking this act to a higher level as harpy wife and Janus styled doting-oppressive mother. She had great legs and a cute face, but that does not cover her attitude. Far more evil than the rough and tumble acting and looking Jwoww. Let the record state that this was the type of Jersey girl I dated in college: Catholic American Princess.

Secretly the Wisest Man on the Shore - Pauly
Pauly D was a blow out sporting, tanned, tattooed, spinning guido. He also had a nugget of wisdom every episode. He made my wife and I laugh every single episode with a one liner or a bit of commentary on the shore, people's behavior or mating. "You gotta get to da biznesss". This could be anything, but without a doubt, Pauly was a man of action. He was also not afraid to leave a bad situation, which happened often as the wingman for the Situation. He was also the eldest house member at 29. Maybe that was the secret to his wisdom, as he had years of fucking up to draw upon for better decision making. I hope he returns for a second season., but the Shore could be like Logan's run where no one over 30 lives.

Limp Bizkit-Nsynch Award Winner - Mike "The Situation"

The most insecure and overconfident person I have seen on tv this decade. The Sit was a complete paper mache hero. He was a horrible eggshell thin macho man. His criticisms of women were in the mold of a young woman, and he was incredibly self centered. The guy was a non-stop creepy flirt to the point where he was known as the house creeper. He brought home mostly trashy women, and the one attractive girl he brought back was the one who fell down their deck steps because she was so drunk. The most important criticism of Mike was from Vinny who said "I don't want to be you at 27". His response was "quitcha hatin'". He should really have broken down and started to cry as a 21 yr old momma's boy just called him out for being a toolbag failure in life. His one on one confessionals with the camera were wonderful theater of the self obsessed and insecure. He needs to be on season 2. I think they should have 10 seasons and leave him an open invitation. I bet t 37, he'd still be coming back... creepin'.

MVP - Snooki

Everyone I know who watched this show loved Snooki. At 4'8", she's the shortest person on TV not on one of TLC exploitation dwarf shows. She seemed like a genuine spoiled brat from Poughkeepsie who was in over her head but persevered at the Shore. Yeah, because the fucking shore is such an obstacle course. She was not afraid to dance on the boardwalk by herself, do backflips in the club or get in fights with girls after getting punched in the face by a guy. She should get her own dating show "Snookin for Love". MTV should be on this. She did take her time on the show seriously. She felt the month away from home was a huge learning experience for her, and for a person to say that with no sense of irony reveals an innocence that is missing on 99% of reality TV programming. I will miss seeing her on Thursdays. I will miss you Snooki.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review: A World Undone

The world of turn of the century Europe seems like a complete fantasy land compared to modern times yet it is separated from us by only 100 years. Archdukes, kaisers, empires and honor or the edge of insane pageantry fill that world. World War 1, or the Great War, destroyed all of that. In "A World Undone", GJ Meyer tries to educate the reader of how the war came about, what happened and why such a horrific conflict erupted so quickly.

After reading Barbara Tuchman's classic "The Guns of August", my interest was piqued to learn more about the Great War. Meyer's book goes into the currents that swept the world into this conflict, and how the conflict would be completely different from anything those countries could envision in 1914. After each chapter, told in chronolgical style, Meyer inserts little 'background' sections about specific figures, countries, empires or elements to warfare. This was very helpful to put a person's actions in context. The chronological progression is great as you understand how actions on the Russian front affected the decision made on the Western Front. Meyer is critical of the 'idiotic', romantic notions that some generals had. He is also critical of the hyper-aggressive generals who use the new weapons of mass killing recklessly and throw men (and horses) to the machine guns. He does spotlight generals who thought of their troops, protected their men, understood the dangers to the brain of trench warfare, and those who were flexible in such a rigid world (trench warfare).

It is heartbreaking to read about thousands of men dying over 5 square miles of 'gains'. It is horrifying to read about the staggering number of deaths each day. Meyer does not just throw stats at you, but he has quotations from soldiers about what a specific attack, battle or time in the trench system was like for a common soldier. The imagery of rats running around a trench, buckets of excrement in a corner and then shelling for a week straight is enough to make a person want to travel back in time and choke one of the generals who spoke of the valiant fight for justice and right. Meyer is not just recording facts, but he is telling the story of the death of a world. World War 1 was the death of the order Europe had enjoyed for years. After its armistice, Europe would be in constant struggle for decades, and the America would be ascendant. Teenagers are oftentimes assigned "All Quiet on the Western Front" in lit or modern euor history classes. It would be better served to set a lit class up with a few discussions on the Great War prior to the reading assignment. Meyer's book, "A World Undone" deserves to be used as a reference for all of those who wish to learn and remember what happened from 1914-1918.

Let Down Again Naturally

Immediately after the upset in Massachusetts, I was really pumped when Pres. Obama seemed to respond to voter disgust in his best buddy to bankers behavior by proposing new bank rules and prop trading limits. He used the name Volcker for this new rule, and that was the last guy we had who had the guts to take the punch bowl away from the banksters. This really excited me as I dreamed it could act like a Glass Steagall lite bill to separate bank deposit firms from investment banks. After all, the POTUS used the words unprecedented, reform, historic, crisis, and "let me be clear" and "there are those who say soit had to be important. Maybe even the mighty Goldman Sachs would go private and then split up into 4 or 5 entities. I wanted to wait for 'experts' to weigh in on the proposal. They have reviewed the proposal. It is not pretty.

Nope, forget it folks. It was just a speech to be part of his fake populist front. It's toothless and a joke. It misses big picture stuff and even some gritty details. Add another instance to 44 talking a pretty game, getting your hopes up and bringing nothing to the table. Come on Barry! I know you never had a dad to teach you some important lessons about being the big male protector stereotype, but man the fuck up! You ARE the PRESIDENT!

Sherlock Holmes the Movie

Sherlock Holmes the movie is an enjoyable romp within the framework of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes universe. Early 1890s London looks fantastic, much cleaner than reality, and the story has a realistic 3 part arc. I'm rather surprised Guy Ritchie went with an American (Downey) to play Holmes, but Downey was a good lead. I've enjoyed his work since "Weird Science". Law playing Watson was interesting as he wasn't just playing the pretty guy. They had good chemistry onscreen, and the screenplay played up their unique bond. I had to love the 'deduction' moments or walkthroughs. Holmes was the master observer. It is well done, and I recommend the movie. Rental is fine since it doesn't require the big screen and loud sound.

If you did read the original Holmes stories, do not fret over the boxing and love pieces in the trailer. That's just to hook 'tards (the MMA boxing) and women (ooooh a love interest). They work Rachel McAdams in as a character from actual Holmes stories who he respects for her intellect and craftiness. Holmes never really has an interest in ladies. They do not stray from that in this movie. The boxing scene is short and a way to work in the love interest's bona fides of not being afraid to be in a dirty situation. I dislike it when movies shoehorn a love interest into an action flick. This does not happen here. This is obviously set up for a sequel, and don't worry, with the success of this film at the box office (and Downey/Law star power), they will make a few more.

3 out of 5 stars

Saturday, January 23, 2010


California is broke and will need serious structural changes. As an aside, my company does not do business with firms that have greater than 10% of their ees located in California (NY as well); the business and legal climate is too troublesome. If they elected a governor who truly called on every part of California society to sacrifice and put their legislators to the fire, they'd see reform and a wonderful return to glory. There are just too many beautiful things in California and advantages over other states present in California to stand in the way of talented people going there. If you read through that link, there are things every single group would have to give up: public ees, students, lawyers, enviros, welfare recipients and the general public as well will have to give up some services found nowhere else.

If they did fix these problems, I'd seriously consider moving to Northern California.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mary Moon

Feel like I am repeating myself, but gosh does the song Mary Moon make me smile. I wish I could embed the video, damn you Ichiban Records! This video is what I miss about MTV-VH1. Where else can you see people wear pumpkins on their heads and wave their arms at a concert? The flannel, the drug rug hoodie, the layering of clothes are all wonderful. This was not just an Iowa experience as the promo video is filmed there; we all wore flannel. This was a cool little indie pop rock song.

My dumb friends and I used to sing Barrymore instead of Mary Moon when it first came out. It was a song that prior to the Internet I would crank if I heard it on the local 'alternative' radio station and could never find at a store, not even Bullmoose Music in the Old Port. While in college, I had a female friend who loved it as well and we'd leave IM messages at 2am just typing "RRRRRAAAAHHHH". Every all male acapella group performs this song. It's required in acapella by laws. This is surprisingly a good song to play at a party or wedding. Secret is that women love to dance around to it. It is the anthem of quirky girls everywhere, and for girls who are not quirky at all but want to be considered quirky so they buy thick black framed glasses even though their vision is fine. To all the Mary Moons out there, you're the one for me, me, whooooaaaaaaa, yeah, doo, do-doo, do-do-to-do-to-do, RAH!

Interesting Times

For a lover of history, especially economic history, it is amazing to read about the situation we are in and the daily impact on all people. Considering the small stories passed on from my grandparents who lived in the Depression, there might be something you are doing, will do or have to endure today or in a coming tomorrow that you will talk about with no sense of joy, only sacrifice.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classic 80s: The Cure - "A Forrest"

Breaking up the Banks, Again

Brilliant! More people who actually understand the problems of the big banks calling for the breaking up of the big banks (not just your or I calling for it). This is the guy I would bring in to solve the problem of derivatives and the financial weapons of mass destruction out there. He wrote an interesting book on the financial system.

Natural Gas Bill HR 1835

Big supporter of this bill, HR 1835. Anything to get the US moving towards natural gas for cars, and hopefully NG hybrids and eventually electric cars. It would help reduce foreign oil use, help domestic nat gas producers, and reduce CO2 emissions. If this can be the small push that gets the nat gas car fleet snowball rolling, I am all for it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me and Grampy

I referenced this photo when I typed about my Grampa's passing. My gramps never told me he loved me, and we did not have an emotional, loving relationship. He never had to say anything because I knew all I needed to know from this photo. I'm only 6 months old in the pic, but old enough for a cigar. Even before my mom gave it to me at Christmas, I could draw this photo from memory.

Hopefully the Health Care Reform Bill Dies

It did happen. Brown pulled off the upset. Massachusetts elected a GOP US Senator. I'm shocked, as I expected a close loss by Brown as the Democrats' advantage in Mass and machine is so large. Hopefully, this stops the horrendous health care bill.

1. His win means they have to unseat Kirk, which means only 59 votes for the bill.
2. If Pelosi tries the 'ping pong' method of doing a straight vote on the Senate bill, she's going to find tough going because 1. progressive Dems will say no to a plan without the public option, 2. GOP members won't switch sides for a bill w/o abortion $$ restrictions, and 3. Scared Dems in districts that lean red will not put their neck out there after this election in BLUE Mass.
3. If he goes in and votes no, the GOP can filibuster with 41.

I donated money to him ($100) to hopefully kill the bill. It's also a wake up call to the jokers in charge who think they can trot out any chump candidate to fill a seat because it's 'their' seat. No way.

Karma is a bitch as Coakley was involved in the farce known as the "au pair shaken baby" case. I recall a lot of folks wondering how that baby had broken bones prior to the au pair's arrival, hmmm, wonder what happened there? That was a travesty, and there is something inside me saying this is karma coming back in the same lifetime for Coakley.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cornell Degrees that Should be Revoked

Keith Olbermann and Ann Coulter need their degrees revoked from Cornell. Pronto. Bill Maher will be next. Coulter & Olbermann are two sides of the same coin, and sadly, Olbermann has a television show to say things like this. He's Rush Limbaugh without the sense of humor, painkillers or ratings.

Olbermann and Coulter have had lame Cornell catfights.

In an Olbermann inspired lame attack, supposedly, he's a bad lay.

Christina Hendricks 2010 Golden Globes

Christina Hendricks continues to rattle the minds of American men. Thank you, Christina, for always improving your game and displaying your assets despite massive amounts of fabric.
Still not as awesome as the Emmys in 2008. Memories.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Hope aid can get to Haitians quickly and prevent secondary effect deaths (dehydration especially).

1. How come the earthquake destroyed Haiti but the Dominican Republic, which shares the island with Haiti isn't messed up?
2. Pat Robertson blamed the earthquake on a pact with Satan, Danny Glover blamed it on not passing a meaningful accord on global warming in Copenhagen, I blame it on plate tectonics.
3. If tha death toll reaches 500K, that would be 1% of the total expected deaths on Earth in one year. Da-yum.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Avatar Absurdity

Avatar is a beautiful movie that has many flaws and a storyline ripped out of a Disney movie. There are absurd moments, motivations, and assumptions in this movie that beg discussion. There has also been criticism of the movie that I think is a bit of a stretch. There a major flaws and part of this comes down to choice of story: add humans to an alien environment.

Laughable Aliens
The aliens are visually stunning and good CGI. They also are the lamest amalgam of romantic stereotypes of American Indians/Hippies/sub-Saharan East African tribes set in a rainforest. They even got "that Indian" who has been the bad guy American Indiana in every Indian movie since 1980 to be in this as the chief. They are tugging on every sympathetic fiber we've got. This movie would be effective propaganda for saving the rainforest if anyone cared anymore about the rainforest (I do).

Laughable Moments
1. If Avatar use is new even for humans, how do the Na'vi know how to transfer spirits between the human body and the Avatar? No sense.
2. The RDA security forces destroy home tree and the Na'vi tribe through multi-stage attacks leaving them exposed to any native attack. Just bomb the heck out of the tree.
3. There are 20K Na'vi warriors. This is a small population on Pandora. The company knows they are all in one spot, so they fly lumbering ships into the area to drop massive explosives looped together? They couldnt fly one plane and laser sight a MOAB into the tree of souls? This is 150 years into the future, and they can't even use a 1990s Tomahawk missle technology?
4. Anytime the Colonel held his breath and then pulled off tons of athletic moves w/o breathing. 40 secs exposed and you lose consciousness. I had to stifle laughter as he jumped around, shot automatic weapons and didnt breath. No.
5. Sigourney weaver's avatar having a Stanford tank top fitting her 12 foot avatar body.
6. Every alien having a firm, supple butt. No way. This is not victoria's secretus sapiens.
7. Floating mountains with never ending water flow off of them. Where's the spring that generates the water flow? Wouldn't the water run out eventually? Does water somehow shoot up off the ground to refill the aquifer in the floating mountain?
8. The wildlife attacking the security forces. Disney called and they want their cheesey ideas back.
9. RDA sends every security force to fight and leaves none ot defend the base. What???? They get perp walked off the planet, like they are not coming back. Even if they got overrun, they'd radio to Earth about it, and rocket up to the planet orbital unit. They just walk off sadly.
10. The Na'vi keep a few good humans. OK, so what will they do when the oxygen units they have stored run out? Are they all going to get downloaded and uploaded into dead Na'vi? Makes no sense since no one else has an Avatar except for Sam Worthington.

I could go on, but these stuck out.

Strange Assumptions
1. That no world government or other agency would have observers present.
2. Humans have first contact and a 'rights' group doesn't automatically happen? I'd be for following the old Star Trek motto of the prime directive. Do not mess with them. Get the unobtanium w/o disturbing them.
3. Horizontal drilling. No need for a movie if they use HD. Using horizontal drilling would have allowed RDA to get to the 'unobtanium' under home tree without disturbing the tree. Somehow mining techniques have regressed to only using open pit mining.
4. RDA wouldn't just grab floating mountains for their unobtanium first instead of disturbing native, intelligent species. Pick the closest and easiest fruit first.
5. Couldn't they knock the Na'vi out with sleeping gas?
6. Humans develop interstellar travel, but no other advancements. The humans have no advanced missile/bomb tech to bomb them from space and then swoop in as aid workers afterwards, hiding their ulterior motive for unobtanium.
7. Scientists would write books about the Na'vi but not know the red dragon rider legend.
8. That RDA would not have another exec, company lawyer or company auditor breathing down the executive's neck with his every move, plotting a way to protect the company or takeover his job.
9. RDA wouldn't look for unobtanium away from a tribe. They automatically go towards borderlands and then the home tree of one tribe.
10. After Sam Worthington betrays the Na'vi, he rides a red dragon and gets every single tribe to rally around him. They disregard his betrayal. They don't think this is another trick. They don't say "he'll lead us to a trap". Yeah, that makes sense.

1. Why would the world need unobtanium? We're never told. We just know it's $20 mil a kilo. What is $20 mil worth in 150 years?
2. We're not told if this is the first contact with any alien species at all. Why is no one more awestruck and curious? even securty team members act like it is nothing to be on an alien world. The chopper ride to the floating mountains at least had a wide eyed crew looking at the mountains. THANK YOU!
3.Why isn't any government involved or sending observers? If everyone dreamed of Pandora as Worthington narrates, would not people be dying to go there?
4. With Worthington going rogue, why would RDA automatically go right at the tree of souls? They have the richest unobtanium deposits under control by taking home tree. Why further antagonize the Na'vi by destroying their sacred spot? This is just what Worthington would tell the Na'vi about, so why not lay low and show him to be a liar?
5. Why not let the Na'vi attack your forces instead of going to the most dangerous spot on the planet for your equipment?
6. Why is RDA not using robots for security since the humans can't breathe the air?
7. Why did RDA not know the red dragon rider legend? Even better, why when they found out about it did they not grow their own red dragon and have an Avatar ride it to tell the Na'vi to cooperate and leave home tree? This would be much cheaper and safer than wholesale relocation & massacre.
8. RDA knows Sam and Sigourney Weaver are wavering in support, why would they let them out of sight? Why would they imprison them and leave 1 guard? Why would they not imprison Michelle Rodriguez the moment she landed after leaving the home tree massacre.
9. RDA has no driving desire to know what is going on constantly on Pandora? Really?
10. RDA would not screen exhaustively for the Pandora crews? They'd invest in interstellar travel, Avatars, transporting tons between planets, and not spend money on mental and emotional screens that 20th century NASA and submarine staffing use.

I could go on with motivations as well, as this movie is full of WTF character decisions.

Unfair Criticisms
1. Anti-human, anti-corporate, anti-progress arguments are well founded, but the anti-military angle is wrong. It is made pretty clear in the beginning that the security forces are mercenary security guys for the RDA company. Yes, they are shown as trigger happy, but this isn't all that excessive of a portrayal. Local cops in my small hick hometown were power happy with teens and drunks (not with the 4 drug dealers in town). When watching it, I found these security forces much more humane & justified to act than the security guys in "District 9".
2. It's a children's story. This is dead on. This is the kind of adventure, going native story that kids would read about in grade school. Big broad strokes here. Read the adventure stories of the west, Africa, Mars, etc. stories and there is always the blending of the outsider into the native culture that ends up in becoming a warrior leader and getting the princess. This is enjoyable at a child's level, but nothing of substance. No one should eb calling this a great, epic and rich story. This is not "Ben Hur". This is classic hero story arc in a fish out of water tale set in a fantasy land.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Avatar: 3D

There will be two Avatar posts. This is a filmgoing experience review. My 2nd will be driving trucks through holes in the movie and critiquing the criticism I have read elsewhere.

The Mrs. and I saw Avatar in a 3D Imax theater tonight. Stadium seating, surround sound and an oversized screen were in this theater. The 3D glass were not the cool wrap around your temples so you have a total 3D experience, they were squared off so the big screen had a few things on the edges not 3D styled unless you moved your head slightly. As far as an experience, I would love to see films release 3D versions like this in the future. I can only imagine how awesome a space battle would look in 3D. The sound was not at an ear splitting level, so you won't walk out deaf. It's a good experience.

Visually this is the most beautiful movie I have seen. This is not beauty in the manner of the transformation and kiss 360 degree spin scene from "Vertigo". This is beauty in imagination of a world, creatures and fauna, and execution of the look to trick you into thinking you are watching live action. The CGI was so amazing that you forget you are watching fricking computer code on the screen. They did a fantastic job making it look good. The plant life was the best visual part of the movie. The different things dreamed up are cool. I can see why Avatards want to die and be reborn on the planet Pandora (realist right, die and be reborn on a world imagined by James Cameron). The aliens are humanoid enough to look interesting but not too freaky. Downside to all of this creativity, they ran out of ideas with animals and just said "think of Earth animals - - - just add extra eyes & legs". Despite the joke alien animals, this is a wonderful playground of a setting. The execution is top notch.

The story is terrible. This is Pocahontas in Space. Please go to that link as it's Avatar in a nutshell. This is a first contact story and told in a horrible fashion. We don't get to see the first contact, we're seeing after the fact but it's still early in the relationship. You can see everything happen a mile away, you need to suspend your disbelief on not just alien contact but human idiocy when first contact happens and we have superior tech & firepower, and you will laugh at some dialogue. I first looked at my watch 1 hour in. It is that bad. I would whisper to my wife that X would happen and looky loo it would. It shocked me to see aliens that plug their tendrils into everything NOT plug their tendrils into each other when they get it on. HELLO?!?!??! These connected people somehow don't connect their tendrils when they perform a beautiful act together, but they do plug in tendrils when riding horses, dragons and listening to trees. The story's corporate part had a purpose & could have been brilliant, but Cameron got lazy with the Giovanni Ribisi character. That could have been a much better character, but instead it seemed like a 2D carboard cut out of a corporate jr exec that someone who never worked in a corporation would imagine. The security forces were cookie cutter stereotypes, the aliens were noble savage stereotypes, and this leads me to my next point.

Why even write humans in at all? An all alien story on an alien world would have been fine. Adding in people actually dragged down the story. Cameron also then just used the aliens to portray the noble savage type rather than flesh them out with an ethic and morality that doesn't feel like the most overromanticized view of American Indians. Oddly, I found myself bored and less interested when I saw the humans. Having the aliens be the home team and the first astronauts being the newbies would have been better. This would have been like carving out the Sigourney Weaver character and her crowd as the only humans, but making them totally ignorant and much more curious. It was a bit odd seeing some humans acting like this was old hat when it is a first contact story for the viewers. This does set up a perfect prequel story though of having a true first contact movie. Rest assured, this will become a franchise.

I would recommend this for the experience, but turn your brain off and just let your eyeballs eat it up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Duran Duran Music Videos

Following up on the Ahsley Greene bodypaint post, whenever I see body paint and tropical locations, I immediately think of Duran Duran Videos. Upon further review, Simon LeBon moves really well for a Brit. The keyboardist took himself way seriously as he played with his shoulder pads shrugging. Never noticed it before, but in Rio, Girls on Film (edited version) and Hungry Like the Wolf, there are always little fight scenes between men and women (thigh highs, too). I leave you with the cheesiest of their music videos. Mullets, make up, LeBon, synth, lasers, synth drums, and special effect waterfalls that were state of the art in 1984.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday Night Live Announcer

The great Don Pardo and I our distant vocal cousins. I do a mean Don Pardo impersonation, and next time I am in Ohio I will gladly perform it on a Saturday at 11:34 pm. I've already done it like a circus clown for the folks back home.

A for Effort: Ashley Greene

Cheesecake Alert.

Twilight is awful. It is setting up plenty of 11-14 year old girls for complete disappointment when they start dating and their beaus do NOT write poetry or original music for them. Kristen Stewart is quite stupid, plays the same character in every movie a la Molly Ringwald in the 1980s, and yeah, she's attractive. I have since been educated on the merits of Ashley Greene.

1. Brunette - check
2. Chest looks natural - check
3. Pretty face - check
4. Drinks Sobe Energy Water - check, wait what the hell am I saying, who drinks that crap? These ads will be in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, which I think is now 10 pages in length front to back and the most irrelevant thing in print today. The internet killed the cool factor of the SI swimsuit issue.

Culture Club

Not as good as "Time (Clock of the Heart)" but an '80s classic. In pop songs full of cheese, Boy George could put little nuggets of emotion. Thanks Boy George. We should also thank the drummer for being a complete jerk boyfriend for Boy George as the source of many of his lyrics.


There is another side of Europe that is not discussed. There are no-go Muslim only zones in big cities, there are French Muslim women who get hymenoplasty surgery to fake being a virgin when they marry, there are 'youth' riots of thousands of burnt cars, destroyed stores and clashes with police in France, there are asylum seekers who want Sharia courts despite living in a foreign country, and a symbol for it is London, or in other words, Londonistan. Melanie Phillips writes a book tackling the rise of homegrown Islamic terrorism in the UK, and how the current elites and institutions in the UK refuse to face the problem or shout down people who are critical of Islam extremism. To close one's eyes and imagine London, one would never picture giant mosques, burqas, or protests that have signs like the ones I will post in pics. Phillips tries to ring the bell on the coming problem, and how the UK must deal with things now before it gets worse... before what some writers call Eurabia.

Phillips' book reads like a really stretched out "New Yorker" column. Reading the book, I felt like she could have condensed this to half its length, which at 190 pages full length, would make it like a fat magazine article rather than a book. Phillips does point out the blind eye that the government, the Anglican Church, the media, universities, and even the Royal Family have turned to Islamic extremism. She also points out the role the 'multicultural' crowd & approach has played in both isolating the Muslim community and allowing them to demand 'favors' that no other minority has ever received in British history. Some things in this book will blow your mind. You would never think that a Western liberal democracy would go out of its way to defend a subset of a minority group that is so horrible towards women, so quick to shout slogans that skinheads would be arrested for, and so direct in its contempt for the very country it lives in. The phrase that comes to mind is 'cultural suicide'.
The issue of immigration in the USA, as I have stated repeatedly, is peanuts compared to the problem of immigration in the UK and Western Europe. The UK provided asylum to people of any nation, set them up in govt housing, with welfare, with food stamps, with free health care, and do not attempt to immerse them in the UK culture or society. They then have children who become citizens in name but never assimilate. The phrase the Brits use is 'asylum seekers'. It is used as an insult. The elites use the asylum seekers to create a dependency which in turn creates a constituency for voting. What is scary for the British (and Western Europe) is that the birth rate for non-immigrant Brits and the emigration rate for British citizens is so high, that the net flow of demographics is a loss of skilled taxpaying Brits for asylum seekers on social welfare (California is going thru something similar). They are going through a mass exodus of skilled, educated citizens. That is never good for any country.

Phillips' book was a quick read that illuminated some things about the British system that I never knew. It also gave hard evidence and quotations for other things I had already thought. Phillips was writing to a welcome reader. What bothers me is the trampling of women's rights within the British Muslim community, including the possibility of Sharia courts to arbitrate legal issues for British Muslim citizens, all because the government and the elite want to respect the difference of this one minority. "It's their custom" so we should respect it. What the British government should remember is that those women, while they are Muslims, are sometimes (not everytime) British citizens. What bothers me is the use of violence, shouting and the mere threat of violence to get the government and media to suppress free speech. "Let's not offend anyone", which steamrolls the basic right we take for granted in Western democracies. My biggest fear is that 25 years from now, I am telling stories of my time in the UK visiting my family's homeland and how it once was and can never be again.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Andrew Jackson: American Lion

Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson, was a legend even in his time. He is a legend now gracing our $20 bill. My view of Jackson was incredibly negative because of the Trail of Tears, selective pressing of principles, and his defeat of the 1st Bank of the USA, which created liquidity and control problems in the economy. After reading this book, I still abhor his behavior towards the Cherokees, but do understand his actions vs. the Bank. My opinion of his time in office has changed. The book, American Lion, was persuasive. As a book, it left me wanting more.

Jackson's treatment of the Cherokee and other Indian tribes are the product of a land grab. Considering how much the Cherokees adopted Southern white culture and behavior, the Cherokee screw job by the government should have been a warning to every other tribe on the continent. It is pretty terrible and completely transparent in its motivations, and the Trail of Tears is an ugly, greenish bruise on the body of American history.

In economic history classes, it is taught how the closing of the 1st Bank of the US set the nation up for wild times in the 1800s. There was no central bank to help with credit and currency control or inject liquidity into the system. The bank was a stabilizing force, and its destruction hurt the growth of the American economy. Reading the details in this book, Jackson was against the bank because of the corrupting influence it could have over the rest of America. Very timely to read this book and about this problem in our current day. He had to destroy the bank to get rid of its power to corrupt politicians to create policy that benefited the bank moreso than the nation. I wish we had a strong central figure who shared this same view instead of fringe players like Sen. Sanders and Rep. Paul who are calling for the break up of the big 4 banks. Because of the story told in this book, I have a new appreciation for how President Jackson acted.

Jon Meacham's book is an entertaining book, which could have dug in much deeper into some issues, and seemed to skim over some things. I enjoyed reading the portions involving the growth of the role of the veto under Jackson, the portions covering 'nullification' & South Carolina, and of course, the battle with the Bank. There was some lines talking about how Jackson's attitude about expanding rights and freedoms for white individuals, but could be a bastard to Indians and be a slaveowner. If he had writing on the issue of slavery or personal letters about the Indians, it would be have a been addition to this book. Peering into his mind on those issues would have been welcomed by readers, and would not have made the book too long. Seventy five more pages would not have bored anyone. There were too many interesting characters to make it boring. The Jackson cabinet was pretty much driven out because they did not accept one Secretary's 'loose' wife. Pieces of drama as important as nullification and as trivial as petticoat politics fill this book and make it an educating and entertaining book.

Saw a Short Sale Today

Saw a short sale home today. It was this house. This was considered a short sale. This is a red flag for banks and people everywhere because if this is a short sale and not a foreclosure, then we have major problems now and in the future. The photos at the website are fantastic and show the potential of this house. The reality is a sad showing of what the home has become. No one had lived in the home since at least September. The water had been shut off in October. How was this not deemed a foreclosure? I don't know. Here are the highlights...

1. There is a piano still left in the home. Great if you play. Horrible to see alone in the living room.
2. The fridge is dingy and has not been cleaned in months. Gross.
3. Collectibles and junk are in the middle of the breakfast nook; luggage as well.
4. Upstairs has a bedroom with no flooring. Nothing.
5. Bathroom cabinet doors are missing as are fixtures.
6. The family left behind photos, yearbooks and personal items. WHY????? This is your life and your past. They left them in the middle of the master bedroom and upstairs hallway.
7. The doorframe for a bedroom looks completely busted.
8. They took down a small fence and just left it rolled up in the backyard.

and the worst...

9. The garage is full of stuff. They have a crib in the garage. There are bikes, furniture, and countless 'things' in the garage.

This home could be great. The problem is that the bank is lazy, the homeowner was lazy, and the bank will just say no to any demands a potential buyer will ask for clean up so they can pretend this home is still worth more than it is now so their old loans do not look bad (unrealized vs. realized losses). This home has been owner by the same family for over a decade. The family probably refinanced up the wazoo and now they are upside down. This is not the first, nor is it the last example of bad behavior by homeowners and banks. This is just one more reason why we are in our current state.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday Inside

It's well below normal temps for the 10th straight day, playoff football is on, my SC team lost their savior coach & faces possible sanctions, I've got steak marinating, the Boys are on at 8pm and Avatar is tomorrow.

Something to Consider with Health Care Reform

This post has a great line about the current health care reform bill.

"Contrary to what some would like to believe, it does not establish a right to health care. It establishes a duty to buy health insurance."

Never considered that idea. The bill makes it law for people to buy a product from a private sector, which will most likely enrich those companies. Working in insurance, I know that the law of large numbers always helps the insurer spread out risk. It really will help insurance companies if they can get 30 million more people signed up for their block of business.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Changing Music Lyrics

As noted before, I love to change song lyrics. I like to make them dirty or silly/outrageous. I am pretty quick, but recently some songs have been lobbing up softballs for me. My two personal faves:

"tick tock, ride my c-ck, til i scream out mmmm stop" - All other changes are centered on sex acts involving the male member.

"1-2-3 get an STD, goin' down on britney, it's gonna hurt when you pee" - Lots of changes you can insert here because of the "ee" sound.

The possibilities for change almost make the songs downloadable.

Spice Girls Nostalgia

Is it possible to have nostalgia for something only 10 years old? I dug the Spice Girls. Their music was god awful and made totally mindless cheese pop acceptable again, which ushered in the Spears-Aguilera-Nsync era. A tremendous achievement in marketing. I love British accents on women, but not the super rich, aristocratic Brit accent more the muddled non-specific movie Brit accent. This video looks hysterical when you consider what has changed for that crew in the last decade. The Spice Girls were a fun, eye candy group with catchy beats and forgettable lyrtics. The song "2 Become 1" is the perfect example as the beat is just mood music out of the Barry White school, but the lyrics are terrible with condom references thrown in. In 1998, many teenage group of female friends did their SG split. I remember one such argument over who was baby spice. Teenage girls should be kept in in a stasis field from age 13 until they reach 20. My friends and I would discuss the relative values of the SGs. (yes this post is a sequel to the Disney Princess post)

5. Baby Spice (the blonde) - Blonde. Nothing too special. I was in the UK in 2001, and even then lots of blonde girls would do their hair in that Baby Spice pig tail thing when they went clubbing. Odd.
4. Sporty Spice (the talented one) - Best voice of the group, which they used as a back up vocal on the 'solos' of the weaker links (Ginger and Posh). Too thin and fit for me: 6 pack abdomen. Thought she'd make it big as a solo artist during the cheese early 2000s, but it never materialized.
3. Scary Spice (the black one) - 2nd best voice. Had a personality in their appearances and videos. She has aged pretty well with the help of COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF PLASTIC SURGERY. I had to all CAPS it to stress my points. I'd guess she's maybe 1/3 recyclable now. Her hair was awful. Who was in charge of that decision? Scary indeed. In 1998, Scary and Shania Twain were in a battle for who could show their midsection more often.
2. Ginger Spice (the body) - When the Brits asked me who my favorite Spice Girl was I said "Posh but Ginger's got the body", which confused the Brits as they didn't know why Americans might say that as she was a bit 'big' to them. This was repeated when an American friend repeated my stance. Warped sense of big over there. Their concept of thin is (or was) completely bonkers. Terrible voice, didn't move well, and we all know why Ginger was in the group. She had an awful solo career, and she lost a ton of weight, aging quickly in the process. In the "Say you'll be there" video she wears red leather boots that go above the knee. Not very functional, but very effective.
1. Posh (the pretty one) - Another terrible voice. Head to toe in black leather in a desert, I'll say I'll be there. They always dressed her in black. Good call. There is something superior to her look in that SG era compared to present day. Now she is so thin, so robotic looking, so fake, so polished. It's not cool. From 1998-2002, she was amazing. In 1998, she seemed more human, which is a trait so many of today's pop stars lack, especially the younger crowd of performers. They did a fantastic job of giving her an air of style and class when she did not have it yet. I will give her credit now, she can make wearing jeans, a tank top and a scarf while walking your kids around a zoo look glamourous.

Speaking of Chests...

When I was home, my family kept talking about me getting muscular. Finally, it took 30 years. Do I risk really tight polo shirts for one summer or do I buy like 5 new polos this spring? I'm 'careful' with my money especially before buying a new home, but I don't want to be like those girls that get implants 3 cup sizes bigger but keep their old t-shirts just to attract attention. I don't need attention or a mistress... yet.

Real vs. Fake

For the millionth time... real >>>>>>> fake.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tik Tok

The song Tik Tok is popular because the chorus is slow enough that you can make up lyrics on the fly... and it sounds like a late 90s dance song.

Lionel Richie: Secret Country Music Star

If a modern country singer sang his huge ballads and pop songs with a country sound today, they'd be the biggest star in American music.

Imagine with a country sound...
1. Sail On
2. Stuck on You
3. Truly
4. Endless Love (substitute blonde Southern girl for Diana Ross)
5. Hello
6. Say You, Say Me
7. Ballerina Girl
8. Running With the Night
9. Dancing on the Celiling
10. Machine Gun... joking.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Disney Princesses

Disney recently released a terrible Disney movie "The Princess & the Frog" to complete their collection of Princesses. They now have a black princess for little black girls to project themselves onto in their daydreams. They also have a dress for them to buy at Disneyworld for big bucks. Every hair, eye, and skin color is covered in the Disney Princess collection. Under the surface, the extremely small waistlines of the Princesses have probably contributed to the recent rise in eating disorders. On the flip side, what Disney Princess has little boys fantasizing more than the others. OK maybe not normal boys, but demented adolescents growing up in Maine with advanced romantic notions about animated women. Disney had a horrible stretch of bad animated films in the 70s and 80s, and their studio was kick started by "The Little Mermaid". Ariel was the first of their new princesses, but started a successful run of movies to create the stable of princess cash cows that Disney enjoys today. Let's review the crew.

Ho-Hum Not Really Exciting Group

Mulan, Snow White, Ariel, Tiana - Nothing really special about any of these young women. Guys are not going wild over them. Ariel has a bit of that seashell singing sexiness, but 12 yr olds will just not care. At least I did not at age 9, and I love red heads. Snow White has that cute voice but no shape to her. She also had a tiny mouth. I notice in newer drawings, they draw her mouth more proportional. Tiana for some reason has a modern black girl's name despite being in a story set 80 years ago. They draw her with a nice figure, but of course, give her that sassiness so you know she's black. This does not appeal to adolescent boys. Mulan, I'm not going there. That really was an animated film designed for girls. This is coming from a guy who was open minded about asian women at a young age.

Sentimental Feelings

Cinderella - She is the underdog who is put upon by some fug sisters. With some help from godmothers, mice and pumpkins she rocks out glass slippers. That takes ovaries to pull off. "I'm gonna dance in glass slippers, fuck leather shoes with stilettos. I'm going glass!" Has that blue eyed blonde thing going with a bit of a heart shaped face. Good proportions. There is a reason the Prince scours the frickin' countryside looking for the woman who fits the glass slipper. Cinderella is more the Princess you marry.
The Heavy Hitters

4. Princess Jasmine - Depending on when this movie was set, Jasmine might have been from a pre-Islam Middle East which was a bit more open with female attitudes. She had a bombing body, cute stock Disney face with slight ethnic features (eyes & nose), and she wore revealing clothing because she had a 15 inch waist. She had an inny belly button, which does matter. Outies kind of freak me out. She had curves in the right places and a shitton of hair. Seriously, I think her hair went past her ass. Her earrings were Rosie Perez sized so you know she left them on when in bed. She goes on a frickin' carpet ride at night with a strange prince. You could get down on the carpet and her hair alone could be a blanket for you both.

3. Pocahontas - Sporty, sexy, independent, lean, tall, high cheekboned, Asian looking, pretty much nothing like what she looked like in real life. Disney really went for the sex appeal here. She has long wonderful hair despite living in a society without hair care products, and her bosom is ample. She also learns English quickly and isn't afraid to fall for strange men even faster. She probably has the best legs of the Disney Princesses. You can really tell she's a runner. Seems a bit moody, and you'd probably have to read her poetry or discuss philosophy with her to keep her impressed. Seems a bit high maintenance.

2. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - Jackpot. Disney drew this princess in the Hollywood bombshell model of the times (50s). I saw this when it was re-released in '86, and my little boy brain thought "that cartoon is pretty". She's hand drawn sex. My idiot child brain knew she was not real but still was attracted to her despite the complete impossibility of our meeting. This disregards the fact that she lives in 14th century Europe, while I was in 20th century America. Nice, long, flowing blonde hair with a slight curl, oval face with a feminine jawline, big eyes, and outstanding animated figure. She's built like a Victoria's Secret model. Wearing medieval clothes which forbid showing skin but cinched everything tight for the locked & loaded look. I don't like blondes, but if I had to fantasize about one in 1986 Christie Brinkley was a distant 2nd to Aurora.

1. Belle - Smart, sexy, girl next door, nerdy, ambitious, and had that little quet of hair that always fell down over her forehead. Great figure, Disney face, big brown eyes, nice hair, and proportionate bosom. She's French, too, which has that added built in sexiness in modern lore. As I once heard, "French forces you to practice using your tongue". You could daydream she'd be talking to you in 2D, you'd say something witty & charming and she'd blush a bit and look down, the quet would slip down, so then you'd reach over and put her hair back in place. Of course she'd look up at you and you'd then make out. Go ahead and laugh, but when you're 12, that's a reasonable fantasy! I also think that exact chain of events happened to me in college. Ah yes, I could imagine I was kissing Belle while making out with random girls from Scarsdale. Belle also wears some foxy old timey clothes; the kind you could rip off in passionate moments.
Yeah... I have problems.

How to Kill the Health Bill

Several years ago when Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts and John Kerry potentially the Prez, the Massachusetts legislature changed the rules for how the state would replace a vacated US Senate seat. This was to prevent a GOP gov from nominating a GOP Senator in a notoriously safe Dem seat. Sen. Ted Kennedy dies, the Dems need that vote and looky loo the legislature, with a Dem gov in charge now, change the rules so that the seat can be appointed again by the gov. Yes, this is changing the rules to suit the party for the party's benefit. This allowed for the Dems to pass the health care bill. It also set up a special election. You can donate to the GOP candidate and potentially swing one vote to the other side, which would, hopefully, kill the bill. I'm giving $100.

Donate Here.

This seat will flip right back to the Dems in 2012 when one of the many high profile Dems in Massachusetts decide to make a run for that seat. There is a backlog of Dems eager to get to the Senate. They were itching at the chance that Kerry would resign in 08. This one special election does matter. Remember: Al Franken won a seat by a couple hundred votes in Minnesota with the help of ACORN vote fraud. We now have a horrendous health care bill staring us in the face. Elections do matter.

Thigh Highs, Rachel Weisz, It's On

Hmmm, retro with the hair, chair and thigh highs. I love her acting (even in Constantine), and dig her in a nerdy girl next desk over in an Honors Calculus class way.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Same Author 12 Months Apart

First the hope, then the change.

Note: In no way do I support impeaching Obama, which is a silly, modern fascination of the fringe supporters of the opposition party whenever their guy is not in the White House. When Clinton had his perjury issues, I felt it best to censure him, which Congress can do. They went overboard. Bush was given power by votes in Congress to pull off his stunts. Just because you disagree with the policy does not mean you should impeach the person. Just vote against them next time. This applies to dumb state recall election eliminating the Gray Davis problem in California earlier in the 2000s.