Friday, February 17, 2017

Unplug - SM Review-Preview 78

It is fun watching the left, high and low, lose it. Maybe not the low as much because they have other things to do, tv to watch, etc. but the mass hysteria on the Left is a joy to witness. The high engages in it for future fundraising purposes and grandstanding to their base. The political signaling fools on Facebook are rabid, and this is a continuation of their election year insanity. It would be wise to take a step back on the right and consider that if it lost, similar talk would be happening on the right.

Maybe not the cuck right. As the Flight 93 Election essay laid out, we know a loss would have ended whatever we think we can salvage in the current regime. Supreme Court would have flipped and then subsequently become a Warren 2.0 heavy liberal court. Clinton's amnesty would have been immediate and it would have been over. There is a non-Muslim refugee program that she would have easily instituted: Venezuela. You would be preparing for new political arrangements.

As an aside: remember when many of you said Trump would never do anything about legal immigration, and immediately he is doing so? Just wanted to throw that out there.

The far right or the dissident right would have been scapegoating the cuck right crowd. All of those Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin #nevertrump voters and pundits would have faced serious heat. Had Trump scooped just 25% of Johnson and McMullin voters in Minnesota, he would have won the state. Imagine had that been the same case in PA, MI and WI. Looking at Gary Johnson's totals from 2012 to 2016 in those states approximates the GOP defectors in number.

Each Clinton action would have been met with anger, frustration and elevated emotions. Now it would be rightfully so since it would cement the end of any voice for the right. It is different than the left flipping out over simple nominations of individuals, but the elevated emotions would be the same. The secession movement discussed in California would be discussed with Texas and other red states as the object.

It would be advantageous to step away from the computer. This seems hypocritical as this is a blog and therefore online, but disengaging from the nonstop outrage cycles is good for you and for perspective. Decline is still around you. Henry Dampier made a good point that the left, or far left, says punch a Nazi and not kill a Nazi because they need that far right boogeyman. It is similar to how Muslims killing priests is really just what the white progressives would do if only they had the courage. They need faux Nazis to hold up as an opponent, as a fundraising blurb line (seriously, "Help me stop Nazis" will rake in coin), and to have as a foil for their righteous causes and crusades.

We must remain nimble and aware of current events and trends. We also need to read old books, network and start planning for the all possibilities. Laughing at the left is good, but if we get sucked into the online mindspace of "Event - pick side - shout!", we will fall into the problem that 'politics is the mindkiller'. The left uses politics to make up for their shitty lives. We do need to be engaged but remember that life is out there and for us to live. Organize, watch, and live your life.


Last week I wrote about the birth of the petrodollar and how we still live with its consequences. Weimerica Weekly was on the way that we have turned every single human relationship into a business relationship. Unfortunately, it is not lifetime employment old timey business but today's transactional nature of employment. A disposable relationship for a disposable society.

This week I write about the cultural catch-22 the left is in. I have to take a week off from Weimerica Weekly due to a business trip that I am currently on far from home.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

WW1 Paintings by Power

The above paintings are "War" and then "Heavy Going In Flanders" by H. Septimus Power. These exhibit that blend of a world becoming and a world dying.
Power is painted here in this painting. Sixth from the left.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Near Term Immigration Flashpoint

France looks ready to boil over and kick off the EU happenings. It may not just be EU sitused. Immigrants are used as weapons by the elite so who is to say other flanks or fronts will not flare up? There was recent immigration media focus in Arizona over ICE actually doing the job it is meant to do and enforce immigration law. An immediate protest broke out. That protest also had a New York Times reporter right on hand to record it all. The illegal's fourteen year old daughter even 'wrote' an essay in Teen Vogue about the ordeal. Quelle surprise! Arizona is a frontier area, but not in the wild west sense. Arizona is the frontier, the border or the front lines for the immigration conflict and looming civil conflict.

This is not surprising considering the moves of Gov. Jan Brewer in the recent past. In all the talks of what Trump will do with regards to immigration, no one stated the very obvious but concerning issue that someone would arm the illegals so that they could fight back against the federal agents enforcing the law. A Mexican official even took it one step further and said Mexico could unleash the cartels if Trump pushed hard enough. This is the consequence of an open border. Cartels operate throughout America, with the Sinaloas using Chicago as their US base, but they operate day and night in Arizona moving product.

Who has sovereignty? If they can enforce their will without consequences, the cartels do? If the government can, they do? This could be as simple as leftist activists handing guns to illegals. Because of the odd stew that is the border area, agents of chaos can play around and hide behind one another. The cartels could easily arm illegals under guide of activism. Activists can easily align with cartels to arm illegals. Leftists aligned with domestic terrorists throughout the late '60s and into the '70s. From a deontological point of view, supplying weapons to criminals is the right thing to do for a lefty foot soldier. Forget the consequences of armed conflict and a state or nation turned into a third world hellhole, what satisfies the need for holiness at this moment? A perverse possibility is lefty activists unknowingly arming cartel members or becoming a new source of weapons for the cartels.

Arizona has even seen stand offs in recent history between Feds and peaceful protestors. The Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014 was an interesting. People on the ground later trickled back saying that there were moments not just of armed men Bundy vs. Feds that were tense, but local law enforcement vs. Feds that were tense. This not only becomes an issue of who is facing off with who, but who has the first victim to set a narrative. Recall that Kent State was not just about that afternoon, but the violence by protestors in the leading days, yet what does everyone remember? Note that Americans supported the Guard in initial polls, but that has been whitewashed by prog historians.

This is an unknown unkown. No one knows how this is going to play out, but uncertainty breeds chaos. What is known is that Attorney General Sessions did say he was going to go after cartels. President Trump did say he would aid Mexico if they needed help with cartels. If an entire reorientation of US military muscle and focus is going to be on the border and against the cartels, then crafting a narrative about the need to clean up the cartels can offer a tailwind to the illegal immigration crackdown on our border. A hypothetical America that spent 2001-2016 cleaning up the border and working with the Mexican government to destroy the cartels would be much safer than the current America that spent that era adventuring in the Middle East.

El Chapo is in US custody for the first time despite multiple arrest and escapes in Mexico. Note that the Brooklyn detention center he is in is a temporary federal facility. He is meant to go elsewhere. As head of the Sinaloas, he has led the Mexican cartel that has quietly been in agreement with the US federal government for the last fifteen years. Exposing these links would be a tremendous way to drain the swamp as well as push the need for border security. There can be no freedom without safety and no safety without enforcement of the law.

If immigration enforcement as well as lefty resistance heats up, the actions in Arizona and the rest of the Southwest will be potential flashpoints.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Friendship Apps

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This covers the spread of apps for finding friends as well as treating friends like job applicants. I cover not just the apps but the transformation of organic friendship making into a business-like transactional relationship.

Monday, February 13, 2017

#Calexit Idea For Narrative Pushing

#Calexit is real. It is not just a troll. It also potentially has a large network of people to support it. Do the people support it? Right now, one in three Californians support it with many unsure. This can all change depending on the Wall and deportation policies that President Trump may or may not attempt to enact. There is a wide ranging coalition though to get behind this. Trolls and undercover agents can do their part.

Media members are already hinting balkanization and break up of America might be okay. That blurb reports how Peter Thiel supports it, and if Thiel has any input with Team Trump, Trump could support it. We do know Mexicans support it due to La Raza and their Reconquista activists. There are progressives who support it as progressive California does not reconcile with "Trump's America".

The public unions could come around to this if pitched as a means for California to remove the shackles of US state laws with regards to budgets and become a sovereign borrower. They could easily be conned into thinking as a top 10 economy in the globe, California's borrowing capacity could easily be lifted. This would keep those pension payments flowing. It would also keep the progressive activist and academics happy, as the precious juice would flow to them in their sinecures.

If one believes that the few dissident right sites that coordinated to attack the cucks as well as reframe how the GOP could view not just themselves but be viewed, then a small group of coordinated and energized individuals could push and nudge this along. Setting up fake social media accounts of supposedly real people arguing for Calexit from different points of view but on the Left could easily be signal boosted and move the needle.

Create fake twitter, tumblr and linkedin accounts. Why linkedin? It adds credibility. If from the Left, someone could use a fake real name and fake real photos to sockpuppet this argument to leave the union. Parroting leftist talking points would be incredibly easy, just pair it with self-determination. Pair it with peaceful solution and even triangulate the position as a peaceful move to avoid violent deportations, resistance and conflict.

One possible route, and one that would garner more sympathy would be a Mexican sockpuppet. Craft a slogan "California De Nuevo" (California Again), as if Mexicans are taking back what is rightfully theres. After all, having a whopping 10,000 or so humans in California's land mass equates to rightful posession, correct? Feed into the reconquista meme. Use a young female writing and referencing her poor migrant parents that were amnestied in '86, then married in the early '90s after mom crossed illegally, and now want to have a chance to create a nation of their own.

Feed the holiness emotions on the left to pull in white leftists. Keep pushing the meme that it is "right for the squatters Mexicans" but also that it is the way to be a progressive beacon of hope for the world. America's founding myths are basically useless now. Diversity killed their usefulness. We are too distant from the original group that formed America plus our children are told by the media-academia complex that our history is shameful. It is why I support secession, as it would give rump states a way to craft myths far more aligned with their people. There would be new group rituals that would be more fulfilling because the pool of people would be tighter.

This would be a long play, but with two years to put into action, it could happen. Maybe you do not support Calexit, and that is fine. If you are paying attention to the Left's continued meltdown, conflict is coming as they keep escalating and the Right keeps arming. This would secure things for a while for the Right on a federal election level as it removes the Democrat's electoral vote anchor that they spend absolutely zero time or energy to secure. How amazing would it also be for a California President Thiel of California to negotiate peace and friendly relations with a President Trump?

Calexit can lead to a republic that then splinters, possibly crumbles, or acts as flypaper for progs (retirees?) moving for the sweet air of progressive California. It is a Latin American republic already, so let us all formalize it. Countless water right negotiations would be fun to witness with California attempting to negotiate with President Trump. The right wing folks behind enemy lines would make for massive problems for the prog regime in California. California itself, no matter how long the prog regime would last, would have a new founding myth. The Manifest Destiny of progressive enlightenment. Get your Mexican or SJW activist sock puppet accounts ready. You can help build the myth. A glorious republic of hope will be born on the west coast.

Until they get their Hugo Chavez.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Social Matter - The Modern Economy And The Consequences Of The Petrodollar

New essay is up at Social Matter. This one is a logn read on the creation of the modern FIRE economy, the petrodollar and how we live with its consequences with regards to our foreign policy to this day. It underpins the FIRE economy due to the security of keeping the US dollar the world's reserve currency. America did have to perform a decade's worth of work to secure this. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Social Matter Recruiter - Sm Review-Preview 77

"What the hell is a recruiter?"

A few folks must have cruised the Social Matter about page and saw a label next to my name 'recruiter'. I'm not an editor. I do not have the time for it. I am also terrible at it, as anyone can see that their editing of my essays has improved my writing in general. I am a social creature though, and one of the last of the guys on twitter. When you get on that page though, people can make contact and best response is no response because you never know how they will spin your answers.

I'm always looking for new finds, new voices and different bits of talent to use where we can. I've been spitballing the idea of a woman's platform that is pro-motherhood while taking an AK to the feminist narrative with every study and statistic we can find. In the last year, I have cajoled a few people into writing essays for us. There are a few others that I have reached out to that should appear at Social Matter in 2017, and I am always willing to talk.

If you are a subject matter expert, now is the time to share it. The media complex is dying. We do not know what comes next. What we do know is that every single news article is written by someone who does not actually know the subject they are covering. If we can find experts, then we can provide analysis and explanations that are reality, are the truth.

The loss of credibility in the news means the loss of truth for many. The educated are even reaching the cynicism of the masses in its hatred and distrust of the media. The New York Times is not even as trustworthy as it once was for the SWPL set. People still cling to the media because there is no alternative.

We want to be the premier right wing media outlet. We also want to give people something they cannot find anywhere else. We also want high quality output. If you are interested, let me know.


Last week, my essay was not published as it was too long to edit and chop up in time. Weimerica Weekly was about the politicized super bowl.

This week will see my petrodollar essay. Weimerica Weekly might be on breastfeeding, might be on divided government or it might be on anarcho-tyranny in the schools.