Sunday, April 30, 2017

Social Matter - National Front's Missed Golden Opportunity

New essay up at Social Matter. I cover the golden opportunity that was presented LePen with this year's election and how advisors going back to 2012 pulled her leftward, ruining the framing for this year. As Americans that voted for Trump are upset about the Kushner + Goldman crowd pulling Trump in an odd direction, LePen had a cabal of advisors pull her to the left. All it takes is one advisor placed high enough for the entire game to change.

No one wants Houellebecq's Submission to happen not because it is horrific, it is, but because the Islamization of France would not have an end result as portrayed in the book. Beirut was once called the Paris of the Middle East. No one wants to see Paris become the Beirut of Europe.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Law & Order FOX News + SM Review-Preview 87

I have some family visiting. This means network television airs after the kids are put to bed and my parents have to watch a show. For five nights, there was no television, but Law and Order SVU was on and my folks could NOT MISS THAT. How terrible is network television?

- Production quality is a weird mash up of naturally lit street scenes and then soap opera level lit interior shots. Whereas old L&O courtroom scenes could use a set that seemed to be real with real lighting, the scenes now look like a daytime soap opera. This works though for what the show is.

- This is pure propaganda. This week's specific episode was a fictional account of the Roger Ailes FOX News scandal. Even Vanity Fair commented on the tidy way it was resolved.

-To tackle the issue of sexual predators, L&O used the Ailes storyline for the big bad boogeyman of an old white male. Who played him? The guy who was Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore who has played competent, wealthy white male assholes for Hollywood for decades now going back to Breakin'. Hollywood couldn't possibly make the antagonist look normal, gotta be generic a-hole.

- The accuser is a Megan Kelly stand in more than the Ailes accuser but they steal straight from her accusations. She wears a uniform, the male videotapes her, and of course the consent line is blurred.

- An interesting sequence was a series of close up interviews spliced where women came forward to discuss how they wer videotaped by the Ailes figure. It looked like one of those 'anti-sexual assault, say something' advertisements. As part of the show, it was weird as the context of being a show was broken as the video testimony appeared as if a straight message to the viewer. The women covered the ethnicity and age spectrum, so the rah-rah come forward messaging was clear.

- One woman betrays the sisterhood and testifies positively about Ailes. She was bought off, see, and she played ball, see, yeah, see it's a bad gig. There's a 'how could you' scene, and then you know what.... that woman then goes state evidence and wears a camera and wire to take Ailes/Shooter down.

- Even better is how the cast of characters is littered with familiar faces, so there's a nice pipeline for actors who don't make it huge to still get work with these long running procedurals. Mad Men had two alums on this episode with 'Jane, the hot second wife of Roger Stirling' as the conflicted traitor of the sisterhood and Duck from Mad Men as an on-air host.

- How pozzed is TV and how dominant are the progs with their ideology? The lead testifies that the accuser was acting like she was TRIGGERED in a clip like a victim would be. Duck says he can't come forward and testify against Ailes/Shooter because AILES HAS TROLLS PAID FOR AND TROLLS HAVE INFO ON DUCK'S DAUGHTER'S JUVIE RECORD.

-This is not the most 'come on eye roll' moment. At the end, after the accuser has her money, what does she do with it? She says, heh maybe I'll write a tell all but in the meantime I used this cash for this center for empowering teenage girls.

Network TV is beyond trash. Hollywood delenda est.


Last week I wrote on how SWPL culture acts as a protective moat for the urban white youth of American cities. They can't seek segregation, so they have to create segregation via interests. Weimerica Weekly discussed the drive to find a Beige Bernie. There is a possibility that the Democrats see a Chavez before a Beige Bernie in the '20s.

This week I will cover the change in the FN of France as the election run off approaches that pulled it to the left, making the far right label ridiculous, but also screwing with the potential for framing the election the way Brexit or Trump's team did. Weimerica Weekly might be on medicine. I've received a bunch of tips on odd items so I may do a faux Weimerica News broadcast.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

WW1 - Ruined Churches

Above is Arras Cathedral after artillery destroyed its roof. Below are the ruins of a medieval church in France. The above picture is a symbol for the 20th century, not just the Great War

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not Ready For Primetime Progressives

Former president Barack Obama had waited a whole three months before uttering a first public statement. Definitely quicker than prior presidents but this transition was not normal. The firing back and forth between the outgoing and incoming administrations is unprecedented for focus on treason, law breaking and legitimacy. Obama's reappearance is not just his narcissism on display. This reflects the Left's empty bench.

We are in the invisible primary period for the 2020 election. It is disgusting to consider this never-ending grind of elections, but the first two years after any election have been named this as a feeling out period for politicians in their own party. There are revelations in how the immediate post-election actions played out, but also in the problem on the Left right now.

The Left has no ready for primetime players. From November 2016 to present, every Democrat had the opportunity to pick up a progressive standard and make a name for him or herself. Look at votes for cabinet members or even certifying the election results. There was obvious grandstanding by Liz Warren and Cory Booker. New senator Kamala Harris even made a fool of herself with some comments. The problem is that the broad and diverse Democrat coalition limits how a candidate can make a broad appeal. A generic white male like Joe Biden is untenable for a national campaign for the Left. It is questionable if a generic white female would be tenable (I think it is still).

As I said in this week's podcast, the hunt is for the beige Bernie. I have been calling for this since the Democrat primaries started. A beige Bernie or even just a younger Bernie would've clobbered Clinton so hard that the elite would have hitched its wagon to him or her and dumped Clinton for a second time. After all, what is Obama but a beige Bernie himself? This is the Left's task. Right now, the cupboard is bare.

Some of this is simply the Democrats being destroyed in statewide elections from 2009 to 2016. They lost continuously, and even in a supposed anti-incumbent cycle, they could not knock off some GOP governors in swing states. This hurts the pipeline. Failing to unseat Kasich, Snyder, and especially Scott in Florida were not just losses but losses that prevented figures from using a large state as a springboard for national attention.

The GOP found itself in a similar spot in 2012 because of the 2006 and 2008 wipeouts. Look at the swings in Ohio's gubernatorial elections to see how both parties were screwed by wipeout years (D 2006 wave, Tea party 2010 wave). The 2012 election posed another problem for the GOP because so many of its talented potentials were just elected in 2010. What remained were harder right or more niche right candidates. This is similar to what the Democrats face now. Those who are around now on their bench are the harder left characters from deep blue states.

One thing in these not ready characters' defense for not stepping into the spotlight is the 'stolen election' meme and the attempt to screw with recounts and the electoral college. This is all going to end someday, and one major factor is going to be the Democrats fiddling with the electoral college. Suddenly, 270 is not the needed count. This is dangerous. Because that was a goal, Democrats hoping to differentiate themselves could not be self-reflective or self-critical about what the Democrats did in 2016. None of them could take the Bernie campaign message and run with it because it would admit Clinton royally screwed up by not using it.

This is also the struggle within the Democrats right now as they look for the beige Bernie and minority Wall St puppet for 2020. How do they check off enough boxes with a candidate to pacify their votes and get them to show up in Novembers while keeping donors happy? Can Tulsi Gabbard? I doubt it considering the heat she is getting from the War Party advocates in the media and within her party. A fracture society yields fractured politics. Despite its powerful anti-white glue, even the Left has problems holding it together as society goes fractal.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Hunt For The Beige Bernie

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social matter. I cover the desperate hunt on the Left for Bernie policies coming out of the mouth of a beige puppet. Obama is their model but how many Obamas are there?

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Nationalist News Network

Roger Ailes is gone. Bill O'Reilly is gone. FOX News looks to be turning leftward. If they want this to lower their viewers' average age of 69, they are mistaken as MSNBC has a viewer average age in the 60s as well. FOX's real secret was just being the one option for a large market (right wing middle aged viewers) in the news media space. What is the opportunity out there? Looking at the decayed ideology of neoconservatism and the changing concerns of viewers, it is easy to see.

A Nationalist News Network. A true snazzy, market tested name would be deployed, but consider the opportunity. The key is selling that sweet advertising. Who has money? Well it is easy to see in America that Millenials do not, but dig a bit deeper. The FOX News viewership is older but classic Muh Guns and Muh Constitution whites. They do have young viewers, too. Married couples do have money. White couples do have money. White Millenials will most likely have much more money than non-white Millenials, which skews Millenial numbers.

Cadillac's advertising firm seeking an altright actor is a hint that even the advertisers and marketers know who has money. The proud white next door might be the white that has money to afford life insurance products, financial advice and the occasional Cadillac. The Left has seen the switch in the right's imagery of doughy evangelicals into machismo men, and wants to suppress any positive status associated with nationalist or even altright ideas. The key for this network is being subtle about it to not trip up too many alerts.

A nationalist and soft identitarian stance would be the selling point. The concerns of taxes, Israel and abortion can take a backseat to culture, identity, 'family life', the concept of a nation state and even fair play. Framing the current leftist dominated system as one of an unholy alliance between specific capital interests and culturally left progressives (SJWs), one can see how it is a con promoted by academia and media to keep a well-to-do elite without any fear of challenges or even hard work. It is right to mock the "Dems R Real Racists" slogan, but it is wise to note that the current Left elite uses their underclass voters as urban hostages similar to pre-Civil War plantation owners. The fair play element is how every single thing is stacked against native interests, which carefully revealed as fair play hits normies. No one wants to be considered a 'mark' in the con.

FOX News' website is also as horrible as one can get. For crap tier cable news, CNN's site is actually superior. C'mon, imagine that website run your favorite dissident right individuals that find unique and interesting stories. If Tucker Carlson is enjoyable to watch, how much fun would a truly "Campus Insanity" focused show be? To help secure some viewership of known demographics good for selling advertising, this new network could use O'Reilly. He is basic tier conservative, but as a possible short term stint as he slides to retirement, let him loosen a bit. Blend the old neocon names with younger rightists.

FOX will implode. No turn left will help them as they already are the Schelling Point for leftist hatred of right wing media. No matter how often one points out the media's left wing bias, the knee jerk reaction is 'what about FOX News'. Ah yes, because one cable news channel that is right wing on maybe a handful of items (or one: abortion) combats the entire media sphere. The revelation of FOX as faux opposition in 2015 and 2016 laid bare their treason  to their supposed target audience. In their death though, lies an opportunity.

A billionaire or two and an investment group could come together. Could. We will see. An economist would say there are no $20 lying on the ground, but anyone who has traded stocks successfully knows opportunities are out there if one looks in the right place.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Social Matter - SWPL Culture Is A Moat To Enforce Segregation In Urban Areas

New essay up at Social Matter. There is a pattern to SWPL cultural activities. There is a way that their culture works for their safety and comfort. It is unspoken. It is implicit. The debate is if it is a conscious or unconscious strategy.